Corrupt, Thuggish “Palestinian” Regime Applies for Statehood

From CBS:

Defying U.S. and Israeli opposition, (the ruffians who rule over the West Bank) asked the United Nations on Friday to accept them as a member state, sidestepping nearly two decades of failed negotiations in the hope this dramatic move on the world stage would reenergize their quest for (unfettered rule over a kleptocracy which likes murdered Jews).

Shortly after submitting the application to U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon, “Palestinian” (capo) Mahmoud Abbas was greeted by sustained applause and appreciative whistles as he approached the dais to deliver a speech outlining his (fellow thugs and kleptocrats) hopes and dreams of becoming a full member of the United Nations…(MSM report edited to make it accurate)

Thing is, such a State would fit right in with the UN…seriously, what would be the difference between such a regime and UN stalwarts like Zimbabwe, Syria, Sudan, Iran and Cuba?  Probably get them right on the Human Rights Commission in time to issue some more anti-Semitic statements while ignoring massacre and robbery in other lands.

The bottom line here is not the absurd demand for Statehood, but the fact that we are even part of this corrupt organization.  The United States cannot with honor remain in the United Nations…we have to cut the ties and seek to build a global organization of decent, free nations.  Sticking with the UN is akin to the police making common cause with drug gangs.

In practical terms, all this will do is allow the thugs and thieves of the world – especially those of the Islamo-fascist variety – to be yet more thuggish and criminal.  They’ll be encouraged to steal and kill even more, because stealing and killing is clearly the path to glory in the UN.  Time we were well done with it…and we should start pressing the GOP contenders on how they view our relationship to the UN and how they will propose to reform it, how long they’ll wait, and when they’ll withdraw us from it once the UN proves itself incorrigible.


29 thoughts on “Corrupt, Thuggish “Palestinian” Regime Applies for Statehood

  1. neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 2:44 pm

    Corrupt, Thuggish “Palestinian” al-hussein obama Regime

    fixed, both marxist muslim, and corrupt to the core (not Corps Ochimpy)

    • neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 3:12 pm

      Reuters) – Pakistan warned the United States it risks losing an ally if it continued to accuse Islamabad of playing a double game in the war against militancy, escalating the crisis in relations between the two countries.

      ARM India to the teeth, nukes, neutrons, missiles, tell the pakis AMF !

      • Green Mountain Boy September 23, 2011 / 3:28 pm

        Pakistan is an ally? Since when?

      • thomasg0102 September 23, 2011 / 3:52 pm

        Pakistan isn’t an ally, they are an enemy. But it’s our policy to be friends with enemies. Ie. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Pakistan…

        It’s the conservative way! status quo and stability over freedom and justice!

  2. Thomasg0102 September 23, 2011 / 3:29 pm


    The only solution is a ONE state solution where Palestine and Israel are combined into one larger nation and elections are held.

    Its practically impossible to divide the land now that it’s littered with settlements and people’s homes.

    This is where the right wing in Israel gets it wrong. It’s apartheid on a smaller scale.

    Haaretz had a great article about the prospects of Israel over the next 20 to 30 years. The population of the Arab Israelis is growing and so are the Palestinians.

    It’s time to end the injustice that’s been going on for the past 60 years.

    • neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 3:44 pm


      It’s time to end the injustice that’s been going on for the past 60 years.

      time for Jordan to take their citizens back.

    • Mark Edward Noonan September 23, 2011 / 3:54 pm


      Israel must remain a Jewish State…this a moral imperative for the world which transcends all other national considerations in that area. This would be true even if non-Muslims could obtain justice under Muslim rule: as that is currently impossible (and likely to remain impossible for another century…and that if Islam gets busy getting civilized right away), there is a double reason to ensure Israel’s Jewish character. The so-called Palestinian people do not have to live in the physical territory encompassed in the ancient Kingdom of David. If it can be so ordered, then great…happy to oblige, but the primary goal is always to ensure the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

      The people who call themselves Palestinians have proven again and again that they do not wish to live peacefully side by side with Israel. Still less would it be possible to conjoin people who act like barbarians with the people of Israel. The Palestinians must demonstrate, by acts, that they have changed…only then can consideration be given to any national aspirations those people have. If they can’t do so, then eventual expulsion from all of the ancient Kingdom of David from the Jordan to the sea and from the Golan to the Negev will have to be effected.

      This is just the fact of life – failure to follow this line will lead to endless war and, perhaps, to a second Holocaust. No person of honor or decency can contemplate such an eventuality, so it will just have to be as I have described it.

      • thomasg0102 September 23, 2011 / 4:42 pm


        that’s utter bs. there is no moral imperative to keep Israel a jewish state.

        Why should they be the only ones in the world to have a religious state of some sort?

        Your moral imperative is simply non existent and is entirely dependent on your religious views and beliefs.

        Give me a break. Instead of injecting your own religious dogma into the equation, be unbiased and a broker for peace.

        Israel is a modern apartheid state. It will fail and cease to exist in its present form in about 30 years. Its inevitable. Nothing we do or don’t do now will stop that moral decline the Israelis face. They are occupiers and have empoverished a people by embargoes and sanctions.

      • Mark Edward Noonan September 23, 2011 / 6:54 pm


        It has nothing to do with religion – it has to do with the fact that Jews have been persecuted in every region of the world by every type of person at one time or another. Israel is the one place in the world where a Jew can – and must – be assured of living in peace…with never any possible threat of expulsion, oppression or massacre. The Muslims there can easily move to Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Egypt, if need be…Israel is the guarantor of no further Holocausts, and that trumps any supposed need of “Palestinians” to a State…and such a State is certainly precluded as long as the Palestinians act as they do.

  3. Green Mountain Boy September 23, 2011 / 3:34 pm

    I agree. It’s time to end the injustice. The injustice of self imposed aparteid and the injustice on 20 month old jewish occupiers of muslim lands. This little girl obviously just doesn’t know what an evil jew she is. Yet.

    • neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 3:46 pm

      time for 800 million arabs living on 1/6 of the worlds land mass to make a small area for their Jordinain “brothers” they Looooooove so much.

      • thomasg0102 September 23, 2011 / 3:51 pm


        that makes as much sense as giving the jews a piece of Germany since they were the ones that perpetrated the Holocaust!

        get your head out of your behind stooge.

      • neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 3:51 pm

        Israel is a democratic nation 1/19th the size of California, surrounded by 21 hostile Islamic dictatorships with 640 times her size, 60 times over her population and ALL the oil.

        How dare Arab propagandists call Israel “expansionist!” And how dare anyone believe them!

        How can Israel, which occupies one-sixth of one percent of the lands called Arab, be responsible for the political dissatisfaction of 21 Arab countries?

        How can the 13 million Jews in the world (almost 5 million fewer than they were in 1939!) be blamed for the problems of the 250 million Arabs, who have brotherly ties to one billion Muslims worldwide?

        Israel is an oasis of Western Democracy and Judeo/Christian morality in the middle of an otherwise totalitarian Mid East. For over 53 years, Israel has sought peaceful coexistence with neighbors dedicated to her destruction.

      • thomasg0102 September 23, 2011 / 3:54 pm

        no copy and pasting doofus. state YOUR ideas, if you can write that is.

        it doesnt matter how large or small Israel is. It’s the fact that their nation was drawn from a map because of the holocaust.

        Why didn’t they put them in Germany neo? or better yet, let’s give them Arizona, or Nevada and let them live there right?


      • neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 4:05 pm


        I agree with the cut and paste, NO reason to to re write anything…refute it if you can.
        How about down town detroit? LA, NO, KC etc etc?
        Im for i,t but then we would have a successful country and a whole new set of useless victims.
        Oh wait we already have those the DONK party.

    • thomasg0102 September 23, 2011 / 3:50 pm


      Israel is not the victim. They have us on their side, a strong military, nuclear weapons, and all the wealth.

      The palestinians are the ones living in poverty because they have been occupied and under sanctions and embargoes for 50 years.

      It’s exactly due to people like you and their religious dogma that the world doesn’t believe us to be an honest broker of peace.

      • neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 3:55 pm


        However, there is a preliminary historical fact that must be established now.

        There has never been a civilization or a nation referred to as “Palestine” and the very notion of a “Palestinian Arab nation” having ancient attachments to the Holy Land going back to time immemorial is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated upon the world! There is not, nor has there ever been, a distinct “Palestinian” culture or language.

        Further, there has never been a Palestinian state governed BY Arab Palestinians in history, nor was there ever a serious Arab-Palestinian national movement until 1964… three years BEFORE the Arabs of “Palestine” lost the West Bank [Judea and Samaria] and Gaza as a result of the 1967 Six-Day War (which the Arabs started).

        Even the so-called leader of the “Palestinian” people, Yasser Arafat, is EGYPTIAN! In short, the so-called Arab “Palestinians” are a manufactured people…a people with no history and no authenticity… whose sole purpose for existence is to destroy the Jewish State!

      • neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 3:58 pm


        Those Who Bless Her (Israel) Will Be Blessed, And Those Who Curse Her Will Be Cursed (Genesis 12:2-3)

      • Mark Edward Noonan September 23, 2011 / 4:04 pm


        Have you ever looked in to what Israel was like in, say, 1900 after 800+ years of Muslim misrule? Israel isn’t wealthy because wealth was there to be stolen by the Jews…the Jews came to a nearly empty land … around half a million people living where more than 7 million live today. It was a wasteland…deforested, irrigation systems ruined, disease-ridden and having no hope at all. Jews arrived and started to work, very hard and in harsh conditions. Round about the time the Jews started to gain a bit of prosperity (but were still a tiny minority of the overall population), the local Muslim leaders decided they wanted to steal that wealth for themselves…so they cooked up some pogroms and inflamed sectarian hatred…and that is where the conflict comes from. The Muslims have got precisely what they deserved because they have chosen a path of murder and theft rather than justice and work…once they change, then different things can be done, but not before.

      • neocon1 September 23, 2011 / 4:09 pm

        This page shows conflicts between the Arab nations (as a group), and Israel. As a rule, a legal state of war has existed between Israel and her Arab enemies since the beginning of the first war in 1948. Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979, and Jordan made peace in 1994. The Palestine Authority, headed by Yassir Arafat and his Al-Fatah faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization negotiated a semi-peace, which, from mid-2000 on, has been destroyed through the “Al-Aqsa” Intifada violence. Other Palestinian groups, most notably Hamas, have been at war with Israel continuously. Although Israel and most Arab nations are technically in a continuous state of war, unless otherwise noted, specific outbreaks of fighting are considered to be separate wars.

        Visit the History Guy’s Arab-Israeli Wars Links Page.

        Click on the blue links to access specific pages.

        Israeli War of Independence/ “al-Nakba” (The Disaster) (1948-1949)–Upon independence, Israel was invaded by the armies of six Arab nations: Egypt, Syria, Transjordan (later Jordan), Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In addition, local Arab Palestinian forces also fought the Jewish Israelis.

        Qibya Raid (October, 1951)—Israeli troops, led by Major Ariel Sharon (Israeli Prime Minister 2001-2006) destroyed dozens of buildings in the West Bank (Jordan) town of Qibya. Civilian deaths reached 69.

        Egyptian Seizure of the Israeli ship Bat Galim (Summer, 1954)—Egypt seized the Israeli ship Bat Galim as it attempted to enter the Suez Canal. According to various international agreements, the Suez Canal is supposed to be accessible to ships of all nations. This provoked worsening tensions between Israel and Egypt.

        Gaza Raid (Feb. 28, 1955)—Israeli forces conducted a raid, a response to repeated guerrilla attacks and the seizure of an Israeli ship by Egypt, resulted in the deaths of 51 Egyptian soldiers and 8 Israeli troops. This raid was the largest of its kind against Arab forces since the end of the First Arab-Israeli War in 1949.

        The Sinai War (1956) [Also known as the Suez War]–The invasion and temporary conquest of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula by Israel, while France and Great Britain seized the Suez Canal.

        Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (1960-Present)–Israel faced guerrilla and terrorist warfare from several Palestinian armies, most of whom united under the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), led by Yassir Arafat. Current fighting involves Israel against more religiously militant groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, as well as against Arafat’s Palestinian Authority. (This includes the Palestinian guerrilla warfare against Israel from the 1960’s, original Intifada (1988-1992) and the current “Al-Aqsa” Intifada (2000-Present), and the West Bank (2004) and Gaza Invasions (2006) by Israel and the Palestinian suicide and rocket attacks which prompted those invasions. (See below.)

        First al-Fatah (PLO) Raid (Dec. 31, 1964)—Yassir Arafat’s al-Fatah faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization conducted its first raid into Israel from Lebanon.

        Israeli-Syrian Border and Air Battle (Nov. 13, 1964)—Israel and Syria both claimed sovereignty over several Demilitarized Zones along their border. These Zones were set up as part of the cease-fire ending the First Arab-Israeli War. Israel attempted to farm the land in these Zones, while Syria developed a project to divert water from the Jordan River, which Israel shared with both Syria and Jordan. Syrian forces often fired on Israeli tractors attempting to farm the Zones, while Israel looked for ways to interrupt the Syrian diversion project. On Nov. 13, 1964, Syrian forces stationed on the top of the Golan Heights, a plateau overlooking Israeli territory in the Jordan River valley, fired on Israeli tractors. Israeli forces returned fire. Syrian artillery then targeted Israeli civilian villages. Israel responded with air attacks on Syrian forces. This battle resulted in 4 Israeli dead and 9 wounded. Syrian losses included two tanks and machines involved in the diversion project. One result of this clash was Syria’s accelerated acquisition of more and better Soviet-made fighter planes. (Oren, 2001).

        West Bank Raids (May 1965)—After Palestinian guerrilla raids resulting in the deaths of 6 Israelis, the Israeli military conducted raids on the West Bank towns of Qalqilya, Shuna and Jenin.

        1966—Israel reported 93 incidents along its borders.

        West Bank Raid (April 30 1966)—Israeli forces destroyed over two dozen houses in the West Bank town of Rafat, killing 11 civilians. This attack was in response to Palestinian raids on Israel. Most of these attacks on Israel

        West Bank Raids (1966)—Israeli forces raided the Hebron area of the West Bank. These raids resulted in 8 civilian deaths and firefights with the Jordanian Army.

        Israeli-Syrian Border Battles (Summer, 1966)—Continued artillery and tank duels along the Golan Heights front led to :

        Israeli-Syrian Air Battle (July 7, 1966)—Responding to the continued fighting along the border, Israeli planes attacked Syrian forces, resulting in the loss of one Syrian MiG fighter plane.

        Israeli-Syrian Air/Sea Battle (Aug. 15, 1966)—After an Israeli patrol boat ran aground on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee (according to the 1949 cease-fire agreement, Israeli forces were not supposed to approach within 250 meters of the eastern shore, which was a Demilitarized Zone), Syrian planes attacked it. Israel responded, shooting down two MiG planes.

        Samu Raid (West Bank) (November 13, 1966)—Following a land mine explosion which killed three Israeli policemen and wounded one, Israel decided to launch a large retaliatory raid (called Operation Shredder) into the West Bank, to strike at a Palestinian (al-Fatah) guerrilla base near Hebron. Designed to show Israeli military strength, the raiding force consisted of 10 tanks, forty half-tracks (a troop transportation vehicle) and around 400 soldiers. The force enjoyed air cover from Israeli war planes. This force destroyed a police station at the town of Rujm al-Madfa’ and then moved on to the town of Samu’. As the Israelis demolished houses in Samu’, a small Jordanian force approached and was ambushed by the Israelis. This battle resulted in 15 Jordanian dead and 54 wounded. The leader of the Israeli ambush was killed and 10 of his men wounded. Israeli planes chased off the Jordanian air force, shooting down a Jordanian fighter plane. This raid also resulted in 3 Arab civilian deaths and 96 wounded.

        Besides the large numbers of casualties (on both sides) from what was supposed to be a relatively swift and easy raid, Israel suffered diplomatic setbacks. The United States was quite upset over this large attack on one of Washington’s few Arab friends (Jordan’s King Hussein) and at the lack of response to the Syrians, who were the true sponsors of most Palestinian attacks in Israel. Riots broke out in Jordan at the seemingly ineffectual response of the Jordanian military and its apparent inability to protect Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. The Samu raid inflamed Arab public opinion in the Middle East and turned out to be one of the factors leading up to the Six-Day War of 1967.

        The Six-Day War (1967)–In a rapid pre-emptive attack, Israel crushed the military forces of Egypt, Jordan and Syria and seized large amounts of land from each. Iraq also participated in the fighting on the Arab side.

        The War of Attrition (1968-1970)–The War of Attrition was a limited border war fought between Egypt and Israel in the aftermath of the Six-Day War. It was initiated by Egypt as a way to recapture the Sinai Peninsula after losing it to Israel in 1967. A cease-fire in 1970 ended the fighting, but left the borders unchanged.

        The Yom Kippur (Ramadan) War (1973)–In a surprise attack launched on the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday (the dates also fell on the Muslim Ramadan holiday), Egypt and Syria attacked Israel. Despite aid from Iraq, the Arab forces failed to defeat Israel.

        Israeli Invasion of Lebanon (1978)–Operation Litani was the official name of Israel’s 1978 invasion of Lebanon up to the Litani river. The invasion was a military success, as the Israeli military expelled the PLO from Southern Lebanon, where they had created a de facto state within a state. An international outcry over the invasion forced a partial Israeli retreat and the creation of a United Nations patrolled buffer zone between the Arab guerrillas and the Israeli military. See also The Israeli-Lebanon Conflict (1978-Present).

        The Osirak Raid (1981)–An Israeli air attack on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor.

        The Israeli Invasion of Lebanon (1982-1984)–In response to repeated guerrilla attacks by the PLO, which were launched from South Lebanon, Israel invaded with the intent of destroying Arafat’s forces. Syria, which maintained a large army in Lebanon, fought Israel and suffered an embarrassing defeat. See The Israeli-Lebanon Conflict (1978-Present).

        The Israeli Occupation of South Lebanon (1984-2000)–As they withdrew from most of Lebanon seized in the 1982 invasion, Israel held onto a large part of Southern Lebanon with the aid of the “South Lebanon Army (SLA),” a militia set up and supported by Israel. This occupation was opposed by the PLO and other Palestinian groups as an extension of their long-running conflict with Israel. Also, other militia armies (mostly Lebanese Muslim groups), such as Hezbollah (supported by Iran and Syria), stepped up attacks on the Israeli-occupied region as well as on settlements and military targets in northern Israel. In 2000, Israel withdrew from Lebanon and the SLA disbanded. See The Israeli-Lebanon Conflict (1978-Present).

        The First Intifada (1987-1993)–Urban uprising against Israeli rule in the West Bank and Gaza. The Oslo Peace Accords end the Intifada and lead to the formation of the Palestinian Authority with PLO Chief Yasser Arafat as the official leader of the Palestininans.

        The Second Persian Gulf War (1991)–While Israel took no offensive action in this war, Iraq did launch Scud missiles which struck Israel and almost caused Israel’s intervention in the Gulf War.

        The “Al-Aqsa” Intifada–Urban guerrilla/commando war waged between Israel and various Palestinian groups, including Hamas. Between September, 2000 and, September, 2007: 4,453 Palestinians and 1,114 Israelis have been killed due to the escalating violence. (Source on casualties:

        Israeli Air Strike on Syria (October, 2003)– Israeli warplanes hit the Syrian village of Ain al-Saheb, near Damascus.

        The Israeli-Hezbollah War (also known in Israel as “The Second Lebanon War (2006)–In response to repeated guerrilla attacks by the the Shiite Lebanese militia Hezbollah, Israel invaded southern Lebanon, set up a naval blockade, and launched a powerful bombing campaign in order to win the release of two captured Israeli soldiers. The Israeli-Lebanon Conflict (1978-Present).

        Israeli Air Strike on Syria (Sept. 6, 2007)—Israeli warplanes overflew northern Syria, dropping ordnance on a (publicly) unknown target. According to both the New York Times and ABC News, the target was a nuclear facility being built with North Korean aid and assistance. See War and Conflict Journal’s article on this attack.

        The Gaza War (2008-2009)–War between the Palestinian Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip and Israel. Began in December, 2008.

        Threat of an Israeli-Iran War–Scenarios for a possible Israeli attack on Iran, or an Iranian attack on Israel. Emphasis on the nuclear threat from Iran.

      • thomasg0102 September 23, 2011 / 4:44 pm


        cutting and pasting from conservative kook sites about Israel doesn’t make you credible.

        It makes you look like a fool. Why don’t you go look at the Israeli press and tell us what the majority of Jews believe in Israel and what should happen.

        Or wait, do their veiws not matter to you? you just quoted the bible in support of Israel, that says everything about your mentality and lack of credentials to even be a part of the discussion.

      • js September 23, 2011 / 4:59 pm

        oh shut up thomastooge

  4. js September 23, 2011 / 4:58 pm

    Corrupt, Thuggish “Palestinian” Regime Applies for Statehood Foodstamps

    they cant support themselves…how can they justify a statehood

    • Mark Edward Noonan September 23, 2011 / 6:56 pm


      150,000 of them work for the “Palestinian” government…nothing but a milch cow for the best connected, politically. And the whole concept of a State right now is nothing more than a means for the well connected to live even better and for a longer time on the world’s dime.

  5. Green Mountain Boy September 23, 2011 / 9:06 pm

    I an way Israel is not a victim. They have survived 5 wars and thousands of terrorists attacks. They are still there. They will always be there. What force of arms has not achieved, the terrorist attempt by politics. They will lose this time too.

    Am Ysrael Chai.

    • Mark Edward Noonan September 23, 2011 / 9:14 pm


  6. Green Mountain Boy September 24, 2011 / 2:20 am

    Some history, for those who sorely need it.

    • neocon1 September 24, 2011 / 10:35 am


      good video

      • Green Mountain Boy September 24, 2011 / 10:46 am

        Neo, it’s not my original work so it doesn’t count. 😛

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