Mueller Time Open Thread

The long-awaited report dropped today – which I think rather odd as this could have been wound up six months ago, or six months from now. I suspect the timing has to do with our new Attorney General, who seems to bear no feelings of loyalty to Mueller. Be that as it may, no one outside of high, official circles knows what is in it…but in keeping with Team Mueller, leaks abound. Apparently, there are no more indictments coming down. And, so, we’ve finished with Mueller and no one (other than an alleged Russian bot-farm) has been indicted for things relating to the 2016 campaign. We’re done here – not that liberals will take it that way.

Looking around Twitter, I had a ball – liberals in tears or trying to buck themselves up with ever more bizarre theories about how all of this will still work out to Trump being arrested any day, now. As I noted – and so did a lot of other people, including our Matt – this is just like Election Night, 2016, all over again.

The Democrats will keep this going, because their base is going to insist – but the longer they go, the more I suspect it’ll backfire on them. Unless absolute, rock solid proof of Trump illegality comes up, the people outside Democrat fever swamps will grow increasingly impatient and sympathetic to Trump.

The Moral Necessity of Voting for Trump (and the GOP)

There is a lot of talk about morality and norms of late – mostly in relation to Trump and how he is destroying both. We’ve all seen it: the endless stream of opinions deploring how Trump is corrupting America and destroying what we are. The corollary to this is that we must do whatever we can to get rid of Trump…even to electing Democrats. The bottom line in all this: nothing can possibly be worse than Trump.

Yeah, right.

Recently, Democrats have made serious proposals to pack the courts, abolish the electoral college and abolish the Senate (or reapportion it based on population). They assert the 2nd Amendment does not secure an individual right to bear arms and that the 1st Amendment does not protect “hate speech”. They believe that illegal aliens should vote, that no ID be required to vote and that unknown and unaccountable activists be allowed to “ballot harvest” on election day. The sum total of these proposals is an insistence that in no way, shape or form should anyone non-left be able to secure power in the United States and that once the left obtains power there should be no restrictions on the use of that power.

All of this stems from the leftist belief that they are absolutely right and those who oppose them are not merely wrong, but immoral in their views. I, as a Conservative, don’t want people to be judged by the content of their character because I believe it is right to do so: I want that because I’m an evil person who wishes to perpetuate injustice to benefit myself. The left, if given enough power for a long enough time, will implement, in one form or another, every one of these proposals (and more, besides) because they believe that the very survival of the human race and the planet depends upon it – and they will brook no opposition from anyone.

Do you want that? Do you want yourself to eventually be declared mentally incompetent because you will not assert that a woman can have a penis? And then have your right to bear arms and fly on airplanes denied because, as a crazy female-penis-denier, you’ve been placed on a government list prohibiting such people from doing those things? Do you want your religion forced to teach things that deny the things your religion asserts are true? Do you want your wealth confiscated in the name of fighting climate change and you forced to move into a densely populated city where you’ll have no car, no proper sanitation and whether or not you can be employed will be determined by a social credit system run by leftists? Do you want your government chosen in a flurry of urban ballot-box stuffing? Do you think I’m kidding when I say this is where the left wants to take us? And do you think for a moment they won’t go there if they have the means to do so?

We can all wish for a different set of circumstances. I could wish I was six feet tall, good looking and rich. But, the fact of the matter is that I’m five feet, seven inches, kinda dumpy looking and I think I could scrounge money for a meal at Jack in the Box if you’re hungry. Because of these circumstances, in my life I’ve had to get ahead on sheer hard work and an ability to be charming. You work with what you’ve got, in other words. And in politics, right now, what we’ve got is President Trump and the GOP – and, God help us all, that is what stands between us and a leftist disaster.

As an aside, do not doubt the left’s sincerity. They really believe they are right. They aren’t doing this for fun. I’ve been watching them a lot of late and they are seriously convinced of stuff you and I find absurd. And there is no way to talk them out of it: they are armored from ear to ear and simply won’t listen to contrary ideas or facts (the rare liberal who does wake up tends to prove the rule). They are going to do what they want because they think that they are helping – that by forcing you to say things you believe are untrue; by forcing you to surrender your property; by forcing you to live like an urban hipster, they are making you a better person and building a better world. And if you really get out of line, their punishment of you is also just for your own good…to prevent you from poisoning the minds of other people. Take them seriously and take them at their word.

So, what can we do? Well, as I noted above, I’d like different circumstances – I’d like the perfect GOP President and Congress and party organization which would do everything exactly right at all times. But, we aren’t going to get that. We’re going to have to go with what we have: Trump and the current GOP. Somehow or another, we have to award them absolute political victory in 2020 and beyond (I’d say we dare not let Democrats obtain Executive power for at least 20 years; hopefully that long out of power will force the Democrats to change). It is either vote for Trump and the GOP, or allow Democrats who are committed to enforcing a series of lies and imposing a series of oppressions to sustain the lies. It really is a time for choosing: which do you want? A flawed GOP plus Trump who’s heart is clearly in the right place, or Democrats who are pledged beforehand to destroy everything which you hold dear?

To me, there isn’t any question: if I want to live in a society where truth may be spoken; where property can be owned; where people can live as they wish; where laws are enforced, then I’ve got no choice but to back Trump and the GOP. And keep backing them until such time as we’ve either entirely rebuilt the barriers against tyranny in this country, or Democrats change back into a party where truth is allowed. It is a moral requirement, in my view, that I vote for Trump and the GOP in 2020. To do otherwise is to betray not just my moral code, but the very concept of morality. It may seem weird that a billionaire playboy works out to be the Tribune of truth and decency, but that is actually the way the world works: often it is the most unlikely person imaginable who turns out to have been granted the talisman of truth. Don’t ask me why it wound up being Trump (and Mitch McConnell) – I don’t know. Don’t really care, either. They are what they are – and they’ve all I’ve got; so, I’m going to do the right thing in 2020.

Open Thread

Supreme Court rules that illegal aliens can be arrested by ICE after they finish their State sentences. This is a win – but it shows you how far back the left pushed us until Trump came along.

Senator Warren (D-High Cheek Bones) did a town hall in which she proposed $100 trillion in new government spending. Not sure this will be the path to victory. It would be the path to bankruptcy, though. (HT: RSM)

Aside: I am wondering how the Democrats’ “white people: you suck” platform will play with blue collar white voters in 2020.

CNN wins an award named after Cronkite for their Parkland townhall…which makes sense as we’re giving them an award for hackery named after one of the premier hacks in American journalistic history. A lot of people keep saying that Trump is attacking our norms by calling the MSM the “enemy of the people”: the truth of the matter is that Trump is asserting the norm. The only function the MSM has is to provide the truth as best they can determine it. They don’t do that – they lie, they hide the truth, they play politics…and by so doing, they negate the reason for having a free press and, so, become an enemy of the people. They can fix this real easy: just report the truth. That’s all they have to do.

They won’t do it.

Newtown, MA public schools have been teaching the kiddies that Christians and Jews modified their religious books in order to contradict Muslim claims. I can only guess that this is a belief held by some Muslims…but in a time when you can’t even say an Our Father in public schools, why in heck are the kids being taught such things? You know why: the left has made the calculation that Islam is the future…this is part of that.

Some science guys think they’ve figured out, via DNA, who Jack the Ripper was. Seems to make sense – but, it won’t stop people from thinking differently (HT: Ace)

A Tale of Two Atrocities

Atrocity One:

At least 32 people were killed in a Muslim Fulani herder attack on a Christian area of north-central Nigeria on Tuesday (Feb. 26), sources told a Morning Star News correspondent.

The early morning assault on villages in and around Maro, in Kajuru County of Kaduna state, came after a Feb. 10 herdsmen attack on Angwan Barde, in the same county, that killed 10 Catholic Christians along with an unborn child.

Atrocity Two:

The death toll for the deadly terror attack that targeted two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday rose to 50, Police Commissioner Mike Bush said in a press conference Sunday morning.

Another 50 people were injured, 36 of whom remain in hospital, he said. Of those, 11 are in critical condition, including one four-year-old child.

Now, which atrocity are we supposed to get worked up over? That’s right, you guessed it: the one which fits the Liberal Narrative. Heck, I bet 99% of the people of the United States never even heard of the first atrocity. I did a quick search of CNN and found nothing on it. ABC had nothing on it, either. I didn’t bother looking at other major MSM sites – if they had it, at all, it was probably only a small mention. It certainly didn’t get the national hand-wringing we’re getting about the New Zealand attack.

To be sure, as Christians we must care about both attacks and pray for all involved. But why am I supposed to get worked up at the rare event of Muslims being attacked by non-Muslims when my brothers and sisters in Christ are attacked all the time for their faith? What happened in Nigeria last month is a fairly routine event. If you’ve got a good reason for this double standard, I’m all ears…but if you don’t, then I’m disinclined to believe you actually care about either attack.

And I think that is what bothers me most about this – the callous disregard for human life; not just by the murderous bastards carrying out the attacks, but by the global left which reveals its cynicism by it’s selective outrage. They don’t really care – they just think they can use the one, and not the other, to advance their political agenda. It is no surprise they don’t care – people in favor of aborting children are not likely to be filled with reservoirs of genuine human kindness. If you don’t care about an infant being killed, then you aren’t going to be sorrowful when older people are massacred.

Open Thread

I’ve been reading a biography of President Grant. Early take: he was the First Trump. To be sure, there are gigantic differences between the men – Grant being very humble at all times and, also, a man of very strict Christian morals. But, Grant, like Trump, was a normal man who succeeded by beating the upper crust types…who despised him for beating them. Part of the reason why Lee became so revered (north and south) was because people who hated Grant – which included a lot of people up north, especially in the GOP leadership – built up Lee to help tear down Grant. You gotta remember, though it is hard, that Lee’s greatest triumph, Chancellorsville, was actually botched. He should have bagged the Union army just as Napoleon did the Austrian army at Austerlitz. He failed to do so. And his attack on the last day of Gettysburg was a dismal failure of imagination. Grant had his mistakes, too, most notably Cold Harbor…but Grant never failed of his aim: in war, he always accomplished what he set out to do. It is rare that a general can boast of that.

Democracy is always very much a fight between the ins and the outs. The people on the inside want to remain inside and will only be pleased if other insiders get in…they will fight tooth and nail to keep the outsider out, or destroy him if he slips in. What we’re seeing play out here has happened before…some times the outsiders win, most times they lose (Grant could never quite defeat the political forces arrayed against him: he got re-elected, but when he left office, the insiders still controlled the destinies of the Republic). We’ll see if Trump does better.

There are rumors that the Minnesota Democrats are seeking a primary challenger to Rep. Omar. They won’t get one – they can’t. In the end, racial bean counting has become so ingrained in how Democrats view the world that the only person who could possibly be allowed to challenge Omar would be someone just like Omar.

Don’t send your kid to college – send him or her to trade school:

…consider Dan Maurer, a journeyman pipefitter with United Association Local 190, a plumber and pipe trades union in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He’s one class away from an associate degree in applied science. He left general construction and carpentry to pursue the mechanical trades and today does welding, plumbing, and medical gas piping for Boone & Darr, a mechanical contractor in Ann Arbor. A rock-solid middle-class breadwinner, Maurer is the sole support for his stay-at-home wife and two young daughters, no small feat today for any young family.

A future in the trades begins even before you graduate high school, he says: “Pay attention while you’re in public school to the education that’s right in front of you. It’s free. It’s a gift. When you go on from there to pursue a trade, remember that whatever you put into it is what you get out of it.”

More and more of that, please. We need hands-on people who know how things work…that is what we need for the practical reason of making things work, and for the future because innovation really comes from the ground up as people doing the work think of better ways to do it.

Ace collects some horror stories from the Trans front. What the State is doing – allowing/forcing – vis a vis kids who claim to be trans is appalling. If you’re the parent of a young boy or girl and that kid suddenly decides they are trans, you’re not going to be able to stop it. You might find yourself in grave legal jeopardy if you tried to stop it…and as the article notes, there seems to be unlimited funds for kids to transition. Who is ponying up this money? How did this get decided? We need to look very deeply into this, totally unafraid of the names the left us will call us for doing so. This isn’t about whether and adult can choose this (they can) nor whether we should show respect to those who have (of course we should)…this is about whether or not a minor child can choose this without parental consent…and whether or not doctors should be allowed, even with consent, to permanently, physically alter a child (I say, “no”: hey, if the kid is really determined on this, then at 18 he/she/xir can have at it…but no permanent alternations until the kid is at the age of consent).

Beto announced he’s running for President on the “hey, don’t I look young and cool?” platform. Geraghty points out:

If Beto had an R after his name instead of a D, you’d hear he was boarding-school-attending judge’s son who dodged serious charges for the DUI & burglary, used eminent domain to gentrify poor Latino neighborhoods & married into a billionaire’s family.

Open Thread

Something I saw from Mollie Hemingway on Twitter:

Following an internet struggle session, Debra Messing apologizes profusely to men who identify as women for promoting the idea that women have vaginas. “I am so so sorry. Thank you for righting my wrong.”

The most important thing about this is that Debra Messing eventually agreed to lie – she knows full well that only women have vaginas, but because ideology trumps all, she agreed to lie and say otherwise. Right now and for a very long time, the most subversive thing anyone can do is speak the truth.

Hate crimes do happen – but often the most egregious get little national reporting because they don’t fit the Narrative. Legal Insurrection has the story of a stroller belonging to an Orthodox Jewish woman being kicked in Brooklyn. This is the most vile sort of Sturmabteilung action…and the left is consenting to it by silence.

White House is mulling a move to put colleges on the hook for defaulted student loans. Good. Way past time.

Baltimore just goes from bad to worse – because the Democrats are deliberately and maliciously imposing policies to make it go from bad to worse. We really have to start campaigning by definitively accusing the Democrats of being evil. No more allowing them to pretend they aren’t responsible when places they’ve governed for decades go to heck in a handbasket.

Rich people are bribing prestige colleges to get their kids admitted. But, our moral superiors, y’all.

RSM points out that it is the Democrats who have a race problem. It does make sense, guys: remember, we’re still about 70% white as a nation…and if Democrats can’t
crack 40% of the white vote, they aren’t really going places. And if they drop below 30%?

The Real World vs TV Reality

The other day Ace wrote a bit about this friend of his who is a SJW nutcase (I can’t remember which article it was: I searched a bit, but he’s been busy lately and so there’s a lot of articles – I couldn’t find the one) who simply didn’t believe that transgender women (ie, former men) were being allowed to compete against women. Until there was finally a small news story about it, and then she grudgingly admitted it happened, but was sure it was being exaggerated by Faux News. Ace pointed out that she didn’t believe it because the news she listens to simply never told her about it. That got me thinking: it explains a lot.

I get into Twitter and other arguments with liberals and one of their common assertions is that I should turn off “Faux News” and find out what is really going on. I never thought too much of it because I don’t watch Fox News. Heck, I don’t hardly watch any news. Anyone who has been around this blog for a while knows I have utter contempt for the MSM, but that contempt is tripled for the television branch of the MSM. I started rolling it around in my head, and I doubt that I spend even 15 minutes a month watching any sort of televised national news. I might check it if there’s a breaking story with interesting video…but, even then, you usually get the raw video faster in social media. The longest stretch of MSM-watching I’ve done over the past 10 years was Election Night 2016, because I had a feeling going in that Trump might pull it off and I wanted to see the nitwits react to that. And even there, it was only for a couple hours. Then it all struck me: they were not so much wanting me to stop watching Fox, but to start watching MSNBC. Because, man, that is where the truth is!

This burst of revelation was solidified today when a Never Trumper on Twitter was going on a rant and one of his rant points was to say that Republicans went nuts over Obama’s tan suit, but they are letting Trump get away with murder. It immediately leaped to my mind that I don’t remember the Tan Suit Scandal. Honestly, I don’t. I couldn’t begin to tell you when it happened or what the particulars were. I only know about it because since Trump took office, I keep seeing boring, poorly done leftist memes claiming that the Tan Suit Scandal was Obama’s only scandal (when I see it I always post a link to Worst President, as a sort of rebuttal). Do you guys know more about this? I asked Matt and he was pretty vague about it, as well. Bottom line, did any actual Republican go anything remotely nuts about Obama’s tan suit? But here was a guy – a guy who is college educated, top of his profession, etc – getting upset that Republicans got upset about Obama’s tan suit. Did it really happen? Meaning, not “did Obama wear a tan suit” but was there a “Tan Suit Scandal” which roiled politics for a period of time? I don’t think there was – I’m pretty sure I would have noticed it at the time. I did a bit of searching the blog, and I don’t think it even rated an Open Thread mention. I’m now quite certain that there is a world different from reality – we’ll call it TV Reality – where quite a lot of people live, and they believe a lot of nonsense simply because the TV said so…and don’t know a huge amount of stuff because TV hasn’t told them to know it.

You know TV Reality – it is where Trump is Hitler and on his last legs and there isn’t even such a thing as an anti-Semitic Democrat Congresswoman. Where Jussie Smollett was National News until the truth came out and he became a Local Crime Story. TV Reality – where racist hate crimes are all over the place, as opposed to Actual Reality where the hate crimes are exposed again and again as hoaxes. We’ve got tens of millions of people in this country who don’t believe anything they don’t see on TV – and who never, even for a moment, question what they see on TV. These people form the base of the Democrat party – but we’re not immune: I’ve seen plenty of righties, and not Never Trumpers, get themselves into a panic again and again because the TV Reality said Trump did something bad, or that Trump is in trouble over something.

The only advice I can give on this is to shut off the TV – if we did that, Trump would get 80% of the vote in 2020. We do have to find some way to battle this – we have tens of millions of people acting in an amazingly stupid manner because they are convinced that the person on TV in makeup who is reading lines off a teleprompter is real. That when one of these dimwits makes a pronouncement it is as if God Himself were speaking…rather than realizing what they see is a person who got the job because he or she looked and sounded good on TV. Can’t emphasize it enough that brains and ability are not requirements for being on TV – all that is required is looking and sounding good. And they’ve got makeup, lighting, computer programs and sound technicians to make you look and sound really good. I remember that time I went on TV and I had to spend 45 minutes in a makeup chair…for a 10 minute spot! I looked fabulous…and if I had said the moon was made of green cheese, at least a portion of the audience would have bought it because I looked good and I was on TV.

Brainless prats on TV mouthing lines that leftwing propagandists fed to them…mindless boobs at home watching it and thinking, “yeah, sure, Putin rigged the election for Trump to win”. Trouble is the mindless boobs get to vote and their vote counts as much as yours. This is a huge problem for us to get around.