When Obama Promised Transparency…

Apparently he really didn’t mean transparency of government; no, silly little man–he meant that our private affairs would be more transparent–to the government!:

I suppose he had to pay back his big donors in Hollywood, didn’t he?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of online piracy. But paying fines up to and beyond a hundred grand for downloading a movie is a bit disproportionate to the crime. Hell, OJ walked after hacking two people to death. Will I need my best Orlando criminal defense lawyer on retainer because I let my 15 year old daughter use the internet… Really?

Beyond that is the road to the “big brother” police state that Obama and his fellow-travellers appear to be more than willing to walk. Oh, the libs wailed and gnashed their teeth during the Bush administration’s supposed warrantless wiretaps of phone conversations that took place in international-to-domestic communications between terrorist elements; but even that had a national defense rationale. This, on the other hand…

If they have the ability, without probable cause and warrants, to seize laptops for music, then they have the ability to seize your laptop for any reason.