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The Trump vs DeSantis war is heating up – but I do caution that a lot of it does seem to be driven by terminally on-line people looking for social media clout. But there is a worry in that it is getting people not just to stake out positions, but really dig in their heels on it…which is likely orchestrated by Democrats with the intent of getting people to hate the other guy. As I said before: I will support the GOP nominee and I urge everyone to dial it back. From Trump to the most neo-con shill, all GOPers are the moral and intellectual superiors of Democrats. Whatever we get it is better than Pudding Brain or anyone they might replace him with.

Memorial Day is Monday and people are posting a lot of military stuff. This is appropriate but one which popped up for me was not about a man who died in combat, but who did a small deed of decency in the hell of war. It was Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds – taken prisoner during the Battle of the Bulge he was the senior non-com at his POW camp and when the commandant ordered all Jews to identify themselves – likely for at least hideous treatment, if not murder – Edmonds ordered every man to identify as Jewish. The commandant backed down. It was a small thing, as I said. In the grand scheme of things, it at best saved a couple hundred lives out of the millions who perished. But it was still important. And it took some guts. It is easy to look away, after all.

But that then brought me to Yad Vashem and the Righteous Among the Nations: these are gentiles who have been honored by Israel for helping Jews during the Holocaust. It is quite a list of heroes but something rather sticks out for me: that they were all just regular folks. There weren’t highly decorated soldiers who charged into the enemy – these were just people who saw what was going on and did whatever they could, no matter how small, to just throw a wrench in it. And then you realize two things: if every decent person had just thrown a wrench, the Holocaust could never have happened…and since all the wrench-throwers were regular folks with no special, inside knowledge everyone could have been a wrench thrower. They all knew – but most chose not to act on the knowledge. Many out of ideological commitment, of course, but the regular run of people simply because they didn’t want to be bothered.

And so it has been since then – we’ll likely never see the unique evil of the Nazi regime ever again, but we will certainly contend with evil until God in His good time brings it all to an end. Evil does walk the world today – ever more openly. And it is able to do so because most of us, most of the time, are just hoping it passes us by. The drug addicts rotting in the streets. The illegals being abused. The children being groomed. We for the most part pretend we don’t see it – pretend it isn’t happening. Because if we see it, we have to act. So we talk ourselves into believing that we don’t see it.

But, take heart: some times evil is so brazen that it wakes everyone up. And I think we have now reached that point. The Pelosi Democrats knew when to tap the brakes and allow people to continue to not see until it was too late. The modern Democrats are driven by ideological commitment and they are pressing forward on a variety of fronts to implement their evil. And so brazen is the attempt that regular folks can’t miss it…and just here and there but in my view in growing numbers, people are standing up and saying, “I will not participate”. No, none of us will have a chance to be as brave as Edmonds…but we are increasingly brave enough to say out loud that we will not participate. Sure, we still risk social opprobrium and our jobs are at risk…but none of that matters. We see it. We must say it is wrong…and as more of us do so, others gain the courage to stand up and be counted.

Open Thread

There was a video which crossed my Twitter time line earlier today – just a couple minutes of a street scene in Philadelphia…just a bunch of clearly wasted drug addicts wandering aimlessly. It was very sad and it showed, better than anything else, the cruelty at the basis of Progressivism. This is what they want – deliberately orchestrated. If we try to do anything about it, they’ll call us cruel…while they create places where junkies can shoot up “safely”. The Left considers this preferable to any system enforces decency.

My view: we’re going to have to get hold of this problem. It is inhuman to allow people to slowly waste away in public. It will cost us some money, but probably less than the total cost we’re paying now, especially in ruined lives. The basic principle is that nobody is allowed to be intoxicated in public. I’d set it up so that the first time you’re picked up publicly intoxicated you get ticketed and a small fine. Second time, ticketed, small fine, 24 hours in the drunk tank. Third time; 7 days in the tank. Fourth time: however much time it takes to get the person completely dried out (even if this requires medical intervention for the seriously addicted) and then six months on a chain gang (without necessarily having chains, but the idea is incarcerated and taken out 8 hours a day to do some work); the prisoners earn minimum wage so after their dry out plus six months, they are clean and sober and have some money. Fifth time; repeat of the fourth but two years on the chain gang. Sixth time: permanent incarceration on the chain gang. All through the first five arrests they are offered – free of charge – rehab facilities to get permanently clean. Before we essentially make them permanent wards of the State, they are given every opportunity to turn their lives around and become productive citizens…or at least drunks smart enough to get high indoors and stay inside until sober. No more filthy, diseased, drug addicts/drunks wandering the streets. If a person can’t on their own stay sober in public – remember, it would be on the sixth time that the hammer falls – they we will ensure they stay sober, forever. No brutality here, guys; drink or drugs can get into a person and they simply lose the ability to resist it. That is just life for some people – but we can’t let them wander around high and filthy causing all sorts of knock-on problems for everyone capable of staying sober until they get home.

And the overarching principle here is that the public square is for all of the public and so must remain a place where the public can be, at all times, with minimal chance they suffer any loss caused by the drug addict, boozer or criminal. It is our moral duty to make sure that at midnight on a Friday, a 14 year old girl is completely safe no matter what neighborhood she’s in. This might be as unattainable as all ideals are – but we must strive for it and get as close as we can.

Team Pudding Brain has their brilliant plan to stop the drug crisis – they are going to make it harder for responsible people to get pain medication from their doctor. As the linked Tweet notes: the Democrat’s invariable plan is always to punish the responsible for the actions of the irresponsible.

XVIII Airborne Corps announced that they are changing the name of Fort Bragg to…Fort Liberty. Which means they couldn’t find a differently abled, non-binary POC hero to name it after. Entirely gutless. Look, I understand not keeping Bragg – Braxton Bragg was not only a Confederate general, he was a lousy Confederate general. There have been some heroes we can honor, ya know? One very good suggestion was to rename it after Major Richard Winters of Band of Brothers fame. Another candidate would be Corporal Melvin Biddle who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service in action with the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment during the Battle of the Bulge. But, I guess our military can only honor woke these days, so as they couldn’t find a woke hero that wouldn’t offend every other woke group, they went with milquetoast.

John Fetterman was sent to the hospital with clinical depression, likely a long term effect of his stroke last year…and then his wife took off for a little vacation to Canada with the kids. Oh, you think that’s bad? Well, it gets worse: she posted all this on her Twitter account! What a complete psycho creep! I really do feel for Fetterman – he’s a moron surrounded by ambitious people who don’t give the least damn whether he lives or dies.

Someone has posted pictures of Madonna and Roseanne Barr and notes that Roseanne is the better looking woman these days.

Now that the East Palestine, OH train wreck has become a political train wreck for Team Pudding Brain, we’re all being urged to stop being political about it. Standard MO for the Democrats – anything that looks bad for them is time for unity. Anything that looks bad for us and its time for 24/7 hate-coverage. Oh, and the statement by Mayor Pete and other Democrats/MSMers that it was the ending of a regulation by Trump which caused the problem? Two things wrong with that:

  1. The regulation in question, in place or not, would have made no difference.
  2. The regulation was terminated by a law passed under Obama.

Open Thread

Lets get 2023 rolling the way you expect it!

We’ve got a couple “firsts” here. Over here in the USA we might be executing our firstly openly transgender person – the reality is that this murderer was looking for his way to dodge the hangman and “transgender” is, actually, a fairly clever ruse given how much attention it is getting…but as it looks like he really did cruelly murder his girlfriend (a real girl, btw) he’s likely to get whacked. As you know, I’m opposed to the death penalty – but this is an obvious dodge.

Our other first is the first openly non-binary vicar in the Church of England. The main thing about this story is that it at long last answers the question as to just why the Catholic Church used to burn heretics. That aside, what we’ve got is a guy who likely just found out that he liked homosexuality but only made this discovery after being married, having three kids and being about half way through vicar training…and this was his means of combining flying the freak flag, keeping the Missus to look after the kids and also stay employed as a vicar. The Church of England has long been a joke and this just kinda finishes it off.

We must stop treating obvious insanity or obvious cowardly dodges as other than what they are. Stop pretending that this is other than sick jokes. Now, don’t get me wrong: I have encountered some trans people who say they are perfectly happy as they are, don’t demand anyone change their views and are also opposed to things like drag queen story time. To me, they are adults who decided that that’s how they want to live and I have no reason to stick my nose into their business. This isn’t about being anti-trans…or anti anything except anti lunacy…and anti-con artist. The man saying “hey, I’m non-binary” because he wants to get with a guy while also staying married is a liar. A con artist. Someone working an angle. And if he’s not that, then he’s just insane. In neither case can we afford to bow to it…we start tolerating lies and insanity, and we’ll really be doomed. Call things what they are.

CBS’s 60 Minutes dredged up Paul Ehrlich – you know, the Population Bomb con artist – as an expert on how we’re all gonna die if we don’t give Commies all our money and liberty to appease the Weather God. They can do this because most people – especially young people – simply don’t know about the Population Bomb and how it was wrong in every particular. The MSM, you see, is never helpful in providing the track record of their approved Experts. So, now we’ll see a whole bunch of 20-somethings and we’ll have to spend weeks just telling them to look up the Population Bomb.

Looks like the Ukrainians whacked a significant number of Russians in the first major action of 2023. This war drags on – I doubt the Ukrainians can win an outright victory which pushes the Russians out of all Ukrainian territory. I doubt the Russians can take all of Ukraine. Part of it has to be the general feebleness of Europe. They’ve been breeding from the milksops since 1945, after all. The most physically and mentally energetic Europeans were largely killed between 1914 and 1945 – those left were those who were most determined to survive, rather than win. You know: cowards. But, hey, still not my problem: I hope they do make peace.

Why is Woke around? Because we’re paying 500k grand for a “equal outcomes” consultant. You get what you pay for: and what we pay for is what lobbyists get inserted into bills. Until we make a conscious effort to de-fund the Left, we’ll never stop this.

We Need to Destroy the GOP in Order to Save It

The 18 Republican Senators who betrayed us today are a watershed moment, I think. Keep in mind that they didn’t have to do it just in practical terms. Once the vote to close debate happened, the Democrats had 50 plus the VP to ensure passage. They didn’t need a single GOP vote after that. Also, there is no part of the GOP base which wanted this Omnibus to pass. If you polled it, you’d probably find well more than 80 percent opposed. So, there would be no risk of a GOP base revolt over a “no” vote. Meanwhile, a “yes” vote also doesn’t help these guys because most Independents are also opposed to the pork in the bill while the Democrat voters were never going to vote for the GOPer. So, the reason why they voted in favor was to insult us.

They were letting us know that they don’t give a damn what we think and, further, that they are confident that the revolt represented by Trump and his supporters is over. They’ve figured it out – in the 2022 cycle, they managed to successfully sabotage almost every Trump-backed candidate. They now sit there and with this vote say: you can’t beat us. And even if you manage to primary us, we’ll ensure a Democrat wins so you’ll be even worse off. You have no choice but to vote for us! They are very confident that we will be so fearful of large Democrat majorities that we will now knuckle under.

But, are we? As the old phrase goes, if you’re to be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb, might as well go for the sheep. What real advantage do we obtain from having any GOPers in the Senate right now? The filibuster? As it turns out, that filibuster only has one remaining purpose: to make sure when we have a majority that our policies are blocked. Today’s vote shows that the GOP will not exercise the filibuster to stop Democrat policies. Perhaps it is time we went nuclear?

Sure, we understand that large Democrat majorities will quickly enact a whole host of things we can’t stand – but is that really worse than small Democrat majorities slowly enacting a whole host of things we can’t stand? Don’t see much of an upside to that.

I think that it is time to fight, one last time (because there won’t be another time), for what we think is right. All or nothing. We need to primary every GOPer who votes with the Democrats on anything. And if our primary challenge fails, stay home on Election Day. Let there be Democrat Senators from Utah and Alabama. Having Republican Senators from there hasn’t done us one bit of good so it is no real loss. Keep voting GOP at the State and local level! We have some good eggs down there – trouble is that once they head towards DC, they abandon us. But what we’re trying to do now is sift out the people who are warriors. And if we can’t have our warriors, then we’ll have nothing. And as we punish people for betraying us, the feedback loop will start to produce warriors or, at the least, people more terrified of us than of a bad notice in the Washington Post.

And, hey, if this gambit fails then we are no worse off than we would have been. Going along as things are now means we’ll have re-education camps by 2036. Play for high stakes and maybe we get them by 2032. Big whoop. But, also, if we go to the mat and insist it is our way or the highway, just maybe by 2028 we get a trifecta of power which will do what we want? It could happen. Things suck. They are going to suck even worse over the next few years. If we stand aside from it, building up a warrior class condemning everything and never being party to the ruin, then we might find that people turn to us – in desperation, sure, but power is power. Doesn’t matter why people gave it to you. It only matters that you have it – and if we have it with people who care and will do as they’re supposed to, it could be a glorious turn around for America.

At least that is how I see it. I can’t just sit here and wait for disaster – I must do something. This is it: nuke the GOP from orbit. It is the only way to make sure…and then build it as we wish.

Only Super Trump Can Beat Trump

There is much talk about Trump. This is in itself astonishing – never has the guy who allegedly lost a Presidential election commanded this much attention a year later. That he’s still a massive topic of discussion shows the historic nature of his Presidency.

A lot of the talk is a bit of whistling past the graveyard. Especially a lot of Never Trump who didn’t go Full Democrat are certain that Trump is a fading commodity and we can all just move on from him. For the moment, their eyes are fixed firmly on Ron DeSantis…whom I think we all agree would be a fine President, but we also have our doubts about him. Not on basic policy, but on attitude. And that, I think, is why Trump stubbornly won’t fade away.

We on the right do want a good policy President. And we’d like a President who is much better at picking staff than Trump proved. And we don’t need daily drama. OTOH, we also know that more than ever, we need a fighter. Someone who will, day in and day out, go toe to toe with our opponents and never let up for a minute. Is DeSantis that guy? He does fight pretty well…but are we sure that when push comes to shove he’ll choose us rather than the Ruling Class? I think for DeSantis, or anyone other than Trump, they are going to have to really prove it to us.

Now, if Trump decides not to run – he will be 78, after all – then all bets are off. The race will be anyone’s for the taking. But even there, the person who gets the nod will be the person who most firmly convinces us that they are unafraid of a four year long slog of fighting. Because we have to have a fight. We can’t afford to compromise even a bit. We win, they lose: that has to be our goal.

The best and easiest way for any putative standard-bearer to make their mark is to simply defend the 1/6 defendants. Even Trump hasn’t been out front on that – and if he runs, the only way anyone will be able to attack Trump successfully will be from the right. As I said in 2016 when Trump was the front runner, the only way to beat Trump is to out-Trump him. Cruz tried, but I think he tried too late. But if you want to be the man, you have to beat the man…and nobody is going to beat Trump by going softer than Trump.

The crucial thing to know is that the old rules don’t apply. They really haven’t applied since the Democrats cooked up Watergate into a Presidency-destroying scandal. I mean, what is Watergate compared to Gore taking sacks of cash from monks pledged to poverty? You get the picture: whatever was wrong about Watergate, it wasn’t anything to get too worked up about. But that is when the Democrats, using their cat’s paws in the MSM, started making all political battles scorched Earth battles. But from Watergate to Trump, the GOP never engaged. We worked on the assumption that Democrats, like us, want what is best for America. Uh, no: what Democrats want is what is best for Democrats. All other considerations come in a distant second. They do this because they sincerely believe that basic human decency requires Democrats to be in charge. That we see it differently doesn’t matter – and is irrelevant. What we must do in response is what we’ve always had to do but refused: sincerely believe that basic human decency requires the GOP to be in charge.

It isn’t a very large mental shift, but it is a necessary one – because it builds into the mind the need to always thwart the Democrats and always advance the GOP. Never compromise. Never give anything and if you really are forced to give them something, make certain that you get ten times as much for yourself. Never attack your own side; abandon those found to be corrupt, but don’t attack them. Ignore them. If asked about one of ours who goes wrong, immediately launch into an attack on a Democrat who did similar. Always cast Democrat programs in the darkest possible terms – it is easy to do because all their supposed social programs are mere grift to payoff donors. What is being done against CRT is the template – the old GOP might have merely quibbled around the edges while essentially conceding the main point. But the people battling CRT started with the assertion that CRT is evil…and they’ve forced the Democrats into the untenable position of defending the worst aspects of CRT…and it is working for us. It played a huge role in winning Virginia.

It is all a very long way to 2024, but I think I can be safe in saying that how it will come out won’t be in anyone’s predictive model. We’re in flux. We’re in danger of civil war, actually. None of the old political certainties are holding up. Liberals in San Francisco are buying guns while working class Latino voters are for the first time casting GOP votes. Meanwhile, upper class white people with a college degree become even stronger for the Democrats. Victory and disaster stare us in the face: we’ll get one or the other. And only a fighter – backed by fighters – can prevail.

Open Thread

The Kraut’s are offering to help us protect Democracy. What could go wrong?

Team Biden will release all available vaccine doses right away. This is a change from Trump which is holding some back to ensure people get their second shot. The possible benefit: more people gain immunity faster. Possible downfall: not enough people go for the second dose and thus immunity only lasts a short time. Personally, it is probably six of one, half dozen of the other. My guess is that the change is so that they can merely do something different from Trump.

Biden will go after guns, on that we can rely. What form the action takes remains to be seen, but the Democrats are salivating at the thought of going after those backwards yokels in Flyover America. Now, to be sure, this is one issue which can unite the various elements of the GOP and lead to severe punishment of the Democrats in 2022. But I don’t think they can help themselves.

The Lincoln Project: yeah, they’re pretty much what you expected them to be.

Richard Dawkins is also pretty much what you expect. That’s the thing about these “free thinkers”…they are actually slaves to fashion.

Pompeo is one of the few standing firmly by Trump right now. That means he’s going to give it a shot in 2024.

America on Edge

What is to be said? We couldn’t stop the steal. And now the Ruling Class is working up the riot at the Capitol as some huge thing – which, as one wise man I know points out, is really an indication of how cowardly the Ruling Class is. A few yahoos breaking windows had them running for safety. These are not people who will stand up and fight for their power: the only thing standing between them and overthrow is the conviction of armed security that guarding them is better than walking away from them.

The fundamental problem we have is that tens of millions of American citizens are convinced that the election was stolen. For those on the other side of this issue, it doesn’t matter how sure you are that it wasn’t stolen. Millions believe otherwise. And here’s the thing: as they believe it was stolen, they are no longer inclined to work within a system which they believe maliciously excludes them. And people who believe they are excluded from the system will start to go outside the system for redress of grievances. The past four years, now capped off by the shrieks about the riot, are merely providing a fertile field for political radicalism to flourish.

We on our side don’t have much to say in favor of the Black Panther Party or BLM: but I think all of us now better understand what it feels like to be governed by an instrument which doesn’t appear to care about our concerns. Which, in fact, treats us with contempt. It isn’t a joyful feeling. In fact, it is downright infuriating. We are here. We are Americans. We have rights. We demand these rights be respected.

Right now, we don’t feel they are.

What the other side must do – this is Democrats, Never Trump and GOPe types – is offer concessions. At the moment, it wouldn’t take much. A commission to create secure voting nationwide would do wonders at the moment to calm things down. But what the other side is offering, at the moment, is efforts to remove Trump from office and threats about expelling Republicans from Congress. In other words, what the other side is doing is precisely what those on our side expect: show hatred and a desire to punish us for daring to disagree. Keep this up, and the radical right groups which have only been a figment of Ruling Class imagination will become real.

Have I mentioned that these tens of millions of people who feel excluded own millions of guns?

What will follow won’t be Antifa, it will be genuine rebels. Unless the disaffected can be brought to believe that they are still part of the system. And only their opponents can do that. We’ll see if there’s any wisdom over there.

Suggested Reading

From the creators of Margolis & Cox Editorial CartoonsOh, the Places You Can’t Go! is a lighthearted parody to ease your coronavirus lockdown blues.

Some books inspire you about the possibilities that life will offer you. In that case, Dr. Seuss’s seminal book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is perfect. This is not that book. In the spring of 2020, life changed in a way that it never had before. A country that was once booming suddenly had to shut down in order to contain the coronavirus pandemic and “flatten the curve.”

From destinations afar to your neighbor’s backyard, suddenly you weren’t going anywhere. Oh, the Places You Can’t Go! brings it all home in this humorous collection of verses and illustrations that examine the lifestyle changes that we’ve all had to endure during the lockdown to help turn your frown upside-down and remind us that we’re all in this together.

Common Sense

In January of 1776 Thomas Paine anonymously published Common Sense, a publication of which became the most widely read tome of its time and is incredibly still in print today. Common Sense speaks to the individual human desire for equality in every aspect of life and the absolute necessity for independence, liberty, and self governance for that outcome to be realized. Today, I think this country is in desperate need once again of common sense and here’s mine. We are at a crossroads in this country. The Democrat Party has so embraced the Left agenda and identity politics that it is hard to recognize their platform as anything resembling America, but they are our domestic political rival and they do have a sizable constituency so we need to take them seriously. If Joe Biden wins, the Democrats WILL; end the filibuster, create States, pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, restrict 2A to the point it becomes meaningless, curtail 1A and restrict assembly. In other words, Democrats WILL create one party rule in America for the foreseeable future. In addition to that, Democrats will flood the country with low wage labor, provide inferior healthcare for all, end fossil fuels, ban fracking, and raise taxes. In other words, they will destroy the economy and the entire country will look like Los Angeles, or Portland, or Seattle, or whatever Democrat urban hellhole you can think of. 

We can not abide. We must rise and we must defend. If Biden is elected it will be incumbent for patriotic men and women to see that the struggle for individual freedom so bravely fought for two centuries ago does not perish from this earth. Reagan once said that freedom was but one generation away from being extinguished. We are that generation. 

Open Thread

A lot to comment on so let’s keep the dialogue going ….

QANON – don’t know much about this group but I find it interesting that Republicans and particularly Kevin McCarthy quickly denounced it after being grilled on it by the Complicit Media. Why haven’t Democrats denounced Antifa? Why haven’t they even been asked about it? And if QANON is a shadowy group of people who oppose pedophilia and satanism – why is that a bad thing? And in light of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, is it really a stretch of the imagination to think that there might be an extensive global pedophilia ring? I don’t think so.

DNC Convention – do Democrats really think that there are still just simple policy differences separating the two parties? Does Biden really think Democrats still appeal to “blue collar workers”? The DNC convention was a spectacle of truly miserable people who suffer from delusions of self grandeur but have zero reason for it. Their incompetence has become universally acknowledged. No American has to wonder what a Biden Presidency would look like because it is playing out in real time in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and NY. This is how they govern. Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago just issued an edict banning protestors from her neighborhood because it “puts her family in jeopardy”. Lori didn’t have the presence of mind to consider that her incompetence a d governance puts her constituents lives in danger everyday, but again, she doesn’t care and that too is a staple of Democrat governance. They don’t care about Americans. They only care about their power and their ideology.

COVID – so the plan was too “flatten the curve” right? Well, no new deaths in NY yesterday and just 3,600 new cases nationwide and yet we are still wearing masks aren’t we? In fact in California yesterday, there was one new death and just 52 new cases and yet California is still on nearly complete lockdown. And the electrical grid is failing … just another feature of Democrat governance. So do you still think this is about “keeping people safe”???