Obama's Been Avoiding Questions from Media

For someone who loves the spotlight, Obama has been cautiously avoiding his once beloved news conferences. The Washington Times explains:

After months of what some critics called overexposure, President Obama has of late avoided questions from the White House press corps at large, closing the Oval Office to traditionally informal question-and-answer sessions with reporters and pulling back from the fast pace of news conferences he established when taking office.

The president, whose job-approval ratings have been on a steady slide, hasn’t held a formal news conference in 19 weeks, since July 22. That one ended badly, when Mr. Obama waded into a racial controversy by saying a white police officer “acted stupidly” when he arrested a black Harvard professor.

I guess it’s not hard to understand… afterall, the more he talks, the worse his approval ratings get… but it just goes to show you that this guy, so obsessed with his image, is starting to realize that he is his biggest liability.

Worse yet, after delaying and delaying and postponing and postponing and avoiding and avoiding making a decision on Afghanistan, he finally decides to make his formal announcement at the same time “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was supposed to air.