Al Franken Attempts to Steal Minnesota Election

In the finest tradition of Democrat politics:

100 votes suddenly discovered. Every one for Franken and Obama. Every one.

Hey, I’ve got 1000 votes for Coleman in my rumpus room. Sorry, I forgot to deliver them previously. Where shall I bring them?

The Minnesota GOP can probably use some money for lawyers.

Click on this link to donate to the Minnesota GOP – it might be too late to save the seat, but we must try to prevent the Democrats from stealing another election as they did in Washington State in 2004. Without our help, the Democrats will just keep manufacturing votes until they get the number they need to put Franken over the top.

If you click on the “every one” link above, you’ll see that what is happening is the impossible appearance and disappearance of ballots, always in favor of Franken. The MSM, naturally, doesn’t care – one more Donk Senator is always fine with the lapdog Dinosaur Media. The problem is that Minnesota has a very clean election reputation – when I noted the final tally, I figured the recount might have some small differences, but that Coleman was certainly re-elected because when you have efficient and clean elections, the variance between “count” and “recount” are very small. All of a sudden we’ve got all sorts of Chicago-style things going on.

Franken is a hard left fanatic and someone who has proven himself rather hate-filled in his statements as well as someone not entirely devoted to truth and justice. The Democrats under Obama’s Chicago leadership can be, if anything, even less trusted than before to be honest about the election tactics. It will be a terrible tragedy if the Democrats are able to corrupt Minnesota, and a plain and simple crime if the Democrats of Minnesota allow it to happen just to get one more Democratic Senator.

UPDATE: Very strange thing – 223258 and 312598. The first number is the number of votes cast in Alaska in 2008, the latter number is those cast in 2004. How come in a hotly contested election year, with the 80% approval-rating Alaska governor and a hotly contested Senate race is there about 89,000 less votes in 2008 than 2004?