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As far as the situation in Gaza goes – every drop of blood spilled is the responsibility of Hamas.  They are the people pledged to the destruction of Israel; they are the people who make the rockets to be fired pretty much at random into Israeli territory. Until Hamas gives up that sort of nonsense, the war is their fault – as are all the deaths, on both sides. As an aside, I don’t trust Hamas’ word, at all – so stories and pictures of alleged Palestinian deaths mean precisely zero to me.  Unless and until a completely neutral third party (and the UN and the MSM are not neutral, third parties) verifies such deaths, I put them in the realm of “possible” rather than actual – understanding, of course, that if there have been civilian deaths in Gaza it is (a) Hamas’ responsibility in general and (b) often deliberately and purposefully Hamas’ responsibility as they put their military forces right behind women and children – because they are cowardly terrorists and know no other way to fight.

A bit of a global warming hoax update:

If you are lucky enough to be reading this from the comfort of your blankets, it might be best to stay there, as Brisbane has hit its coldest temperatures in 103 years.

Not since July 28 1911 has Brisbane felt this cold, getting down to a brisk 2.6C at 6.41am.

At 7am, it inched up to 3.3C.

Matt Bass, meteorologist from BOM, said the region was well below our average temperatures.

“If it felt cold, that’s because it was, breaking that record is pretty phenomenal for Brisbane,” Bass said.

“The average for this time of year is 12C, so Brisbane was about 9C below average, it is pretty impressive really, to have the coldest morning in 103 years is a big record.”

Impressive, indeed – I’m sure that Al Gore and the rest of the science-denying anthropogenic global warming fanatics will soon get on their private jets to fly around the world telling us to cut our carbon emissions.

For the zillionth time, Attorney General Holder proves that he is a racist:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday he and President Obama have been targets of “a racial animus” by some of the administration’s political opponents.

No, Eric, we don’t like you and your boss because you are a pair of corrupt, stupid, arrogant jerks.  Really has nothing to do with your skin color, at all; that you think it is the result of white racism proves you are a racist – figuring that white people have a built-in racial animus is a racist belief.

“Smidgen” apparently means “so much that it slops over“:

The two items in question are ones which we’ve already discussed here. One – perhaps the most damning in recent months – was the shocking (meaning, not shocking) revelation that Lerner had previously told her co-workers that, “we need to be cautious about what we say in emails” and wanted to know if instant messaging texts were recorded.

The second was the oh-so-understandable “misunderstanding” about whether or not she had printed out any of her e-mails. And let’s face it… who can be sure what was meant when somebody asks you if you printed something? Did they mean “print” the documents, or print print the documents? It’s all terribly confusing.

Lerner, et al know they are completely secure as long as Obama is President – but they’ve got to be worried that a GOP just might manage to get into office in 2016 – and the statue of limitations will not have expired come January 20th, 2017. Now, to be sure, our RINO half will be wanting us to MoveOn…but there’s still that chance that the next President might decide to review all this…and if he does, then a very large number of highly placed bureaucrats and elected Democrats will be going to jail.

Well, heck – it looks like we do leave people behind.

When McCain says the borders aren’t secure, you know you’ve got a problem.  Remember, I’m the amnesty supporter here…but we’ve really got to deport a very large number of people in order to just make it clear that you can’t just waltz in here without so much as a “by your leave”.

If you’ve heard the stories about Gaza not having bomb shelters, then think again: Gaza does have bomb sheltersfor the bombs.  The people?  F ’em; the more that die, the better it is for pro-Palestinian propaganda.

Did you know the GOP might win the governorship of Hawaii?  Hope and Change might work out for us, after all.

Reid continues his career as an acute national embarrassment.

Media bias – its a feature, not a bug.

If the economy is in good shape, why as U.S. power usage flat lined since 2006?  As an aside, there are 20 million more people in the United States than there were in 2006.

35 thoughts on “Odds and Ends Open Thread

  1. Retired Spook July 13, 2014 / 7:00 pm

    Brisbane isn’t the only place where it’s abnormally cool. In northeast Indiana, at a time of year when 90’s are the norm, we’ll be struggling to get out of the 60’s on Tuesday, with forecast highs for the rest of the week in the 70’s. The last time the water in our pond was warm enough to swim was nearly 2 years ago. This past winter was so severe in terms of both temperature (19 days below zero) and snowfall (2nd highest on record) that almost all the fish in our pond died of oxygen deprivation, and the ice, which normally is gone by the first week of March lingered until the first week of April. Now we may actually be witnessing climate change, but it’s certainly not punctuated by warming.

    • tiredoflibbs July 13, 2014 / 9:30 pm

      It’s the coldest June ever recorded in Antartica. Must be that Global Warming, uh climate change, uh… um… Global Climate Disruption, uh… oh… um… what is the convenient temporary term now?

      Well ol, Algore, the Goracle, is at it again with his dire warnings. He was in Australia, where his organization, Climate Reality Project (wow there is a misnomer), was holding training sessions to educate future leaders in the fight against climate change. “training sessions”? More like indoctrination sessions.

      Too bad his own hockey stick graph has been disproven with the revelations of those fraudulently fudging the temperature data and computer models that can’t model the atmosphere. These same models are used to come to the dire conclusions portrayed by the IPCC and other Climate drones. These are the same groups that control the so-called of scientific debate and presentation of papers (cherry picking only those that support their fraud and discarding other peer reviewed documents that would debunk their findings), and control other scientific methods that could be used to disprove this fraud called “man iInduced Climate Change or whatever the slogan is now.

      • M. Noonan July 14, 2014 / 12:58 am

        The fact that he’s holding training sessions for future leaders on the subject shows that (a) he’s lying and (b) he knows he’s lying – by his own words, there is no future. Doesn’t he only have a year or two left before his prediction of complete global catastrophe will expire?

      • Retired Spook July 14, 2014 / 12:58 pm

        Doesn’t he only have a year or two left before his prediction of complete global catastrophe will expire?

        Very astute observation, Mark. Al Gore made that proclamation in January, 2006 at the Sundance Film Festival, during the promotion for his fantasy movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Of course there will be no shame, no embarrassment come a year from next January on the part of the Goracle, even though it will be clear that his prediction was just so much hot air (pun intended). And, of course, the media will either ignore it or blame the fact that it didn’t happen on Republicans — maybe on Bush — who knows? Who cares?

  2. bozo July 13, 2014 / 9:31 pm

    This is a beautiful, undulating video that’s hard to argue with, but you will:

    • tiredoflibbs July 13, 2014 / 9:52 pm

      And yet creepy, the temperatures have been cooling…. oh wait, what am I thinking…. “Climate change” covers all bases now.
      It’s unseasonably hot…. human induced climate change.
      Unseasonably cold…. human induced climate change.
      More hurricanes…. human induced climate change.
      Less hurricanes…. human induced climate change.
      More tornadoes…. human induced climate change.
      Less tornadoes…. human induced climate change.
      More rain…. human induced climate change.
      Less rain…. human induced climate change.
      more snow…. human induced climate change.
      less snow…. human induced climate change.
      unemployment…. human induced climate change.
      obesity…. human induced climate change.
      ugly women…. human induced climate change.
      ugly men…. human induced climate change.
      No womanly hourglass figure (as per Tyra Banks)…. human induced climate change.
      higher energy costs (and not some pie in the sky progressive energy policy)…. human induced climate change.
      stupid people (progressives)…. human induced climate change.
      cancer…. human induced climate change.
      colds…. human induced climate change.
      flu…. human induced climate change.
      riots…. human induced climate change.
      terrorism…. human induced climate change.
      spread of (name disease)…. human induced climate change.

      Those molecules that are more responsible for “greenhouse gases” are methane and especially water vapor. Water vapor alone is more responsible for the greenhouse affect than carbon dioxide will ever be. Note: the greenhouse affect is responsible for all life on this planet. Without it, this planet would be a very cold place and life as we know it would not exist.

      I noticed the graph did not show temperature since the NOAA fraudulently fudged the numbers. So, they are getting away from that now, aren’t they? Even Algore’s own graph in his “A Convenient Lie” (a more accurate title) did not support the global warming meme. The rise in temperature PRECEDED the rise in CO2. No matter how many time you regurgitate it. No matter how you spin and rename the BS. It will not make man caused climate change true.

      • bozo July 13, 2014 / 10:18 pm

        There are no accurate temperature measurements before the 1850s. They can only be estimated through tree rings and such. There are extremely accurate CO2 measurements from glacial ice cores.

        Methane is a big problem. It’s always laughable when people imply don’t worry about carbon dioxide because methane is so much worse. If you don’t see why that’s funny, have a nice day.

        Note: I love “Note:” as if some grand scientific principle will follow. The Greenhouse effect is responsible for all life. Water is responsible for all life. CO2 is responsible for all life. ATP is…Oxygen is…salt is…heck, without vitamin B we all die. Stray outside optimal levels of all these things and we die. Oh, and have a nice day.

        The earth is flat everywhere I go. I’ve never seen it round and I’ve been everywhere. Those Cueball Earthers are perpetuating a hoax. Now excuse me while I catch the last train back to Whoville.

    • Retired Spook July 13, 2014 / 11:29 pm

      This is a beautiful, undulating video that’s hard to argue with, but you will:

      Bozo, I don’t think you’ll get much argument from anyone who’s familiar with the rise of atmospheric CO2 in the last 50 years or so. I mean, after all, there IS a reason that greenhouses artificially raise the CO2 level to about 3 times what your graph shows: it makes plants grow faster. You will, OTOH, find it difficult to prove that increases in CO2 have and/or are going to cause the global temperature to rise anywhere even close to what warmists have claimed. The computer models, which is essentially all they’ve got, can’t even model the recent past.

    • Retired Spook July 14, 2014 / 4:13 pm

      Global temperatures have been flat for over 15 years while CO2 has continued to rise at a steady level during that time. If we experience another, say 10 years of the same (rising CO2, stable temperatures) are you going to re-think your position, or is your position largely ideological and not really related to actual data? Just curious.

      • Cluster July 14, 2014 / 5:01 pm


        I have asked this question so many times I have lost count, and you simply will never get one sensible response from any progressive. Just think about all the dire warnings from progressive environmental alarmists over the years that have yet to come true, but are they shamed? Do they recalibrate their position at all? No and never. It was earlier this summer that some yahoo from France said that we have 500 days left to completely change course or we will all be in ruin. When arguing this with another progressive, I simply stated that I would revisit the issue 500 days from now to find out what the new time line is.

        It’s become a joke.

      • tiredoflibbs July 14, 2014 / 5:14 pm

        “If we experience another, say 10 years of the same (rising CO2, stable temperatures) are you going to re-think your position, or is your position largely ideological and not really related to actual data? Just curious.”

        It is completely ideological. As we have seen in creepy’s recent illogical and scattered posts. They are nothing more than regurgitated dumbed down talking points. No matter what FACTS were presented or questions asked, creepy gave the same and predictable responses framed by their ideology. This was characterized as a “spanking” by the lefty public school teacher. A “spanking” now means to regurgitate dumbed down talking points without being distracted by facts and common sense logic, since that is all the creepy clown did.

  3. bozo July 13, 2014 / 9:36 pm

    The Prez is asking for more visas for the one’s we’re leaving behind. Boehner’s Republican controlled House is saying no. So, yes, “we” do leave people behind. Thank you for admitting that. Care to call your congressman to fix it, or just blame Obama?

  4. bozo July 13, 2014 / 9:44 pm

    I suppose Holder could be called a “racist” for championing voter rights for minorities. I mean, it’s not a zero sum game here. More blacks voting means each white vote counts less. Before you know it, white votes will only count for 3/5ths of the electorate, a “compromise” no one should accept.

    • M. Noonan July 14, 2014 / 12:57 am

      No, but he can be called a racist for holding that voter ID is racist – you can only believe that if you believe that white people are trying to deny black people the vote via a requirement for voter ID…in other words, to assert that voter ID is racist, you must be a racist (or incredibly stupid).

      • tiredoflibbs July 14, 2014 / 8:36 pm

        lefty school “teacher”: “I also love how Mark considers Holder a racist for pointing out that voter ID is being pushed to deny Blacks and others the right to vote.”

        ….another baseless claim or “spanking” by the “teacher”. He may consider this copy and paste of his latest brain dead statements a compliment as well……so sad. Actually, Mark stated accurately to believe this an individual must be racist or incredibly stupid. In this case, I will go with incredibly stupid – there’s another compliment for you cappy.

        Remember to this drone, a “spanking” now means to regurgitate dumbed down talking points without being distracted by facts and common sense logic.

  5. bozo July 13, 2014 / 9:56 pm

    Biz trip to Tel Aviv has been canceled. Al Buraq/Wailing Wall will have to wait. I am surprised no one has drawn the line between Barack and Buraq, the “magical” horse Muhammad rode to “the farthest mosque,” which later Muslims changed to Jerusalem to claim it for themselves. Without a magic winged horse, Muhammad could never have set foot in Jerusalem, and hence, Muslims would have no magical religious claim to Jerusalem.

    Religions can certainly be deep, rich, historical, social treasures in theory, but in practice, man, can they be petty little twerps.

  6. tiredoflibbs July 13, 2014 / 9:57 pm

    “So, yes, “we” do leave people behind.”

    Sure just ask the families of those killed in Benghazi.

    “I suppose Holder could be called a “racist” for championing voter rights for minorities.”

    Voter rights? No one has taken their rights away. Wow, if someone tells you something enough you begin to believe it. Holder is now again, blaming racism for any opposition to his or the pResident’s unlawful actions – you know the the laws they don’t enforce to achieve some ideological goal they have in mind.

    Keep regurgitating those dumbed down talking points, there creepy. They are perfect for the mindless drone that you are.


  7. tiredoflibbs July 14, 2014 / 4:27 am

    As usual creepy, your reading comprehension is dismal. Or, you can’t help but lie about what I said? Water vapor and methane “hold” more heat than CO2. It is a proven scientific fact. They are also in greater abundance. It is more laughable that you would deny FACT and replace it with ideology.

  8. dbschmidt July 14, 2014 / 8:22 pm

    Bozo, as normal, is conflating “effect”, “affect” and “disenfranchise” when it comes to voting rights. Same crap, different city as we are having to live through it here in NC with the “Moral” Monday gang out Judge shopping.

    • Retired Spook July 15, 2014 / 6:21 pm


      I had not ever visited their blog, but your comment piqued my interest. Now i feel like I need to take a shower and disinfect my keyboard. What a nasty bunch of human debris.

    • 02casper July 15, 2014 / 7:44 pm

      Interesting link. You link to a story written by someone who normally writes about food and health (and as far as I can discern has no education in either subject), who links to an article written by another non scientist and confuses weather with climate and you consider it a “good source”. Not everything on the Internet is true and this is one of the worst links you have ever come up with.

      • tiredoflibbs July 15, 2014 / 10:11 pm

        Dismal reading comprehension as usual there cappy. This was just one of many sources that showed the government agencies altering temperature data. You completely skip that little factoid and locked on to something completely irrelevant. Fact is NOAA and NASA has fudged data among other international agencies to fit the data to the narrative.

        You want to talk links? You brought up a link awhile back showing the success of obamacare exchanges. The government did not track this data, but posted a link from some guy that knew how to use Excel and he stated his limitations and knowledge on the subject. You posted it as gospel and the source of obamacare successes.

        It is amazing. Australia has a cold snap and out trots Algore with his usual sky is falling crap and you drones swarm to it. There he is, not a expert, his “documentary” is riddled with errors and you drones hold him as an authority. He confuses weather with climate as he did with Australia’s cold snap.

        Cappy as usual you make fool of yourself. Again since teacher tenure is in danger by recent legal precedence, you should seek a new career. Your intelligence level is on full display and it does not look good.

    • Cluster July 16, 2014 / 10:05 am


      They are obsessed with us. We live in their heads rent free. Their pathologies are only limited by their false sense of self superiority. On the most recent blog, two of the regulars are battling each other for who was the first one to be “right”. It really is an amazing study in the negative effects of propaganda and group think.

      • tiredoflibbs July 16, 2014 / 12:39 pm

        And on cue, they start screeching “conspiracy theory” when it is pointed out that two government agencies are caught fudging data to fit their narrative.

    • Amazona July 17, 2014 / 11:21 pm

      Rilly. How could proximity to a giant ball of fire have any effect on how warm we are? Next you’ll be coming up with some cockamamie theory about sitting closer to a fireplace to feel warmer.

      Actually, a consensus of Japanese scientists predicted a new Little Ice Age several years ago, based on predictable changes in solar energy and increasing distance from the sun. Silly flat-earth deniers……………

      They must be racists.

  9. tiredoflibbs July 18, 2014 / 9:20 pm

    From your “source” cappy – even though the dailyKos is far from credible:

    “As science comes to a consensus on an idea, hypothesis or theory, it gets published more and more often in higher and higher Impact Factor journals. Researching various pseudoscience claims, I run across the Cherry Picking of research by those who are trying to support their claims with “real science.”

    Speaking of cherry picking – it is a know fact that the “97% climate scientists agree” claim was based on cherry picking peer reviewed documents. “Peer reviews” can be controlled. The debate can be controlled. We have seen this controlled debate and peer review at the IPCC. Only those scientists who support their claim are allowed to participate in the debate. Science must be supported by solid data – not cherry picked data. The data must also be scrutinized by supporters and skeptics alike. Only then, can science be legitimate. We already know that there are big bucks to be made in the “global climate change industry” – many would sell their opinion and give their consensus to be funded and keep their jobs.

    From Cooking Climate Consensus Data: “97% of Scientists Affirm AGW” Debunked

    When you look at the actual “study” (in this case a term used very loosely), 11944 climate abstracts from 1991–2011 matching the topics ‘global climate change’ or ‘global warming’, one would find 66.4% of abstracts expressed no position on AGW, 32.6% endorsed AGW, 0.7% rejected AGW and 0.3% were uncertain about the cause of global warming. Among abstracts expressing a position on AGW, 97.1% endorsed the consensus position (there’s that word again) that humans are causing global warming. So of 11944 climate science abstracts, only 3894 abstracts gave mention to AGW and 97% of those were endorsed by their authors. Yes that’s right – the “peer review” was a SELF review and not independent climate scientists.

    Cook actually “cooked the books” on AGW. Another big name in climate science actually analyzed Cooks “data”. Professor Richard S. J. Tol. Dr. Tol is a professor of the economics of climate change at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a professor of economics at the University of Sussex, England. He has also served on the UN’s IPCC.



    IF man made climate change is legitimate science let is stand on its own. Let it be debated and scrutinized properly. Let the skeptics be allowed into the process – don’t shut them out, don’t control the debate, don’t control the process with only like minded individuals. But progressives are too afraid that it won’t stand up to scrutiny and lose their crazy agenda to tax the capitalists out of existence for their so-called pollution of CO2.

  10. tiredoflibbs July 19, 2014 / 7:18 am

    Absolutely Hysterical!!
    From the “other blog”, you know the one containing serious debate….
    Thread: “If Teabaggers were charge, the world would be a smoldering ash of post nuclear destruction.”

    mitchie’s sociopathic meltdown:
    “Debate this you treasonist teabagging m……f….ers. Applaud Putin now you shameless spineless cretins. Can’t stand it can you? That you despise Obama precisely because he is everything you wish you and your “party” were. Call up Cruz or Plain and have them have another freaked out temper tantrum over things they don’t understand, let alone can control. Gripe among yourselves while the adults solve the problems you’ve created.”

    Applaud Putin? – Why? Obame is kissing his hind end. Obame is being manipulated by Putin and he is too simple minded to know it. Putin’s threat to peace is obvious. Why would I want to applaud Putin. Have you started drinking again?

    “That you despise Obama precisely because his is everything you wish you and your “party” were.”
    Huh? I wish my party were a bunch of lying dictatorial marxists who were incompetent and a bungling bunch of fools? I want my party to consider themselves on the level of a king? People who believe that when they can’t get their way through the legitimate legislative process, they can singlehandedly pass edicts to get their way?

    “Call up Cruz or Plain and have them have another freaked out temper tantrum over things they don’t understand, let alone can control. ”
    Oh you mean like the climate, terrorists and Putin. Oh that’s right, obame was supposed to stop terrorism, heal the planet, lower the oceans, reduce CO2, create world peace, find Jimmy Hoffa, reveal who really killed Kennedy, etc, etc, etc – delusions of grandeur. We know the truth now and have seen the pathetic results of this incompetent administration.

    “Gripe among yourselves while the adults solve the problems you’ve created.”
    Let’s see, I remember conservatives created a booming economy, the highest labor participation rate, lower taxes, a strong military, prosperity for all, the nation was more united, etc. etc. It has slowly been whittled away since Reagan and obame has destroyed it. If that is “solving problems” then we are doomed. Mitchie is the poster child for psycho shock therapy, sobriety and birth control.

    Pathetic. Now thanks to this mindless drone, I have given that bunch material for their weekly “B4V Sucks” thread – remember that is serious debate for these toads.

    These people are banned from this blog because of their insanity and their viciousness. From now on quotes of their insanity and viciousness will be removed. If we wanted this crap on the blog we would have let them stay. If you want to deal with what they say please go down to the sewer where they live and do it there but please do not go there and track their filth back here. // Moderator

    • Cluster July 19, 2014 / 12:47 pm

      Reminds me of John Hawkins recent article:

      12) Liberalism is calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist, bigoted, homophobic Nazi and then calling OTHER PEOPLE hateful.

      14) Liberalism is saying George W. Bush is a monkey who started the war in Iraq to “steal their oil” while becoming furious if anyone criticizes Obama

      20) Liberalism is thinking of yourself as an independent, open-minded free thinker for mindlessly parroting whatever the Democrat Party line is on every issue.


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