Snow in Vegas (World is Ending) Open Thread

Just been a busy week, hasn’t it?

Anyways, we had snow in Las Vegas. Real snow – like parts of the town getting 4 to 8 inches, and it isn’t melting off in an hour. Right around Casa Noonan, just a few dustings; but other friends have pictures up on Facebook with piles of snow and snowmen. This is very strange for Las Vegas. And this is the coldest, wettest winter I’ve ever experienced out here. Our average high this time of year is 64 degrees, by the way. Usually, I’m planting flowers by this time.

William Jacobson theorizes that with the Democrat primary field becoming a clown car, Democrats will draft Michelle Obama to save them from Four More Years of Trump. The Powers That Be will have to do something, or 2020 is going to be mighty disappointing. I think that so many Democrats are getting in because they believe MSNBC and so think that getting the nomination is tantamount to getting elected President. So far, I don’t see any of the declared candidates acting as if they are merely angling for a VP slot or laying the groundwork for future efforts…they all seem to be convinced they are the one. And the field will get more crowded…and the Starbucks billionaire guy will siphon away Democrat votes. They’ll have to do something.

Of course, they might not be able to – I never got the impression that Michelle Obama really cared about politics. And I’d love to see a deadlocked DNC with various Prog pressure groups trying to work out a compromise candidate.

Speaking of which, Harris and Warren have both come out in favor of reparations for African Americans. My first question: a friend of mine immigrated legally from the West Bank about 20 years ago; how much does he owe? That aside, I can’t think of anything which would make the Democrats toxic outside the deep, blue areas than arguing for reparations. They might feel it necessary in order to energize African American voters, but I can’t see it costing them less than two votes for every one they gain. So, I completely support the Democrats going in this direction.

Lara Logan is a reporter and she was brutally raped by a gang of Islamists during the Arab Spring. Now, she’s come out to say that the MSM is a mere propaganda arm – and for some reason, in spite of her courage and grit in overcoming terrible personal tragedy…she’s not getting a lot of MSM respect. Go figure.

Low T men are moody and angry – but, you already knew that.

SJW idiots try to torch a statue of General Lee…only problem is that it was a statue of General William C. Lee, father of the American airborne forces in WWII. Liberals are not just dumb, they are also astonishingly ignorant.

The Virginia Democrat saga has been sent into the Memory Hole by the MSM, but it turns out that Fairfax’ second accuser is willing to testify about it…so, maybe this gets back in the news. You can bet that VA GOPer’s wouldn’t mind holding a hearing or two in October about the whole mess.


Open Thread

Jussie Smollett might be in a great deal of trouble – if it proves that he did send a hate letter to himself, he may be looking at a heavy federal penalty. Pretty much all of us figured the story was fishy from the start…there is just so little chance that Trump supporters would (a) know who Smollett is and (b) seek him out on a freezing cold Chicago night. Naturally, we already have Fredocons willing to let bygones be bygones…because, all Smollett did was accuse 60 million Americans of being violent racists and tie up Chicago PD resources investigating a fake crime. Nothing to worry our little heads over, you see?

Marc Theissen is figuring that the GOPers in Congress should stand up to Trump and stop him from his emergency declaration on the border. Leaving aside, for a moment, the actual case, let’s look at Theissen: the son of two Manhattan doctors, went to an elite prep school and Vassar and the Naval War College…the author of a book asserting the CIA is great. Can you get a more Establishment guy? I don’t think so.

You can see where he’s really coming from – his whole life; his success, his reason for being, is tied up in the post-WWII liberal Establishment. To a guy like this, it is unthinkable that there might be something valid outside the Establishment which gave him every advantage and retains him in a position of wealth and privilege. To the Establishment, there is nothing wrong with people coming across the border, however they come across. For a variety of reasons, they think it good and don’t care – likely because they are unaware – what affect this has on people who are not insulated by wealth and privilege. So, naturally, Theissen is mounting an attack on Trump. He claims it is a matter of principle and, in a sense, it is: but the principle is defense of the Establishment and it’s desires. It isn’t an adherence to eternal principles. He’s just looking after his own.

We’ve suddenly had a few ISIS Brides attempting to return home – here and in the UK. The American ISIS Bride Hoda Muthana has been denied permission to return to the US. Apparently with a revocation of her US citizenship. She’s now just a foreigner who can apply for immigration to the United States, and her case will be judged in line with the rules for foreign immigrants. There is sympathy in my heart and a desire for mercy – on the other hand, she adhered to inhuman savages and betrayed not just her country, but human decency.

Seven Labour MP’s have quit the party over Labour’s increasing anti-Semitism. As I said, Labour made the calculation that there is more money and votes in Islamism than in Judaism…the Democrat party here is making the same calculation.

California: the State so stupid they can’t even sell dope to stoners. They have placed so many taxes and regulations on marijuana that the black market is still thriving…solution? Well, obviously: step up law enforcement. Don’t even think about cutting the taxes and regulations. California will get the wonderful situation of sending people to jail for dealing in a legal substance.

Mueller probe to end next week? We’ll see.

Defending Colonialism

Which is actually a defense of civilization. Interesting article at The Political Hat which links to a video talk about colonialism. You only need know that the left wanted the talk banned – and the professor fired – to understand that it was someone speaking the truth.

I’ve pointed out before that Hernan Cortez was decisively the good guy vis a vis the Aztecs. The left is still trying to offer defense of the Aztecs because what the Aztecs really were doesn’t fit in with the Narrative: everyone was great until those filthy, white, Christian Europeans showed up. But, the more we learn of the Aztecs, the more we understand why Cortez and his men felt an urge to destroy them. So, too, with others.

Another man along these lines many haven’t heard of these days was Charles Gordon – he had a colorful career as a British army officer (one of his nicknames was “Chinese Gordon” due to his command of a Chinese army at one point – think about that: a British officer in command of a Chinese army…he simply must have been an impressive figure of a man), but he’s most famed for how he died: fighting slave-trading Islamists in the Sudan. These days, we’re supposed to hate Gordon and have sympathy for those who killed him – and I’m sure in the Muslim parts of Sudan, they tell horror stories about Gordon. But, the bottom line, is there was one side defending chattel slavery and there was a side fighting against chattel slavery – and the side fighting against it is always and forever the good side. Gordon was on the good side.

So were a host of other men and women who trekked into the barbarian areas of the world over a thousand years to bring civilization to the pagan savages. Not a single person on Earth wants to return to pagan savage ways of life. Not even the people who claim descent from pagan savages and who assert their pagan savage ancestors were better want to live like pagan savages. Everyone wants the blessings of civilization. I am merely asserting that you might as well give a tip of of the hat and a bit of honor to those who brought forth the blessings of civilization.

National Divorce?

We’ve all seen it around; heck, we’ve even talked about it a bit – but, more and more, I’m seeing people who say it is time for a national divorce. Not a Civil War, but an amicable divorce between Red and Blue. Kurt Schlichter has the latest entry in this. And, to be sure, just a quick review of recent events does lend weight to the idea. Think about it – in the space of a few weeks, the Blue people have manufactured two race-based events designed to support a Narrative of racist Trump supporters who must be stopped at all costs. The Covington Catholic kids were completely innocent, while Jussie Smollett’s “attackers” were paid by Smollett; and in both cases, without a shred of evidence and with the basic premise (ie, that we are violent racists) being absurd, the entirety of the Blue establishment (which, as Schlichter points out, includes the Never Trump Fredocons) rose up as one to support these slanders.

Don’t know about you, but I’m getting rather tired of being called racist, sexist and homophobic. Rather tired of my religion being held up, by turns, to ridicule and hatred. Tired of my national and historic heroes being made out as monsters (latest: Churchill was a genocidal racist). Tired of all the lies. Maybe it is time to leave?

Our Blue friends might think that a national divorce means they get all of California, but they’d be wrong about that. They’d get San Francisco and Los Angeles…San Diego if the people there opted for it (don’t think they would). They’d get NYC, Seattle, Chicago…and a few other isolated, big city spots around the nation. Hardly any place that produces any physical goods would wind up in Blue America. Perhaps the people of San Francisco can farm Nancy’s yard? They get to keep her, as well.

Because the truth of the matter is that a dozen big cities really represents all the on the ground power the left has – and I doubt they really have that power. I suspect they have rigged the election systems in those areas to ensure that they win, no matter what…and probably so well and for so long that only a tiny percentage actually vote in any given election (it would take investigation to determine the accuracy of my theory…but not as much as you might think: just have someone stand outside deep Blue precincts on election day to count the number of people who come in, and then compare it to the number of votes reported…my bet is there’d be massive discrepancies). Be that as it may: their power is very limited geographically. They seem more strong than they are because they also control popular culture and the news media.

And that is why, ultimately, I don’t think we’ll have to divorce. I think we can reconcile – if, by that, you mean “we flex the actual, real power we have and force them to bend to it”. Trump is showing the way. Will the lesson stick? Will, that is, the follow-on GOPers understand that to fight the left is to beat it? That the left has only ever won because non-left elements either surrendered to it, or helped it win? Never, not even once, has a fully leftwing entity won power solely on the support it garnered as a leftwing entity. Always, always, they have won by co-opting non-left forces and convincing other non-left forces to go easy on the left. The dirty, little secret of the last 100 years is that only a tiny minority ever wanted what the left wanted…all the left’s victories came via subversion.

If we can get a resolute GOP which will go toe to toe with the left, then eventually we’ll beat them into the ground. All it takes is a will to win – and a class of leaders who’s ultimate dream isn’t to have a spot on a MSM show, or a fat lobbying job in DC (or both). I think there are signs that we’re starting to get one…slowly, incrementally, more and more GOPers are starting to understand that Trump is winning. And, especially among the younger and more outsider GOPers, they are finding that winning is most of all fun. We’ll see how it comes out; but, for me, for now: no divorce. I want to have fun and win.

To Wall or Not to Wall?

Trump says he’ll sign the budget bill, even though it has a lot in it his base despises. This is clearly a deal worked out between Democrats and Chamber of Commerce GOPers. Remember, at least half the GOP Congressional membership is as much open borders as the Democrats are.

So, what does it mean? The end of MAGA? I don’t think so. Trump says he’ll just go on and build the wall, anyway (and I would if I were him – and I’d calmly ignore any judicial injunction against it, using Andy Jackson’s old mot, “the Court has ruled; now, let the Court enforce”). We really need to re-work the GOP. A lot of real progress has been made getting rid of the Flakes and Ryans, but plenty remain. And even solid people, if they stay there long enough, will get captured by the system. At the end of the day, Trump is working hard to carry out his promises, and I’m with him through 2020.

Former FBI director McCabe said he pondered carrying out a coup d’etat against Trump after Comey was fired. He doesn’t use those words, but that is what he ultimately was on about. Now, a lot of people are very angry over this – I’m less so. I’m sure he would have liked to do it, but I don’t think it ever amounted to much: just some fools having a bull session (possibly following a good cry after Hillary lost).

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-North Mexico) wants to shovel $25 million of California taxpayer’s money at the illegal immigrants.

Someone do the math: CA taxpayers are exiting the State at X rate, illegals are arriving at Y rate. When does CA run out of money to shell out to the illegals?

Legal Insurrection notes that Newsom is clearly gearing up for a Presidential run. Not clear of which country at the moment.

Rumors abound at this time regarding the Jussie Smollet case. Some are saying that Chicago PD figures it was a hoax, but I’ve also read statements from Chicago PD denying this. What seems clear to me is that we don’t have what was originally told: racist, Trumpster white guys attacking a man because he was gay/black. Bottom line: treat all race- and gender-based attack stories as false until proven otherwise.

Open Thread

I came across this article on the state of public education and I’d like to say it was shocking and a real eye-opener, but as I read it my whole attitude was “yeah, naturally”. I do strongly recommend reading it, but that we’ve got an insider’s story about how absolutely out of control and effectively worthless public education is – especially at the high school level – is about the least surprising thing you can read.

It must be kept in mind that education is the last thing public education is for. In fact, if it actually educated, it would be undercutting the primary purpose of public education, which is to provide fat sinecures for unionized employees who, in turn, back Democrat politicians who get to use their funding of public schools to show how much they care. An actually educated populace would see through the scam right away – but even to this day, I’d bet that polling would show north of 65% still believe that public education is crucial to our nation. It isn’t, and never was.

It is time to bite the bullet and start working for the abolition of public schools. I don’t at all mind giving money to poor parents to send their kids to school, but I don’t want a single, government official within 10 miles of a school. I don’t want them in charge of curriculum. Of discipline. Of class size. I don’t even want them there for health and safety inspections. Be better if there was a law making it a felony for a government official to come within 100 yards of a school. Leave government out of it. Yes, this means some kids won’t get any formal education – but all those who really want it, will. And as for a kid turning 18 with no schooling, how is that really inferior to a kid getting a high school diploma at 18 when he can’t even read? The 18 year old with no schooling might have at least picked up some life skills along the way.

Concaine Mitch (R-Increasingly MAGA America) is going to bring the Green New Deal up for a vote – so, Democrats can either make themselves politically toxic by voting in favor, or infuriate their base by voting against. I like Cocaine Mitch.

Governor Newsom (D-People’s Republic of California) is putting the high speed rail boondoggle on the back burner. Hey, at least those most juiced in got a big payday for a while.

Rep. Omar (D-West Somalia) has got herself into hot water over her anti-Semitic remarks. The MSM is furious – with us, for noticing. She’s what the Democrats get when they decided that downplaying radical Islam in a play for Muslim votes was the thing to do. Radical Islam is shot through with anti-Semitism. Anyone who subscribes in any way, shape or form to radical Islam is going to be anti-Semitic. It’s as natural as their being anti-American. Our Democrats have made Labour’s choice – there’s more votes and money in Islam than in Judaism…but, it comes with a price.

Governor Cuomo (D-Will the Last Person in NY Please Turn out the Lights) is upset over rich New Yorker’s bailing out and heading to Florida. He’s thinking that Florida is stealing New York’s people…I’d suggest that all the taxes and the lousy climate plays a role, but that would probably be a hate crime.

Open Thread

It appears that about 49 million Americans tuned into the SOTU and 76% of those who watched liked what they saw. It will be hard for Democrats to gain leverage for their absurd plans – be it the insane Green New Deal or their continuing conviction that somehow, some way, Trump-Russia is the way to get Trump.

As for that Green New Deal – I agree with those who say that our best tactic is to reject the premise. Don’t argue the stupid details. Reject the very notion that we need a Green New Deal. The premise is that human action is causing environmental change which will certainly be catastrophic to life on Earth. That is a stupid notion: the idea of an idiot or of a person who is running a con to grab power and wealth no one would otherwise give to them. The footsoldiers of the Green New Deal are the idiots – the people pushing it from the top are the con artists. Neither should be allowed so much as the time of day. their entire idea is baseless, corrupt, stupid and cruel.

Senator Rand Paul is calling for hearings into the selective prosecution of Trump officials. In my view, McConnell should empanel a select committee on this. Democrats want to keep up the investigations in the House? Fine: we can’t stop them…but we can bury them under a mountain of investigation, as well. Fire with fire: and as our investigation stands a massively better chance of uncovering criminal actions, the Democrats should fear such a tit for tat operation.

There have been Conservative voices – and not just Never Trump “Conservatives” – saying we should lay off Joy Behar over her use of black face in the past. Such people are fools. The Democrats made the determination 50 years ago that they would fight with any means necessary. So be it: now, we just have to turn it against them. We’ve been playing by rules which were discarded with Johnson was still President. Behar used black face: any Republican who did such a thing would be fired and hounded out of public life. So, Behar must be fired and hounded out of public life – by the Democrat’s definition, she’s a racist and she has to go. And while we do it, just keep telling them: “if you quit, we’ll quit”.

In light of this: a Colorado school teacher who tweeted out threats against the Convington Catholic boys may be fired. There should be no “may” in it. She has to be fired: these people on the left must be instructed that they are no longer permitted to slander us.

Robert Stacy McCain takes note of a guy named Anand Giridharadas. A man who is part of our Elite (attended the same school Chelsea Clinton did, eg). A man who is a pinko as you can get without dressing up like Lenin. But a man who also, it seems, is disgusted by the liberal elites on top of our society. Give it a read – and I’ll be keeping an eye on Anand going forward, because I’m starting to see some on the left who are as fed up with things as we are. They will never agree with us on policy, but that’s fine. We don’t expect everyone to agree with us. Nor do we ever expect to get 100% of what we want to the exclusion of ideas we disagree with. But we all do need to work to destroy our current Ruling Class. It has to go.