Well, I Used a Ouija Board Once: So, What?

The Other McCain discusses the latest liberal attack on Christine O’Donnell – a clip from Bill Maher from 1999 which has O’Donnell stating that she dabbled in witchcraft some years prior – meaning, prior to 1999, and that means more than 11 years ago.

The usually smart John over at Powerline opines that this video clip completely kills off O’Donnell’s career. This is an odd statement to make as it is conventional wisdom that her career is already over. Remember? We’ve been told for a while now that O’Donnell has no chance, at all, of winning this race. What does a video clip of dabbling in witchcraft make a difference? If you’re already dead, then being shot doesn’t matter.

Unless, of course, there is this sneaking suspicion on the part of O’Donnell’s detractors that she can win and so we’d better find some way to ensure she loses, or we’re all going to look like idiots on November 2nd. Remember, it won’t be Democrats with egg on their faces if O’Donnell wins – it will be the GOP establishment plus that part of right blogosphere which is “realistic” and figures that we should tolerate the odd RINO in order to ensure, I guess, that Republicans hold the Senate committee chairmanships.

I’m figuring that in their heart of hearts, these people have noted the vastly increased GOP turnout in the primary over previous years and realize that they’ve got a genuine grass-roots movement going on in Delaware and, perhaps, that the whole concept of tolerating RINOs may be proved spurious…that we can, if we really want to, run conservative outsiders not just in deep red States, but everywhere.

Both McCain and Michelle Malkin dispose of the particular charge against O’Donnell – that a video statement of dabbling in witchcraft kills her chances. It is clear that the originally released video clip doesn’t put it in to context.

What seems to have happened is a discussion of Halloween in which O’Donnell has issues with Halloween and brings out her youthful experiences with witchcraft to buttress her case against it. How this is supposed to make her look like a lunatic is beyond me – sounds to me like she’s a person who has learned from her past and now uses her wisdom to make correct judgments. In other words, precisely what we need throughout government, and especially in the Senate.

Which of us, after all, have never dabbled in occult practices? Guess what, if you’ve ever read a horoscope and took it all all seriously, you have. Here at the age of 45, I summarily reject all of it – that which isn’t purely a scam is purely wicked. Meaning, it isn’t true – and if it is true, then you’re consorting with powers of evil which you should flee from. But waaaay back when, I felt the pull – including to using the ouija board and other idiocies. Am I to be held forever responsible for doing dumb things? If that is the case, then I want a full accounting of everyone else’s dumb actions and everyone to agree that even one, stupid mistake forever bars a person from holding a position of responsibility.

To me, this is all about the Establishment – and selected hangers-on who do buy the notion that conservatism is only true in certain red States – seeking a means of derailing the TEA Party – to keep it from becoming too large a success. Their long term hopes are that it will fade away before it conducts a revolution. They will be disappointed in both cases.

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