Leo Pusateri

Leo Pusateri is an educator from St. Cloud who has taken an active interest in politics since being a Republican precinct captain in the Chicago area at the ripe old age of 16. After a short foray into lunacy as a liberal-leaner early in his college career, Leo soon began to realize the contrivances and hypocrisies inherent in liberal philosophy. The rest, shall we say, is histoire.

Leo is a Republican delegate, and has put in many volunteer hours toward getting conservatives elected. That being said, he is no hack, and does not hesitate in ruffling the feathers of those in his own party who stray from the conservative agenda. Leo is married and is a proud dad/stepdad (and soon-to-be-grandfather) of five boys, ranging in ages from 15-26; one of whom served proudly for nearly two years with the Red Bulls in Iraq. His hobbies are songwriting, barbershop singing, and RVing.

Leo also blogs at Psycmeisters’ Ice Palace, Murtha Must Go! and True North. Follow Leo on Twitter.

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