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So they found yet another trove of classified documents illegally in China Joe’s possession.

It really is a matter of anyone who goes up against Trump wrecks themselves, don’t they? Sure, Biden managed to cheat his way into Trump’s job…but we’re already well past the point that Joe’s reputation has been utterly destroyed because he went up against Trump. Having mountains of classified documents going back at least 15 years when his hack AG went after Trump on a bogus claim of mishandling documents is just the perfect manifestation of karma…and the millionth time the Democrats have proved that whatever they accuse us of, they are guilty of doing.

Personally, I don’t see a nefarious reason on the part of Pudding Brain for having them – whatever those around him might have done with the documents (Hunter would have had to be a saint not to sell them to the highest bidder…and “saintly” isn’t a word I’d use to describe a man suing in court to prevent his illegitimate daughter from using his surname), I think that Joe, himself, kept them because they made him feel important. Biden’s whole career has been a mere series of lies he’s told himself to make out that he’s the hero of the show – the smartest, bravest, most important man. He probably thought it was cool that he could see secret information and just wanted to hang on to it as a talisman of his greatness.

But the real issue is that he really did break the law – just as Hillary did – and we already know that no legal sanction will be applied. It was apparently only in this last couple days that DOJ officials started searching for docs. Until then, they allowed Biden’s personal attorneys to do the searching. This after they raided Melania’s panty drawer searching for secret documents. That is the problem with our society – the double standard. Laws are applied differently depending on how juiced in you are with the Ruling Class. Such a thing is unsustainable.

I wonder how many, besides me, got a feeling of joy in the heart contemplating arresting everyone at WEF and, after confiscating their money, set them to hard labor? It did flash through the mind as I thought about how wicked and corrupt they all are (they literally had to import hookers to keep up with demand in Davos…and we all know that among the “goods” imported were minors)…and just for a moment a flash of justice came to mind. I think that more and more are getting to that…getting, that is, to understand just why the Jacobins did what they did.

Hulu is running a series based upon the entirely bogus 1619 Project materials. They really are determined to get Americans to hate their own nation. And our response must be the ruthless defunding of all Leftist ideology – DeSantis is leading the way on this in Florida. Who controls the schools, controls the future. I’d rather we just abolished the education system…but if we can’t, then we’d better control it and ensure that our beliefs are transmitted to the next generation.

The cops in Atlanta killed a white Antifa criminal and, so, other white Antifa criminals then rioted in black neighborhoods. And, yes, CNN stuck with the “mostly peaceful protest” reporting. Governor Kemp has ordered a crackdown and it seems that even the city government is willing to hit back…but the fracas stared in one of those Antifa “autonomous zones” which emerged in 2020…what in heck is such a thing doing in Georgia in 2023? A state which re-elected its Republican governor by 7.5 percentage points? Why did Kemp allow that thing to continue? Really: in our Red States, we must start insisting that the GOP hammer the Left…we can’t stop Antifa from ruining Portland, but we can sure save Atlanta.

Liars Must Be Punished

I won’t link to the disgusting New York Times article in question, but I saw it: the gist of the story is that three years ago, a mix-race high school kid saw a white girl say “the N word” and he recorded her doing it. From what I understand, the girl was singing a rap song which uses the word. So, anyways, this other kid records her saying it and then, three years later, he posts it on line after he finds out what college the girl got accepted to. He deliberately held on to it – waiting for the moment when it would do the most damage. And then he dropped it on her and, presto!, it worked just like he planned…the girl was forced to withdraw from the school and is now socially ruined. Tagged forever as a “racist” person…even though all she ever did was say words of a song (a bad song, to be sure: but this is the sort of music the kids are told they have to listen to if they want to be cool).

Now, you and I know what really happened here: the boy who recorded the video was probably shut down by the girl and this was his revenge. The way the story is being cast is that he’s a hero for finally forcing the girl to confront her racism…and the legacy of racism in the United States. But the real point of the effort by the NY Times, however, is to use a lie (“the girl is a racist and part of racist AmeriKKKa”) to enforce terror…fear that you may have an unguarded moment where you utter something unapproved and it will be used to destroy you, later. So, better make sure you are either strictly silent, or always braying along with whatever the SJW’s are on about at the moment.

The chances of an upper middle class suburban white girl being a racist in 21st century America are about nil. She’s been taught since kindergarten to not be racist. Her parents were taught the same when they were in school. Everything about her life is from the liberal script about what education should be. In fact, she’s been taught that she’ll get massive social credit for being non-racist and dating non-white boys (she’d get more for being lesbian or gender fluid, of course). The whole thrust of American popular culture and education is to teach her that non-white people are the best and she must love and respect them no matter what. The point here is that there is zero chance her use of “the N word” was meant as a racial attack in any way, shape or form. She ain’t Bull Connor and this isn’t 1963. The whole thing about America being racist and that we have to confront it with censorship and reparations and such is merely a gigantic lie – but a necessary lie if you want to control the debate. If, that is, you want to control people.

And that’s what the Times story is about – as are all other stories like this and all the bogus racial attacks and all the George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter and the whole run of all the SJW Thought Police things you see – to place you under control. To forbid you to say certain things in public. If they can get your fired and/or socially ruined because of something you said, then you are going to be very careful abou what you say. You will knuckle under to tyranny because to speak out against it will get a SJW mob after you costing you friends and employment. And it is the MSM which drives this – some dimwit posting something on Tik Tok only matters if the matter is taken up. In other words, it only matters if the MSM reports about it. And, of course, they do: it doesn’t matter how absurd it is, if it can be presented as someone being racist, they’ll run with it.

The Left wants total control. They see it necessary on two levels:

  1. They believe themselves morally superior.
  2. They believe our lives depend on the Left being in charge.

They have learned that they can’t actually secure what they want in a free and democratic society – but, remember, they are morally superior and our lives depend on their rule. Morally superior people who are saving the world can’t compromise with morally inferior people who are trying to destroy the world (these morally inferior world destroyers are you and me, by the way). I mean, if you really believed like they do, how could you compromise? Of course you wouldn’t – so, by hook or crook, you take power. And it is made a lot easier if certain things simply can’t be said. If the Left believes that Reparations are necessary, then they are necessary and there’s an end on it…they can’t bother fussing about with your ridiculous objection that Barack Obama owes Reparations to Thomas Sowell if Reparations are to be done. So, easier to just call objections to Reparations racism and call it a day…and then go and ruin a few people over it so that everyone else gets the message.

And, as usual, the MSM is the vehicle. It gets said and then repeated and then the MSM picks up on it and then the person is ruined and everyone else takes note and then takes on protective coloring to protect themselves. Lies are being used to terrorize people into silence so that they no longer have rights to the public square.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a feeling that when the Founders wrote the First Amendment – and when my dad fought for it on Saipan – they didn’t have in mind protecting the ability of egregious liars to use slander to silence political dissent. In fact, I’m pretty sure they and he meant the exact opposite of that. What I’m saying here – and this will probably infuriate some – if we were to punish the New York Times for this slander, it wouldn’t be a violation of the First Amendment (in an added bit of sickness, the Times hides behind the 1A which they believe was crafted by White Supremacists).

But Mark (you object), we can’t control the Press! It is a slippery slope! Where does it lead? Well, it probably leads to what amounts to a State controlled media slandering people so that one Party can obtain and retain power. Hate to break it to ya, guys, but we’re at the bottom of the slippery slope. We slipped down it ages ago. And we won’t start to climb back up as long as we vigorously defend the ability of the MSM to lie about us. They have to be forced to stop lying.

It is either that or we might as well hang it up and start memorizing the 57 genders. We can’t win if we can be lied about with impunity. It is as simple as that. Look what they did to Trump? Think about how much more he would have got done if more than half his time wasn’t spent merely fighting against lies? Trump pointed out early on that we needed to reform libel laws. He was attacked for saying it…but he was right! We must reform libel laws. We must punish for lies. And severely. We must make it so that it isn’t you and I thinking twice about saying the truth, but the MSM thinking ten times before publishing something…because it better be true or it’ll cost ya.

Punish liars or be ruled by liars. Those are the choices.

Open Thread

Do liars like to lie? I can only assume so, especially of late. Earlier today, I came across a Twitter thread from a blue-checked Never Trump Bulwark person who was asserting:

1. Ford’s story was credible.
2. Reade’s story was ridiculous on its face.

Got that? Ford, who couldn’t remember where or when it happened and had no evidence that she so much as met Kavanaugh is credible while Reade’s story is asserted to be ridiculous. And don’t you wanna know why? Because after Bob Packwood all the Senators were on their best behavior and there never has been a case of Biden acting inappropriately around women! How does one work up the gumption for such an assertion? I mean, the guy is routinely on camera being inappropriate with women. We can only imagine how he is when there’s no one watching. And yet the blue-checked person makes the assertion. Could Reade be lying? Of course she can be – but to make out that she’s an obvious liar while Ford is just as obviously telling the truth is…well…a rather amazing thing to say.

It is amazing because the person saying it – having the mental ability to type a coherent sentence, and thus isn’t a drooling idiot – knows that the assertion is ridiculous and, further, they also know that everyone reading it knows it is ridiculous. In other words, they are lying, they know they are lying, they know you know they are lying…and they further know that not a single person on their side will take note of the lie. They’ll either have the hardihood to agree (and thus join in the lie) or if they are of a more delicate sort, they’ll stay silent. But no one on the side of the Dems/Left/NeverTrump will ever contradict it. I did, of course. And so did many others…but we’re of the right and thus we’re racist, sexist, homophobic closet Nazis who don’t count.

Washington State got conned out of millions in unemployment money by Nigerians. It is, as yet, unknown if a Nigerian prince was involved. Its not so much that our Ruling Class is arrogant and corrupt…it is that they are no good. They suck. Winston Churchill once wrote about how to deal with a Prime Minister:

The loyalties which center upon number one are enormous. If he trips, he must be sustained. If he make mistakes, they must be covered. If he sleeps, he must not be wantonly disturbed. If he is no good, he must be pole-axed.

Our rulers are no good.

The New York Times puts its obituary notices on the front page to make you all feel bad about Trump. I guess it didn’t occur to them that hardly anyone reads their paper…but, be that as it may, they also got some of the names wrong. Once again: our betters are just lousy at their jobs.

The ChiComs are in the process of crushing the last remnant of liberty in Hong Kong. I do feel for the people of Hong Kong, but there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Only a war could change this result, and no one is going to go to war with China over Hong Kong. Only thing I can think to do is to pass a law saying that if you have proof of Hong Kong citizenship as of, say 1/1/20, you get refugee status in the United States, no questions asked.

WHO is trying to burnish its image by sending out as goodwill ambassador…the wife of China’s President. Its like they aren’t even trying any more: “yep, we’re stooges of the ChiComs and we’re laughing about it.”

Outside of Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment, there’s really more for Team Joe to worry about here:

Charlamagne tha God — the black radio host to whom presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden notoriously said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re voting for me or Trump, then you ain’t black” — warned that Democrats will face a “voter depression” problem in November, thanks to their likely presidential nominee. He said the best apology is pro-black policies and it’s time for black voters to put the burden on Democrats to win their votes, not take them for granted.

“Well, on top of possible Russian interference and voter suppression, Dems have to worry about voter depression, and that’s people staying home on Election Day because they just aren’t enthused by the candidate,” Charlamagne tha God told MSNBC host Joy Reid.

There’s some stuff out there which indicates that things aren’t going too well for the Democrats. Not just things like fundraising, the GOP win in the CA25 special and voter registration shifts…there’s also some indications that younger voters, including young black (especially male) and young Latino voters are warming up to Trump. Don’t get me wrong – Trump isn’t about to win 50% or even 30% of the black vote. But there are some indications he could get to 20%. That would be more than double his African-American support from 2016. That would be catastrophic for the Democrats…if Trump does well among African-Americans and Latinos, not only will Biden not be able to flip MI and PA, he’ll lose NM and NV, into the bargain. We won’t know it until we know it: we’re really going to have to wait for election day on this one…so much has been shifting so fast, no one can really say. But I’m wondering if Biden isn’t a Democrat version of Barry Goldwater?

The Left Wants to Force Us to be Liars

The story:

Every House Democrat but one has co-sponsored a bill requiring schools to allow male athletes who identify as transgender girls to compete on female sports teams.

Democrats’ Equality Act would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make “sexual orientation and gender identity” protected characteristics under federal anti-discrimination law. Among other things, the bill would force public schools to expand female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls.

Supporters of the bill are brazenly asserting that experience has shown that male-to-female trans athletes have no inherent advantage over biological females. Think about that: you know that isn’t true. You know, without even looking up the recent news stories of female athletic records being broken by trans athletes, that people making such an assertion are lying to you. But, they go ahead and do it – and they are defying you to call them liars. They feel confident you won’t, because you’ll be afraid of the social ostracism which may result.

It simply defies reason – meaning, it is insane – to hold that men are not physically stronger than women. Sure, you can probably find a completely in shape, well trained female boxer who can kick my a** into next week…but, in the normal run, a woman hitting me will have very little affect save, perhaps, to annoy me a little. And I’m not a big, athletic guy – I’m smaller than average and I don’t work out. I’m not guessing about this: I’ve been hit by a girl my height with all her might (long story)…it didn’t do a darned thing to me. The movies which show a 120 pound woman taking down a 200 pound male bad guy: garbage. You know it. I know it. The people making the movies know it. Men are physically stronger than women by a lot, and there’s an end on it. But, the left is now insisting that we discard what we know to be true. They are demanding, that is, that we agree to be insane – and to lie about it.

And that is the crucial thing here – the lie. It is very, very important to the left that we become habitual liars. A nation of liars has no moral center – and no way to defy the purveyors of lies. Done long enough, a nation of liars becomes incapable of recognizing the truth. This is the last line: if they push us beyond it, we’re done. We’ve already surrendered every other thing to the left (thanks, Tru-Cons!) and if they can get us to lie – especially if they can get us to do it out of cowardly fear – then we’ll never be in a position to take them down.

Open Thread

Rep. Omar is being investigated for misuse of campaign funds. I’m thinking this isn’t GOPers digging up dirt, but Democrats who want to at least curb her, and maybe get rid of her. Its not that any Democrat actually disagrees with her, but they don’t want people like her to be the face of the House Democrats in 2020, when a lot of purple-district Democrats will be up for re-election.

Report that Team Biden thinks Team Sanders is responsible for the sudden concern people have about Biden being grabby with the ladies. Could be, but it could also be Harris. It is definitely some Democrat(s) who want to put a veto on Biden’s effort.

Bernie can still rake in the bucks, in the manner of all Socialist Leaders of the People: $18 million in his first report.

Portland, OR liberals have been cooking up a bogus story about anti-LGBT activity in the city. As soon as you heard it, you knew it was a lie – but RSM lays it out.

Cocaine Mitch is shutting down the Democrats agenda. Democrats and the MSM (BIRM) are upset.

Israel’s Jews in Space effort is doing very well.

Law Prof says defending free speech is unconstitutional. (((shrug))); what ya gonna do? They’re liberals. You know: morons.

Open Thread

Something I saw from Mollie Hemingway on Twitter:

Following an internet struggle session, Debra Messing apologizes profusely to men who identify as women for promoting the idea that women have vaginas. “I am so so sorry. Thank you for righting my wrong.”

The most important thing about this is that Debra Messing eventually agreed to lie – she knows full well that only women have vaginas, but because ideology trumps all, she agreed to lie and say otherwise. Right now and for a very long time, the most subversive thing anyone can do is speak the truth.

Hate crimes do happen – but often the most egregious get little national reporting because they don’t fit the Narrative. Legal Insurrection has the story of a stroller belonging to an Orthodox Jewish woman being kicked in Brooklyn. This is the most vile sort of Sturmabteilung action…and the left is consenting to it by silence.

White House is mulling a move to put colleges on the hook for defaulted student loans. Good. Way past time.

Baltimore just goes from bad to worse – because the Democrats are deliberately and maliciously imposing policies to make it go from bad to worse. We really have to start campaigning by definitively accusing the Democrats of being evil. No more allowing them to pretend they aren’t responsible when places they’ve governed for decades go to heck in a handbasket.

Rich people are bribing prestige colleges to get their kids admitted. But, our moral superiors, y’all.

RSM points out that it is the Democrats who have a race problem. It does make sense, guys: remember, we’re still about 70% white as a nation…and if Democrats can’t
crack 40% of the white vote, they aren’t really going places. And if they drop below 30%?

Some Thoughts on the Left

What we’re dealing with in the Left is a few things, all mixed together in a bad way.

First and foremost, the Long Peace. Even though we’ve engaged in near-continuous warfare since 1941, the American people haven’t really felt the affects of war save for the 9/11 attacks, which were limited in area affected. Our homes have not been bombed; our women and children murdered; our farms and factories destroyed, by foreign invaders. All of us are, to a certain extent, a bit blind to the some times cruel realities of the world. But the people of the left have plain forgotten that the barbarians are right out there, waiting for their chance, and only eternal vigilance keeps us safe.

Secondly, the gigantic prosperity of the United States. This not only means that Americans don’t know real want – real privation – but we actually have so much extra wealth lying around that we can support millions who do nothing and many more millions who do nothing useful. When you look at leftists, you’ll find a gigantic portion of them either work in fields where concrete results are not expected, or don’t work at all. Sure, you can find some who do work…but usually on the lower end of the leftist movement and almost always as union workers who think that the left still cares about working people (and I think that more and more such people are becoming disillusioned with the left; I’m not talking about government employees, but people like those in the SEIU). We’re so rich that we can afford massive waste – especially the sort of waste which essentially pays the left to tear down our civilization. But, trouble is, you know when you’re doing something useful and when you’re not. A plumber comes home at the end of the day knowing he fixed some leaking pipes…but what does a Gender Studies Professor think about at the end of the day? “I wrote another screed against the Patriarchy!”? People who don’t do useful things, tend to get defensive and want to justify themselves…getting mad and hateful is the easiest way to do so.

Third, we’re in a moral crisis in this nation. Remember the people who pushed to have us pass out condoms in middle school? They are the same people marching in the #MeToo movement. The left sold people on the idea of complete immorality (predicted, I should note, by Chesterton a century ago when he said the next great heresy would be an attack on morality, as such, and especially sexual morality) and when people tried to live immorally, they found out why the priests and philosophers had been saying for 2,000 years that you can’t do that. In short, people got suckered into living lives of hedonistic dissipation, found that it sucked, and then got mad about it…but without repenting what they had done. What we’re seeing is very often someone pissed off that they didn’t have a nice life after they lived like dogs in heat and they are blaming the elements of society which said, “don’t do that” for the failure of their experiment.

All of this has been mixed together and what we have are bitter, spiteful people who have become merciless, shameless liars. And I mean really shameless. Over the past couple days the accusations and insinuations against Kavanaugh have actually gotten worse. Avenatti’s accusations are now getting too tame for the left to pursue! By Wednesday, Georgetown Prep will probably be accused of holding demonic sex orgies…and the shameless liars of the left will just eat it up.

A bit ago a Twitter friend and I engaged – a moderate to the core, he was delighted that Flake had, supposedly, tried to cool things off. I pointed out that while Flake may, personally, be a good man, he promoted sheer evil by going along with the Democrats demand. And not just evil to us, but evil to the left, themselves. You see, by indulging them this way, we’re allowing them to get worse…and no decent human being should set up a situation where our fellow people are able to wallow in filth. We can’t stop such things, but we certainly must do all we can to limit them, if at all possible. Flake didn’t see his duty – and I don’t know if it was cowardice or stupidity which moved him, but it doesn’t really matter: the damage was done.

What we have to keep in mind is that we’re in a fight of Right v Wrong – there’s no compromise. Any concession we make from this point forward will merely be seized upon by the shameless liars to indulge in yet more shameless lying. Our duty to ourselves – and to them – is to stand firm and give them not an inch. We’re not like them – meaning, we’re not shameless liars; nor are we merciless – so we won’t do to them what they very much want to do to us, but we must do all we can to stop them and remove them from power. Only once they are completely bereft of power will some of them, at least, wake up from their nightmare, see what they have done, and repent. They could still remain liberals, but they’ll at least have learned not to be evil. And that is important. Being wrong is fine: we’re all wrong on some things, frequently…but as long as we’re not evil, we’re at least not subtracting from the overall civilization.

Stand firm. There is not much reason to engage them in debate (it just allows them more opportunity to shamelessly lie, after all) and work as hard as you can for your side. We have a real chance over the next two years to win a revolutionary amount of power. So much power that we can impose a settlement on the political debate (meaning, not that there won’t be debate, but that we’ll be back to where we were from 1865 to 1965: conducting our debates in an agreed framework and with a sense of fair play for each side). Or, perhaps, we’ll be the side which is crushed. So be it: but let’s not help them crush us.

Kavanaugh Must Be Confirmed

I don’t think I’ve ever been made so angry by political events. At least in the case of Moore they had the yearbook: thin, but at least it was a contemporary document which verified that Moore had some contact with his accuser. All we’ve got in Kavanaugh’s case is a letter which doesn’t even state clearly when and where it happened. And, now, word is his accuser is pushing back against the idea of testifying before the Senate and her lawyer is claiming the accuser has no burden of proof. I’d say this was Soviet-style slandering, but the Soviets weren’t this dishonorable.

Kavanaugh completely denies any such event took place – not just with the accuser, but at all. The other person claimed to be there also denies it happened. There is no way to actually investigate the matter because we don’t know when and where it happened – which is just terribly convenient for the accuser because if she gave a specific date, then Kavanaugh might be able to prove he was elsewhere at the time. Rather astonishing that such a searing event in her life doesn’t come with the date within a week of the event and a place at least within a few blocks of where it might have happened.

Meanwhile, some – but not all – of the Never Trumpers are all “this is serious and we have to listen”. As if that is what the Democrats want. They don’t want that: they want Kavanaugh to be axed. And, then, if they win the Senate, they’ll just keep that seat vacant for two years hoping that a Democrat wins in 2020. This is all about the exercise of raw, political power. The Democrats want to win – and this is their last, desperate gambit to do that. If we let them win, then we’re cooked. If mere accusation is enough to kill Kavanaugh’s nomination, then no one is safe…and very many people will refuse to even get involved in politics for fear that someone will just make something up about them.

The only way we win this is to put Kavanaugh on the Court – no other outcome works. If we fail, we’re doomed. They’ll just keep doing this and keep doing this and keep doing this until the only “dissenting” voices in politics are those who will never actually challenge the left. This is the hill we must fight on: there is no tomorrow. We either win and get Kavanaugh on the Court, or our political future is finished.

That Second Hand Smoke Thing? Yeah, it Was BS

From Reason:

Several years ago I was talking to an epidemiologist who is skeptical of the idea that smokers pose a mortal threat to people in their vicinity. Although he supported workplace smoking bans, he was frustrated by the willingness of so many anti-tobacco activists and public health officials to overlook or minimize the weakness of the scientific case that secondhand smoke causes fatal illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease. He wondered when it would be possible to have a calm, rational discussion of the issue, one in which skeptics would not be automatically dismissed as tools of the tobacco industry. I suggested that such a conversation might take place once smoking bans became ubiquitous, at which point the political stakes would be lower. Judging from a recent article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, headlined “No Clear Link Between Passive Smoking and Lung Cancer,” that conversation may have begun.

The article describes a large prospective study that “confirmed a strong association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer but found no link between the disease and secondhand smoke.” The study tracked more than 76,000 women, 901 of whom eventually developed lung cancer. Although “the incidence of lung cancer was 13 times higher in current smokers and four times higher in former smokers than in never-smokers,” says the JNCI article, there was no statistically significant association between reported exposure to secondhand smoke and subsequent development of lung cancer…

This is what I knew from the get-go: it was always nonsense to think that second hand smoke was a huge killer – or even a risk, at all.  Certainly no more of a risk than going outside on a smoggy day in Los Angeles and just breathing.  The amount of tobacco smoke a person would inhale via second hand smoke – even if they lived with a smoker – would be so tiny as to be inconsequential as a health risk. Remember, even for very heavy smokers, not all of them get lung cancer – smoking increases the risk of cancer, but it isn’t a 1 for 1 thing.  If you smoke, it doesn’t mean that smoking will kill you.

Hopefully this will open up a debate – and get us away from the idiot idea that smoking is some sort of massively hideous thing which needs to be banned.  Smoking is just a thing you can do – like eating cheeseburgers or having a coke.  Not the healthiest choice.  Not something any doctor would recommend, but it is something to do – for pleasure.  You know, to enjoy life.  Probably be better if all of us smokers ditched the cigarettes and switched over to pipes as we’d probably end up smoking far less (and mostly smoking much higher quality tobacco), but its still just one of the pleasures of life that someone may engage in.  And like all things in life, there is a risk involved.  Of course, the rule is, “eat right, exercise, die anyway”.  Main thing to remember about life is that no one gets out of it alive.  At some point certain, in a more or less painful manner, we will all exit this world.  And if before I go I can have a smoke, that’ll make it more pleasant than going, as I must, without a smoke.

New Rule for Dealing With Liberal Stories

Recently we had a story claiming that a gay server was denied a tip because the family was a pack of homophobic bigots as well as a story about an alleged poor woman who essentially had to live like an idiot because of the bad, mean, nasty way America treats poor people.  There were two commonalities in these stories:

1.  They supported the liberal narrative about the United States (we’re just bad, bad people) and so were embraced and spread widely by liberals.

2.  They were complete nonsense.

The people who did the actual perpetration of the stories were likely just con artists who knew their target audiences.  For the first story (the gay server denied a tip) it was probably an attempted replay of an earlier story claimed by a black woman of being denied a tip by racists, and she picked up a pack of money from sympathetic people. For the poor woman, it appears a more straight-forward scam: she was asking for people to help her out financially and appears to have succeeded (at least temporarily) in picking up a bucket of money.  The con artists aside, what this tells us about the left is that they will readily believe anything as long as it confirms them in their world view.  There is no bit of nonsense too absurd for them – think about it: they actually believed that someone would (a) find out what sexual orientation their server was and then (b) go out of their way to insult the server.  The left bought it because it confirmed their view that Christians are just hateful bigots who go out of their way to insult people of different views.

The left will never cease to be suckers about this sort of thing.  There seems to be some sort of malfunction in the liberal brain – while some can start to think (and thus wind up as Libertarians or Conservatives), most of them never seem to form a single, independent thought in their lives.  But there is a lesson for us on the right:  whenever you hear a story which tends to confirm the liberal narrative about life in the United States, our first and best course of action is to presume it is a lie.  Don’t go out on a limb and definitely call it a lie, but you’ll be safe if you immediately search for holes in the story and start pointing them out.  As for the gay server thing, I saw that on a liberal website some weeks ago and immediately pointed out that it is highly unlikely that a group of patrons would know the sexual orientation of their server – so even if they were a pack of hideous homophobes, they would not likely have opportunity to give vent to their all-consuming hatred.  The story seemed false from day one for me – but the comments from the liberals were all shocked and hurt about how this hateful thing had happened and applause for the “courage” of the gay server (with no explanation of how it is courageous to be untipped).

It could be, from time to time, that in a nation of 317 million people that a set of circumstances will occur which confirms some part of the liberal narrative.  The law of averages does work that way – but the plain facts are that the United States is not a racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-immigrant nation.  We are not cruel to the poor, nor indifferent to the plight of those who suffer.  We are tolerant and mostly very polite about things and don’t give vent to our feelings for the most part (and in some cases, it would be better if we did).  We’re pretty nice people, all in all.  And, so, the chances of there being a true story confirming liberalism are very, very small.  When confronted with such stories – demand proof; independent verification and always keep a few links of liberal BS stories handy to slam back liberals who claim that this story is sure to be true.