Would Obama Really Appoint Republicans?

Barack Obama, the most liberal member of the Senate, allegedly “hopes” to appoint Republicans to his cabinet, if God forbid, he won the presidency. We shouldn’t be surprised at these claims… Anyone running for president will tout any efforts they’ve made in their career of reaching out across the aisle. Even the divisive Hillary Clinton has touted her past efforts working with a select few Republicans.

This sounds more like a story that should be coming out during the general election, but obviously Camp Obama, recognizing John McCain’s broad support that includes Republicans, Independents and Democrats, he sees the need to increase his support among independent voters now.

But, the thing is, I remember a while back Barack Obama making another one of his empty promises about not appointing only “yes-men” into his own inner circle. It’s probably safe rhetoric for him, since his supporters will naturally recognize those words as campaign rhetoric meant to broaden his appeal. And what could Hillary Clinton possibly say to make it hurt Obama, the same man who generates thunderous applause for blowing his nose.

Still, it’s hard to take anything Obama says seriously. We know his rhetoric on NAFTA is merely rhetoric that cannot be taken seriously, are we supposed to believe that Barack Obama, who is even more liberal than Hillary Clinton, would seriously pick Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) as his running mate? Hagel may oppose the Iraq war, but he’s otherwise very socially conservative. Would the pro-partial-birth abortion Barack Obama really pick Hagel for anything? Would Hagel even consider it?

Such talks of any bipartisan ticket shouldn’t be taken seriously, and neither should claims of bipartisan cabinets.. and certainly not from Barack Obama. I could see John McCain with a bipartisan cabinet before I could see Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton with one. Some have suggested that Joe Lieberman could even be McCain’s running mate, or even serve on his cabinet. I can’t see either happening, but Lieberman, who has already been thrown under the bus by his former party, would be far more likely to be John McCain’s VP or Secretary of Defense than Chuck Hagel would be likely to be Barack Obama’s VP or Secretary of Defense. But, again… both circumstances seem highly unlikely.