I really don’t quite get the point of it, but various stories I’ve read suggest a self-righteous rally of left wingers pretending to be concerned about the tone of political discourse today, while pointing the blame at conservatives for the deterioration.

Here’s how one story described it:

The idea was to provide a counterweight to all the shouting and flying insults of these polarized times. But there were political undertones, too, pushing back against conservatives ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Well, so much for that idea. Here’s a photo from the event.

Do you know anyone who went?

It just goes to show that in the end, the left is motivated by hatred, and dare I say bigotry. Let’s think about this. Jon Stewart’s rally was conceived as a counter rally to the hugely successful August rally on the National Mall held by Glenn Beck. Okay, so let’s compare… The Beck rally brought together people who believe in small government, less taxes and cutting spending… The Stewart/Colbert “Rally for Sanity” brought together a bunch of left wing cynics who don’t believe in anything… but they think Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are funny.

UPDATE: More bizarre photos from the rally.

UPDATE: Interesting.

UPDATE: and more photos..