Schumer, Durbin Get Fat Cats to Donate to Reid

Weren’t the Democrats talking about how they are going to take on Wall Street and defend the little guy?

Sen. Chuck Schumer invited Harry Reid to spend Monday morning with him in Brooklyn, where some of Schumer’s well-heeled friends opened their checkbooks to help the Senate majority leader’s struggling reelection bid.

Democratic Whip Dick Durbin has invited Reid to join him next week in Chicago, where he’ll connect the Nevada Democrat with Windy City business leaders who’ll pour even more money into Reid’s campaign.

For Schumer and Durbin, it’s all part of a delicate dance. While Capitol Hill insiders say the two men appear to be jockeying to show their fellow Democrats that they’d be the logical successors to Reid, they’re also showing Reid unyielding loyalty where it counts: campaign cash.

Does anyone believe that the Democrats will do anything to prevent financial chicanery? That they’ll do anything which will risk the flow of campaign funds? That they’ll actually try to level the playing field so that their money bags have to work harder?

If you believe that, you’re an idiot. Only a revolutionary change to a populist/conservative Congress has a chance of protecting the free market from the malfactors of great wealth who now own the Democrat party lock, stock and barrel.

The big boys of finance want their place at the trough secured. They want their easy access to taxpayer bail outs and they don’t want to be troubled by upstart competitors who might have better products or services to offer. In return for a slavish Democrat party, they are willing to pour in the money – and they’ll only pour in the money as long as the Democrats remember who their Masters are.

November is coming – and we’ll clear out both the corrupt fat cats and their kept politicians.