Democrats Complain That Louisiana's Re-Districting Not Racist Enough

From the PJ Tatler:

The Times-Picayune reports that Governor Bobby Jindal has signed into law a new congressional and state legislative redistricting plan for Louisiana.

The state’s Legislative Black Caucus objects to the plan, claiming that it doesn’t create enough black “majority/minority” districts. The new plan creates 11 black state senate districts (up from the current 10) and 29 black house districts (up from 27). It also realigns Louisiana’s seven congressional districts into six (the state lost a seat due to population decreases) and preserves the single black district Louisiana has currently. But the Caucus claims the state plan should have provided 30 black house districts and the congressional plan should have created a second black district…

Because we all know that the only way a black man can be represented is by a black man – ol’ whitey can just never do it. This is because the color of a person’s skin determines his entire destiny as a result of the absolute differences between whites and blacks. We await for word on how the quadroons and octaroons feel about this.

This is just nauseating – and it is just what liberalism is all about. Dividing people, generating hatred, keeping people eternally at war one against the other and group against group. The perfect plan for a corrupt Ruling Class which is fearful that the people – all of them – might rise up and chase the rascals out of office. I don’t care what skin color my representative is – if he or she is a good person who adheres to the basic principals of the American constitution, then everything is fine. Only a rank, disgusting racist would ever say otherwise…and the fact that we Republicans go along with this nonsense just disgusts me.