Obama: Wrong Again

Earlier today, John McCain said of Obama, “I understand that Sen. Obama said that if al Qaeda established a base in Iraq that he would send troops back in militarily. Al Qaeda already has a base in Iraq. It’s called al Qaeda in Iraq.” Obama, in response said, “I have some news for John McCain, and that is that there was no such thing as al Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain decided to invade Iraq.”

While that may have gotten his supporters riled up, the fact of the matter is that Obama’s not telling the truth. All you have to do is do a search in the official 9/11 Commission report to find plenty of references to Iraq and al Qaeda — while there’s nothing that proves any collaboration in attacks, there’s quite a bit that indicates plenty of contacts and various forms of cooperation. Thankfully, QandO already ran through all the references back in 2004 and posted relevent excerpts which you can see here.

Unfortunately, Obama can lie through his teeth and it doesn’t matter. His supporters want to believe him and everything he says so badly they’ll just swallow everything up… Obama sounds more like the popular high school jock running for class president (promising shorter classes, longer lunch periods, and banning homework) than he sounds like a real leader who actually has the knowledge and experience it takes to be the President.