Campaign 2016 Open Thread

I am curious as to everyones thoughts on the early stages of the 2016 field which filled out a little more over the last couple of days with the announcements of Hillary and Marco Rubio. The contrast between the roll outs of Hillary’s and Marco’s campaign could not have been more stark. Hillary is stale with the charisma and the charm of a ferret while Marco came off as fresh and invigorated with a vision for the 21st century. I have always liked Marco but need to see him command the stage a little better with a firm grasp of the issues. I think he will grow into that role. I also like Walker and Cruz and it will be fun to watch them develop their campaigns over the next year.

I think the Democrats are in real trouble. The only viable candidate they have is Hillary who does not exactly warm the hearts of many Americans. Aside from Hillary, there is a possibility that O’Malley and Webb might run but I don’t see that happening – I think both of them are probably angling for the VP slot. And then of course you have two full blown communists in Sanders and Warren which shows you just how far left, and how small the Democratic Party has become.

The youth, energy, and the diversity are found in the GOP field. The future belongs to common sense, personally responsible conservatives – and that is a good thing for this country.



It Should Come As No Surprise – Open Thread

As the GOP Senate and House are sworn in today, the liberal media is not surprisingly grilling new GOP representatives on how and where they plan to work with Obama. Donny Deutsch on MSNBC went so far this morning to say to an incoming GOP House member that considering the “low gas prices, new dialogue with Cuba, and one of the most important pieces of legislation passed in a generation (ACA), this President is viewed as a huge success, so what are your plans to continue to get things done”. Appropriately the response was right on target when he responded by saying (and I don’t remember who he was)  that “thanks to folks in North Dakota and Montana we have aggressively extracted our domestic crude resources on private lands almost in spite of the President’s desire, and have added substantially to the world supply helping lower prices, and if you are referring to the ACA I would remind you that that bill is still very unpopular with the majority of Americans and has many problems, and in regards to Cuba, that open dialogue has done nothing to free dissidents, or to stop the flow of Cubans who so desperately want to leave that country”.

Obama has already demonstrated that he has no intention of working with the new GOP Congress, so it should come as no surprise that the media will follow his lead and berate the GOP for actually representing their constituents rather than being a lap dog for Obama as Harry Reid was for so many years. Let the games begin.

The Bizarre Bubble of Leftist Insanity

Amazona coined this appropriate phrase and it certainly defines the current time period very well, if not actually a good definition for the last 6 years. The tragic shooting of the NYPD officers highlights liberal insanity in that it exposes their inability to speak the truth and their desperate resistance to never admit fault. The truth surrounding the Michael Brown and Eric Garner tragic deaths have never been part of the liberal narrative. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was a liberal spun bumper sticker that fit in very well with their agenda, and was a nice center piece for Al Sharpton’s race baiting speeches but never bore any resemblance to the truth. In fact nothing about the Michael Brown liberal narrative ever came close to the truth – from being a gentle giant (who just happened to be involved in a strong armed robbery and who assaulted a police officer), to the sad fact that Michael was raised in difficult circumstances born from very young parents who had difficulty caring for him, as so many other young black kids experience, and a culture of which so often leads to negative outcomes. But these two, core, hard truths have never been part of the story, thus reasonable people who see the deeper, underlying causes of his tragic death must contend with the loud shrill voices of the insane liberal agenda led by none other MSNBC’s and President Obama’s chief race baiter Al Sharpton.

Fast forward to the unfortunate death of Eric Garner. While in my opinion the police did overreact a bit in this instance, race was never a part of this story. However, in the insane, fact void, liberal world, this was again about white police officers targeting black men. The President spoke on it, the AG spoke on it, and the Mayor spoke on it and went so far as to make it personal, claiming that he counsels his half black son to be particularly cautious when dealing with police. An overlooked fact surrounding this issue is that minority shop owners were the folks who initially called in the police, and the ranking officer at the scene was a black woman. Also, despite the fact that Garner’s widow went public with her opinion that this was not about race, the liberal agenda ignored these truths and continued to push the false narrative, black sports stars even wore “I can’t breathe” jersey’s and ultimately one protest crowd started the chant – “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.” Liberal leaders and their minions in the media remained silent about this protest and now those chants have in fact resulted in two dead cops. The liberal media and people like Sharpton have been spinning the false narrative of police brutality and fomenting police hatred for the last 5 months now following the death of Michael Brown, so no one should believe their surprise as to what happened last Saturday night. In fact, no one should ever believe liberals. They lie as easily as they breathe. They have a seething hatred for anyone who disagrees with their false sense of self superiority and benevolent intent. They will never honestly discuss issues. They can not be trusted, and incompetence is part of their DNA. Fortunately, I think the majority of Americans are coming around to these undeniable facts, but that won’t stop the liberals from becoming louder and more insane over the next two years.

The Feinstein Report

As a parting shot, the Democrats decided to dust off an old playbook once agin and expose America in bad light in the name of transparency. Never missing an opportunity to make themselves feel “enlightened” at the expense of average Americans and this time, at the possible cost of patriotic military lives, Dem. Sen. Diane Feinstein has issued her $40 million report that has revealed absolutely nothing new regarding the CIA’s conduct in the direct aftermath of 9/11. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by publishing this report with the possible exception of settling a personal score for Feinstein which wouldn’t surprise me knowing the base level of childishness shared by all Democrats. Additionally, in an interview this morning ex-CIA Chief Michael Hayden confirmed that members of Congress including Feinstein were briefed all along the way on all methods of interrogation being used and at the time there were no objections. Only now, years after the fact and at a time when personal agendas can be served do the objections rise, although only on behalf of the Democrats, as every single GOP member of the committee abstained from contributing to this report. In fact, the GOP did issue their own minority report as did the CIA but strangely I am not hearing accounts of those reports at least in the liberal MSM. My personal opinion, shared by many others, is that water boarding is not torture. While it is an obviously brutal technique, and should only be used in extreme and rare instances, I believe that the circumstances surrounding the events of 9/11 did warrant such techniques and furthermore believe that the men and women of the CIA should be applauded for their efforts and not criticized by self serving, sanctimonious politicians or their sycophantic minions in the media.

The irony of course in this “search for the truth” effort on behalf of Democrats is deep and wide considering their lack of transparency on nearly every other major issue confronting the country, i.e.; the Fast & Furious program, the IRS, the NSA, the EPA, and of course the ACA. Speaking of the ACA, did everyone see Dr. Jonathan Gruber apologize for revealing the truth behind that program? Not surprisingly MSNBC, the publicity department of the Democrats spent approximately 40 minutes over two separate hours covering the Feinstein report this morning, and about 2 minutes at most covering the Gruber hearing. So what issue has the most impact on American lives? The partisan manipulation of the health care industry under the cloak of secrecy? Or the rough interrogation techniques of sub human murderers? And they wonder why they no longer control the Congress.

UPDATE: We are now in the third hour of Morning Joe on MSNBC and it is wall to wall coverage and analysis of the Feinstein report. Apparently, nothing else is going on in Washington. One liberal analyst anguished over the “humiliating” treatment of the sub human murderers, which reinforces my belief that media liberals, Progressives and/or Democrats (my apologies for the redundancies) should be ignored and excluded from future debate and decisions on governing this country.

Weekly Open Thread

A few topics to discuss:

– ISIS beheads another American. How many more Americans need to be beheaded before Obama takes this seriously?

– After 6 years of essentially doing nothing – Obama now deems immigration to be a crisis and promises to act unilaterally before the new Congress is sworn in. Polls show that a vast majority of Americans have other top priorities, but when has that concerned the leader of the new permanent minority?

– Open enrollment for the ACA is on again, and while 56% of Americans disapprove, MSNBC was able to find that those enrollees who receive subsidies actually like the law. Imagine that? The Supreme Court could change all that soon however if they actually uphold the law as it was written – meaning that only State exchanges can hand out subsidies. Of course, Justice Roberts has once before violated that trust, so who knows.

– And Ferguson remains on edge. Apparently, being completely wrong and over reactionary about the facts of the case have not embarrassed the instigators and race baiters, nor has it given them reason to pause and reassess their juvenile actions.  Instead they move forward, sell merchandise, and request that the UN be involved in their struggle for justice. Justice of which fits with their narrow views and victim mindsets.

Weekly Open Thread

Mark is quite prolific at posting thought provoking articles, so much so that it is hard to keep up with. Thus, I have decided to take on the difficult task of posting a weekly open thread and considering the current state of chaos in our body politic there is much to discuss.

Take for example Jonathan Gruber’s recent admission that the ACA was intentionally opaque, disguised, and lied about in order to secure passage, and thankfully the American electorate is stupid and never figured it out. This of course excludes the many conservatives that repeatedly warned everyone about dangers of this legislation, but unfortunately too many gullible people stood with slack jaws and wonder as Nancy Pelosi proclaimed – “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it”.

Better yet, how about Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough saying that “Washington will work better if Obama has is way”.

I can predict one thing. Now that the Democrats are entrenched as the minority party of this country, from Congress on down to State Legislatures, their comments and actions will become even more brazen and even more outrageous over the next two years. This is just the start of it. I think they are genuinely upset and privately panicking about these last elections where Americans soundly rejected their policies and tactics, and now they suddenly find themselves with a very weak bench of young talent, tired old campaign cliches, and just one polarizing figure as their best hope for 2016.

It was just five years ago that the Republican party was thought to be soon relegated to a regional party comprised primarily of old white men. How those fortunes have changed thanks to the arrogance and over reach of a rabid ideologue in the White House and the justice Department, and to the Tea Party for their continued opposition in the face of strong head winds and ridicule. Now the GOP boasts majority numbers across this country comprised of a lot of diverse and young talent. The GOP’s prospects are strong provided they stick to conservative principles, Constitutional governance and common sense.

We’re All Victims

America’s most famous Native American with high cheek bones is on the stump getting traction with the low information voter:

“The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it,”

That’s right folks. After six years of corporatizing health care, driving up premiums, increasing the cost of living, overseeing the decline of the average wage of American families, regulating the life out of the coal industry, refusing Americans the benefits of energy independence, refusing tax reform, growing the federal government, wasting trillions of dollars of tax payers money, rewarding incompetent government bureaucrats, enslaving children in under performing schools, and assisting in increasing the cost of a higher education – the Democrats are playing the victim card and blaming Republicans. I am surprised she didn’t get laughed out of the room, but I think the following quote tells us why that didn’t happen:

“She’s a rock star,”

Where have we heard that line before? These low information voters have not learned a thing, probably as a result of our failing education system, and are once again playing identity politics. Warren is a product of the Harvard faculty lounge, just like Obama, and does not have one day of practical, real life experience. She would in all reality be a far worse President than Obama if you can even imagine that, but experience, results, competence, nor even the truth have any bearing whatsoever on the POTUS candidate selection of the Democratic Party. Hillary is an incompetent liar who also has zero real world experience but she is leading the current Democratic field by a mile only because of her gender, and her womanizing husband.

It’s a sad statement on our society, our political culture and on a good portion of our fellow Americans that someone like Warren gains any credibility whatsoever outside of the far left lecture halls.