Blogroll and Other Stuff

Just a couple quick announcements…

As of this moment, I have processed all blogroll requests… I was behind about 12 months, so that was no easy task. All blogs that are still active and met all other requirements were added. It is possible i missed one or two here and there, so if you sent a request, and don’t see yourself in the blogroll, please resubmit.

I’d also like to direct everyone’s attention to the Local Issues page. Blogs For Victory is starting to syndicate conservative blogs that focus on state politics. Content is published in full, but if you’d like to comment, you must visit the source. As of now, we have blogs covering Massachusetts, Western New York, South Carolina, and Washington State. If you have a local politics blog and would like to be considered for syndication, feel free to send us a request at

That’s pretty much it.