Illinois Democrats Determined to Turn Illinois Red

Well, thanks, Democrats:

Senate Democrats late Saturday night approved a plan to raise personal income taxes by 67 percent and broaden the Illinois sales tax to include services such as cable TV, but the measure faces an uncertain future in the House with a late Sunday deadline to fix the state budget.

The 31-27 vote shifted Statehouse dynamics after Democrats spent much of the day struggling to find support for a tax increase. With lawmakers on the brink of blowing their deadline, the focus now turns to the House, where Speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago repeatedly has insisted he lacks the votes among his Democratic majority to approve a tax hike.The uncertainty for the major Senate tax plan also was illustrated by Democratic Senate President John Cullerton’s acknowledgment that Republican votes are needed to get the plan through the House.

But House Republicans have said they won’t support a higher income tax.

Beyond that, House Democrats have been reluctant to vote for a temporary 50 percent income tax rate increase for two years. The Senate plan they are being asked to approve is a 67 percent increase that would be permanent. And it’s one that would tax individuals at the same rate as corporations.

So, the debate seems to be over whether the tax increase will be merely huge, or go all the way to massive – and the GOP just gets to sit there and reap the benefits…as long as they hold firm and don’t provide enough votes to allow the Democrats – and their MSM lapdogs – to claim that the tax hike was bi-partisan. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that IL GOPers are being warned against being strident and being the “party of No”…’cause, once again, liberals are always so careful to help conservatives win.

We’re heading for a very interesting year in 2010.