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With Romney’s announcement that he’ll vote for the nominee, it looks like Cocaine Mitch has the votes lined up to replace RBG…and I suspect he had it all along. I can’t imagine a scenario where Trump and McConnell hadn’t gamed this out twenty ways to Sunday. Everyone knew RBG was dying and so there were probably contingency plans covering every possible way that could come out.

I have seen some rather heated Twitter fights over just whom Trump should pick – who would be better in a political sense, who would be more reliable when it came time to rule. I decided not to have a dog in those fights because, in the end, it doesn’t matter: Trump is the guy who gets to pick and we’re all just going to have to swing in behind it when it comes. I think most of us are simply happy that a mindless vote for whatever is fashionable on the Left will be replaced with someone who might actually rule on what the Constitution says.

Democrats are threatening to pack the Court if we get this. Meh: I expect them, if they win it all, to not only pack the Court but add DC and Puerto Rico as States and then simply do whatever they want as they set up an unconstitutional electoral system which ensures we can’t win. The stakes really are high in this election: and only a crushing defeat of the Democrats will allow a chance for sane Democrats to recapture their party. Lose to them this year, and the insane Democrats will be fully in command.

Team DNC/Biden did have an awesome August for fundraising…and this generated stories of Trump/RNC being broke and desperate. Well, the Trump/RNC combo is doing fine and breaking fundraising records. Once again, never believe the MSM. They lie all the time about everything.

The Silent Majority is starting to find it’s voice. Let’s face it: stating in public that you support Trump is a risk. You could be physically attacked. Your property could be vandalized. Heck, you could even lose your job. But, now, more and more people are putting out the Trump sign and joining spontaneous rallies in favor of the President. The vote November 3rd might be very different from what we expect.

I don’t know if Kim Klacik can actually win in her overwhelmingly Democrat district – but she should.

The policies she advocates are not only Conservative, they are almost Distributist, as well. Only an insane person – you know, a Democrat – could object to them.

Idiocy on the Basis of Sex

President Trump gave out both a very nice off the cuff statement about RBG’s death as well as an excellent official statement. I am not bound by such conventions.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a relentlessly baleful influence upon the American body politic. She was one of the spear points in the Feminist effort to enshrine into law and custom the bizarre notion that only things men do have any merit. As Chesterton pointed out: feminism is the assertion that a woman is a slave if she serves her husband but free if she serves her employer.

RBG’s great claim to fame is, of course, her work to end discrimination “on the basis of sex”. They even made a movie about her titled just that. And all over social media the past 24 hours I’ve seen liberals bemoaning the fate of women’s equality now that RBG is gone.

Permit me to point out something:

Discrimination is not wrong. It is ok to discriminate. Not only is it ok, but you, yourself, do it all the time. You discriminate about who your friends are. Which family members you’ll regularly invite over. What you’ll have for lunch. And, hey, it isn’t just you: the NBA definitely discriminates all the live, long day against short guys. And women. And women.

There is, after all, a WNBA. You probably first heard of it when the players walked off the court during the anthem recently. You might have been vaguely aware of it before that event. But why, decades after RBG rescued us from discrimination against women, is there a WNBA? Because of discrimination. Because the NBA discriminates against anyone who can’t go toe to toe on the court against LeBron James. Say what you want about James (and I’ve said a lot; nearly all bad), the bottom line is he’s one heck of a basketball player…and any team which can’t put up people to contain him will get blown out. And, given this, not a single NBA team has signed a female player. And this is because even the cream of the WNBA crop aren’t up to being benchwarmers in the NBA.

Because they are women.

And that’s gotta hurt. But only dumb people; so, you know: the left.

What is wrong isn’t discrimination, but unjust discrimination. If you were to discriminate against someone capable of doing something simply because of their race or gender or creed that would be wrong. That would be something worth fighting against. And maybe early on RBG and the other feminists were fighting a good fight. But that was a long, long time ago. Once laws specifically prohibiting women from doing what men do were discarded, that was the end of the fight for equality. If you can try to do it, then you are free. That you end up not being able to do it would be either because of some failure on your part or that you lack some vital talent for the job. What the WNBA players lack, uniformly, is being 6 foot, 9 inches tall, 250 pounds of brute male muscle and skill. It is no shame that a WNBA player can’t compete with James; it is just a fact of life.

And everyone deals with it. No one really gets heartache over the fact that women aren’t placed on NBA teams or NFL teams of MLB teams. We all know that, person for person, the chances of a woman being able to compete on that level are nearly zero. Maybe someday we’ll find a woman who can do it, but it’ll be the rarest of rare birds. Meanwhile, it is just for there to be discrimination like that.

But outside professional sports, we’ve seen some rather odd things. We know that a woman can’t be an NFL linebacker and everyone is cool with that…but if you try to say a woman can’t be a combat infantryman, everyone is going to drop on you like a ton of bricks. And that is the ultimate legacy of RBG: the assertion that women can do whatever men do. Which is dumb: women can’t. Just like men can’t do what women do. That whole giving birth thing is rather exclusive, for instance.

This concept that women are just like men and can only be free if they do exactly what men do is insane. And it is made doubly insane by the insistence that women do the worst things men do: work too hard; neglect home and family; play around on the side. This, guys, is not an improvement over the wife of ancient days who minded the house and raised the children.

RBG is gone. Her legacy lives on: and will be with us for quite a while. But if we ever to recapture our sanity, it will be by a stern and knowing rejection of what RBG stood for.

Open Thread

Trump is doing wonders for peace in the Middle East. The Palestinians fired off a few rockets at Israel, but that is just the pointless action of people being left behind. Only the Palestinian leadership and the Mullahs have an interest in continued war in the Middle East, and Trump has sidelined both of them. Trump should get a Nobel Prize for all this but he won’t because the entire global Ruling Class is garbage.

Who will win November 3rd? I think Trump will; but I don’t know. No one knows. Its all about whether the Love Trump+Fear Dems outnumber the Hate Trump people. For those of you who would like some good insights into what is happening on the ground, I suggest checking in from time to time with Larry Schweikart, M Joseph Sheppard and Cotto/Gottfried. They’re not mindless boosters but they also aren’t doom-and-gloom naysayers. They are, as far as I can tell, giving out info they think is correct. They are all on Twitter so, sorry Amazona!

Related: Bill Powell says the Trump people are confident.

Senator Cotton wants to undo China’s Most Favored Nation status. This is something we never should have given to China. But whatever merits it ever had, it is clear that China treats us as an enemy, so we might as well be realistic about such things and cut them off from our markets.

Are the ChiComs funding BLM? They’d be the most amazingly stupid people who ever lived if they aren’t. For China, BLM does two things: harms American unity while also allowing China to say, “see, America has civil rights problems, too.” All we know is that at the drop of a hat, BLM has rioters wherever wanted and bail money is provided very fast. Someone is funding BLM…and it isn’t American patriots.

Air Force says they are already test flying a 6th generation fighter. If so, good. Air superiority plus Naval supremacy are the twin pillars of American power. They allow us to intervene whenever we want to at minimal risk to American safety.

Suzie Sorority has become a BLM radical...and, as you suspect, it is because she’s been made insane by Progressive propaganda at college. But now, in Lancaster, PA, at least these upper class Bolsheviks are facing million dollar bail.

The Trump Response to 9/11

I had tried to think of something to say about 9/11, 19 years on, but I only got a little bit about it…and then something hit me and I’ve pondered it a bit: Our response to 9/11 was a Deep State dodge.

Think about it: back on that day, we were all on fire to go get whomever it was and make them pay. And while bin Laden was the prime mover of the event, we also all knew that the real source of the trouble resided in Tehran. Absent Iran’s support for terrorist groups, none of the terrorist groups would amount to much. To really do anything in the aftermath of 9/11 meant a reckoning with Iran.

When we went into Afghanistan, I felt it was a misuse of time and resources but I understood it; bin Laden was there and we wanted him, specifically, dead. When we started to gear up for Iraq, I saw it was our means of inserting a large, US military force into the strategic center of gravity of the Middle East as part of a program of getting after Iran in the by and by. I thought we’d be in Baghdad by summer of 2001 and then start putting maximum pressure on Iran, including military force if needed, to topple the regime and thus get us to the conclusion of the problem: the ending of State-sponsorship of terrorism (which is done by others, but none on the scale of Iran). When we fidgeted around on the WMD issue and the UN, I put it down to a foolish but understandable desire to get the world community on board, and especially the Brits.

But then we stopped. And started to nation-build. And allowed our soldiers to be clay pigeons in Iraq…clay pigeons being shot at by Iran’s proxies. And, yet, still, I kept on: sure there was something going on which would eventually get us to confront Iran. But, it never happened. In the end, we were reduced to just trying to prevent catastrophe in Iraq before Obama took over. Which was accomplished – only to see Obama throw it all away as he felt that the path to peace was in currying favor with Iran.

But now I step back and watch the past 19 years and I see it better: for both Bush and Obama (and, really, Clinton and Bush before them…and, indeed, all the way back to Ike’s idiotic decision to smack down the Anglo-French and Israelis over Suez) the whole point of American policy has been to not do anything but only to appear to do something. From 1956 until 2016 – 60 long years – the whole effort has been a con. An effort to make it seem like something is happening when nothing is happening (except all the dead: they dead really got dead). This is especially true of the period 2001 to 2017…Bush II to Obama when we had the moral right to do what was necessary…and then we didn’t do it.

The clarifying comes about via Trump, who’s earliest actions in the area were to blow hell out of ISIS without inserting ground forces; move the Embassy to Jerusalem and denounce the Iran deal. All things which all the Experts said would be disastrous. All things which they said indicated that Trump had no idea how things work. Well…now we’ve got peace deals between Israel and UAE and Bahrain; rumors that other Arab States will follow suit; Iran isolated; Russia and Iran presiding over the junkheap of Syria; the Palestinians no longer a factor; ISIS destroyed; Muslim terrorism no longer really a thing…and our boys and girls are coming home and we’re not drone-sriking all over the place. It took less than four years to accomplish all this. Sixty years to accomplish nothing (except, once again, all the dead people).

That Trump has managed to move the ball this far forward towards peace and an end to the scourge of terrorism shows that it could have been done at any time. All anyone had to do was want to do it. I now view our actions post-9/11 (until Trump) as being the actions of our Expert class designed to make it appear we were doing something while actually doing nothing. As for why they wanted to keep up the enmity between Israel and the Arab States and keep Iran afloat…I don’t know. I suspect bribery. I also don’t care why they did it: I only know that Trump has shown we don’t have to do it their way.

The monument to those who died on 9/11 and those who have died in all the fighting since must be an Israeli family vacationing on a beach in Bahrain while a Bahraini family has dinner in Tel Aviv. That is the glory; that is the lion’s share. That is where Trump is bringing us. We are still some time away from that happy moment and those who want the old ways to persist will do some very nasty things to get their way…but Trump has shown that we can have peace. That we don’t have to forever live in a world where we’re periodically shown pictures of middle easterners blown to hell.

We have a real chance – for ourselves and for the world. All we need do is make the right decision on November 3rd.

Terminate the Military-Industrial Complex

The real problem with the Military-Industrial Complex is that we have one. Having a large, standing Army is a mistake. If you read military history of the United States, the universal refrain is how deplorable it was that we relied on a small Army and large Militia. You’ll read of the many military disasters created when poorly trained Militia was sent into battle – and there were some pretty major catastrophes. But, using the small Army/large Militia model did win us every single war to World War II. Since World War Two? Well, we’ve had a large, standing military force and the Militia doesn’t even exist any more…and we’ve lost every war.

There are a host of reasons for the defeats, of course: but what benefit have we accrued by maintaining at very high expense this large Army organism?

Naturally, I’m bringing this up because of Trump’s feud with the brass. The Democrats, now leaving off calling them War Criminals, is rising to the defense of the brass, thinking that this will some how get us rank-and-file veterans to abandon Trump. This, more than anything, proves that Democrats are very unfamiliar with military service.

We have nuclear weapons so it is highly unlikely that anyone would dare nuke us. We have a massively armed population, so foreign invasion is simply impractical (it would take many millions just for the occupation forces). We don’t need this monstrosity where officers are placed on a path to promotion (and a juicy Defense Contractor career post-service) by their ability to please their political masters. A smaller and genuinely professional military force – where the officers are dedicated to the service, not their careers – seems to me to be the better way to go. A revived Militia would provide the means of rapidly expanding the Army in case of a major war…as well as providing a leaven of trained people in the civilian population who can act against enemies, foreign and domestic, at need.

Think of it: a voluntary, civilian militia (which can be used for a host of functions) would probably be some millions strong. It would mostly arm itself (though some weapons would be provided by the government; mostly crew-served weapons). Sure, it wouldn’t be nearly as good as a professional military force: but say there were five million Militia members organized into five thousand regiments scattered here and there around the country? No one is going to mess with that; not foreign enemies, not domestic enemies. Invasion and revolution would both be permanently impossible (unless the Militia was the revolutionary force…but that means that the people are conducting a revolution for themselves). And we wouldn’t have this large, bloated military force which tempts politicians into foreign adventure while also being institutionally incapable of winning a war because the price of victory is too high for politicians to contemplate.

The Democrats are ALL Losers Open Thread

Do I believe Trump called our dead soldiers “losers”? Of course not. First off, the sort of people who would say that are out there rioting and looting. Trump can be rude and crude – but it must be noted, only to people who attack him, first. He never throws the first punch.

But get ready: they will trot out things like this every week or so now until November 3rd. In fact, this feels more like an “October” story than a September one. I suspect with Biden starting to slump they are bringing out some of the big guns early to try to chance the dynamic of the race. They clearly coordinated this story with Team Biden.

And here’s why they are getting desperate: awesome employment numbers for August.

Poor lady died in February; gets notice she’s got the ‘Rona just now. The numbers are bogus, guys; they are just making them up.

Nancy Pelosi may have handed to House to the GOP with blowout.

Secrets Published (and Open Thread)


You can order it here.

Know what you haven’t seen a lot of lately? Polls. We were having a poll a day, it seemed, when they were coming in Biden up 7 to 12…but all of a sudden, hardly any polls. In the days after the party conventions, when we normally get a raft of them. Interesting, huh? To be sure, the polls we were getting were mostly garbage…but that means that they’re still garbage and likely show Trump as least within the margin of error.

What happened? The conventions – people got a good, long look at the Democrats and Biden and then got the same thing with the Republicans and Trump. And I think that it was rather stark. One party hectoring us about our national sins…the other lauding our national greatness. Add into this the completely insane violence of the riots which I’m convinced are – or, at least, were  – ordered by the DNC (they may have taken on a life of their own, now: millions were donated to shadowy BLM groups which can now fund riots on their own) and what might be happening out there is a complete collapse for the Democrats.

Don’t pay too much attention to claims that Trump is within striking distance in California and New York – it ain’t gonna happen. But that Biden put early on his campaign itinerary a visit to Minnesota (which hasn’t gone GOP since 1972) indicates the true state of the race.

Trump trolls Biden:

Rushing him out of basement after seeing some very disturbing numbers. Don’t worry, he’ll go back to basement soon!

This in response to a Biden campaign stop in western Pennsylvania. Another State Biden shouldn’t be in if he’s leading by 10. That’s another indicator…Trump is having a good time.

It is Now Campaign 2020

Forget the Experts, I think: what will happen on November 3rd, being in the future, is unknown. I personally think that Trump is heading for a big win. I’ve got a few data points which suggest it…but so much in in flux that no one can really say what the public mind is. But, in the end, I expect the Convention themes to play out. The Democrats were all about how dark and miserable the times are and how we must all repent of our sins…the Republicans were all about fighting through the bad times because we’re the greatest nation, ever. I suspect that a majority still loves America.

I also suspect that a majority is turned off by endless riots. I mean, for goodness sake, you’ve made your point, Lefties! Give it a freaking rest. But someone in the DNC said that the riots would turn people away from Trump (in fact, Biden’s campaign intern for Twitter pretty much Tweeted exactly that out this morning). And, hey: maybe the people will? I don’t think so, but anything in possible. But Biden’s recent half-hearted condemnation of the violence (not the riots or the rioters) indicates that Team Biden is worried about how things are going…Biden’s scheduled campaign appearance in Minnesota, which last went GOP in 1972, it a gigantic warning bell. But Team Biden has also apparently ordered the rioters to turn it up to 11…they practically assaulted people leaving the White House yesterday.

Trump seems happy, engaged and geared up. Democrats are already talking up not having debates at all. Biden mostly remains out of sight. Harris gave the response to Trump’s acceptance speech. I’m feeling pretty good. Secrets is up for pre-order (hint, hint, guys; go buy it!).

Let’s have some fun and then win the election.


Open Thread

I’m sorry I haven’t posted! Been busy. But, here I am again!


The Democrat response to the first night of the GOP Convention was to burn down Kenosha, Wisconsin. I’m not sure this will work to the Democrats’ advantage. This came up too quickly; shooting video gets out and almost instantly very violent riots occur which seem to deliberately stay away from anything which could provoke an independent federal response. To me, Antifa had the plan ready to go – and activists on standby – and were just waiting for some event to happen which could be cast in “racist white cops shoot a black man” terms. Someone is controlling these riots and funding them. We should find out who.

Meanwhile, the ratingsfor the GOP’s first night buried the DNC’s first night. If Joe is up 12, why are so many more people tuning in to the GOP than the Democrats?

Reports of a Coronavirus reinfection; where you get it, again. Who knows? It looks, though, like the ‘Rona will be with us forever…as perhaps a more deadly flu and even if we get a vaccine it likely won’t be 100% effective and will have to be modified over time like the flu vaccine is. It is time to end the lockdowns entirely and go about our normal lives.

Pelosi thinks you’re an enemy of the State. Which is, in a sense, true: we are rather opposed to the government, aren’t we? But we aren’t enemies of the people…as she is.

The MSM is all excited about Republicans for Biden. What they don’t realize is that these “Republicans” are precisely the reason we turned to Trump. What it really shows is that it is Trump vs Establishment in 2020. The Dems, the MSM and Never Trump have all set it up so that the incumbent President gets to run as an outsider.