You Can’t Have a Conversation With Lunatics

I’m not a fan of coffee. When camping I might have a cup, but the only time I drank it on anything like a regular basis was when I was in the Navy and it was the only caffeine readily available on the mid-watch (midnight for 4 am for you lubbers). So, when Starbucks announced they wanted their servers (I know they go by another name – but I refuse to call a server a fancy name – its like calling garbage men “sanitation engineers”; all work, if done for the Lord, is good…tacking a fancy name on it means you hate the job and have self-esteem issues) initiate a conversation on race with you after you dropped a fiver for a cup of Joe, I just didn’t care. But, my goodness, it turned out the idea was weapons-grade stupid.

Social media rather exploded – and things got so hot that the CEO of Starbucks actually deleted his Twitter account. He found, of course, that liberals were nasty and mean. This was not what he expected. The expectation was probably that Starbucks would get kudos from all and sundry, with everyone in the “conversation” proclaiming love and tolerance. Well, it doesn’t work that way – because modern liberalism is about hatred and intolerance.

I do realize why the CEO got it wrong – the upper class liberals he hangs out with are probably of the opinion that if we could just have a conversation about race then we bitter clingers in flyover country would finally stop being nasty racists and start to love President Obama, just as all good liberals do. We can rely on it that our principled opposition to Obama is not considered anything of the sort – we’re just junior-league Klansmen who hate Obama because he’s black…that is what has been endlessly drilled into the liberal mind; and it was especially drilled in during the 2012 campaign as Obama had no positive achievements to justify a second term. What the CEO was unaware of is that if you are using race-hatred to gin up electoral support for Obama on voting day, then what you actually get is a lot of people deeply infused with race-hatred. And that hatred will be directed at anyone who happens along who is white – even a white liberal who thinks he’s being helpful. We’re well past any point we can have a conversation on race in this country because liberals have arrived at the point where white people must (a) admit they are evil and (b) atone for their evil by grovelling. Somewhere out there in the Twitterverse is the opinion that even if your parents died at Auschwitz, you still have race-privilege you cracker bastard. This is the level of “discussion” on race – and the CEO of Starbucks just found this out.

The truth is, of course, that we can’t converse with liberals on anything – liberals have become so divorced from reality that conversation is impossible. And, indeed, liberals these days don’t really want a conversation. They want a surrender. Unless you are prepared to strike your colors (which, now that I think about it, may be considered by liberals to be a racist statement), there’s just nothing to be said. So, forget about conversation – lets just work on beating them electorally into the ground so we don’t have to deal with them any longer.

Out and About on a Sunday

Yeah, the Hillary email scandal is bad. Yes, she probably broke a bunch of federal laws. But, no one will do anything about it and the Palace Guard MSM will fall on their swords to protect her should she run for President. She’s been a liar and a crook pretty much as long as she’s been in politics – she won’t change because she doesn’t have to: being a Clinton means you never have to pay a political price for your creepiness.

Putin seems to be missing and rumors abound – I haven’t a clue about it. Coup? Illness? Death? We’ll find out eventually – either someone else will be in charge in Russia or we’ll soon have a picture of Putin wrestling a bear or some such. A coup wouldn’t surprise me – thing about dictators: they always paint a huge target on their own back. By setting up a system where they are the be-all and end-all of political power they ensure that anyone else who wants the top spot will have to conduct a coup to get it. In those situations, only rank fear will keep people from trying – and while Putin has been adept at having opponents come up dead, he hasn’t instituted the sort of reign of terror which makes everyone afraid to conspire together.

Obama’s amnesty is working out about as well as expected – big question: as the predators Obama’s amnesty has allowed in start to commit horrific crimes, does Obama pick up the blame? To be sure, I know that the MSM won’t assign him the blame or, indeed, report about it if they can possibly avoid it…but the American people don’t like what Obama has done and a lot of really bad people are rolling across our open border…it is going to be difficult to not put two and two together even for the most Low of Low Information Voters.

Firefox caves into the liberal fascists over the issue of sam-sex marriage and now their user share is crashing through the floor. I wonder how much this will sink in? You see, the liberal fascists are adept at getting corporate America to toe the line because most people in corporate America are functionally liberal (and most of those who aren’t are deathly afraid of confrontation) – but giving into liberal fascism is coming with a high cost. What to do? Tell the liberal fascists to get stuffed and be successful but socially ostracized, or cave in and go bankrupt? Also: the fact that Firefox is crashing indicates that in what Americans do – as opposed to what they say – there is a deep resentment of the left in the United States. As soon as someone really taps into that, the left will get crushed (Hat Tip: Ace)

There are two truly oppressed groups in the world, Christians and Jews. Everyone has it in for them and lots of people do really horrific things to them for no other reason than they are Christians and Jews. We all know what happens to Jews, but the things done to Christians have yet to really get into the public mind. Someone should ask Obama is this event can be traced back to the Crusades.

That $15 an hour minimum wage in Seattle? Yeah, doing just what we on the right said it would. And as it is happening in liberal-bastion Seattle, all we’ll do is laugh and laugh and laugh.

All Walker all the time, right? You know it. But, hey, there’s still Bobby Jindal. He’s making a huge number of moves in preparation for running. Walker is talked up as the next Reagan (or Coolidge!), but Jindal I think is bidding for the title, as well. If the GOP primary shapes up as a fight between Walker and Jindal, we win.

The left has their new demand: cancel all student debt. This generated by Obama making moves to allow student debt to be discharged in bankruptcy. My view is that student debt is a mere scam designed to allow colleges to charge ever more money for their ever more useless product. It provides the funds for well-paid, liberal sinecures and gives the left a gigantic amount of power over society – both in terms of indoctrinating the young and providing a patina of credentials to whatever nitwit pronouncements liberals are making any given day. So, for me – yes: cancel the debt, but only if we also cancel the student loan program. I’m willing to tack another trillion dollars on to our national debt in order to get rid of this dog of a program which merely funds those who want to destroy the United States. And here’s the real beauty of it – if we make our proposal the “double cancel” (debt plus program) but liberals refuse to allow it then it is the liberals who are at fault for keeping America’s youth burdened under student debt…guess who suddenly can get the youth vote?

Bob Dylan is still way cool. The whole thing about art is knowing where to draw the line – popular music dropped that ideal like a bad habit and that is why its mostly all garbage, now. Dylan never lost the ideal.


A Song of Defeat

The line breaks and the guns go under,
The lords and the lackeys ride the plain;
I draw deep breaths of the dawn and thunder,
And the whole of my heart grows young again.
For our chiefs said ‘Done,’ and I did not deem it;
Our seers said ‘Peace,’ and it was not peace;
Earth will grow worse till men redeem it,
And wars more evil, ere all wars cease.
But the old flags reel and the old drums rattle,
As once in my life they throbbed and reeled;
I have found my youth in the lost battle,
I have found my heart on the battlefield.
For we that fight till the world is free,
We are not easy in victory:
We have known each other too long, my brother,
And fought each other, the world and we.

And I dream of the days when work was scrappy,
And rare in our pockets the mark of the mint,
When we were angry and poor and happy,
And proud of seeing our names in print.
For so they conquered and so we scattered,
When the Devil road and his dogs smelt gold,
And the peace of a harmless folk was shattered;
When I was twenty and odd years old.
When the mongrel men that the market classes
Had slimy hands upon England’s rod,
And sword in hand upon Afric’s passes
Her last Republic cried to God.
For the men no lords can buy or sell,
They sit not easy when all goes well,
They have said to each other what naught can smother,
They have seen each other, our souls and hell.

It is all as of old, the empty clangour,
The Nothing scrawled on a five-foot page,
The huckster who, mocking holy anger,
Painfully paints his face with rage.
And the faith of the poor is faint and partial,
And the pride of the rich is all for sale,
And the chosen heralds of England’s Marshal
Are the sandwich-men of the Daily Mail,
And the niggards that dare not give are glutted,
And the feeble that dare not fail are strong,
So while the City of Toil is gutted,
I sit in the saddle and sing my song.
For we that fight till the world is free,
We have no comfort in victory;
We have read each other as Cain his brother,
We know each other, these slaves and we.

G. K. Chesterton

Republicans Write a Letter; Liberals Go Insane

Our liberals have insta-amended the Constitution – now, instead of treason being defined as adhering to America’s enemies or levying war against the United States, it is now defined as “writing a letter Obama doesn’t like”. Our liberals have gone very deep into Deal Leader devotion on this.

The letter, itself, is not much – just noting to Iran’s leadership that any deal made with President Obama will not be held binding on future American Presidents. That is just a statement of fact – because if Obama does get a treaty, then it is a dead letter unless ratified by the Senate, which simply will not happen. If Obama gets some sort of executive agreement, then it is something which has no force of law and the next President can ignore at will (and likely will ignore because no President – not even Hillary – is going to want to be bound by what Obama did 2009-2017). To me, this was a wise thing to do – we don’t want the Iranians thinking that the entirety of the United States is whatever Obama says it is – he’s gone in less than two years and other people in the United States have other ideas. Indeed, enough people have other ideas to ensure that no treaty negotiated by Obama regarding Iran’s nuclear program has any chance of ratification (this is because Obama’s ideas on how to deal with Iran are so mind-bogglingly stupid that even a lot of liberal Democrats won’t sign off on them). But, a lot of liberals are just beside themselves over the Republican letter.

It is best seen, so far, with the #47Traitors hashtag on Twitter. Yes, they are really calling the Republican signatories traitors! I guess their memories don’t stretch back even to 2007 when then-House Speaker Pelosi went to the Middle East in an essay of foreign policy in direct contravention of Bush Administration foreign policy. I won’t even bother with the Democrats’ 1984 “Dear Commandante” letter to the communist dictator of Nicaragua, nor Ted Kennedy trying to work with the Soviets to defeat Reagan in the 1984 election; anything prior to, say, 2000 is ancient history and not at all relevant.

What I think is making the liberals really mad here is that the letter exposes the hollowness of Obama. Obama cannot get anything concrete done – everything he does especially in his last two years is subject to immediate reversal by whomever takes over on January 20th, 2017. And, rely on it, a very large amount of Obama’s actions will be immediately undone after he leaves office. Why should any President – even a liberal President – just keep an Obama order alive? Out of respect for Obama? Please. Liberals are in a shrieking conniption fit because they just got told that their Dear Leader is actually not all-powerful.

INSANE UPDATE: Democrats start petition to jail the 47, get 140,000 signatures.

The Limits of Tolerance

Back during the whole Charlie Hebdo event, a lot of people were defending Charlie on the grounds of free speech – I took a bit of an exception to that. Even though there was no justification for the murders, I still felt that it wasn’t appropriate for anyone to insult the deepest held beliefs of others. To be sure, Free Speech – but I’m not quite sure that our ancestors at Lexington and Concord were thinking, “if I die here today, at least people will be free to be vulgar and rude like no tomorrow”.

To make myself clear, I do believe in a very broad definition of free speech – but back in the days when men were a bit more like men, if you offered an insult to another man who had an ounce of manly virtues, you’d be called out to the dueling field. In other words, if you did decide that insult was your way of working, then you were required to put your life up as security…and if you didn’t, then you’d be known not just as vulgar, but as a vulgar coward. The historian Will Durant noted that men in 18th century England commonly carried swords – and this he identified as the place where England’s reputation for good manners developed. Knowing that the other guy had a sword and could run you through enjoined a cautious courtesy of speech. Eventually, it became ingrained into society – you just didn’t say certain things unless you were willing to fight about it.

For someone to sit safely behind soldiers and police and hurl insults right and left is not an act of liberty – it is not an act of bravery; quite the contrary…it is the act of a coward. It is to demand that other, rougher men protect you while you throw vile insults around. Man up – or manner up. Pick one.

I bring this up because the television show House of Cards has decided to get very insulting:

We’re barely into Lent, and Hollywood is already spitting on Jesus Christ on the crucifix. Netflix released the entire third season of the incredibly sleazy D.C. drama House of Cards on February 28, and in its fourth episode, as Kevin Spacey’s loathsome Frank Underwood character has schemed his way into the presidency, he wanders into a Catholic church.

The local bishop preaches to him as a friend that he’s supposed to love God and love his neighbor. Underwood proclaims that he understands the vengeful God he sees in the Old Testament, but doesn’t understand why Jesus would let someone kill him. Underwood asks for a moment alone to pray. Then he sidles up to the crucifix – just a few feet above his head – and mutters most cynically to God the Son.

“Love….that’s what you’re selling? Well, I don’t buy it!” Then he spits in the face of Christ…

This is free speech? This is an act of bravery? This is why men and women will sell their blood on a battlefield? I don’t think so. Now, the character spits in the face of a statue of Our Lord for one reason, only: spitting in the face of a depiction of Mohammed would get him killed. This is quite a lot of cowardice – cowardice in that the creators of the show are hiding behind the rougher men; cowardice in that the creators of the show only insult where it is safe to do so; cowardice in that if we Christians complain, the popular culture will condemn us for daring to be offended.

How much more of this are we Christians supposed to tolerate? Are there absolutely no limits? At least as far as we are concerned – because we know where the limit is: can’t do this with Muslims. I agree they shouldn’t do it with Muslims – but that is because I am trying, in my own weak way, to be a Christian gentleman; and such don’t offer insult. How much of a citizen of this Republic am I when my most deeply held beliefs can be held up to scorn? Do I not pay my taxes? Did I not serve for four years in our Navy? Did not my father and grandfather serve in war? Am I that much of a social nothing that you can do with me as you wish?

There are at least 100 million people in the United States who actually, sincerely believe as I do – that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. We are the backbone of this nation – we are the descendents of those who built this nation up from nothing. We have poured out our blood and treasure for this nation for more than 200 years – and I think we’re worthy of at least this much respect: don’t insult us. Dislike us all you want. Disagree with us till the cows come home. Be whatever you want to be – but don’t go out of your way to insult that which we hold dear. This is the common courtesy all human beings owe to each other.

Out and About on a Friday

Yet another Obama foreign policy success:

Iran’s state-owned Press TV is reporting that Tehran is demanding that all sanctions be lifted to proceed with a nuclear agreement.

“Our principle position is that all sanctions are lifted at once,” Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator and deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araqchi, reportedly told the network…

To be sure, for Obama this is success – because his whole plan, as far as I can tell, is to empower Iran to stand up vigorously to the United States. In the real world, things are a bit different: this is Iran seeing how far they can push Obama around. The answer: quite a lot. Obama will never, ever wake up to the fact that Iran hates us not because of Israel or the coup back in the 50’s, but because we’re not Islamist fruitcakes like the Iranian leadership.

Hillary is officially in trouble over her use of a private e mail account during her tenure as Secretary of State. But the reality is that this scandal – which is horrible and is disqualifying as far as the Presidency goes – won’t amount to much because Narrative. She’s a woman and its her turn to be President. Period. The only way the Hillary Express gets derailed is if a credible, female candidate jumps into the Democrat primary…so, if it ain’t Hillary, it will be Warren. Warren would be better for us as she’s more easily beatable (I think Hillary is, as well; but the betting line is that she’s unstoppable). No matter how bad the scandals get, the MSM will come round to be her palace guard – they have to; they can’t do other. To actually tell the full truth about Hillary is to destroy her political viability and no MSMer out there is going to risk social disapproval in DC, NYC and LA by doing that – and this includes allegedly conservative MSMers. If Hillary is to be beaten, she’ll have to beaten at the polls by a good GOP candidate. Nothing else will do it.

ISIS has bulldozed an ancient, Assyrian city but what about the Crusades? I’ve been reading up a bit on the Assyrians – a Christian people which has been relentlessly persecuted by Islam for a thousand years because they refuse to knuckle under. Even the Kurds – otherwise decent folk in the area – have it in for the Assyrians. My dream: we re-create Assyria…make it a Christian nation right smack dab in the middle of the Muslim world. Hey, if Palestinians get the West Bank, then the Assyrians get northern Iraq.

Jeb will visit Iowa but no one really cares.

The betting is that Roberts will rescue ObamaCare, again. I’m pretty sure he will – because the Ruling Class gotta Ruling Class. Remember, the GOP leadership doesn’t want to do away with ObamaCare, either. No one does – except the majority of the American people, and we don’t count. Until we get a President and a Congress with real back bone for revolution, we won’t get anywhere. So, to work with a will in 2016 and beyond.

The Lee-Rubio tax plan is mostly good stuff – but it isn’t revolutionary enough for my taste. I dig the whole idea of essentially putting large amounts of American middle class income into a gigantic tax haven as that will starve the government beast…but I want some punitive taxes on those elements of the rich who use their money to punish the rest of us with things like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. A tax reform proposal which is marketed at ending “loopholes for the rich” but which in reality takes away the tax exempt status of all those liberal political hit groups masquerading as non-partisan social services organizations is a great place to start.

With that in mind, the “two” in a “one, two” punch against liberalism is going after the mis-named and misbegotten “higher education” industry:

Understand that the purpose of modern American “education” is not to educate students. It is primarily to provide cushy, subsidized sinecures for liberal administrators and faculty while, secondarily, providing a forum to indoctrinate soft young minds in the liberal fetishes du jour. Actually educating students is hard, and a meaningful education is anathema to liberalism. In the liberals’ ideal world, the universities would simply fester with leftist nonsense and not even bother with trying to teach their charges anything at all. And today, it’s pretty close to being the liberals’ ideal world…

Take away the government subsidies for this monstrosity and we’ll deal a death-blow to the left – it cannot be calculated just how much money and political influence the left obtains from their control of “higher” education. Safe behind college walls, liberals sally forth to destroy the society which subsidizes their attacks. If we were at least getting educated citizens out of it, that would be something – but a college degree, outside the scientific disciplines (and increasingly even there) is a sick joke. A mere credential which allows a numbskull to enter the Ruling Class and start screwing everyone who works for a living.

Thank goodness Obama vetoed Keystone – if he hadn’t done that, Buffet wouldn’t be set to collect some insurance money on one of his oil trains blowing up.

And from David Burge (@iowahawkblog):

We don’t have a government, we have a sh***y third-rate cow college student council with nuclear weapons.

America’s Ruling Class Unites on Amnesty

The House voted today to approve the filthy and disgusting DHS funding bill – it is called “clean” by the Ruling Class because it cleanly drops a hammer on the American people. Seventy five Republicans joined almost all the Democrats in the House to approve the monstrosity; 167 Republicans voted against – and that, my friends is roughly the actual number of people on our side there are in the House. In terms of actual political power, we are the distinct minority in DC. Get used to it and get ready to fight to change it.

Here we are, March 3rd, 2015, and the leadership of the Republican Party has decided that it wants to ratify Obama’s illegal and odious amnesty policy. Fine. Glad to know it. Lets us all know where we stand – and where they stand. The leadership of the GOP is entirely beholden to the Ruling Class of this nation and will do its bidding, come what may. They are expecting rank-and-file GOPers to stay with them – after all, what are we going to do? Vote Democrat? Well, why the heck not? What do we get by voting for Republicans?

Ace is in a fine and entirely justified fury – now advocating for a $15 an hour minimum wage…because if we’re going to have a two-party Ruling Class screwing over the American people, let’s at least get a bit of pay back. The GOP leadership signed off on this because the GOP part of the Ruling Class wants to import millions of unskilled workers…so that they can employ them at low wages, thus increasing their profit margins…and screw the American worker. Yeah, well, I see Ace’s point – jack that wage up to $15 and hour and see how the Chamber of Commerce likes it.

Still, it isn’t quite time for us to put Hillary in the White House – there’s hard ball politics and then there’s suicide…but we really should seek ways to punish the Congressional GOP for their transgressions. Primary the heck out of every GOPer who voted for this dog of a bill…and if they survive the primary, then vote for their Democrat opponent in the general. Get them out; let them know that we don’t elect Republicans in order to do the bidding of liberals and the Chamber of Commerce…we elect them to represent us and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I’d rather have us back in Congressional minority status come 2017 than continue with leadership that doesn’t do one darned thing for our side.