A Small Judicial Victory for Common Sense

A triumph of common sense over political correctness – from CNA:

An Illinois judge’s July 12 order will allow Catholic Charities to continue its foster care work in three dioceses, despite an attempt by state officials and the governor to end the partnership.

“This is a great win for the 2,000 children under the care of Catholic Charities, protecting these kids from the grave disruption that the state’s reckless decision to terminate would have caused,” said Peter Breen, Executive Director and Legal Counsel at the Thomas More Society.

Breen said that Catholic Charities, with the legal assistance of his organization, “will continue this fight” to continue “the high-quality foster and adoption care that the Catholic Church has provided for over a century to Illinois children.”…

As you might have guessed it, liberalism is at the bottom of this – Illinois passed a law last December entitled Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act which, its sponsors said, would allow for civil unions but would not in any way, shape or form interfere with those faith-based groups which were doing charitable work in Illinois.  It was specifically asked, in legislative debate, if this bill would prohibit faith-based institutions from dealing with foster care and adoption – and the answer was “no”.  It was this assertion which may have allowed enough Illinois legislators to swallow “civil unions” – as long as people of faith are protected, who can have an argument against anyone – gay or straight – having a civil union?  Presto, the law was done.  But that was without anyone reckoning on the ultimate desire of leftwing activists…whether or not gay people shall be married, civil-union’d or shot to the Moon is irrelevant…what is relevant is whether or not faith can be attacked…especially the Catholic Church part of it.

Because the Catholic Church will not place a child in a gay or cohabitating home (so, you see, it isn’t about gays for the Church…it is about the Church’s adherence to Christian sexual morality), someone in the Illinois government – clearly with an anti-Christian axe to grind – decided to terminate Illinois’ contracts with Catholic Charities regarding adoption (any gay person with a gripe would be a person just being a jerk – plenty of adoption agencies in Illinois will adopt out to a gay couple…and even Catholic Charities would refer a gay person to such agencies should a gay person happen to wander in to a Catholic adoption agency).  Didn’t matter that Illinois doesn’t have the facilities to take on the thousands of kids under Catholic Charities’ care; doesn’t matter that the Illinois government has proven routinely incompetent in dealing with such social issues, didn’t matter that kids lives would be disrupted…all that mattered was bashing the Church, bashing Christianity, bashing morality.

Fortunately, a judge has seen right through this and put, at least temporarily, a stop to it.  Hopefully now some wiser heads will prevail and some sort of accommodation can be worked out so as to ensure that the kids are taken care of.  But this this what is so wrong about our society – liberal ideology has so infected is that even something as common-place as a Church caring for orphans has become politicized, and the realm of lawsuits.  There is a sickness in liberalism – some sort of disease of the spirit which generates such mean spirited actions.  This should never have happened – in any decent society, it wouldn’t have happened.  A small victory for common sense – but common sense should not have had to take the field of battle; it should have been automatic that no sane person would ever dream of challenging the care of orphans.

6 thoughts on “A Small Judicial Victory for Common Sense

  1. neocon1 July 15, 2011 / 3:59 pm

    you are dealing with perverts and lying politicians.
    Why would any one expect anything else?
    It is what snakes and serpents do, they bite regardless how much you have done for them or cared for them.

  2. MontyBurns July 16, 2011 / 1:35 am

    “the Church’s adherence to Christian sexual morality”

    The same sexual morality that had the Church protecting pederasts?

    • neocon1 July 16, 2011 / 10:02 am

      Rare cases out of more than a BILLION members.
      Sin happens….do you admit those who committed those crimes were homosexuals?

    • Amazona July 17, 2011 / 11:59 am

      Monty, the Church DID make the mistake of protecting homosexual predators. It was wrong.

      But when you have a liberal takeover of the hierarchy of the Church, as seen in Vatican II, when the seminary and priesthood became sanctuaries for predatory homosexuals intent on finding an unending supply of young men to hunt, you set up a system like the one we saw.

      It is Christian sexual morality that has been trying to weed out these criminals and remove the protection offered by SOME (not all, by a long shot) Church officials.

      While some officials did in fact try to protect the criminals, some were just fuzzy-minded and naive and believed that the perpetrators would stop their predations.

      But the actions of a few do not indict the entire Church, no matter how much you virulent anti-Catholics try to pretend it does.

      If you want to play that game, realize it will extend to every single group which has an element of evil. We can start with the numbers and proportions of blacks and illegal aliens in the prison system and use that to indict an entire race and all who come here illegally. You don’t get to pick and choose.

      • MontyBurns July 17, 2011 / 1:00 pm

        No, the actions of the Church indict the Church. Which is why it’s darkly funny that an organization that, as a matter of policy, protected pederasts in its ranks sees fit to lecture others about “sexual morality.”

      • neocon1 July 17, 2011 / 2:22 pm


        only to fools like you……this was local bishops who made those decisions. It is not church doctrine.
        I blame the pathology of homosexuality and you loons who keep bleeping that it is normal.

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