Will Reid Be Daschled?

I am sure that privately Democrats are worried about the possibility.

Democrats reject any comparisons between Daschle’s electoral demise and Reid’s tough re-election challenge. But pollsters and political experts say Reid is in a tough fight to avoid being the second Democratic Senate leader in six years to be defeated.

In some ways, Reid faces a more formidable re-election challenge than Daschle did. Nevada’s economy has been hit harder than most, with a 13.3% unemployment rate second only to Michigan. Reid trailed two possible Republican challengers in polls taken earlier this fall. His favorability rating of 38% in one poll, a fatal political level in many circumstances, was more than 20 points below Daschle’s in 2003.

Republicans are pulling out the argument they used to oust Daschle and applying it to Reid: that the demands of leading Senate Democrats have pulled the senator leftward and away from his state’s interests.

Reid has responded with new ads highlighting the jobs, money and clout he says he has brought to Nevada.

Lots of signs point to good news for Republicans, and as the national political landscapes shifts in our favor, Reid and other Democrats with find their jobs at risk. According to Donald Lambro of the Washington Times, “the latest Rothenberg Political Report on the 2010 Senate races is an eye-opener.”

“With the landscape changing noticeably over the summer, Democrats can no longer assume that they will have a net gain of seats in next year’s midterm elections,” veteran elections handicapper Stuart Rothenberg told his newsletter subscribers this week.

“Of the 13 Senate seats now regarded as seriously ‘in play,’ seven of them are currently held by Democrats,” Mr. Rothenberg said.

Just three months ago, Mr. Rothenberg wrote that Democratic Senate gains “in the order of 2-4 seats certainly seem reasonable.” Now he says that “gains of that magnitude are still possible, of course, but the most likely outcome is somewhere between a Republican gain of two seats and a Democratic gain of two seats.”

Clearly, there has been a significant and surprisingly rapid change in the country’s political climate, led by a truly grass-roots rebellion against the Democrats’ big spending, big government, high tax policies that threaten to add trillions of dollars to the nation’s ballooning national debt.

Potential Republican pickups in the U.S. Senate include Delaware (Biden’s open seat), Nevada (Harry Reid’s seat), Colorado, Louisiana (Blanche Linoln’s seat), Connecticut (Chris Dodd’s seat), Pennsylvania (Specter’s seat), and Illinois (Obama’s former seat now occupied by Roland Burris).

Yeah. The Democrats are in trouble. Their pursuit of a dangerous left-wing agenda is killing their chances to remain in power.

Harry Reid’s vulnerability is just the tip of the iceberg.