The Democrats’ “Eat the Rich” Plan, Romney, Jeb and 2016

The Democrats have unveiled a new plan – tax the rich! Yeah, what a surprise – but this time it isn’t to provide goodies for the poor, but to shovel cash at the middle class. I guess that someone in Democrat-land crunched the polling numbers and realized that Hillary (a) can’t count on Obama’s 2012 coalition showing up for her and (b) that without some Democrat inroads into the middle class, Democrats are toast in 2016. While the Democrats plan is stupid, it is also rather smart, especially in light of conventional wisdom.

You see, the ultimate source of any Democrat victory on the national level is to garner a substantial majority of voters who don’t really know anything. The now-infamous “low information voters” who are the only thing standing between Democrats and electoral oblivion. By crafting a plan where rich, evil Wall Street types will be taxed to provide benefits to the middle class, the Democrats are trying to set themselves up for 2016 as the party fighting for the people – and the Republicans are fighting for the Wall Street fat cats. That Democrats are in the hip pockets of billionaires doesn’t matter – mostly because their most visible billionaires are famous in Hollywood…no matter how rich you point out these people are, the LIV types look kindly upon it because they made their money in entertainment, which is ok, because we all like to be entertained. But making your money in high finance? Hardly any of us do it, and none of us are entertained by it. In service of this plan, the Democrats are counting on the GOP nominee being Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney…because even though Romney and Bush aren’t rich by the standards of Democrat super-rich liberals, they are rich and they got their money in financial deals. In other words, Wall Street got them their money. No matter what one thinks of either man, they will be easily cast as tools of the Enemy…and easily so because every news report about them will include references to their Wall Street connections…while nary a story about Hillary will even mention her vast wealth, let alone how she got it.

Among a host of other reasons, this is why we must not go for either Romney or Jeb. Fine men, both of them: but both of them are sure-losers…and losers by big margins. They simply cannot escape their background and their background will be used to paint them in the worst light…and people who don’t really know all that much will vote in droves for Hillary, because the MSM has painted her for a year as someone “who cares about people like me”. To defeat Hillary, we need someone who is (a) not rich, (b) not well known at this time on the national level and (c) who can fight it out toe to toe with an unapologetic battle of ideas. As readers here know, my first choice is Bobby Jindal. Second up is Walker and final choice is Cruz. And the more I think it over – even with my belief that Jindal would be the better President – I’m leaning towards Walker…a great, blue collar background, not rich, not Establishment, successful governor, fought the left tooth and nail and won…teamed up with someone like Governor Martinez of New Mexico, he might be unbeatable.

Everything that Democrats and their MSM lap dogs will do over the next 22 months is geared towards one goal: getting Hillary in the White House. They’ll do whatever it takes – even throwing Obama under the bus, if they think it best. But no matter what they do with their own side, all efforts directed at us will be to paint us as mean, cruel, cold, rich, stupid, out of touch and unworthy of being in power. Ever mistake we make, every boneheaded comment, any scandals which emerge, will all be used – and blown massively out of proportion – in the service of making the GOP and all connected with it stink the public mind. That is all going to happen no matter what – but let’s not hand them an advantage by nominating someone who is easy for people to dislike. Let’s not go back to the Establishment well and hope that this time being moderate will bring us victory…let’s find ourselves someone who has beaten Democrats again and again and again and who is so us-folksy that the worst smear campaign in the world won’t work. Let’s, in short, look for our next Reagan…whether he’s Walker or Jindal or Cruz or someone not yet on the radar, let’s find him (or her!) and get this thing done right.


5 thoughts on “The Democrats’ “Eat the Rich” Plan, Romney, Jeb and 2016

  1. Cluster January 13, 2015 / 8:55 am

    You have a good point Mark, but if Romney gets in, he has my vote. Nothing has changed in my mind. I still think he is the best man for the job and there is no more dirt for the Democrats to throw at him. I like Walker and Jindal a lot and want to hear them debate the issues. I also like Kasich and Cruz but I think Cruz is too much of a lightening rod and Susanna Martinez is not ready in my opinion.What about a Romney/Walker ticket?

    • M. Noonan January 13, 2015 / 1:25 pm

      If it comes out that way, I’d vote for it – the only person I won’t vote for is Jeb Bush, for reasons I stated before. As for Martinez – she’s now a two-term governor, so she’s miles ahead of Obama, and Hillary…

  2. Retired Spook January 15, 2015 / 8:19 am

    A lot of “Rich” may be about to get less rich.

    MADRID (MarketWatch) — Stock futures swung from sharp gains to sharp losses Thursday after the Swiss National Bank shocked investors by ditching its currency ceiling against the euro and slashing its deposit rate to negative 0.75%.

    • Retired Spook January 15, 2015 / 9:03 am

      There are some really strange dynamics at play in global financial markets this morning. In the 30 minutes since my previous post, equity futures have reversed course and are in positive territory, but here are the top headlines at MarketWatch this morning:

      Swiss National Bank ditches euro cap
      ‘tsunami,’ ‘warfare in markets’
      Swiss franc jumps
      Biggest drop for Swiss stocks since 1989
      U.S.-listed stocks of Swiss firms rise (WTF? — see previous headline)
      Langlois: Another day, another falling ‘asset’

      Market volatility has been off the charts the last couple weeks, with wild 200 to 300 point swings in the DJIA more common than uncommon. Oil is up 10% in the last 48 hours, gold is up 10% in the last 90 days,and silver is up almost 10% in the last 2 weeks. Things are happening so fast that often a story is no longer true minutes after it’s written. Since I started writing this post, all futures are back to negative again. Stay tooned!

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