Some Random Thoughts

Is public education even remotely worth it? 200 years ago, prior to widespread, public education, 90%+ of the people didn’t know the finer points of theology, philosophy and science; pretty much the same today. Where’s the net benefit in getting kids to go through 12 years of school? As one jokester put it, if you spent 12 years learning something, shouldn’t you be Batman, or something?

If Ebola is hard to catch, why the rubber suits?  Read today that some people in West Africa are dumping the dead in the streets for fear of being quarantined if the authorities find out someone died in the house. The fear is real as the governments there are probably doing it wrong – but dumping the body rather than prepping it for a funeral might actually cut the spread of the disease.

Meanwhile, we all sleep soundly at night as we learn the government which can’t make a website is bringing Ebola patients into the United States.

The only answer to Putin – if we wish to answer him, at all – is to re-fight the Crimean War.  That war is condemned in history as a just a horrible mistake which was terribly mismanaged by all concerned, but the truth is that the war needed to be fought in the 1850’s in order to curb Russian ambitions in the south of Europe. If Russia’s ambitions need to be curbed, again – taking Sevastopol would do the trick. That is, once again, if we wish to do anything – there is an argument to be made that its ok for Russia to run that area of the world.

It astounds me that anyone believes the pictures or statistics coming out of Gaza. Hamas is a criminal mob which has shown no willingness to tell the truth in the past – whence comes this global acceptance of Hamas-provided casualty lists? To be sure, given the nature of things, it is highly likely that some non-combatants have been killed in Gaza during Israel’s counter-attack – but what number and of what kind is entirely unknowable, and may not be known for a very long time to come.  One thing certain: anyone who is repeating Hamas claims on numbers or re-broadcasting alleged pictures of Gazan dead is either a willing tool of Hamas, or a fool.

People were shocked to find that a Hamas spokesman was repeating the blood libel against the Jews. Why?  By what evidence did anyone ever think that Hamas was something other than an anti-Semitic organization?

Interspersed among his 183 rounds of golf, Obama has endlessly claimed he will not rest until this, that or the other vital task is completed. I realize that most political speeches these days are canned – just the mere stringing together or words which come out sounding like the politician is saying something: but can we at least get a speech-writing program which isn’t quite so repetitious, and mendacious?

Did you know that our Congresscritters are allowed to charter jets on the taxpayer’s dime to go on political junkets? If you didn’t, I’ll bet you’re not surprised at all to find this out – if it were announced that our leaders were provided taxpayer-funded champagne baths, we’d all just take it in with a “yeah, so” attitude. Our Ruling Class is (a) ever more corrupt and (b) ever more likely to just hold us in contempt.  A little revolution, now and then…

Apparently, “sorcellerie” is French for “sorcery” – and you can get beheaded in Saudi Arabia for it.

This, it seems, is not a joke:

Despite the loss of high-profile talent like Ezra Klein, who took others with him to Vox Media…

Senator Walsh of Montana may drop out of the race because of a plagiarism scandal – naturally, Talking Points Memo tweets the following:

Sen. Walsh (R-MT) cancels public events, fueling speculation he may drop out of Senate race after plagiarism scandal

Walsh is a Democrat.

UPDATE: ISIS has massacred 1,500 people since about yesterday. Obama, of course, will do nothing – not even, it seems, arm the Kurds who are the most decent of all the Muslim peoples in that area. The world will do nothing. Ok. Fine and dandy. People are to be massacred in great, big, bloody batches – this is the new normal. But I don’t want to hear anyone bleating about Israel’s actions in Gaza.  Even if everything Hamas says is true, then what Israel has done pales in comparison to what ISIS is doing. If you aren’t out there at the anti-ISIS demonstration and demanding the US impose a cease-fire in ISIS, then you are a hypocrite and I don’t want to hear a peep out of you.



If Re-Elected, Will obAMATEUR Blame Himself For What He Inherited?

I hardly would think so.

It gets old.  obAMATEUR takes credit for anything but shirks all blame and responsibility for his failed policies.

I remember four years ago everything on the of the graphic below was BAD!  Now, everything on the right is a good start and he needs more time!

Open thread.  Keep it civil or you are outta here!

Out and About on a Monday Morning

Arab Spring Update:  93,000 Coptic Christians have left Egypt since the revolution.

Euro will be bailed out!!!

Err…maybe not.

A growing US/Russian/Turkish dispute over Cyprus?  I don’t like the idea that we’re going to base drones in Turkey, and I like it even less that we would be on the Turk’s side in a dispute over Cyprus.  In fact, if Russia ever wanted to induce me to want an alliance, a Russo-Turkish war would be a good way to do it.  Don’t trust the Turks, at all…an increasingly Islamist nation with historic designs not just in Syria, but also in places like Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus.  Yeah, can’t stand Putin either…but I can count on Great Russian nationalism in a war against the Turks.

Korea regulator says Korea’s banks are safe.  I’d pull my money out.  Just sayin’.

Introducing the Society to Preserve the Incandescent Light Bulb.  About time someone took a really firm stand against environmentalist idiocy.

Positivism, Ethics and Law: another look at the Troy Davis execution.

Dead men may tell no tales, but under Obamunism they can collect $120 million.

How labor unions work – so, your navy wants to fight bloodthirsty pirates?  Ok, say the unions, but we won’t refuel the ships at sea unless we make bank.  The German navy having labor troubles in their fleet tankers.




Out and About on a Thursday Morning

Just too many issues to write about and, as it turns out, I’m not feeling very well…bad headache, upset stomach.  Can’t explain it.  Haven’t listened to Obama talk for days.  But, since I’m not up to writing anything worth reading, here’s a few bits and pieces for you to ponder and discuss:

Fast and Furious:  Dead border patrol agent is “collateral damage“.

Shocking News:  Even Catholics have the right to free speech!  Who woulda thunk it?

Will the left’s rank anti-Semitism and growing alliance with Islamo-fascism finally propel American Jews in to the GOP?  Time will tell.

Conservative House GOPers kill continuing resolution – and a good job, too.  Democrats want more spending without cutting anywhere…our more weak kneed GOP leaders are willing to go along with it.  Hopefully the leadership will now listen and pass a bill with some genuine cuts in spending.

Cost of raising a child rises 40% in past decade.  Thanks, Federal Reserve!  We really appreciate the inflation!

Arab Spring Update:  Syria slides towards civil war while regional players angle to pick up the pieces.  Glad we don’t have that cowboy Bush in office…much better to have a President like Obama who will just let things fly out of control and allow our enemies to profit…

Not sure how much we should really put in to this, but one financial guy is saying we should watch the Hang Seng stock market…down 17.5% since August and he says it usually leads the rest of the markets…if this is the case, then the S&P (off 9% of late) has a lot further to go down.

Marines ticked off at brass which is more worried about careers than the needs of the Marines…it actually turns on what sort of underwear the Marines want to wear.  As for me:  any Jarhead can wear any kind of skivvies he chooses.  Why are our officers even worried about it?

Only 19% say the US is heading in the direction.  I figure that 19% reflects how many Americans have had three or more drinks on any given day the pollster calls.

From IMAO:

Come to think of it, Obama can still run on pretty much all the platforms he ran on in 2008: Close Gitmo. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and now also Libya). Turn around this horrible economy. End the incompetent, divisive leadership of the current president. Sucks to be the incumbent, huh?

Enjoy the day!

Labor Day Open Thread

I hope that everyone has a delightful day today – as for me, I have to work.  Being a mindless cog in a faceless, corporate entity does have its draw backs.  Seems that the bosses have a misconception of what “labor day” is about.  Ah, well.  On the other hand, I’ll be earning double time and a half…and my vacation starts after work today!  Two weeks off…including a trip up to Reno to see the new grandson!  This does means that from the 9th on blogging might be a bit light, but we’ll make it all work.

We are, of course, all waiting in breathless anticipation of Obama’s jobs speech…while my leg hasn’t quite started to tingle over it, I’m sure I’ll be fainting dead away when The One tells us how he’s going to undo all the garbage he’s done up to this point.  I’m sure you all feel the same way – so, you can discuss that.  Or, if that proves a bit boring, you can go on to more exciting subjects, like how to clean lint out of the dryer.

So, have at it.

Economy Open Thread

As I write this (8:36 pm EDT, Sunday), the market futures have been swinging from negative to positive and back to negative.  Rumors abound – some saying the Bernanke will print up bags of free money for the banksters, others holding that the end of the Libyan civil war will lower oil prices…but, meanwhile, gold continues its skyrocket towards $1,900.00 an ounce.  So, mixed bag.  Who in heck knows what will happen tomorrow?

Given this mystery, I can’t think of anything particular compelling to write…its all so messed up and so unpredictable that if I wrote something now, then by 9 am in the east, Monday, everything I said might be nonsense.  So, an open thread…watch what happens this glorious Monday…and feel free, even, to comment about non-economic things, if that is what you’d like here.  We’re really just along for the ride, anyways…