There Is No GOP Savior

Back in 2008, I saw many fellow conservative bloggers jump on the Fred Thompson bandwagon. It was a phenomenon I could never understand. It seemed like out of nowhere Fred Thompson was elevated to the position of GOP Savior. Many thought he was the only true Reagan-esque candidate that could enter the field. Hogwash, I thought. The day he formally entered the race I said his best days of the campaign were behind him.

I was right.

Here we are, four years later, and once again the GOP finds itself looking for a messiah. The current candidate-du-jour is Chris Christie, who was being talked up as a potential candidate practically seconds after his gubernatorial victory in New Jersey was confirmed.

Again, I say hogwash.

If Christie jumped in the race today, within a week 75% of Republican voters would write him off as a RINO. I’ve seen every candidate so far in the race attacked for not being conservative enough. That is just sad.

Republicans, I hate to say, are stuck on Reagan, constantly looking for someone who they believe emulates him perfectly. Reagan may be a conservative icon, but if we looked at his record as a whole, there are plenty of things there that wouldn’t fit in the conservative label.

Reagan’s legacy has strangely survived in perfect condition in a way that other Republican presidents’ haven’t. Perhaps it’s understandable. Before Reagan there was Carter. Need I say more? George H.W. Bush was fairly popular president until he broke his promise about not raising taxes. That more than anything defines his legacy.

Today, many Republicans have disowned President George W. Bush. “He wasn’t a real conservative,” they say, and so on. They say this despite the fact that he won reelection in 2004, which an incredible amount of positive support. Yet, many naysayers point to things done in his first term as examples of his lack of conservative bonafides: No Child Left Behind, The Patriot Act, even the Iraq War.

Another great example of conservative canonization that fizzled out is Senator Scott Brown. Anyone who actually knew his record as a state senator knew he was not a pure conservative, but the Tea Party organized for him, and helped mobilize a tremendous victory for him. Now, the Tea Party acts betrayed because of a few votes that didn’t meet their standards.

Seriously, let’s stop pretending the GOP has a savior.

Let’s look at Obama now. You don’t get more extreme than him when it comes to a left-winger. But, you cannot ignore the fact that the left is not entirely pleased with him because he hasn’t managed to completely redistribute the country’s wealth, or allow for the creation of drive-thru abortion clinics or whatever nonsense the left champions any given day.

In the end, politicians have records and realities to answer to. Voters often see the former without considering the latter. Even the most conservative of politicians has to work with the opposition to get things done. If we treat every compromise as a black mark on a candidate’s record than we might as well let Obama run the country for another four years.

It’s time for Republican voters to remember that we are all on the same team here. If we can’t put aside petty policy differences in favor of an overall ideological shift back to the right in 2012 then we deserve to lose.


Scott Brown (R-MA) May Help Kill Finance Bill

From Reuters:

…”I was surprised and extremely disappointed to hear that $18 billion in new assessments and fees were added in the wee hours of the morning by the conference committee,” Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown said.

He issued the statement after negotiators from the Senate and House of Representatives emerged from a marathon session early Friday morning with a final compromise on a bill that would bring about the most sweeping financial rules revamp since the 1930s…

As usual, grafting Democrat politicians have slipped things in to the bill in the dead of night, planning on ripping us off on the sly. Its just the way they operate – when you’re dishonest enough to create the financial crisis and then claim you can fix it, this is par for the course.

We’ll see if Brown stands firm and whether the rest of the Senate GOP can muster the courage to block this boondoggle of government waste which won’t do anything to fix the problem, but will open up vast, new areas of Democrat corruption, if passed.

UPDATE: Senator Byrd’s illness (which I bet is life threatening, or they wouldn’t be announcing it) could also kill the bill. Amazing that America’s policy may depend on the fate of a man elected to the Senate 6 years before I was born. Term limits are a necessity.

Enthusiasm Builds for Brown

Just stunning that this is happening in Massachusetts– From NRO:

From a Friend at the Brown Rally in Worcester

“It’s an absolute mob scene. The police have closed off the streets. It’s mind blowing. The hall is already full, and it holds 3,000 people. There may be another 1,000 people outside.”

Win or lose, Brown has certainly shown that there is no State that Republicans can’t be competitive in. We need to stop thinking in terms of some parts of the country being out of bounds for us – the message of bringing government back under the control of the people is one that resonates. This is why Brown’s “its the peoples’ seat”, I believe, is what really blew this thing wide open…my bet is that even some Democrats are going to vote for Brown just to send a message.

Here in 2010 – and carrying on to 2012 – we need to build on this concept; we need to build on the very correct public perception that the government is out of touch and out of control. This is a core, conservative belief but its become a general belief among the people. We conservatives can ride this to complete victory and thus gain the chance to genuinely reform this nation.


As Jonah has noted, Bob Kerrey smeared Scott Brown this weekend on the topic of evolution (a little out-of-left felt, but such is the way of the Left in this race):

If he’s running against 60 votes and wins, that is not good,” said Bob Kerrey, a former Democratic senator from Nebraska. “It says that in Massachusetts, they are willing to elect a guy who doesn’t believe in evolution just to keep the Democrats from having 60 votes.”

Brown spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom comments to NRO: “Scott Brown believes in evolution but in the case of Bob Kerrey he’s willing to make an exception.”

I’m willing to concede that all liberals are clearly descended from apes…

UPDATE II: Brown up 9.6 in new poll.