It’s Ryan – continued

Lots of comments on the previous thread so let’s pick it up from here. The liberals certainly have their panties in a twist over Ryan, so it was obviously a great pick.

Have at it folks, and please be civil

UPDATE, by Mark Noonan:  Hello everyone!  I’m back!  Just want to put my two cents in.  When I first heard the news I immediately thought “good pick”, but now that I’ve seen how things have played out over the last 24 hours I have to go with “inspired pick”.  The clear uptick in GOP enthusiasm combined with the meltdown on the left shows that Romney hit the target.

Its going to be a great campaign and we are going to win.  And, liberals, when you’re sitting there crying in y0ur beer as Biden gives a concession speech (Obama not having the guts to do it just as Kerry sent Edwards out to face the electoral music in 2004), just think it over:  you signed on to this nauseating, un-American thing which will forever be known as the “2012 Obama re-election campaign”.  You went down in to the lowest gutter in American history and you came up a complete loser.  Maybe it will finally be time for you to reconsider your views…