Michelle Obama’s Target Run Was Staged? You’re Kidding Me?

I’m sure most of you by now saw the photos of Michelle Obama shopping at Target… I hope you won’t be too shocked to find out there’s now proof the photo op was staged.

Another staged moment in the lives of Barack and Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama just had to get out to Target to do a little shopping last week. But, before the shopping run the White House tipped off AP photographer Charles Dharapak so that he would be at the store to memorialize the moment.

Michelle’s communication director has previously said that it is a common occurrence for her go out to run an errand. Sure, we really believed that one. It’s so common in fact that they have to alert AP photographers every time she finds it politically convenient to mingle with the real folks.

12 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Target Run Was Staged? You’re Kidding Me?

  1. neocon1 October 2, 2011 / 11:14 am

    She would fit right in her local wal mart in da hood….

    Mr. & Mrs. Clueless

    Mr. And Mrs. Clueless! What’s wrong with this picture?

    This has to be the dumbest fool to ever hold the office of President of anything, anywhere, and anytime in the history of the universe and beyond.

    How embarrassing it is to have this IDIOT as our President and the other IDIOT as our first lady!

    But I guess, when you’ve never done the pledge of allegiance before, you don’t know what to do! …maybe it’s the Muslim way, c’mon this the the United States of America. Honor your country.

    At first I assumed the picture was reversed, but the wedding rings indicate that it’s right, as do the buttons on his suit, and the lapel pin.

    What have we done to ourselves and the world by putting this clown in charge?

    It’s in our hands in November 2012 to rectify this gigantic error!

    send this to all 57 states

    • neocon1 October 2, 2011 / 12:08 pm

      maybe she will “shop” here next…..

      The “OFC” sign — which we can only assume stands for “Obama Fried Chicken” — looks suspiciously like the KFC logo and depicts the president dressed as Colonel Sanders, complete with suspenders and bow tie. According to Shanghaiist, the Chinese slogan in the lower-right corner means, “We’re so cool, aren’t we?”

      • neocon1 October 2, 2011 / 12:13 pm

        his next “job” in 2012

    • Green Mountain Boy October 2, 2011 / 7:25 pm

      Via the intercontinental railroad? LOL

  2. tiredoflibbs October 2, 2011 / 2:47 pm

    Oh yes, we are expected to believe that those who vacation all over the world and at Martha’s Vinyard, eats the finest foods prepared by chefs, etc. etc. shops at Target.

    AND that this was a chance meeting?

    Well the mindless drones will.

  3. DC October 2, 2011 / 4:15 pm

    All I can say is, What a joke!

  4. Green Mountain Boy October 2, 2011 / 7:26 pm

    She was looking for jewelry in the $40,000.00 range. Couldn’t find any. Had to settle for a couple jars of tamales. Ummm tamales.

  5. js October 2, 2011 / 9:46 pm

    they trying to put a face of the obamas that just…doesnt belong there…hmm hmmm hmmmm….kind a’ like his SSN

  6. dmcba1 October 3, 2011 / 9:27 am

    The President and family members never go ANYWHERE outside the Whitehouse without an entourage of secret service agents. And I’m sure they were all inconspicuously dressed for this outing so everyone would “blend in”. What must have tipped off the reporter was the parade of presidential vehicles that drove her to the store.

    Isn’t there a reality tv show where people try to do something in secret but are too dumb to succeed without getting caught?

    • neocon1 October 3, 2011 / 9:37 am

      they NOTIFIED the press ahead of time…….

  7. psather October 3, 2011 / 3:40 pm

    Yes we know this was staged. It would be cheaper to send a White House aid to Target for something, no need for Secret Service. Besides, what is she getting that would not be supplied to the White House. I am sure their is a laundry service for dry cleaning and normal wash, so no need for Tide. I just don’t see why she’d run to Target for anything, so this must be staged.

    • neocon1 October 3, 2011 / 4:40 pm

      his BC, SSN, job, life, book, was all staged NEXT?

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