Battleground Pennsylvania

It’s on in the Keystone State. A new memo from the Romney campaign talks confirms:

Rendell: ‘Startling upset’ for Romney ‘a possibility’ in Pennsylvania
When Governor Ed Rendell made these comments last week, he was clearly sending a desperate call to Chicago for help in the Keystone State.  At the time, his comments were met with derision and scorn from the Obama High Command who were feeling secure in their own.


While the Obama campaign would like to wish it is 2008, the reality is that they are now forced to “play defense” in least six states (Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa and Wisconsin) that they once believed were “safe” Obama wins.

As the Romney-Ryan message continues to resonate and GOP momentum continues to build, we are adding Pennsylvania to the long list of states where we are expending significant resources in order to bring real recovery to the country, while continuing to implement and fund full-scale efforts in all the target states.

From Battleground Watch, we learn that both campaigns and Crossroads Super PAC are spending money and sending resources to Pennsylvania.

To me, this news is bigger than just Pennsylvania. Obama’s support from 2008 is eroding everywhere. Pennsylvania, while technically a swing state, has been reliably Democrat. Obama’s loss of support there is not happening independently of everywhere else. In my estimation, it can’t be this close in Pennsylvania without Mitt Romney having at least a small but comfortable lead in Ohio. With a week to go the Obama campaign shouldn’t have to be defending formerly safe territory. Clearly, the momentum still is in Mitt’s favor.

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Back in 2008, I privately knew that when John McCain pulled out of Michigan that disaster was coming. While Obama hasn’t officially pulled of any battleground states, word is the Obama campaign have diverted resources from swing states he was counting on (like Florida) for Ohio.

It may still come down to Ohio, and even there Mitt’s on the rise. But if Mitt can pull off a victory in Pennsylvania, Ohio won’t even matter.