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Interesting thread over on Twitter about the origins of “gender ideology”. Worth a read but I’ll nutshell it – some degenerates wanted to have whatever sex they wanted, including with kids, and so cooked up a philosophy which made out that you can only be free if you’re a degenerate.

That someone would think this up isn’t at all surprising. People can think up all sorts of things. The problem comes in when evil ideas aren’t smacked down. And insane, evil ideas should be smacked down. The trouble is, since the breakup of what used to be called “Christendom” into divergent beliefs, there has been no Authority capable of smacking.

And I’m not talking here about arguing the lunatics into submission. You can’t do that. They’re lunatics! If they weren’t insane, narcissistic degenerates, they wouldn’t have their evil ideas. You can only stop them. As King St Louis of France allegedly said – after a while, if all attempts at reason have failed, all you can do is drive your sword in as deep as it will go.

Our problem here – and what might prove fatal to the Republic – is that with all the sublime good of our Declaration and Constitution, they are still suffused with so-called Enlightenment ideals. Primarily the ideal that thought must be free to go wherever Reason takes it. As was pointed out back then, if you make that your standard, then people will Reason themselves into all manner of horrors. At that time that just seemed like old fashioned reactionary fear-mongering…but Auschwitz and Gulag kinda show the old reactionaries were right back there around 1750. So does “men can get pregnant” and a host of other horrors now common in our society. Our Founders assumed that some things would just be accepted – that Patriotism is good. Manly courage. Womanly virtue. Thrift. Sobriety. That people would always take these as their basic standards and whatever Reasoning they did would never contravene these basics.

They forgot about crackpots. Made all sorts of provisions against the tyrant of the Napoleon type…but made no provision against the rise of a Nero…or, worse, ten thousand Neros, all trying to outdo each other in nauseating filth. They were heirs, at the time, to 17 centuries of Christian indoctrination and assumed that the basic morality of Christianity was the natural state of humanity. Thinking this, they left no way in our Constitution to deal with a neo-Marxist professor of gender studies.

We’re going to have to find one. And pretty quickly.

The bottom line is that we can’t allow these people to freely express their insane, anti-human ideology. They must be curbed, as we once upon a time curbed the lunatics. These people are simply destructive – of themselves and everyone around them. Have you ever checked into their bios on social media? All of them claim some form of mental illness (as a badge of honor!). They routinely describe themselves as depressed, lonesome, bitter and pessimistic (all with a rainbow banner, of course). These are people who have no hope, no sense, no knowledge…all they have is a burning sense of self importance. Their various mental and moral failures have been translated into a belief that because they are mental and moral failures they are superior…especially to the sane, boring people who go to work, raise their families and pay their taxes.

And they can’t be reasoned with. They lack the wit and are unwilling to learn. All we can do is stop them; to build the mechanisms whereby they are prevented from implementing their ideas anywhere outside their personal lives. People determined on self destruction really can’t be stopped – but we can stop this desire from spilling over into societal destruction.

Disney owns the rights to The French Connection – that magnificent 1971 movie which won Gene Hackman an Oscar for his excellent portrayal of Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle. Why do we care about this? Because Disney censored a line from the movie without telling anyone. Any copy you buy or stream now won’t have that line in it. Why? Because Hackman’s character makes a horribly racist statement. And, indeed, it was a horribly racist statement. But it wasn’t in the move to be racist, but to be part of Hackman’s character, who is a racist and otherwise ill-tempered man. The only reason we care about the guy is because for all his flaws, he broke up a major drug smuggling ring. This is Orwellian Ministry of Truth stuff. They are re-writing the past. If there are any books, movies or songs you love, get them now on hard copy because if they in any way offend the woke, they are going to be changed or destroyed.

You know any Armenians? I know a few. Very handsome men. Women of spectacular beauty. Most are very deeply Christian. And there’s the problem – a lot of these people live in LA and are not pleased with the over-the-top “Pride” drivel the public schools are pushing. Naturally, a fight broke out when these people were protesting…started by Antifa goons who then had to call in the cops to protect them. Think about that: decent, hard working Christians are being hassled by the cops for fighting back against Commie thugs.

Joke of the day which I stole from Twitter: the PGA merger will work out that the PGA retains control of holes 1-9 and 12-18. The Saudis do 9-11.

Open Thread

I do have to point out that Donald Trump has been fairly ridiculous of late. Some of his statements and actions have been downright absurd. Thus far it hasn’t made a dent in his GOP Primary support…but my bet is that if he doesn’t get hold of this stuff it will. OTOH, DeSantis has also had some miscues. This is why a Primary is a good thing; whoever emerges with the prize will have earned it.

My position remains the same: I will support the nominee. There is no GOPer who is in any way the moral or intellectual inferior of any Democrat. Even supposing every bad thing said about Trump is true – and further stating that supposing every bad thing said about Biden is false – it is still no contest. Somewhere in Trump’s heart is the understanding that such things as abortion to birth, transition of minors and open borders are objectively evil and must be stopped. In Biden’s heart there is no such understanding – nor is there such understanding in the heart of any Democrat. The Democrat party proposes to push us into a world of complete lunacy where obvious facts are denied in service of ideological goals. It is the moral duty not of Republicans and not even of Americans to vote GOP…it the the moral duty of every human, as such. There is no evading this one: if the Democrats retain power for much longer, this nation will be destroyed. The stakes are that high. There can’t be any compromise…and no faltering of our will. Nominate Romney and I’ll vote for him. Anyone is better than any Democrat.

There has been a surprisingly large amount of pushback against “Pride” this year. In previous years we just laughed at it and moved on but this year there is a sharper edge to it. People are tired of it – and angry that everyone is being told to fall in line.

Bottom line: gay is boring. We don’t care. Be gay. Have fun. But we don’t need to know you’re gay. And it is perceived that the sort of gay people most of us know – regular, rather boring folks who just live, work and pay taxes like anyone else – aren’t being celebrated. The celebrations are always of the most absurd and/or disgusting people. So much so that I’m starting to wonder if a bunch of weirdos have de-facto hijacked homosexuality because it allows them to be freaks without any fear of censure? Crazy people crave attention and approval…and if you’ll do something disgusting in public and call it gay, you’ll not only not get arrested, you’ll be called a hero. That sort of thing is an irresistible attraction for the narcissistic lunatic. They simply wouldn’t pass on the opportunity.

NYPD had their cop cars painted up in “Pride” colors and it looks like the artist managed to sneak in the anti-cop “ACAB” logo. This is enormously funny. Leftists never forgive.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers will apparently argue that the gun laws Hunter violated were unconstitutional. And, to be sure, they are: as I’ve noted before, “Shall not be infringed” is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t have any wiggle room. Any law restricting any person – and that is citizen or not – from keeping and bearing any arm they choose is a violation of the Constitution. But it is annoying that Liberals are such complete hypocrites.

The Triumph of the Anti-Human

I had mentioned a few days ago the fracas over the LA Dodgers inviting, un-inviting and then re-inviting the anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” to their Pride Night. There has been some developments in that and it has brought a realization to me.

The developments were Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw organizing a Christian Faith and Family Day with the Dodgers and, more directly, Nats pitcher Trevor Williams explicitly condemning the “Sisters” due to the anti-Catholic nature of the group. It was, naturally, Williams’ statement which caused the most ire as it was a direct challenge to the reigning orthodoxy in America.

I fully expected Williams’ statement to cause a lot of blowback (so did everyone else) and the Left didn’t disappoint. As Williams is devoutly Catholic, a lot of the comments harped upon the usual anti-Catholic tropes old and new but what struck me about it was that the people condemning Williams and the Church are the people most committed to transitioning minors and allowing them to be groomed for sexual abuse. Think about that: these people are in favor of deliberately and maliciously destroying lives and their attack on Williams was based upon their claim that Williams condemnation of the “Sisters” was destructive.

Supposing it was destructive, so what? All you have to do is do a bit of searching of the “Sisters” and the pics and video will be all the argument you need to convince any sane person that the “Sisters” are wicked people. I do strongly advise against such a search – you won’t be able to unsee the images and they are uniformly disgusting. Of course, Williams’ statement wasn’t destructive. It wasn’t even a call for any action against the “Sisters”…it was just a statement saying that we must not tolerate the intolerant. Williams would have condemned just as readily someone inviting the Klan. If the battle is to end hate, then why have a group committed to hatred? The “Sisters” are committed to anti-Catholic hatred. We’re not supposed to hate based on race, color, gender, orientation or religion, right?


But, wrong. The Left doesn’t mean that at all.

The whole purpose of “tolerance” and “inclusion” wasn’t to get us old fashioned Christians to make nice in the public square…it was for the anti-Christians to seize the public square and then exclude us. It was from the start a war against religion…against truth…against decency…against humanity.

They are the anti-humans. They don’t like family, faith or property. They see a neat and tidy community and their blood boils. A woman choosing to be a stay at home mom drives them nuts. They despise a man who stands up for the weak. They don’t want us traveling. Drinking. Smoking. Eating meat. Air conditioning our homes. Grilling in our backyards. They don’t want us to be friends with or marry people of different skin colors. They don’t want cross-cultural social exchanges. They hate our heroes. They loath our history. They, in short, hate everything which makes humanity human.

To be sure, they do have an idea that once they have destroyed all human attachments and desires they’ll be able to rebuild us into something better. They even still give a bit of lip service to that ideal. But I doubt any of them really believe it. They just want us to suffer. Not them, of course; they’re too smart to suffer. Also, they know what’s best for you, so they’ll need their lavish lifestyle to help them build us into something better. But, you? You’re pretty much hopeless…so eat your bug paste and shut up.

But whether they believe it or not, we know it is a pipe dream. Humans are human; they want a bit of a place they can call their own. They want a family of mom, dad and the kids, not some random collection of weirdos pretending to be a family. They want to take that trip to Hawaii and have a steak off the grill. Have a drink. Smoke that cigar. Be human. And any attempt to turn us into a hive of social units living off credits provided based on our social credit score is doomed to failure.

But they are still going to try and right now they stand triumphant. I fully expect quite a lot of pressure on Williams to recant his heresy. We’ll see how strong he is – but if he caves don’t be too ready to condemn him. A lot of pressure will be forthcoming. They will seek to destroy anyone who questions their worldview…all the while holding up as heroes those who are expressly rejecting human sanity. It is deliberate and it is malicious: it is designed to destroy.

What we must do – aside from pray, hope and don’t worry – is work for the power to remove these people from power. I’m not talking about just winning an election and replacing Tweedledee with a slightly conservative Tweedledum…I’m talking about forcing them out of all institutions. Taking away all their money. Reducing them to complete social, economic and political impotence. Here’s the thing – the more we push back, the less social territory they control, the more they’ll be exposed as ultimately a tiny minority of kooks who just happened to get control of the institutions. Even most Left voters don’t fully understand what is being done in their name…so just a few small cracks in the edifice which allows people to stand up against it and very rapidly it will all fall apart.

And then we can just be human, again.

Open Thread

The Trump vs DeSantis war is heating up – but I do caution that a lot of it does seem to be driven by terminally on-line people looking for social media clout. But there is a worry in that it is getting people not just to stake out positions, but really dig in their heels on it…which is likely orchestrated by Democrats with the intent of getting people to hate the other guy. As I said before: I will support the GOP nominee and I urge everyone to dial it back. From Trump to the most neo-con shill, all GOPers are the moral and intellectual superiors of Democrats. Whatever we get it is better than Pudding Brain or anyone they might replace him with.

Memorial Day is Monday and people are posting a lot of military stuff. This is appropriate but one which popped up for me was not about a man who died in combat, but who did a small deed of decency in the hell of war. It was Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds – taken prisoner during the Battle of the Bulge he was the senior non-com at his POW camp and when the commandant ordered all Jews to identify themselves – likely for at least hideous treatment, if not murder – Edmonds ordered every man to identify as Jewish. The commandant backed down. It was a small thing, as I said. In the grand scheme of things, it at best saved a couple hundred lives out of the millions who perished. But it was still important. And it took some guts. It is easy to look away, after all.

But that then brought me to Yad Vashem and the Righteous Among the Nations: these are gentiles who have been honored by Israel for helping Jews during the Holocaust. It is quite a list of heroes but something rather sticks out for me: that they were all just regular folks. There weren’t highly decorated soldiers who charged into the enemy – these were just people who saw what was going on and did whatever they could, no matter how small, to just throw a wrench in it. And then you realize two things: if every decent person had just thrown a wrench, the Holocaust could never have happened…and since all the wrench-throwers were regular folks with no special, inside knowledge everyone could have been a wrench thrower. They all knew – but most chose not to act on the knowledge. Many out of ideological commitment, of course, but the regular run of people simply because they didn’t want to be bothered.

And so it has been since then – we’ll likely never see the unique evil of the Nazi regime ever again, but we will certainly contend with evil until God in His good time brings it all to an end. Evil does walk the world today – ever more openly. And it is able to do so because most of us, most of the time, are just hoping it passes us by. The drug addicts rotting in the streets. The illegals being abused. The children being groomed. We for the most part pretend we don’t see it – pretend it isn’t happening. Because if we see it, we have to act. So we talk ourselves into believing that we don’t see it.

But, take heart: some times evil is so brazen that it wakes everyone up. And I think we have now reached that point. The Pelosi Democrats knew when to tap the brakes and allow people to continue to not see until it was too late. The modern Democrats are driven by ideological commitment and they are pressing forward on a variety of fronts to implement their evil. And so brazen is the attempt that regular folks can’t miss it…and just here and there but in my view in growing numbers, people are standing up and saying, “I will not participate”. No, none of us will have a chance to be as brave as Edmonds…but we are increasingly brave enough to say out loud that we will not participate. Sure, we still risk social opprobrium and our jobs are at risk…but none of that matters. We see it. We must say it is wrong…and as more of us do so, others gain the courage to stand up and be counted.

Open Thread

My view on the GOP Primary is: I will support the nominee. I will not engage in nasty fights with fellow GOPers or GOP-leaning voters.

With RDS now officially in, the shape of the race is clear; it is mostly Trump vs DeSantis with Trump enjoying a huge amount of loyal Trumpster support while RDS is looking for a way to draw some of that vote over to himself. The rest of the pack is probably kidding itself about getting the nomination and, on balance, they probably help Trump by splitting up the anti-Trump vote. Of course, some of these also-rans likely won’t make it to January…the money battle is important right now. Not for Trump and RDS who functionally have unlimited amounts, but for the rest…any of them who want to be around past South Carolina had better come up with some hefty bucks. Those who can’t will likely bow out before the Iowa caucuses.

Do keep in mind that the Democrats are very likely paying for GOP division. We have seen over and over again how relative peanuts will get people to alter their views. It would cost only, say, $100,000 to get a prominent Trumpster pundit to start going “only Trump” as a means of keeping Trumpsters home if Trump doesn’t get the nomination. It wouldn’t cost any more to pay a DeSantis pundit to start going “only DeSantis” for the same reason. The Democrats very much need a divided and weakened GOP for 2024 because that is the only way they drag Biden’s senile carcass into a second term.

As I’ve said for a while, I’m not at all confident of GOP victory in 2024 – because of those divisions being diligently fostered. But I have had a little bit of a mental shift; there is a chance. What I see is that Biden – who has never been loved – is losing what popularity he had. Inflation continues to bite as does overall economic anxiety. We’re already in a recession which is being hidden by number juggling. And now the Culture War has taken an interesting turn. From Biden on down, they are all-in on the transgender thing especially for kids…but outside a few lunatic Blue enclaves, parents are rejecting this. What we might have is a perfect storm brewing where Democrats are set to become unpopular both on economics and social issues…hammering on abortion just barely scraped them by in 2022…that issue is a lot less salient for 2024 while other social issues are coming to the forefront. It could be a very interesting year.

CNN Headline: “Minorities, immigrants and now members of the LGBTQ community are being warned of the risks of visiting Florida after the nation’s largest LGBTQ advocacy group issued a travel advisory following newly passed laws and policies”

Reminder: this lie is not pitched at you. They don’t care about you. They know you’ll never vote Democrat. This lie is for Democrats. And it doesn’t require them to actually believe there’s tyranny in Florida…but what it does tell them is that this is what they have to say is happening in Florida. This is to keep the conversation within the Party Line. That is, to keep them voting Democrat no matter how bad it gets.

Open Thread

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) announced his Presidential bid and one of the first questions the MSM asked him was, “are you a virgin?”. Just absolutely flabbergasting. Until I heard that, I didn’t know if Scott was married or not – but as it turns out, he’s 57 and unmarried and has no kids. This does, especially in 2023, bring up the prospect of homosexuality but this does not appear to be the case for Senator Scott. But, whatever: who’s danged business is it? Unless you have some solid information of inappropriate sexual activity, it is nobody’s business. But there goes the MSM – and you know why: they’re hoping he is homosexual or at least hope they can get people thinking he’s homosexual because you know us bigoted, hill-ape inbred MAGA morons would hate that. For goodness sake.

I don’t know Senator Scott’s personal life. No whiff of scandal along those lines has come up and you gotta figure that something would have by now. Is he chaste? I don’t know. Not my business. But it isn’t impossible for him to be chaste, you know? Not everyone even in 2023 is an animal. Some people remain civilized…and if Scott is a real believer in God and he is trying to follow his Christian faith then he might remain chaste because for the true Christian, sex – any sort of sex – outside of marriage is immoral.

There is the meme out there which goes, “you think you hate the media as much as you should, but you don’t.” There is no bottom for these vile and disgusting people.

Now, as for Scott’s ambitions: everyone assumes he’s auditioning for the VP slot for whomever gets the nod – likely Trump or DeSantis at this point. He’s kept friendly with both sides. But never count anyone out. I know that plenty of MAGA folks have problems with Scott but he’s a pretty good guy. Sure, he is close to the Establishment and that is a worry…but he also seems to be his own man. We could do a lot worse. If he does emerge, he gets my vote.

Target has been marketing “tuck friendly” clothes for little children. If you don’t know what they’re “tucking” then just think about it for a minute: it’ll come to you. And I mean really little children. Like 5 year olds. That is how far this insanity has gone. There has been good pushback on this and we’re winning lots of victories in Red States…but the overall American Establishment is still fully committed to making medical transition of minors the norm. We have a long way to go here. Victory comes when major retailers won’t even think about making “tuck friendly” clothes for kids.

LA Dodgers invited the anti-Catholic hate group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to “pride night”. Then uninvited them when everyone pointed out that, hey, they’re bigots. But now has re-invited them because when it comes to bullying, the LGBTQ community has that nailed down. Corporate America is simply too weak. I know that the basic principle we have is free markets…but in order to win this battle, we are going to have to forcibly instruct Corporate America that non-Lefists also exist.

Debt battle is rather boring but I am pleased that McCarthy is at least showing some backbone. The problem is that we can’t forever keep printing up new money so we can borrow it. It does come to an end. It might actually be better long term if it came to an end right away. We don’t have any money left. Its all gone – blown on wars and graft over the past 70 years as America’s industrial, agricultural and mining base has been destroyed. Go broke and start all over again.

Open Thread

Over on Twitter @ZubyMusic asks, “What is the most damaging popular myth?”. Getting a lot of responses, some of them jokes of course. But it did get me thinking.

And I think that the most damaging popular myth is the history (so-called) of the last 100 years. That is, what we’ve been told is the history.

I’ve yammered on quite a bit over the past couple years about aspects of our received beliefs which don’t hold up to scrutiny and I’m coming to the conclusion that just as we have Narrative-Drivers for our politics (ie, story lines created – often in advance – to drive opinion in certain directions desired by those in charge) so we’ve had History-Drivers: that is, gatekeepers in the production of history who make certain that the historical Narrative only rolls into accepted grooves.

Just as in the MSM and the larger popular media the ability to be seen and heard largely depends on your ability to do as you’re told, so too is it likely to be this way in all disciplines. Do we really want to think that there is some institutional aspect of our society which isn’t controlled? That the people who have crafted Narrative after Narrative for our immediate political debates would let slip something as crucial as how history records things? That in a world of overwhelmingly conformist thought, they’d let independent thinkers have a place all to their own?

I’m just reminded of a story I heard some years back – it involved a moderately famous man but I can’t remember exactly who at the moment, but no worry as that isn’t fully relevant here. The key thing is that this man’s father was a British colonial official at the tail end of the Empire and upon a time this man pointed out to his son a ragged ship heading north from coastal east Africa and said, “that ship is filled with slaves, and I’m under orders to do nothing about it”. The British were leaving, as were all the colonial powers and with them went any impetus to stop the slave trade…and what had been firmly suppressed was now rising to the surface as the anti-slavers quite the scene. And then, 40 years later, we were all told that the British Empire was nothing but racist colonial oppression. Of course, a true history of Africa since the end of colonial rule would rather harp upon the breakdown of services, the rise of oppression and ethnic murder, the return of slavery…but, we can’t have that, can we? Doesn’t fit the Narrative. Oh, sure, when some particularly hideous thing happens, the world takes notice (like, say, the Rwandan genocide) but it is never placed in context. If any context is given at all, the problem is ascribed to “the legacy of colonialism”, as if the people today had no agency. And then we move on, not noticing until the next outrage occurs. Meanwhile, South Africa is slipping back into Third World status as the millennium promised with the end of Apartheid breaks down under the weight of bribery, incompetence and a raft of anti-white laws and rhetoric.

Just a little bit of the actual history of Africa and none of this would have had to happen. But just as in everything else, all we got was the Narrative history…and it is sustained in spite of any contravening facts.

Pudding Brain’s Secretary of Education said the quiet part out loud – asserting that teacher’s know better than parents what is best for kids. It is absurd and evil, but they really do think that way. They believe, that is, that someone with credentials is inherently superior. No surprise there: they all rise based on their credentials and so they hold credentials as supreme. None of these people – either in government or corporation – has ever had to produce. To actually make something happen or come into existence by their own efforts. Its all just reviewing plans and picking among them based upon the Current Thing and where the strongest pressure is coming from. And they are never tossed out, never jailed, never wind up in poverty. What we’re going to have to do is change laws to require first of all real world experience before you can take a government position and, secondly, entrance exams…really tough exams. Like, say, if you are seeking employment at the Department of Transportation, one of the questions should be along the lines of, “what is the per mile cost of moving a ton of goods from Long Beach to Denver?” and “if fleet average MPG is increased by 10 percent, what will be the average annual cost to an American consumer?”. Guarantee it will weed out these credentialed morons and allow room in there for people who actually know how things work.

See that little flap of metal up the pole there that everyone is smiling about? That was a shade installation to make travel by bus more equitable in Los Angeles. No, seriously; that little bit of metal is supposed to provide shade. I guess when its high noon and if you can stand right under it. It cost $10,000.00 to install. The Progs are seriously proud of this.

How about some fun stuff, now?

You Should be Terrified of What They Did to Trump

Greg Gutfeld went on a bit of a tear about the latest revelations in the Trump-Russia hoax; click the link and give it a watch. His point is that the Democrats (in the largest sense – including the MSM and RINOs) built up Trump as the New Hitler and so justified any action against him. Because, after all, if you are really stopping a Hitler – a guy who proposes to kill every single person he hates and start a world war – then you really can justify just about any action to stop it; work up a phony Trump-Russia scandal or commit election fraud, you see?. This dovetails with the point I made about the latest revelations: the the same people who assure us that 2020 was legitimate were also all in on Trump-Russia even though they new from the get-go that it was a lie.

This does not prove that 2020 was stolen but because of this situation there is nobody on God’s green Earth who can credibly assert that 2020 wasn’t stolen. Everyone you can possibly rely on to tell you what happened in that strange election is tainted as a known liar or part of a system which repeatedly rewards known liars…and you’d be worse than a fool to rely on their assertions about anything. But even that isn’t really the issue we’re confronted with here. It is much larger than that.

Throughout political history there have always been shenanigans. From the lowliest mud hut village to the most impressive Imperial capitol, people have always tried to rig politics. Some of the most famed people in history are essentially famous for their ability to back the winner and then fix the race to make sure (Kaunitz of the Holy Roman Empire and Bismarck of Prussia probably stand at the top of this heap..but they are just part of a legion). What I’m saying here is that some of the things done to Trump are not new – hardly remarkable in and of themselves. But what is new – at least in the American experience – is a political party, the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the media and a significant portion of the politician’s own party combining to destroy the politician. And not only combining to destroy the person but doing so with complete fabrications. This I don’t think has ever happened before – and it should terrify everyone.

Step back a moment and think about it: nothing Trump has ever been accused of has been proved. Even the ridiculous civil case over rape still amounts to no more than “he said/she said” without the slightest scrap of evidence that the event could have happened. But they still got a jury to nod along with at least part of the allegations. How? Because for the past 8 years, the accused has been the target of an intense series of allegations making him out to be worse than Hitler. The people in the area the trial was held do not avail themselves of unapproved media. They live in a world where the New York Times is considered the gold standard of truth. And that New York Times – and all the media, including the tiny parts not far-Left in outlook – had all been repeating the allegations for all those years over and over and over again. So, when the guy (as it were) shows up in Court, the jury knew what it had to do…it was “known” that the Orange Man is Bad and so they acted accordingly. This is actually staggering; it is the end of any concept of law in our society if it is allowed to stand.

When I said earlier that nothing against Trump has been proved, I mean nothing. For instance, we don’t even know if Trump ever had sex with Stormy Daniels; and if that happened it wasn’t against the law and in today’s post-Christian world it hardly even counts as a scandal…but we can’t even say with certainty that it happened. And yet even to this day the accusation counts against Trump and various aspects of it continue to wend their way through courts and public opinion. For goodness sake, the lawyer who led the way in bringing the allegation forward is in jail for fraud. Maybe Trump did have the affair. Billionaires are known for that sort of thing. It is certainly plausible: but neither you nor anyone you know can say for certain it did. The only people who know for certain on it are Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels…Trump denies it categorically while Daniels says it happened. And, guys, don’t forget that Stormy is on the hook for about $350,000.00 in legal fees she owes to Trump…not the sort of thing a credible accuser gets hit with.

And yet I bet that if we did a poll then we’d find north of 90% of people certain that Trump and Daniels had an affair. This is not just what a smear can do: it is what can happen when just about everyone conspires against you. Just a bit of detective work on the part of the MSM and we’d know pretty certainly if Trump and Daniels were at that Tahoe resort at the same time in 2006 and if there was a time frame in which the two could have got together. I mean, there would be hotel and room service receipts, witness statements from hotel staff…Trump being pretty well known there would be lots of people who would be keeping an eye on him and following his movements, including paparazzi (this happened when The Apprentice was hot on TV, after all). But all I can ever find about it is Daniels’ claim that it happened. Seems a little thin…and the dog that doesn’t bark here is the MSM not getting us all the lurid background details which would be available if the affair happened. So, like I said: not proved. But absolutely believed.

And so is everything else to one degree or another. And here’s the kicker: the Daniels accusation is the most credible of all the accusations. And she owes Trump hundreds of thousands of dollars for making it! Everything else Trump is accused of has even less evidence that it happened and the main accusation against him (that he’s an agent of Russia) has just been proved completely false. But, once again, people believe.

The terrifying thing here is that if they can do this to Trump – a media-savvy billionaire who can hire first rate legal talent – they can do it to anyone. Suppose Joe Blow in your town offends the Ruling Class…and then there shows up a story in the local news claiming that Joe did This Horrible Thing and that sparks an investigation and you’re sitting there watching this or that dark hint of terrible deeds by Joe leaking out and your mind starts to go, “maybe there’s something to it?”. But the truth is that Joe did nothing wrong other than offend the Ruling Class and is now being destroyed. And he’s being destroyed as an example, just like Trump is. They are letting us know that anyone who doesn’t toe the line will be destroyed. And if you’re thinking that the calm and pleasant Ron DeSantis is immune…well, they’re already calling him worse than Trump (who is, of course, worse than Hitler) and they’re lining up allegations that DeSantis had inappropriate relations with female students when he was a teacher and that he supervised torture at Gitmo. I rate these accusations as entirely non-credible. If any of them had been true, the Democrats would have broadcast them far and wide during the 2022 campaign. But we just learned that an accusation doesn’t have to be true to be effective…it just has to be backed up by all or at least most of the Powers That Be. Rely on it that Biden’s Justice Department will open an investigation into allegations of criminal activity by DeSantis if he’s the GOP nominee. It won’t matter if they’re true – they’ll simply make up whatever they think is best and you’ll see everyone – including the RINOs – swing in behind the investigation.

To be sure, maybe RDS can weather the storm. Maybe, that is, such an obviously personally pleasant person with a great family can get the public mind on his side. But you can’t be sure – and even if RDS can survive it, the problem remains that it can be attempted by the Democrats because they know that the DOJ, the CIA, the FBI and the MSM will fall in line to back up whatever RDS is accused of.

We really must dismantle this system brick by brick. Sure, the FBI and CIA need to be abolished, but it goes far beyond that. We have to find a way to punish the MSM, as well. To make them pay through the nose so they’ll learn the lesson: don’t be part of a political op. This is not something amenable to small reforms and it cant be allowed to continue; we need sledgehammer-like destruction of the institutions which created or fostered the anti-Trump effort. Because it isn’t about Trump: it is about you and me and our ability to remain free. It is either destroy them, or they’ll destroy us.

The Left is at War Against Humanity

Saw this report which says that the Chinese government is hiring 87,000 special cops to destroy family farms. Highlighted there is the destruction of a small pig farm – the Chinese government prefers the workings of large agri-business concerns. You might think that what they’re after here is economies of scale or, perhaps, greater safety…and that will be the justification used. But what is really happening is an assault on small holding. Private wealth, you see? You might be thinking, “then why don’t they go after the Chinese billionaires?”. Because, by and large, the rich of the world are in favor of this – either from conviction or from a “I’ve got mine so to heck with everyone else” attitude. Plus, if the super rich ever decided to go truly independent, the government can squash them like bugs…when you have that much money you are immediately vulnerable to a host of civil and criminal penalties any time the government decides to turn its wrath on you. There are so many laws on so many books in so many countries that it is impossible to be fully law-abiding. And if in addition to this the rich guy in question has cut corners from time to time, then the jeopardy is even greater. You might also recall the recent conflicts in the Netherlands where the government is forcing the sale of huge numbers of farms…with the explanation being that farms cause global warming.

This sort of thing was also seen during Covid (which was massively revealing!) where they allowed the big retail chains to remain open while shutting down all the mom and pops. Wal Mart and Amazon Prime uber alles! I remember during the worst part of it that people here in Vegas has to buy their vape juice on the street corner like a drug deal because the Powers That Be had decreed that the little tobacco stores (all operating on incredibly thin profit margins) had to close.

But it is all about destroying any source of wealth or independence among the citizenry. The phrase, “you will own nothing, and you will be happy” may or may not have been uttered by Schwab…but it is the intent all the same. With the caveat that they don’t care if you’re happy. In fact, they’d probably prefer you to be unhappy because you need to be punished for all those centuries when cretins like you thought that you had a right to your own property. You were wrong, you see? And now you’ve got to pay the piper.

But what, really, is property? It is the human thing – we’ll once again refer to G K Chesterton on this:

Now if we take this house or home as a test, we may very generally lay the simple spiritual foundations of the idea. God is that which can make something out of nothing. Man (it may truly be said) is that which can make something out of anything. In other words, while the joy of God be unlimited creation, the special joy of man is limited creation, the combination of creation with limits. Man’s pleasure, therefore, is to possess conditions, but also to be partly possessed by them; to be half-controlled by the flute he plays or by the field he digs. The excitement is to get the utmost out of given conditions; the conditions will stretch, but not indefinitely. A man can write an immortal sonnet on an old envelope, or hack a hero out of a lump of rock. But hacking a sonnet out of a rock would be a laborious business, and making a hero out of an envelope is almost out of the sphere of practical politics. This fruitful strife with limitations, when it concerns some airy entertainment of an educated class, goes by the name of Art. But the mass of men have neither time nor aptitude for the invention of invisible or abstract beauty. For the mass of men the idea of artistic creation can only be expressed by an idea unpopular in present discussions—the idea of property. The average man cannot cut clay into the shape of a man; but he can cut earth into the shape of a garden; and though he arranges it with red geraniums and blue potatoes in alternate straight lines, he is still an artist; because he has chosen. The average man cannot paint the sunset whose colors be admires; but he can paint his own house with what color he chooses, and though he paints it pea green with pink spots, he is still an artist; because that is his choice. Property is merely the art of the democracy. It means that every man should have something that he can shape in his own image, as he is shaped in the image of heaven. But because he is not God, but only a graven image of God, his self-expression must deal with limits; properly with limits that are strict and even small.

The most natural and human manner of living is for each person (family, really) to have a bit of the Earth to call their own and do with as they will for their own support. In our modern world, of course, it isn’t possible or even practical that we should all become small farmers…but we should still be striving for personal or family control over the primary means of wealth creation which sustain us. This is the ideal. At least it is the ideal for me, and so I’m a Distributist.

But the ideal of the Global Elite is to eliminate property (except the Elite’s, of course; though they may, as in the old USSR, just change the title of their private property to their “personally assigned” property). They do want us to have nothing. And that means, grasp this!, that they want us to cease being human.

We are human when we hold what we own – what we acquired by our labor and/or fair trade. That it is ours to do as we wish recognizes the inherent dignity of humanity and makes us all equals under law though we clearly are not equal in fact. The war on this concept began in the Reformation when the Lords temporal stole the Commons (to be clear, I don’t blame the Protestants, as such, for this: but the primary reason the British upper class went Protestant was so they could steal: the common lands used by all, the monasteries which were the hospitals and schools of the poor, etc, etc.). It went on and on with things like property and inheritance taxes and rules and regulations and fees and licensing…all patiently explained to us at the time as something only to affect the rich and merely to facilitate the improvement of society…but now we arrive at a time when if I don’t pay a tax I can’t keep my house and when I pass it on to my granddaughter the government will have its hand out; and I am plagued by a host of costs and requirements just to “own” my house, my car…and now they propose to place further restrictions on my ownership of my home and to force me to buy a sort of car I don’t want and probably can’t afford…with their noxious bus waiting for me when I can’t keep up with their demands.

How free am I, really? A serf on a 12th century farm would lose his farm if he didn’t pay his Lord on time. If I don’t pay the government on time, away goes my house (I’ve read some horror stories of late where some poor folks have lost their houses due to trivial tax arrears…and when the houses were sold at auction, the government kept 100% of the proceeds even though the tax bill might have been mere hundreds of dollars…and this is happening most often in Deep Blue jurisdictions). And how free can I ever be if I cannot stand on my small corner of Earth and set everyone at defiance? If you can usurp my property, then I am your slave.

And then you think about what they are also doing with telling us that men can get pregnant and children should be able to get abortions and medical transitions in defiance of parents…and our nation is being invaded by aliens with the active assistance of our own Ruling Class. What is all of this but a program to completely remove all that makes us human? To make us alone, alienated, dependent…as well as cruel and greedy as we grasp for any small advantage at the trough with the other slaves.

Live in your Life Pod, east your bug paste…

No, thanks. I prefer to remain human. And this is why I say we must utterly destroy the Left. It must be pushed out of power. It must have all of its money confiscated. It must be prosecuted for its crimes. It has to go; the poison pill invented by Rousseau and perfected by Marx must become no more, as if it had never been. We have to do this, just to remain human.

Open Thread

The legal defense fund for Daniel Penny has raised a million dollars so far – its only been up for a day, maybe two, so that’s good. Its getting to enough money to really pay for some top flight lawyers. Couple things about it:

The Left is relentlessly pointing out that Penny is white and the man who died was black. Race, of course, had absolutely nothing to do with the incident. But inflaming race hatred is a key component of the Left’s program…its been part of it since the mid 1970’s but it went into overdrive when an increasingly failing and unpopular Obama needed a tool to keep his troops in line. It has just gone thermonuclear since then. Do keep in mind that this isn’t a mistake. This isn’t an unintended consequence. This is deliberate and malicious: it is just like Julius Streicher and his Der Sturmer in Nazi Germany: it is intended to otherize us and make us legitimate targets for violence.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed on the Right far too many people trying to split the baby: deploring the indictment of Penny but also making statements to the effect of, “he took it too far”. This is why we lose – and it is because we have forgotten. Nobody is ever allowed to act out in public. Not even once and not even a little bit. It is impermissible to accost people; to yell at them; to threaten them in any manner. All Penny did was what a man is supposed to do in that situation; stop the guy. It is unfortunate – and was clearly unintended – that he should die. But his death is on his hands, not Penny’s. It was the raving nutter who deliberately placed himself into a situation where any decent man would have to take him down…as gently as possible but with whatever force proved necessary. If Penny had deliberately killed the man, it would still not be a crime: because, once again, nobody is ever allowed to be a raving lunatic in public. Doing that is a complete breakdown of the social contract wherein we all agree to be polite and reasonable for the benefit of all. Start allowing people to at will ignore that rule and social chaos ensues – as we already see in New York, San Francisco and many other places.

Team Pudding Brain has manufactured a border crisis and is flooding America with what may be many millions of illegal immigrants – with of course untold thousands of vicious criminals mixed in with them. The official numbers are staggering and probably aren’t 50% of what is really coming in. Now, why should they do this? I think they believe that the resulting chaos will help them short and long term: as communities get overrun with illegals, the Democrats will claim their “common sense immigration reform” (ie, amnesty) will fix the problem but Republicans are obstructing it (this is why they are dumping lots of illegals in deep Blue areas) while, long term, they figure these illegals they’ll eventually turn into citizens will be grateful and vote Democrat for a couple generations. The crime and social chaos is just a bonus in this plan – keeping in mind that your basic Democrat (whether conscious of it or not) is a Marxist who believes that our wealth and security are the result of an evil system and we must be punished for taking what was never ours. But I have noticed that the deep Blue areas become illegal dumping grounds aren’t the high end deep Blue areas. They aren’t moving these people to Malibu, ya know? It is poor urban areas mostly made up of POC who are getting the shipments…and it is infuriating these people. There is a huge opportunity here…and the person best able at the moment to take advantage of it is Trump…though RDS can also make the pitch very well: that we GOPers will save low income communities from being overrun.

Biden is congratulating himself for appointing lots of women as judges – our Matt asks how can he tell as he’s not a biologist?

CNN is trying to tell us that it isn’t the bums, looting, feces and crime driving retailers out of the big Blue cities. It is something else. Lots of stuff. Complex social changes. But not the bum sh***ing on the street. It isn’t that. Trust them!

Elon Musk hired his new CEO for Twitter – a lady names Linda Yaccarino who checks off just about every Left SJW nutjob box you can think of. This has caused a lot of negative comment on Twitter and, yeah, it is worrying. OTOH, Musk is still saying he’s committed to free speech…to troll the Left he even Tweeted out a Pepe the Frog meme (if you don’t know – Pepe is a frog used in rightwing memes and it is hated by the Left). So, I don’t know. I can see on the face of it why Yaccarino was picked – she’s apparently first rate at generating advertising dollars and Musk does want Twitter to be profitable. But there is the worry that the Safety Council will come back, by one means or another, and Right comment will start to be throttled again (towards the end of the old Twitter regime it was getting really bad). I’m going to wait and see, myself: some of the people Yaccarino follows are accounts the Left hates with a white-hot passion. She might be one of those few Commies who is actually ok with the free flow of ideas – they are very rare, but they do exist. We’re going to find out.