Rubio Favors Arizona Immigration Law

The news:

Florida’s Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio has shifted his stance and now says he approves of a new Arizona immigration law that has many others outraged.

Rubio said the Arizona Legislature went too far when it passed the original bill, but he says a recent tweak to the law makes him feel comfortable supporting it.

Boiled down, its a good law vitally needed for the safety and liberty of the people of Arizona. Complaints against it stem from either rank ignorance of its provisions, or a desire to inflame racial animosities for political purposes.

Rubio’s position puts and end to any attempt to rationally call the law anti-hispanic. This won’t stop liberals, of course, because they are irrational – but anyone with any sense at all will now have to seek other areas to oppose the law. Race just isn’t a factor either in the enactment or enforcement of the law.