Civilization Requires Force

Some years back, I wrote about Bill Buckley and National Review’s successful efforts to purge the Birchers from the Conservative movement. The problem Buckley and others perceived what the JBS’ penchant for conspiracy theories – the kooky idea that there was a genuine global Communist conspiracy to undermine America and that this conspiracy had agents all through the US government and other institutions. The breaking point came when Welch – the founder of JBS – implied that Eisenhower might be some sort of Communist agent. That was, of course, ridiculous and Welch, himself, later distanced himself from it. But the crucial thing was that the Communists, at the time entirely subservient to Moscow and now just operating on their own, really were trying to undermine the USA any way they could. There really were Communist agents all through the government and other American institutions. And the primary failure of Conservatism was in not rooting these elements out – which, in my mind, was really Welch’s primary complaint about Ike. Part of the reason Truman didn’t seek re-election in 1952 was because the penetration of the US Government by Communists had been exposed and it was a horrible scandal especially as American troops were fighting Communist forces in Korea.

Ike could have cleared out the infiltrators. He didn’t; for normal GOPe reasons, he let them go…some to retire, others to be transferred to some other agency. For all the Progressive talk of a anti-Communist witch hunt in the 1950’s, the reality is that there wasn’t a witch hunt. Had there been one, we’d be a lot better off today. Had we gone on a truly forceful anti-Communist crusade in the USA, purging them from all positions and jailing those who were de-facto Soviet agents (very many of the leaders were), think of all the societal decay which wouldn’t have occurred…a huge amount of our social and economic disintegration over the past 50-60 years was caused by people who hate us being left in positions of power and influence.

So, why bring this up? Water over the dam, right? Can’t undo the past. Nope; we can’t. But we can work on the future. And over at National Review they are informing us that we Conservatives had better not like Nayib Bukele.

I know: your first question is, who the heck is that?

I, too, had never heard of him before NRO told me he’s bad. Turns out, he’s the President of El Salvador and he’s gotten a bit infamous of late for his massive crackdown on the horrifically violent gang MS-13. It had gotten really bad in El Salvador, guys; with some sources claiming the murder rate a few years back was 40 for every 100,000 people (most recent stat for us is 7 per 100,000…which, BTW, is a huge spike from just a few years ago). The gangs pretty much did whatever they wanted in El Salvador (as they do in so many Latin American countries) and, remember, these gangs aren’t like the US Mafia or even things like the Crips and the Bloods…for whatever reasons, Latin American gangs are simply inhuman brutes in their violence. Not just killing (via unbelievably savage means) rivals and witnesses (the normal run of gangland killings) but seeming to go out of their way to cruelly kill people who pose little or no threat, just to keep people terrified of the gangs, as such. Bukele did mass arrests and the murder rate in El Salvador has dropped precipitously.

Naturally, the Ruling Class is upset with this. You know the real reason why: a lot of them are owned by the criminals via bribery. But they are officially upset that, to put it mildly, Bukele didn’t ensure that the legal i’s were dotted and t’s crossed on the arrests…and it looks like arrested gangsters who were defiant…didn’t end so well.

Cry me a river.

Bukele is fighting for his country. He’s a bit of an odd duck having risen out of the Marxist FLMN and then dumping them for a more populist/nationalist ideology (which is another likely reason the Ruling Class hates him: can’t abandon the Commies!). He’s also clearly an opportunist (as a young, ambitious pol often is); there are claims he made some side deals with elements of MS-13 from time to time (which is logical to do; hold off one band while dealing with another of more immediate concern). But the thing is you can’t have a civilized nation if crime is running rampant. Your right to free speech and to vote is worthless if at any time you can be robbed or murdered by criminals acting with near-impunity (especially while your Ruling Class is safe and dry behind well-guarded walls and secret deals with the criminals). Before anything else, we must be secure in our lives and property. It isn’t just the bedrock of civilization, it is the bedrock of any functioning society no matter how primitive or advanced. Bukele is simply reacting to reality – unless his people are safe, they can’t build anything.

In a civilization we have carefully constructed rules, written and unwritten, about how things work. And when everything is functioning, these rules are sufficient. Most of the time, we simply obey the unwritten rules: going to work, paying our bills, keeping our houses tidy, being polite to others. In those rare instances where something slipped, we then refer to the written rules and, being civilized people, we go to court and let lawyers, judges and the law figure out the best possible result. But at the back of it all, the thing which made it and ultimately must sustain it, is force. Brutal force. A force which can kill everyone who won’t obey the written and unwritten rules. Bukele is just demonstrating this – and it is causing some alarm among those who are continuing to live well as the current system globally collapses into lawlessness.

It is coming here, folks. When you see those videos of people looting stores and beating others and such, that shows you the problem – a complete rejection of the unwritten rules and utter contempt for the written. And that contempt is well-earned as those in charge of enforcing the written rules have simply allowed crime to slide almost entirely for ideological reasons. But people can’t live like that. We can’t live forever in a society where people can rob and kill with impunity. The robbers and killers must be stopped by any means necessary.

We may already be past the point where the normal system are capable of handling this – that is, our system may be so weak and corrupted that even if it tried to address the issue, it can’t. If we are past the time of working with the rules, then we will find that the people will turn to an American version of Bukele. Someone who says they’ll get rid of the criminals and then just does so – and law be damned. Just get rid of them will be the cry and nobody is going to care what a Court which couldn’t stop the cime is going to say.

Bukele is further accused of using the emergency to gather power to himself which Constitutionally the President doesn’t have. And that is likely true, at least to some degree. He pretty much feels he has to: his people want to be saved from crime and he’s going to save them from it. This does bear the risk of the end of freedom in El Salvador – strongmen who save nations have historically been unwilling to surrender power after the rescue is complete. They come to see themselves as indispensable. They are fearful if they surrender power, their successors will come after them. Ego! We’ll see how El Salvador works this out – but however it comes out, Bukele is saving civilization. And if we let crime get out of hand here – and we are – then the American people will also turn to someone like Bukele…some who will just bust heads until the criminal element is gone. And then we’ll see if that person gives up the power.

It all stems from the fact that civilization is thin: it is a veneer over the human savage. In just a generation or two it can be lost – and if lost, that is when you’ll start seeing a disintegration among the people. I think we can already see that disintegration. We wait now to see if those committed to civilization will step up and save it…or if they’ll weakly allow the collapse to accelerate until the people forth a Caesar.

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  1. Retired Spook March 13, 2023 / 8:01 am

    I was discussing this (taking the country back by force) with one of the founders of our local Tea Party group last week. He said the growing consensus among many political activists is that so many large metro areas run by Democrats are on the verge of collapse due to failed Leftist policies, and coupled with the fact that Democrats are aborting themselves out of existence the problem may solve itself without any help from freedom-loving Americans. History is moving at an ever increasing pace, so we may not have to wait much longer to see how it all shakes out. I have a new neighbor who just moved here (rural northeast Indiana) from a large, Democrat-run city, and she is astonished that a place like this even exists.

    • jdge1 March 13, 2023 / 9:16 pm

      While it is highly likely the demonic (democrat) run cities will experience self-destruction at some level, they are like a spreading cancer infecting nearby healthy tissue. The disease must be confined and ultimately eradicated. Whether they do it to themselves and fall into irrelevancy or through the grace of God, saner minds ultimately prevail and change course, saving them from total failure is yet to be determined.

      • jdge1 March 14, 2023 / 12:22 am

        Who said anything about killing anyone?? You sure like to interject to imply things that weren’t said. What was said was, the “disease” must be eradicated, being, destructive and often demonic policies. And yes, those Americans who value their freedom need to shine the light on the infection, stand firm against any who wish to strip people of their freedoms, and most certainly, in a loud clear voice call out those policies that are causing drastic failures and damage against the American people.

      • Amazona March 14, 2023 / 11:33 am

        Leftism is a self-destroying political model, but the process damages entire nations and their people. Like a cancer, it seems to do best in a country which has enough capitalism to provide the necessary economy to keep people from abject suffering and give them the luxury of supporting a system that wants to destroy them.

        Leftist political theory is not the engine driving the economy of the West. Rather, it is the parasite living off the energy of individualism and free enterprise, sucking enough of it off to inhibit its free growth but not enough to kill it. In a country like ours, Leftism is the ultimate luxury, affordable only to those well cared for by the system it claims to hate. It is self-indulgent and smug because it never has to depend on itself for anything.

        But where it has gained enough strength to smother enterprise and common sense, it is finally eating itself alive, as we see in the Dem-run cities dying in the Leftist-created miasma of human misery—-drug addiction, alcoholism, total lack of human dignity as people defecate in the streets like animals, roaming packs of human predators and the breakdown of civilization.

      • Amazona March 14, 2023 / 11:49 am

        Here’s an interesting example of the inherent defects in Leftist governing theory. While the commune featured in the story was not presented as political in the traditional sense of politics but in the social engineering sense of promoting “trans” life, it’s still another example of what does not work. And the author of the thread featured in the story came to this realization.

        I hope no llamas were injured in the experiment.

    • Mark Noonan March 13, 2023 / 11:01 pm

      It is different when you get out of the Democrat cities – Las Vegas is, of course, blue…but not yet crazy blue. The Casinos/Entertainment are still the lifeblood of the city and so the authorities must at least keep a lid on crime and social disintegration. But it is spreading – you only need to take a trip down towards the intersection of Washington and Main (a bit north of what visitors think of as Vegas, proper) to see that the decay is spreading rapidly (TBF, for decades this has been the worst part of town…not a place to be out at night!… but of late is has taken a massive turn for the worse). The Mrs and I go at times up to St George in Utah and the change is like going to a different country…the streets are clean and well maintained, there is a distinct lack of crazy drug addicts wandering about…you feel safe.

      The collapse isn’t coming, it is already here – decades of lax law enforcement, of spending money on various cons rather than infrastructure, the tolerance of un- and anti-social behavior have primed the pump…now with Soros-backed DA’s simply letting crime run rampant against increasingly demoralized and incompetent police forces, it is just getting increasingly horrific in the cities.

  2. Amazona March 13, 2023 / 2:29 pm

    I just started listening to the new Ron DeSantis book, The Courage To Be Free, and already know I need to buy a hard copy because listening won’t let me keep up with rapid flow of brilliant analysis and commentary. I strongly recommend it.

    One of the things that tickled me was his comment that a year or so ago someone started the meme “Make America Florida”.

  3. jdge1 March 13, 2023 / 9:24 pm

    Boston BLM Leader and Hubby Indicted on 20+ Fraud Charges

    Wow, they’re actually proceeding with indictments and potential charges. Only a few thousand more similar actions against evil people and organizations and just maybe it might be enough for pause of this continued criminal & immoral activity. Not holding my breath.

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