Out and About on a Sunday

Yeah, the Hillary email scandal is bad. Yes, she probably broke a bunch of federal laws. But, no one will do anything about it and the Palace Guard MSM will fall on their swords to protect her should she run for President. She’s been a liar and a crook pretty much as long as she’s been in politics – she won’t change because she doesn’t have to: being a Clinton means you never have to pay a political price for your creepiness.

Putin seems to be missing and rumors abound – I haven’t a clue about it. Coup? Illness? Death? We’ll find out eventually – either someone else will be in charge in Russia or we’ll soon have a picture of Putin wrestling a bear or some such. A coup wouldn’t surprise me – thing about dictators: they always paint a huge target on their own back. By setting up a system where they are the be-all and end-all of political power they ensure that anyone else who wants the top spot will have to conduct a coup to get it. In those situations, only rank fear will keep people from trying – and while Putin has been adept at having opponents come up dead, he hasn’t instituted the sort of reign of terror which makes everyone afraid to conspire together.

Obama’s amnesty is working out about as well as expected – big question: as the predators Obama’s amnesty has allowed in start to commit horrific crimes, does Obama pick up the blame? To be sure, I know that the MSM won’t assign him the blame or, indeed, report about it if they can possibly avoid it…but the American people don’t like what Obama has done and a lot of really bad people are rolling across our open border…it is going to be difficult to not put two and two together even for the most Low of Low Information Voters.

Firefox caves into the liberal fascists over the issue of sam-sex marriage and now their user share is crashing through the floor. I wonder how much this will sink in? You see, the liberal fascists are adept at getting corporate America to toe the line because most people in corporate America are functionally liberal (and most of those who aren’t are deathly afraid of confrontation) – but giving into liberal fascism is coming with a high cost. What to do? Tell the liberal fascists to get stuffed and be successful but socially ostracized, or cave in and go bankrupt? Also: the fact that Firefox is crashing indicates that in what Americans do – as opposed to what they say – there is a deep resentment of the left in the United States. As soon as someone really taps into that, the left will get crushed (Hat Tip: Ace)

There are two truly oppressed groups in the world, Christians and Jews. Everyone has it in for them and lots of people do really horrific things to them for no other reason than they are Christians and Jews. We all know what happens to Jews, but the things done to Christians have yet to really get into the public mind. Someone should ask Obama is this event can be traced back to the Crusades.

That $15 an hour minimum wage in Seattle? Yeah, doing just what we on the right said it would. And as it is happening in liberal-bastion Seattle, all we’ll do is laugh and laugh and laugh.

All Walker all the time, right? You know it. But, hey, there’s still Bobby Jindal. He’s making a huge number of moves in preparation for running. Walker is talked up as the next Reagan (or Coolidge!), but Jindal I think is bidding for the title, as well. If the GOP primary shapes up as a fight between Walker and Jindal, we win.

The left has their new demand: cancel all student debt. This generated by Obama making moves to allow student debt to be discharged in bankruptcy. My view is that student debt is a mere scam designed to allow colleges to charge ever more money for their ever more useless product. It provides the funds for well-paid, liberal sinecures and gives the left a gigantic amount of power over society – both in terms of indoctrinating the young and providing a patina of credentials to whatever nitwit pronouncements liberals are making any given day. So, for me – yes: cancel the debt, but only if we also cancel the student loan program. I’m willing to tack another trillion dollars on to our national debt in order to get rid of this dog of a program which merely funds those who want to destroy the United States. And here’s the real beauty of it – if we make our proposal the “double cancel” (debt plus program) but liberals refuse to allow it then it is the liberals who are at fault for keeping America’s youth burdened under student debt…guess who suddenly can get the youth vote?

Bob Dylan is still way cool. The whole thing about art is knowing where to draw the line – popular music dropped that ideal like a bad habit and that is why its mostly all garbage, now. Dylan never lost the ideal.


A Song of Defeat

The line breaks and the guns go under,
The lords and the lackeys ride the plain;
I draw deep breaths of the dawn and thunder,
And the whole of my heart grows young again.
For our chiefs said ‘Done,’ and I did not deem it;
Our seers said ‘Peace,’ and it was not peace;
Earth will grow worse till men redeem it,
And wars more evil, ere all wars cease.
But the old flags reel and the old drums rattle,
As once in my life they throbbed and reeled;
I have found my youth in the lost battle,
I have found my heart on the battlefield.
For we that fight till the world is free,
We are not easy in victory:
We have known each other too long, my brother,
And fought each other, the world and we.

And I dream of the days when work was scrappy,
And rare in our pockets the mark of the mint,
When we were angry and poor and happy,
And proud of seeing our names in print.
For so they conquered and so we scattered,
When the Devil road and his dogs smelt gold,
And the peace of a harmless folk was shattered;
When I was twenty and odd years old.
When the mongrel men that the market classes
Had slimy hands upon England’s rod,
And sword in hand upon Afric’s passes
Her last Republic cried to God.
For the men no lords can buy or sell,
They sit not easy when all goes well,
They have said to each other what naught can smother,
They have seen each other, our souls and hell.

It is all as of old, the empty clangour,
The Nothing scrawled on a five-foot page,
The huckster who, mocking holy anger,
Painfully paints his face with rage.
And the faith of the poor is faint and partial,
And the pride of the rich is all for sale,
And the chosen heralds of England’s Marshal
Are the sandwich-men of the Daily Mail,
And the niggards that dare not give are glutted,
And the feeble that dare not fail are strong,
So while the City of Toil is gutted,
I sit in the saddle and sing my song.
For we that fight till the world is free,
We have no comfort in victory;
We have read each other as Cain his brother,
We know each other, these slaves and we.

G. K. Chesterton


12 thoughts on “Out and About on a Sunday

  1. Retired Spook March 15, 2015 / 8:11 am

    She’s been a liar and a crook pretty much as long as she’s been in politics – she won’t change because she doesn’t have to: being a Clinton means you never have to pay a political price for your creepiness.

    We’ve gotten so accustomed to comparing candidates according to their stand on issues, and, of course, smart candidates change, moderate, adjust, etc. their stands on issues to fit different demographics or different times in a campaign — ie. moving to the center in the primary. All politicians do it, but Democrats have got it refined to an art form. The secret, I think, to defeating someone like Hillary Clinton is to ignore issues and instead concentrate on two basic things: the role of government and her character, or, in her case, lack thereof. When someone tells you they like Hillary because of her position on (fill in the blank), instead of arguing that position, reply something like, “what is it about her character that attracts you to her or that makes you think she’d be a good national leader?” Or — “how is that position relevant to a president’s constitutionally empowered duties?”

    Just kind of thinking out loud here, but we need to change the dynamic by which candidates are judged, and I think character is an excellent place to start.

    • M. Noonan March 15, 2015 / 10:49 am

      Hillary will be all about Narrative…they will play up her grand-daughter; they will play up the fact that she’s a woman; there will be stories in the grocery check out line magazines about how a woman can do things differently…everything will be done to create in the minds of LIVs – especially women, but not neglecting male LIVs – that we (a) need a woman and (b) Hillary is the woman we need. Beating this will be difficult – but concentrating on “what makes you think Hillary is the right woman?” is a good tactic…and will be especially effective if, say, our VP nominee is Martinez.

      • Retired Spook March 15, 2015 / 11:11 am

        I can see ads that play on her lack of character. Her negatives are a mile long, and her strengths are a foot deep — if that. Picture a video comparing her phone call at 3AM ad against Obama in 2008 with a phone call at 3AM the night of the Bengzi attack.

  2. Cluster March 15, 2015 / 9:47 am

    I like Rubio too, let’s not forget about him. I think Rubio articulates the conservative message very well and could be a factor if he decides to get in.

    Re: Seattle, no conservative will be surprised to read about restaurant closings in light of misguided and uninformed liberal policies. The question is – when will low information voters finally figure it out?

    The prospective Democratic Presidential field of candidates – Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, & Martin O’Malley. Can anyone guess what they all have in common? And is everyone as surprised as I am at how weak this field is?

    • M. Noonan March 15, 2015 / 10:50 am

      Rubio has many good points, but I don’t think it is his year – it is not the year, that is, for a one-term GOP Senator to take the field. I think when given a choice between a two-term governor and a one-term Senator, GOP primary voters will go for the governor. Maybe 2020 (if we lose) or 2024 (if we win) is better for Rubio…he is young, after all.

    • Retired Spook March 15, 2015 / 11:06 am

      The fact that the agenda media isn’t embarrassed to mention Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in the same sentence as “potential presidential candidate” speaks volumes.

      • M. Noonan March 15, 2015 / 11:48 pm

        ROFL – darned right!

  3. Cluster March 15, 2015 / 12:38 pm

    Speaking of the left’s “new demands” – do you think there will ever come a time when the left will stop whineing and complaining about everything? Or is the “struggle” what they feed off of?

  4. Cluster March 15, 2015 / 1:39 pm

    John Bolton and Tom Cotton nail it:

    “They’ve been killing Americans for 35 years, they’ve killed hundreds of troops in Iran, now they control five capitols in the Middle East,” Cotton said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “They are nothing but hard-liners in Iran, and if they do all of those things without a nuclear weapon, imagine what they would do with one.”

    “The gravest threat to our national security sits in the Oval Office,” Bolton said. “The next two years can’t pass swiftly enough. For God’s sake, let’s not make the same mistake in 2016.”

    • M. Noonan March 15, 2015 / 11:49 pm

      Hard liners are those who will stone a man for being gay – moderates will hang him.

  5. Retired Spook March 17, 2015 / 11:09 am

    Well, this is just too good not to share.

    The study authors wrote that the Dark Tetrad scores were off the charts for Internet trolls and “… the associations between sadism and GAIT (Global Assessment of Internet Trolling) scores were so strong that it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists.”

    Of course, this does not apply to all trolls. Some are simply government or nongovernment agency disinformation agents. Intelligence services, corporations, governments and politicians have all been outed as having disinformation trolls roaming Internet sites.

    But it’s just as likely the annoying troll on your favorite site is simply mentally ill. When you respond, you’re just feeding his psychopathy.

    The best advice is, if you see one, don’t feed him.

    Of course we all know that, right?

    • M. Noonan March 17, 2015 / 2:28 pm

      Its why I shut down my Twitter account – Twitter is made for trolls. It is also very effective when breaking news comes along (the crowdsourcing tends to even out rumors and you can often get the real facts before the MSM does). But having a personal account just means fake troll accounts with 6 followers can annoy you.

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