Marco Rubio: A Wake Up Call From Greece

Our Senate candidate in Florida nails it:

The meltdown in Greece should be a wake-up call for those who wish to turn America into a high-spending, high-tax welfare state. The fact is, the global boom masked what was in fact an unsustainable situation, not only in Greece but in countries like Italy and Spain…Entire countries have become profligate, unproductive, and uncompetitive. Unfortunately, the road ahead in these countries is going to be extremely difficult.

The question Americans should be asking is, Why do President Obama and the Democrats in Congress want to take America down this path?

Why, indeed?

Because they simply don’t know what else to do. Locked in to rigid ideology, our liberal and socialist leaders simply can’t conceive of any solution which doesn’t entail more government spending and more government control. Even their response to the supposed rapacity of Wall Street is to bail out the very people they claim are causing the problem – spending is all they know.

But the spending must stop. We are now so far in debt that just a bit more will tip us over in to complete national bankruptcy. We have a small window of opportunity to avoid Greece’s fate – but while Democrats are in charge, nothing will be done to change course.

And so we simply must win in November – only by putting in an opposition Congress can we prevent Obama and his Democrats from taking us down the path of destruction.