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Biden falling off his bike is the perfect symbol of his Administration. Really hope it was voter fraud because if 81 million voted for him, we’re doomed.

I’ve been getting a bit doom and gloom about the economy – the official stats are still showing health out there, but inflation is galloping (official 8.6% is bogus – using the 1980 formula, its about 17%…and that is what we’re all seeing at the pump and the grocery check out), housing is looking more and more like a bubble (and Team Pudding Brain is doing bubble things now to encourage more home ownership among those who can least afford it – shades of 2008), we can’t make anything (the MSM lauds shipments of baby formula to us as if its a good thing that the United States has to import food)…it is all just falling apart. I’m genuinely concerned about the onset of a Great Depression with more than a quarter of the population out of work. I hope it doesn’t get that bad – but I think it might.

That aside, the political prospects for the GOP continue to brighten. Winning TX-34 is the writing on the wall – a majority-Latino district going GOP in the first time since forever. Democrats are trying to ignore it by saying it was a special election and so not predictive…which is just what people say when politics predicts their demise. They’re doomed, they know it – and they don’t seem to care. As things come crashing down, Democrats are set to die on the “drag queen story time” hill. It has continually amazed me how fast the most radical parts of transgenderism have become dogma on the Left. It is something which they not only can’t question but which they must loudly support. Team Pudding Brain is set to officially approve providing hormones and surgery to trans kids as young as 14…this while they are urging a ban on rifle purchases to 21. So, you’re old enough to decide if you want to be a different gender seven years before you can decide if you’ll defend yourself. It makes no sense. It is, in fact, insane.

But that’s where we’ve been heading, isn’t it? Some Lefty on Twitter was upset that San Francisco has several times the homeless population of Detroit. The assertion was greedy landowners in San Francisco not doing what was necessary to end homelessness…no consideration that when you subsidize homelessness (as SF does) you’ll get more of it. There is also no consideration on the Left about how monstrously cruel it is to allow people to live in the streets, wallowing in their own filth and making life unlivable for everyone else. I get it – even lunatic, tweaking, homeless people have rights…and I demand those rights be respected. But you don’t have a right to be whacked out on drugs and sh** on the sidewalk. And if you do that, I have the right – and the moral obligation – to restrain you until you no longer hit the crack pipe and figure the corner of Fifth and Main is your bathroom. It is sheer insanity that we allow insane, drug-addled people to ruin the public square. Sanity – and the dignity of the homeless crackhead – requires that we stop them from doing that. But, we don’t – we instead allow grifters to build “low income housing” which won’t, of course, help the insane crackhead because, being an insane crackhead, he doesn’t want to live in a house. Can’t live in a house. Would like as not wreck the house in short order if by some means he could be induced to move in.

We’re essentially allowing insane people (ie, those who set up “drag queen story time” and who allow lunatics to defecate on the street) to run our lives. And Democrats can’t pull back from it – the least failure to support the most insane thing leads to immediate social destruction. And, so, here we are: hoping not just for a big GOP win, but that the GOP winners will see the problem and proceed to legislate a ban on insanity from being in power.

The American Bar Association is proposing an end to testing for law school admissions. Standards are being dropped everywhere because where there are standards you cannot ensure that today, at this very minute, your school or corporation has the proper level of diversity. That’s what it is all about. If, however, you dispense with standards, then you don’t have to worry about who can do the job – you only have to make sure you check off all the diversity boxes. That is, that you have the “correct” number of POC, gay, trans or whatever the heck group it is the Left is whining about at the moment. This isn’t the death of expertise: it is a suicide.

But here’s the problem – it isn’t just getting them access which requires you to drop standards. You must also get the proper results. If the American population is 13 percent black, then you’d damn well better have 13 percent of the lawyers at your firm be black…and if there aren’t enough qualified black attorneys to make up that number, then you’d better fill the slots with unqualified. And even if they’re unqualified, they better be given the prestige assignments that qualified people get. See where this is heading? In the name of diversity, whether or not you’ll have a qualified person will start to be a roll of the dice. But eventually it’ll be a certainty that nobody is qualified…because any qualified person simply won’t put up with it and will find something else to do. And this doesn’t just stop with law – it is already moving into medicine and engineering and the firm designing bridges for us better have the “right” number of diversity hires and they better work on the prestige projects…which means you’ll eventually be getting products designed by incompetents and finding out your doctor is functionally illiterate. I’ve been saying that if we let this continue, we’ll eventually be treating cancer with goat entrails…and we’re moving right along on that.

China has launched her first domestically designed aircraft carrier. It is significantly smaller than a Nimitz or Ford class carrier – and not much is known about the specifications. But it shows that (a) propaganda against carriers is likely orchestrated by Chinese agents who want us to abandon them and (b) that China is building a fleet with the sole purpose of challenging American naval supremacy. China is still about ten years away from a credible challenge to us – but, also, maybe sooner as our own Navy decays from neglect. They want us gone. And understandably so – heck, if Catalina Island was a breakaway part of the United States and a foreign power was able to patrol at will off our west coast, we’d probably want to do something about it. I get it: I’ve no complaint about China doing what its doing. It is precisely what I’d do if I were Chinese.

But, I’m American…and I recognize that American naval supremacy is key to ensuring that war doesn’t come to American shores. And so much as I understand and even sympathize with Chinese ambitions, I want them stopped. But, right now, there is no will to stop them…and each year we lack the will the take up the challenge, the weaker we become in relation to China. We’re rapidly approaching the point where we cannot physically stop an invasion of Taiwan. A few years from now, we might not be able to stop an invasion of Guam and a few years after that, Hawaii.

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  1. Retired Spook June 19, 2022 / 9:23 am

    I’ve been getting a bit doom and gloom about the economy

    Things are going down that shouldn’t go down in a weak economy. I own a utility stock that’s paying over 4% dividend that’s dropped over 25% % in the last two months. Silver, which I also own, has dropped 20% in the last three months. Gold is off over 10% in the same time frame.
    There are some things going on that don’t compute.

  2. Cluster June 19, 2022 / 9:46 am

    This is the global financial reset, that funny enough was a conspiracy theory just a couple years ago. And while Democrats are the primary offenders, Republicans are aiding and abetting. The American Oligarchy is real and they have sold their allegiance to global concerns and are managing the decline of the worlds most successful and wealthy free people. No one could ever argue that America is better off today then it was 30 years ago and the same people are still in charge of our government. Connect the dots on that one.

    While the Covid hysteria is largely over, the lower standard of living for all of us is here to stay and the decline will continue. I too believe that a depression is headed our way, not just a recession. There are glimmers of hope however as many Hispanics and Black families are waking up to the horrors of the party they have blindly supported for decades.

    The time is now for conservatives to speak up and stand up. We are the majority and we have to start making that abundantly clear and if that means getting out of our comfort zone a little bit and confronting the mob, then so be it. The fun part is that Progressive Democrats and RINO Republicans are so easy to mock and humiliate that there is joy in it. The patriots on Twitter can be merciless and we need more of them. Confront and defeat the Ruling Class mob … it is our DUTY!!!

    • Retired Spook June 19, 2022 / 12:05 pm

      There are glimmers of hope however as many Hispanics and Black families are waking up to the horrors of the party they have blindly supported for decades.

      Many Hispanics have an advantage, particular those who have escaped oppressive regimes in Central and South America, because they recognize the same thing happening here. Back in 2013 when our local Oath Keepers chapter started, we had a guy in his late thirties whose parents had escaped one of the Iron Curtain countries when he was a yong child back in the early 80s. At the very first meeting he attended he got up and addressed the group, saying that America was turning into the very thing that his parents escaped from. In the nearly decade since, it’s only gone downhill. Trump just represented a brief pause.

      • Cluster June 19, 2022 / 12:50 pm

        We all know now how much of a threat Trump was to the Ruling Class

  3. Amazona June 20, 2022 / 10:22 am

    • Retired Spook June 20, 2022 / 10:33 am

      LOL! This is the kind of ridicule we need lots more of.

  4. Amazona June 20, 2022 / 10:46 am

    I’ve been at my new Florida place, getting internet installed and so on, and not on the blog, so I missed out on the election fraud excuses made by fielding. Now that those comments are closed, I have a couple of things to say here.

    First, we have to look at how narrowly the Biden apologists (who are really just Trump haters who aren’t that crazy about Biden but at least he’s not Trump) are defining “fraud”. they seem to be focused on a couple of things.

    One, of course, is the same BS Barr pulled way back when—“sure, there’s some fraud, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME so what?” If pressed, this is supported by the observation that because there is no way to sort out the bad votes or to know who got them, we have no choice but to just accept them.

    To which I say no, the very admission that we don’t know is all that is necessary to refuse to certify the vote count. To certify is to affirm accuracy, and if we admit we don’t have any way of knowing who got invalid votes we admit we don’t know an accurate vote total.

    Another is the denial of the problem of invalid ballots being counted. Their position is that the counting was accurate and there is no way to prove some things, like a lot of people voting twice and so on. (Some of these arguments are hysterical, like the statistical analysis saying that in a relatively small state like Arizona some 30,000 people have exactly, precisely, the same first, middle and last names AND BIRTH DATES.)

    I keep going back to the undisputed facts and insisting that they be connected. One is that we KNOW some election laws were improperly (that is, illegally) changed just prior to the election. That should mean that any ballots submitted under these new, illegal laws should not be processed as valid votes. Yet they were. This is fraud. There is no other way to look at it. They were not legitimate votes.

    Then there are the ballots submitted in violation of existing, valid, election laws—-submitted too early, submitted too late, submitted without addresses or signatures. None of them should have been opened and subsumed into the mass of legitimate votes, making it impossible to separate them out afterward and ensuring that they would be counted with the legitimate votes. This is fraud.

    No court has the legal authority to override legitimate, established election laws, yet some judges simply ruled that ballots had to be accepted and counted as votes even if they violated those laws.

    No court has the legal authority to override the constitution of a state, yet judges ruled that improper (illegal) new election laws that violated a state’s constitution were valid, and so were all the ballots submitted under these new, illegal, laws.

    These rulings reduced the proper legislative authority of the states to the arbitrary and unsupportable opinions of a few individual judges. That allows fraud.

    The shell game has always been to point to the counting process and ignore or deny the problems of how those pieces of paper got to the counting floor in the first place. For example, why was it not allowed to physically examine those pristine unfolded “votes” that were supposedly mailed in? Why was examination limited to looking at some copies of these ballots? Why couldn’t they be examined for the printer metadata to see if they were copied and not printed, as the original ballots would have been? What ever happened to the sworn affidavits of people who swore, under oath, under penalty of perjury, that they saw boxes of ballots being delivered that were not in envelopes at all?

    • Amazona June 20, 2022 / 10:51 am

      Then there is the demand that the word used be FRAUD when the word RIGGING is just as important. How was the election rigged?

      We know that the Agenda Media acted in concert with the Dems, both hiding important information about Biden and smearing Trump with innuendo, lies and attacks. This was the most blatant and damaging rigging of all.

      We know that prominent and rich Left-wing activists, from Jeff Zuckerberg to George Soros, pumped many millions of dollars into various schemes to advance and enable only Democrat voting.

      There is more than one way to cheat, and the Dems used them all.

      Well, not ALL—they saved the important “keep the other side from even getting on the ballot” for now, with Liz Cheney leading that effort

    • Mark Noonan June 20, 2022 / 1:48 pm

      That is the thing – and it was always the thing: there were sufficient questions about the legitimacy of the vote to say that we simply could not know, in the time between Election Day and January 6th, who had legitimately won 270 Electoral Votes. This is where Pence failed – he could see what we saw. It was patently obvious – and he should have just said by, say, mid November that he wouldn’t count the EV’s from the 4 disputed States…this would either force the election to the House, or force Congress to find some method (as in 1876) of assigning the disputed electoral votes. This more than likely would have resulted in Biden taking office…but that action, under law, would have been legitimate. As it was, we pretended that 2020 was legit…which is to participate in a lie, because it obviously wasn’t.

      What still amazes me is the tenacity with which people cling to “2020 was legit”. The Narrative was that moderate Joe Biden ran a successful campaign against an increasingly unpopular and erratic Trump. To which the first question we ask is: what Biden campaign? The guy stayed in his basement the whole time. Second question: when was Joe Biden ever moderate? But the crucial point to hit is on Trump’s popularity: the only metric we have of Trump’s unpopularity is public opinion polling. No doubt about it: that was bad for Trump. I don’t think the RCP average had him above 45% his whole term. On the other hand, the RCP average of polls for Florida showed it Biden +1 just before election day…Trump won the State by more than 3. That’s a 4 point miss. Kinda large. Polls: narrow Biden win. Reality: comfortable Trump win. Decision Desk (which is where you actually go for election results these days) called Florida 17 minutes after the polls closed in the Panhandle…the Networks waited hours.

      Trump gained 12 million votes over his 2016 total – the man who supposedly was losing support steadily through his four years as his personality and general ickyness manifested gained 12 million votes. Gained. Increased. Got more than. Call me stupid if you like, but people who are alienating the electorate (and this is a key element of the Narrative) DO NOT GAIN VOTES.

      Meanwhile there is Joe Biden…sitting in his basement, getting 11 million more votes than Obama did in 2008 as Obama rode a wave of hope and enthusiasm to the most smashing Democrat Presidential victory since 1964. Yeah, that makes sense.

      But, of course it doesn’t – the result of 2020 is obviously false. Trump wasn’t losing support – he was massively gaining it as people watched him work and were pleased with the results. Only the MSM and their polls were negative on Trump. Biden couldn’t possibly get 81 million votes and it is impossible that in just the four States he needed that late-counted ballots would push him barely over the top. It was fraud. They stuffed ballot boxes all over the place…but the stuffed them based on the thought that Trump would, at best, get his 2016 total, especially in the Battleground States. They found out in Florida that they had miscalculated and so to ensure a Biden victory, they had to insert millions more ballots on the fly, and that is just what they did.

    • Cluster June 21, 2022 / 9:21 am

      I’m a little jealous of your new Florida digs. I’ve been spending more and more time in that State and love it.

      The election fraud was real and targeted and effective but I think they are losing ground in covering their tracks, and they are losing much of their base in the process. Hispanics have all but abandoned the Democrats

    • fieldingclaymore June 21, 2022 / 2:27 pm

      Justice Clarence Thomas said people must “live with outcomes we don’t agree with”

      • Retired Spook June 21, 2022 / 3:03 pm

        Your point being?

      • fieldingclaymore June 21, 2022 / 3:21 pm

        45 lost the 2020 race fair and square, deal with it.

      • Cluster June 21, 2022 / 4:34 pm

        Weird that Democrats seem to have convince everyone of that all the time. As if they are unsure themselves

      • Retired Spook June 21, 2022 / 4:41 pm

        Almost like there’s a bit of buyer’s remorse. Tell us Fielding, what part of the Biden presidency do you like the best?

      • fieldingclaymore June 21, 2022 / 4:53 pm

        My wife’s new job with a big raise that she got because of this Jobs President

      • fieldingclaymore June 21, 2022 / 4:54 pm

        Cluster did you see your AZ brother Rusty Bowers today? Strong stuff.

      • Retired Spook June 21, 2022 / 6:01 pm

        “Jobs president – LOL! the labor particvipation rate was around 63.4% just before the pandemic, got all the way down to just over 60, and then climbed back to around 61.7 by the time Trump left office. Since then it’s climed “all the way back” to 62.3. Helluva job Brandon.

      • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 7:51 am

        Fielding, you and Bowers have a lot in common. He’s a “deeply religious”, wife abusing man, so you’re in good company. And be sure to have dinner on the table for your wife who obviously runs that family.

    • fortyacresbeyond June 21, 2022 / 7:14 pm

      Your analysis has some issues. For instance, you say that “Some of these arguments are hysterical, like the statistical analysis saying that in a relatively small state like Arizona some 30,000 people have exactly, precisely, the same first, middle and last names AND BIRTH DATES.”

      Actually, the Cyber Ninja audit claimed it was suspicious that it found 10,342 voters with the same first, middle and last name AND BIRTH YEAR, not the same birth date. The audit did not claim that this represented fraud, only that those this list should be reviewed. There are over four million registered voters in Arizona, which is not a small number. An analysis of the voter role revealed that nearly 30,000 voters share the same first name, middle name, last name, and birth year with another registered voter. This is consisted with what would be expected statistically. You might want to google the birthday paradox. It is not an hysterical argument.

      You criticize the notion that there wasn’t enough fraud to affect the election. In an election involving over 150 million votes, there will be isolated cases of fraud or improper voting. According to an AP analysis of six battleground states involving 25.5 million votes, it found 475 cases of potential voter fraud, committed both by registered Republicans and Democrats. This hardly amounts to the sort of widespread, coordinated voter fraud that would have been required to alter the election results, for which there remains no evidence.

      • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 8:01 am

        Wow, another mouth piece for the Ruling Class. Is this you Casper? But since you admitted to some fraud, how much is too much? And what happened to the “most secure, transparent election of all time”? Are you back tracking on that now?? What about the handful of Democrat officials around the country pleading guilty to voter fraud? Including the one linked below?

        Also please tell us about the water main break in GA, where they shut down voting for hours? How many times has that ever happened? And of course you have never watched 2000 mules, that’s a given, because the video evidence would shatter your world view.

        Keep doing your best though to convince others that you’re right. You’re losing ground though, not sure if you watch the polls but your political party and their authoritarian agenda is collapsing.

  5. Amazona June 20, 2022 / 11:01 am

    The Left is reverse engineering their strategy. That is, they are looking at a (highly edited) version of what happened on January 6 and then working backward from that, inventing reasons and “evidence” to support it.

    But look what happens if you start at the beginning, with a true investigator’s approach, and ask the relevant questions:

    So, to start: What was the goal/intention of Donald Trump when he asked supporters to go to D.C. on January 6?

    Option # 1; show support for the Ted Cruz petition to Congress to postpone its certification of the presented Electoral College votes for ten days, to allow time to investigate their accuracy

    Option # 2: to start a violent riot, invade the halls of Congress, and use this to either intimidate Congress into acceding to Cruz’s request or to completely overthrow the government and assume its powers, essentially mounting a coup.

    • Amazona June 20, 2022 / 11:09 am

      To those committed to Option # 2 there are questions.

      1. What were the plans for accomplishing this? Have any been found? Notes, electronic files, etc? Have there been allegations of such planning but evidence has not been discovered? Has there been testimony about such planning? By whom? Or is the only testimony sought about speculation about what the president might have been thinking, and/or about his opinion of the integrity of the election?

      2. What were the details of such planning? That is, who would be killed or taken hostage to begin the takeover? What was the planned sequence of attack? Who were the appointed military-style leaders of each attack contingent? How would they communicate with each other? How would they communicate back to Trump? Surely there was not just a general “Let’s charge in and take over” without any specific planning regarding who would be in charge on the ground, what officials would need to be removed to allow a real takeover, etc. Was there any training?

      3. What was the nature of the necessary communications for such a military-style coup effort? Were the words “peaceful” and so on really just secret codes for other words and intentions? What evidence is there of such a code list or structure? Were there radios or walkie-talkies so invading forces could keep in touch with each other? Cell phone calls?

      4. Did the coup planning include “breaching” the Capitol building? How? Which doors were to be “breached” and how would this happen?

      That is, which doors of the Capitol building were not controlled by magnetic locks which could only be unlocked from within, from a security booth, by someone with the authority to do so, using a magnetic code? Who had access to this information? WERE there any Capitol building doors which COULD be breached from outside, which were they, and what would it take to breach them?

      WERE they “breached”? That is, were they opened from outside by force?

      5. Who opened the magnetically locked doors? Why were they opened? Is there an accusation that the Trump group had people placed inside the building who had the codes to open these doors? Has the committee investigated this possibility? Identified such people?

      (Then there is the question of whether or not the President of the United States knew that the doors to the Capitol had to be opened only from the inside, from a secure security booth, only by someone authorized to do so and with the proper magnetic key—if he, or someone in his circle had knowledge of the security of the building, why would he send people to “breach” it?)

      Have any of these obvious questions been asked by anyone on this committee? Why not?

      Could it be because such questions would illustrate the total insanity of the “hearing”?

      Do ya think?

  6. Cluster June 22, 2022 / 8:06 am

    Isn’t it interesting that the two progressive Democrats here are focused on January 6, just like the media wants them to be hahahahaha. They are pavlov dogs. So easily led along.

    News for the both of you … the vast majority of Americans don’t give a fuck about Jan 6.

    • fieldingclaymore June 22, 2022 / 2:02 pm

      Of course more people are worried about inflation and gas prices. I understand that. Those are incredibly important and effect day to day life. But the attempt by 45 to stay in power illegally is very important. For the first time in hundreds of years there was a real threat to the peaceful transfer of power. That it was unsuccessful thankfully doesn’t diminish its historic importance.

  7. Cluster June 22, 2022 / 8:51 am

    So here’s a question for Fielding and Forty … how do you feel about your political party killing all those kids in Uvalde to further their gun agenda?

    • Retired Spook June 22, 2022 / 11:55 am

      As more and more info regarding Uvalde comes to light, it seems more and more likely that this kid was funded and manipulated by someone with an agenda, if not an agency of the government, then a Leftist NGO. It’ll be interesting to see who the targets of wrongful death law suits will be. Actually, it’ll be interesting to see if there ARE any wrongfrul death law suits, or if all the families are quietly paid under the table. I hope there are some good investigative journalists like Sara Carter or Sharyl Attkisson keeping tabs on this story.

      • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 11:57 am

        Just remember Waco, TX. Our government has no problem killing children and they did it again in Uvalde. We still don’t know how an unemployed 18 year old had $9,000 to purchase state of the art tactical equipment. And who sold it to him?

    • fieldingclaymore June 22, 2022 / 1:42 pm

      Did you get this from Alex Jones? But yes, easy access to AR-15’s and the like is a problem. But one that will never be solved. We are just going to have to live with these kinds of incidents. I see no way around that.

    • fortyacresbeyond June 22, 2022 / 2:01 pm

      You have me mistaken for a Republican. And by the way, weren’t you the one complaining about deflection the other day?

      Anyway, it’s not hard to get a credit card, even for an 18-year old. We know he obtained his assault rifle from a licensed gun dealer in the Uvalde area. I’m sure the rest of the details will be revealed in time.

      • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 2:12 pm

        So it’s easy to get a $9,000 credit card as an unemployed 18 year old??? You might want to rethink that one chief. And no, I don’t mistake you for anything other than a useful idiot for the Ruling Class

  8. fortyacresbeyond June 22, 2022 / 2:03 pm

    Regarding your comments above about alleged voter fraud in the 2020 election, even the “most secure, transparent election of all time” doesn’t mean that there were not isolated cases of fraud or improperly cast ballots in an election involving over 150 million ballots. Obviously we should make elections as secure as possible, but if a measure meant to secure an election results in disenfranchising more legally registered voters than eliminating fraudulent ones, then that creates a worse problem. That said, there is no evidence of the types of widespread fraud that you and Donald Trump claim.

    I have not seen 2000 Mules. Tell us about it. What was the most compelling evidence presented, in your opinion? I am aware that it has been thoroughly debunked, and the reviews of the film indicate that actual evidence in the film is in short supply. You seem to think otherwise.

    • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 2:12 pm

      So you admit to fraud. That’s the first step to recovery.

    • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 2:18 pm

      And targeted fraud was all the Ruling Class needed; PA, WI, GA, and AZ were targeted and controlled by ballot harvesters, traffickers, and mules. And everyone knows it.

  9. Cluster June 22, 2022 / 2:16 pm

    Nothing is more pathetic than people who support a failed and incompetent government solely because their narcissism will never allow them to admit they are wrong.

  10. Cluster June 22, 2022 / 2:23 pm

    Forty and Fielding, do you shower with your daughters like your President does?

    • fieldingclaymore June 22, 2022 / 4:04 pm

      you are a small silly person with anger issues

      • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 4:42 pm

        Maybe so but your President is a pedophile who takes showers with his daughter and let’s his son do drugs and fuck his dead brothers widow, so there is that.

        Do you like to sexualize children too fielding. Be honest.

      • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 5:39 pm

        What’s it like knowing that your ideology and your political party are on the verge of complete collapse under the sheer weight of incompetence, failure, and corruption? That’s gotta sting.

      • fieldingclaymore June 22, 2022 / 5:46 pm

        It must be such a shitty life being so consumed with anger at your fellow Americans. Rage on my friend.

      • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 7:18 pm

        And remember, I’m part of the MAGA gang as FJB mentioned the other day lol. And it’s hard to believe you guys still support a uni-party, which includes people like Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, etc, that has genuinely fucked everything up in this country, from stem to stern. They can’t properly manage anything and always blame everyone else for everything. Nearly 80% of the country want to get the fuck off this train wreck of a country you’ve made. It’s not going to end well for your party.

      • Retired Spook June 22, 2022 / 6:11 pm

        You’re being generous in describing as Americans those who at best are enabling the destruction of our Republic and at worse participating in that destruction.

      • fortyacresbeyond June 22, 2022 / 6:55 pm

        Are you referring to those who would do away with presidential elections (i.e., Donald Trump and his followers)? If so, we are in agreement that they are enabling the destruction of the republic.

      • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 7:00 pm

        Ok you’ve gotta back that up chief. Show us where Trump wants to end elections. Surely you just wouldn’t make that up. And fielding, you have no clue who I am. Nothing makes me happier than mocking progressive Democrats and exposing their lunacy and you’re a lot of fun to mess with, I gotta say.

      • fortyacresbeyond June 22, 2022 / 7:21 pm

        Actually, you’re right. Trump doesn’t want to end elections. He just wants to overturn them because his fragile ego can’t accept losing. Did you see Rusty Bowers’s testimony yesterday? He spoke at length about how Trump and his minions tried to get Bowers to turn his back on his oath of office, not to mention his morals and ethics, in order to help Trump overturn the election.

      • Cluster June 23, 2022 / 7:10 am

        Requesting recounts is not an attempt to overturn. But thanks for playing. And I will add this

    • fortyacresbeyond June 22, 2022 / 6:54 pm

      More deflection. I can see why your Twitter posts get no engagement.

  11. fortyacresbeyond June 22, 2022 / 6:57 pm

    Fielding, since you brought up Rusty Bowers, did you see his comments today in which he said he would vote for Trump again, even after all of unlawful behavior Bowers described at the hearing yesterday, not to mention the attacks on his own family? It’s a cult.

    • Cluster June 22, 2022 / 7:11 pm

      Says the man who repeats the Ruling Class narrative lol

    • fieldingclaymore June 23, 2022 / 9:30 am

      It is totally nuts. He got all teary eyed about doing the right thing and then he would vote again for the unscrupulous narcissistic sociopath, Unfathomable

      • Retired Spook June 23, 2022 / 10:00 am

        Could be he just likes all the things that Trump accomplished, and that results matter more than identity politics. I doubt either of you understands that.

      • fieldingclaymore June 23, 2022 / 10:24 am

        I understand liking the policies, but Ron Desantis will implement the same policies and maybe won’t try subvert a legal and fair election. We all know what 45 is, he doesn’t give two shits about policy.

      • Cluster June 23, 2022 / 10:37 am

        Well you would understand what “totally nuts” is so I’ll take your word on that. Bowers is a deeply conflicted Mormon man though and doesn’t have the balls to tell the kangaroo court to go fuck themselves so the derision he receives is all on him.

        Have you noticed fielding that your political party spends 90% of it’s time trying to imprison their political opponents, trying to kill children in the womb, and sexualizing kindergarteners. That’s a helluva party you have there.

      • Cluster June 23, 2022 / 10:38 am

        Fieldings crystal ball is working well this morning lol

      • fieldingclaymore June 23, 2022 / 10:43 am

        By crystal ball do you mean that I think Gov Ron will be president in 2024. As of right now that is what I think will happen.

      • Retired Spook June 23, 2022 / 10:57 am

        We all know what 45 is, he doesn’t give two shits about policy.

        That’s hilarious! His entire administration was about policy — often policies that many predecessors had promised but failed to deliver on. These are just off the top of my head:

        reduced illegal immigration; negotiated new (and by all accounts, better) international trade deals; reversed the Obama administration’s hostility toward Israel and moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem (4 previous presidents promised to do this — none did); defeated ISIS and eliminated several major terrorist leaders; pushed back on China; defused the North Korean nuclear threat; began winding down foreign military entanglements; achieved energy independence for the first time in 70 years; appointed three outstanding originalist Supreme Court justices and nearly 300 originalist federal court judges; eliminated thousands of job-killing government regulations; and negotiated three historic Mid East peace accords — the first in several decades for which he received several Nobel Peace Prize nominations. And finally, the most profound accomplishment, IMO, one that the Democrat Party has been promising for over half a century, was a sincere attempt to connect with and provide opportunity for the black community. No Republican in my lifetime, with the possible exception of Eisenhower, did more for the black race that Trump, resulting in (prior to the pandemic) the lowest unemployment for blacks in general and black youth in particular since they started keeping separate records by race. 90% or more of Republicans liked the direction that Trump took the Republican Party. Biden undid much of this progress in his first month in office

      • fortyacresbeyond June 23, 2022 / 2:06 pm

        We could discuss your list of accomplishments—and I’m happy to do so—but you left out the most important one: Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to oppose the peaceful transfer of power, including fomenting a riot on the capital in order to disrupt the counting of the electoral votes.

        Trump violated his oath. Have you taken the oath? We know what Donald Trump’s oath of office was.

        If Trump had succeeded, there would be no democratic republic of the United States of America as it was defined and put into practice by the founders. A president refusing to leave office is obviously contrary to the founders’ intentions, and of a greater magnitude of importance compared to your list of accomplishments. It goes to the very heart of what the United States is. How that can be considered “conservative” is beyond me.

      • Retired Spook June 23, 2022 / 2:50 pm

        Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to oppose the peaceful transfer of power, including fomenting a riot on the capital in order to disrupt the counting of the electoral votes.

        To consider that as important as you obviously do, you have to ignore a lot of disrupting on the Democrat side of the aisle, not the least of which was the violent and destructive riots in DC and across the country during Trump’s inauguration. If Trump is indicted and convicted in a court by a jury of his peers of fomenting a riot, then he should be punished and not allowed to run for national office again.

      • fieldingclaymore June 23, 2022 / 3:01 pm

        Weak ass whataboutism Spook, not even comparable.

      • Cluster June 23, 2022 / 4:18 pm

        Why don’t you talk about the Democrats accomplishments you stupid piece of shit. Your ideology has fucking destroyed people and this country and your obsessed with Trump. You have some serious mental issues boy. Can’t wait until the revolution

      • Retired Spook June 23, 2022 / 3:26 pm

        When one side (Democrats) constantly accuses the other side of doing what they (Democrats) have done or are doing, then whataboutism is not only appropriate, it’s a moral imperative. The Capitol riot on January 6th, 2021 was a mild disturbance compared to the months of violence, deaths and destruction by Demorats in 2020.

  12. Cluster June 23, 2022 / 6:32 pm

    Inner cities burnt down and destroyed, many of those same cities experience gang shootings day and night, gang robberies in broad daylight, car jackings and rape happen regularly, Democrat prosecutors are letting criminals back on the streets, child abductions are up, drug over doses are through the roof, and human sex trafficking happens everyday just about 200 miles from where I’m at, and you have the fucking audacity to question Trump?? It just boggles my mind that you can’t see how messed up everything is, and it’s primarily the Democrats who fucked it up but I can include a lot of Republicans. But this isn’t R vs D anymore, this is an entrenched corrupt ruling class vs the American people. Pick a side. And the list above doesn’t even include the inferior education our children receive, the open border disaster, and our endless overseas wars that the Ruling Class loves.

  13. Cluster June 23, 2022 / 6:38 pm

    And Forty is so fucking stupid it hurts:

    Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to oppose the peaceful transfer of power,

    First of all he never opposed it and I know that may upset you and certainly goes against the State media talking points. Trump wanted recounts and signature verifications before certification. Full stop. Al Gore requested the same thing in 2000, and of course we all know Queen Bitch herself Hillary Clinton is still saying that Russia stole the election from her.

    Now, you need to apologize for the ideology you support that has resulted in absolute fucking misery for this country. I never thought you guys could fuck things up this bad but here we are … having to live through your mental retardation.

  14. Jeremiah June 23, 2022 / 7:21 pm

    Our economy is crashing and burning, and all the Democrats want to talk about is January 6th.

    Would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.

  15. jdge1 June 23, 2022 / 10:35 pm

    Supreme Court finally ruled on the unconstitutional restrictions states like NY placed on law abiding citizens to legally carry guns outside their homes. Not sure how this will play out and what warped nonsense these states will still attempt to severely diminish new applications for carry conceal.

  16. fortyacresbeyond June 23, 2022 / 10:51 pm

    “Pick a side.”

    That’s easy. I pick the side of the rule of law and the free and fair election of the president of the United States. You pick the side of, “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.”

    • Cluster June 24, 2022 / 7:14 am

      Says the man who supports the militant wing of the Democrat Party ie; Antifa, BLM and the horror of violence, death, and destruction they have unleashed on this country. And not too mention in full support of people who willingly lie to imprison their opponents on baseless charges. Your pathetic choice is noted and there is a really good possibility of civil war because of people like you.

  17. Cluster June 24, 2022 / 10:16 am

    Two great SC decisions, two great days for America

    • Retired Spook June 24, 2022 / 10:58 am

      I honestly never thought I’d see Roe v. Wade overturned in my lifetime. I don’t think there has EVER been a Sureme Court decision that has more divided Americans.

      • Cluster June 24, 2022 / 1:07 pm

        We can thank Trump for this. He got the ball rolling

    • jdge1 June 24, 2022 / 3:31 pm

      Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion on the abortion subject, why some people elect to perpetrate violence on pregnancy centers is (also) wrong on many levels. The left says they want choice but then create destruction on health centers to provide a choice. These are evil people who are full of hate.

      • Cluster June 24, 2022 / 3:51 pm


    • jdge1 June 24, 2022 / 3:34 pm

      Actually 3 great recent decisions.
      1.) The right to use tax dollars for education at private religious schools,
      2.) The right for claw abiding citizens to carry outside their home,
      3.) R v W.

      • jdge1 June 24, 2022 / 3:35 pm

        Opps – law abiding citizens

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