Change in Our Health Plans… We Won’t Forget

“If you like your plan, you can keep it,” Obama said, oh, so many times. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how someone so deceitful can get away with it so many time, and yet so many (including, I’m sure, the liberals who read this blog) just make excuses for him, as if turning a blind eye makes it any better.

So, there have been a few numbers thrown out there regarding how many people are not going to be able to keep the insurance plans they liked. One analysis (via the liberal news outlet McClatchy) suggests the number is as high as 52 million.

It seems like this is the moment where the liberal media is less able to spin the truth. Because, let’s face it, no matter what the spin, if you lose your insurance because of Obamacare, that’s a very real way Obama has not only lied to you, but also negatively impacted your life in a direct, measurable way.

A few weeks ago, my health insurance provider released their Obamacare-approved plans—Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum—and the cheapest one they have is not only $2000+/year more than my current plan, but the coverage is worse. An even higher deductible and higher out-of-pocket maximum. So, it’s not even like I lost my current plan and got something better. I lost my current plan and got royally screwed.

There are many others who are having similar experiences. So, it’s hardly a shock that Obama’s approval ratings are sliding. The reality of Obamacare just isn’t the same bundle of wonderful that was pitched to the public. Granted, many of us knew Obamacare was going to be a disaster, but we didn’t vote for Obama anyway.

I’m hopeful that those who voted for Obama, and, let’s be honest, the Democratic Party, will remember this betrayal of trust next November and again in 2016. Even though people forget a lot of things by the time they vote (see 150 Reasons Why Barack Obama is the Worst President in History for a rather thorough list of things Obama voters forgot about when they voted) but it will hard to forget the higher premiums they’ll be paying because of Obama’s crowning achievement.

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  1. dougq November 10, 2013 / 1:06 am

    I’m sure by then it will have been spun in a way to make the voters believe it was the Republicans who blocked efforts to ease the pain. There are democrats out here who have actually told me that the Republicans have been putting viruses in the Obamacare website and that is why it’s not working.

    • Amazona November 10, 2013 / 2:57 pm

      doug, it’s those conspiracy theorists who keep the aluminum foil business alive. Those foil hats don’t last forever, you know.

      It is fascinating to watch the media/Leftist spin on the whole website debacle. The emphasis has been shifted to the website problems and away from the real problem, which is the bill itself. So now people are not looking at the problems in the Act, but just at the problems on the internet. And because no Republican voted for the Act, which means no Republican can be blamed for it and its massive defects and problems, it is handy to have SOMETHING that

      If I were to put on a tinfoil hat of my own, I might say that the site was designed to fail, to provide a distraction from the disaster represented by the plan itself. I’ve heard theories that the site was designed to fail to keep people from learning how few, and expensive, their options really are, but that would just be a delaying tactic. And it just makes the cancellations of so many policies that much worse to have no alternative or option.

      But as a strategy to toss some rancid meat to the howling masses who are always looking for ways to demonize those wascawwy wepubwicans, it has some merit, and it does a good job of diverting attention away from the reality that the Affordable Care Act is not affordable, nor is it about care.

      It is about the most massive transfer of wealth ever seen in this country—and that is saying a lot.

  2. Amazona November 10, 2013 / 4:27 pm

    As I said the other day on another thread, in a discussion with our insurance broker I mentioned that I would like to have a basic plan, perhaps a concierge plan where I can have routine medical care for a fixed monthly rate, with a high-deductible catastrophic care policy for things like heart attacks, car wrecks, cancer, etc. And she told me the government would not allow me to have such a plan.

    So I can be a mature adult, managing both personal and company property, and making serious and important decisions on a daily basis, but I can’t decide what insurance plan is best for me. We can add this to the list of other decisions the government has decided I can’t make on my own, such as using incandescent light bulbs or old toilets or what size soft drink I want to order or how much salt I want on my food or, now, what kind of fats I can use in my cooking. (The FDA has just approved the first step in banning trans fats. There is a big difference between me knowing they are bad for me and deciding to avoid them and having Big Brother looking over my shoulder and making sure I don’t.) And this does not even address the decisions Big Brother has made about what I HAVE to do, such as have insurance that covers gender reassignment or pregnancy or substance abuse treatment or pediatric dentistry.

    There is no better example of the dangers and defects of Liberalism run amok than the idea that the government not only has the ability to take over such decisions but feels the RIGHT to make such decisions for me, in spite of my own wishes.

    • dbschmidt November 10, 2013 / 9:57 pm

      Being one of them “strange” folks that thought that insurance was a “requirement” of a thoughtful citizen–I had a simple policy at the age of 18 (long, long ago) that covered 1 or 2 visits to my doctor a year for a general check-up plus a $2,000 (really high back then in the 70’s) deductible for catastrophic coverage. Dirt cheap and was what I needed which I would have to guess 95% of my peers did not even carry.

      Too bad we do not have a sarcastic font because then I could continue on how government and their all-seeing eye has saved me from everything from coffee (caf, uh, decaf, arsenic, caf, decaf–nevermind, have some bacon & eggs) to trans fats, etc. It is really sad how many folks cannot or do not want to help themselves anymore but have become sheep of the almighty government.

      • Amazona November 11, 2013 / 12:12 am

        I saw something the other day that said a nation of sheep will end up with a government of wolves.

  3. dbschmidt November 10, 2013 / 9:47 pm

    What we as a nation are dealing with today is only the very beginnings of what the Progressives want to “fundamentally transform America” into. Health “care” or more properly health insurance to consume 1/6 of the nation’s economy is the keystone to building the socialist nation on their way towards Marxism. Make no doubt about it. One can call it the End of Days but not in the biblical sense—more in the terms of the Romans.

    The talking, and spinning, heads out today talk about Medicare part ‘D’ which was, IMHO, a large mistake with President GW Bush’s administration, as well as Medicare & Medicaid being rammed through by threatening to pack the Supreme Court is no less worthy of the deals used to pass the ACA.

    In an earlier post, the discussion was about taxes and whether or not they should be punitive aka. a wealth tax. I do not believe in punishing anyone for their wealth; however, following how the 16th amendment was originally passed compared to today’s standards is nothing but a perversion which seems to equally apply to every “law” passed these days from what appears to be more of an oligarchy than representatives.

    There are several amendments that it will take a Constitutional convention to repair but that is another matter. If the nation has to be taxed in order to support our Federal Government—until we return the Federal Government to the constraints intended then I have no issue with either taxing people from the top down (Soros as well as Koch brothers) before the rest; nevertheless, I would really prefer a FLAT/FAIR tax instead where everyone pays.

    It appears to me that the government spends uncontrollably in a willful and wanton manner without regard—still, I also do not see a cure to the illness in the short term. This is going to be a long slough at best. I am in this one for the long haul—not because I have children of my own but because of the children of my brothers, friends and the rest of America that I would like to see grow up with the opportunities that I was blessed with.

    Maybe, just maybe when one adds the world issues—it could be the End of Days as we know it.

  4. Amazona November 12, 2013 / 11:52 am

    From RedState:

    Comparing Man-Made Disasters: The BP Oil Spill and Obamacare

    By: Steve Maley (Diary) | November 10th, 2013 at 05:35 PM | 6

    It is always a good idea to study ones mistakes so as to avoid repeating them. In that light, we will compare and contrast the two man-made disasters that will shape the legacy of the Obama Administration: BP’s Macondo oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare.

    The focus of the reporting on these disasters has been on the failure of execution, but not until you consider the bigger picture, the failure of management, do you achieve any real understanding.

    Root Cause

    Macondo: An accident, based on failure of multiple redundant engineering systems and misinterpretation of wellbore diagnostic tests.
    Obamacare: A deliberate act, based on application of failed economic theory and multiple misrepresentations of system design parameters.

    Casualties, Direct and Indirect

    Macondo: Eleven killed, dozens injured. Temporary regional economic disruption.
    Obamacare: While it is too soon to measure lives and limbs lost due to rationing and suboptimal treatment, you can be sure that they are inevitable. Obamacare’s economic devastation will be severe, permanent and national in scope.

    Direct Loss of Resources

    Macondo: Up to 5 million barrels of oil wasted, with an economic value of $500 million. Small businesses compensated for economic losses. Thousands of temporary part-time jobs created during the cleanup phase.
    Obamacare: $640 million spent to date on failed rollout. Economic losses to small business are a feature, not a bug. Millions of permanent part-time jobs created (cannabilizing full-time jobs) during the implementation phase.

    Inappropriate Design Features

    Macondo: BP’s Oil Spill Response Plan criticized for contingencies related to walruses and other species not native to the Gulf of Mexico.
    Obamacare: Mandates universal coverage for pregnancy and childbirth, regardless of need.

  5. neocon01 November 14, 2013 / 9:01 am

    the problem is *****WE****** wont forget, but there is 47% of this country that pay NO taxes, many with IQ’s below 85 and 30 million illegal peasants with 3rd grade “educations”.
    OPM will assure their “vote” for decades….it will take a total collapse (which is coming) to right the good ship OPM.

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