Trying to Get “Fast and Furious” Answers

From the Arizona Daily Star:

Sen. John McCain has requested a Congressional hearing on the much-maligned gun trafficking investigation led by the ATF.

Up until recently, two fellow Republican legislators — Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., — have led the Congressional inquiries into the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ “Fast and Furious” operation…

…“The committee should hold a meeting as soon as possible to examine these new revelations and determine what additional measures are needed to help prevent this type of malfeasance from occurring again,” McCain wrote in a letter addressed to Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

The veteran Arizona Senator is asking for the committee to call the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder; the Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano; and the ATF’s acting director, B. Todd Jones; as witnesses…

In this case, Obama had better hope he loses next year – you see, the only thing holding back Watergate-style hearings on this is the fact that Democrats still control the Senate.  Given the number of vulnerable Democrats up for re-election next year and the number the GOP needs to win to gain control, it is almost a certainty that Harry Reid won’t be in charge of the Senate come January, 2013.  At that point, there is no protection for the Administration in covering up this scandal…which is, in fact, worse than Watergate with the only thing entirely unknown at this point is the President’s role.

My view is that the Administration, in an effort to gin up support for gun control, cooked up a plan to have American weapons transferred to the drug cartels, knowing they would be used in crimes which Mexico would then blame on us…a media frenzy would erupt and demands would be made for restrictions on gun ownership.  Presto, gun control is back in to the American political mix after having been dead and buried for more than a decade. The only reason it didn’t work out like that is because an American border patrol agent was murdered with the guns and a couple people involved blew the whistle.

We do need to get to the bottom of this – who ordered the program and why they did it.  Putting Holder, especially, under oath is important here.  I don’t expect him to tell the truth, but I either want prosecutable perjury against him, or the spectacle of him taking the 5th.  Such actions could break lose other people who do know the truth and then we’ll find out what happened and why.

11 thoughts on “Trying to Get “Fast and Furious” Answers

  1. Green Mountain Boy September 8, 2011 / 11:45 am

    It’s getting near an election again. Time for Darth Rino to start acting like a conservative again. He must be getting tired of the cocktail parties in D.C. Good luck with that investigation Sir. I am sure bams will be eager to cooperate.

  2. js September 8, 2011 / 12:43 pm

    this leads right up to the white house…3 high level advisors recieved emails on f&f…and now we are supposed to believe that obummers personnal advisors didnt tell him anything…

    guilty as charged…now…did obummer use a SSN for foreign students when he went to occidental…cuz if he did…he was over 18…and denounce his US Citizenship by doing it…so far its affirmative…

    In Obama’s home state, Illinois, Sankey tracked down 16 different addresses for a Barack Obama or a Barack H. Obama, of which all are addresses he was known to have lived at. Two Social Security numbers appear for these addresses, one beginning with 042 and one starting 364.

    In California, where Obama attended Occidental College, there are six addresses listed for him, all within easy driving distance of the college. However, there are three Social Security numbers connected to these addresses, 537 and two others, each beginning with 999.

    There are no addresses listed in New York where he attended Columbia University, but there is one listed for him in nearby Jackson, NJ, with a Social Security number beginning with 485.

    • js September 8, 2011 / 12:45 pm

      that 999 SSN prefix…is exclusively used for foreign students attending schools int he US…

      but we dont have a right to know how that goes…according to the SC

  3. Green Mountain Boy September 8, 2011 / 12:58 pm

    On a side note, Solyndra was raide by the feds today. Yep, half a billion tax payer dollars down the tubes. Wonder who is going to disappear over this little mistake.

    JS. I am still looking for any evidence that barry sotero legally changed his name back. Have not found any so far. Wonder how many ssn’s barry has?

  4. Cluster September 8, 2011 / 1:20 pm

    This scandal could get real ugly for Obama

    • RetiredSpook September 8, 2011 / 4:26 pm

      What we need is a National Sheriff who has the legal authority to arrest the AG.

      • Mark Edward Noonan September 8, 2011 / 5:57 pm


        In my view, Holder needs to see the inside of a jail cell – just in his failure to enforce our voting laws is enough to prosecute him, as far as I’m concerned…the growing evidence of his involvement in this scandal just makes it more imperative.

      • neocon1 September 9, 2011 / 8:31 am


        you forget who is in charge.
        do da name wrangle, waters, fwank, raines, etc etc etc ring a bell?
        ALL should be in jail, NONE had to resign. Heck the union thug and criminal hoffa is opening the POS’s speeches calling for violence against the TEA party and not a peep or cry of outrage, we are toast.


      • neocon1 September 9, 2011 / 8:34 am


        We never again heard of the sweet little girl chased down beaten and leg broken by leftist thugs in LA have we.?
        wonder why not?

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