Primary Night Open Thread

Have at it everyone… I had to bring work from the office home tonight.

Special good lucks go to Timothy Burns, running for John Murtha’s former seat (PA-12), and to Princella Smith (who used to blog here back in the day) in her primary in Arkansas’s First Congressional District.

UPDATE, by Mark Noonan: Rand Paul declared winner in KY.

UPDATE II: From Saul Anuzis via Facebook: PA U.S. Senate Democrat Primary with 10.7% reporting: former RINO Specter 54.9% vs Sestak 45.1%

UPDATE III: Lowry on the Paul victory.

UPDATE IV: Critz cheating in PA-12?

UPDATE V: PA-12 not looking good so far for GOP. The Other McCain has the running details.

UPDATE VI: Looks like Burns will come up short in PA-12 – still, closer than GOP got in 2008; hard to overcome that kind of Democrat voter registration advantage especially when GOP State primary is a snoozer compared to red-hot Dem primary…

UPDATE VII: Specter defeated.

UPDATE VIII: 16,000 blank ballots for the PA-12 special? Theory: GOP Burns GOP opponent for the November nomination didn’t cast ballots in PA-12 special (makes sense) and thus Burns lost.

UPDATE IX: About 50,000 more GOPers cast ballots in the PA Senate primary than in 2006…both races with foregone conclusions and yet 50,000 more Republicans showed up. That is what will tell the tale in 2010.

UPDATE X: And let us not forget that we’re going to get the tonic of victory on May 22nd.

UPDATE XI: Lincoln forced in to June 8th run-off primary. Bad news for Donks – they’ll spend buckets of money only to come up with a sure-loser for November.