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Because it just gets too dark too early.


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  1. neocon1 November 9, 2011 / 6:04 pm

    “More like “… restore total racial segregation.”


    Somalia west!
    and paradise.

    • neocon1 November 9, 2011 / 6:20 pm

      eddy…you and barry?

      Eddie Murphy Quits as Oscar Host After Producer-Friend Resigns Following Gay Slur

      • neocon1 November 9, 2011 / 6:29 pm

        Gay-Themed Art Exhibit to Include Film Clip of Ants Crawling on Crucifix….

        “This is New York City.”

        the looooove of the perverted left sodomites.

  2. Green Mountain Boy November 9, 2011 / 6:39 pm

    Wheres the homosexual agenda would be much more impressive if they took it to the muslim world, Come on homosexuals, protest in Tehran and Riyadh. Do an art exhibit there mocking the great prophet or something.

    Or is there some reason why you won’t?

    • neocon1 November 9, 2011 / 6:44 pm


      Oi Vey!!

      • Green Mountain Boy November 9, 2011 / 7:13 pm

        Maybe homosexuals should demand the “right” to get married in mecca. Wait, homosexuality is a death penalty offense under sharia law.Saudi is a sharia law state.

        Much safer to mock christians. Real bravery in action there isn’t it?

      • neocon1 November 9, 2011 / 7:26 pm


        SPECIAL REPORT. Obama and Emanuel: members of same gay bath house club in Chicago

        By Wayne Madsen

        President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago’s gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city.

        The bath house, Man’s Country, caters to older white men and it has been in business for some 30 years and is known as one of uptown Chicago’s “grand old bathhouses.” WMR was told by sources who are familiar with the bath house that it provides one-year “lifetime” memberships to paying customers and that the club’s computerized files and pre-computer paper files, include membership information for both Obama and Emanuel. The data is as anonymized as possible for confidentiality purposes. However, sources close to “Man’s Country” believe the U.S. Secret Service has purged the computer and filing cabinet files of the membership data on Obama and Emanuel.

        Members of Man’s Country are also issued club identification cards. WMR learned that Obama and Emanuel possessed the ID cards, which were required for entry.

        Obama began frequenting Man’s Country in the mid-1990s, during the time he transitioned from a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School to his election as an Illinois State Senator in 1996. Emanuel, reportedly joined Man’s Country after he left the Clinton White Hosue and moved back to Chicago in 1998, joining the investment firm of Wasserstein Perella and maintaining his membership during his 2002 campaign for the U.S. 5th District House seat vacated by Rod Blagojevich, who was elected governor.

        Man’s Country appears to be a “one stop shopping” center for gay men. The club’s website advertises steam rooms, “fantasy rooms,” bed rooms, male strippers, adult movies, and lockers.

        However, Man’s Country was not the only location for Obama’s predatory gay sex activities. The Chicago gay community is aware that Obama often made contacts with younger men at his famous “pick-up basketball” games. It was at these “pick up” matches where Obama first met Emanuel and a young Democratic campaign worker and senior bank vice president named Alexi Giannoulias. Currently running for Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Roland Burris, Giannoulias successfully ran for Illinois Treasurer in 2006 after being drafted for the run by Chicago’s Democratic machine.

        The Blagojevich trial: “Sex, Lies, and Audio tapes” — Fitzgerald’s US Attorney’s Office part of White House cover-up of gay sex in the Second City

      • neocon1 November 9, 2011 / 7:51 pm

        Maybe homosexuals should demand the “right” to get married in mecca. Wait, homosexuality is a death penalty offense under sharia law.Saudi is a sharia law state.

        DEATH by BUNGA BUNGA!!!

      • Canadian Observer November 10, 2011 / 7:23 am

        neocon1 November 9, 2011 at 7:26 pm #


        SPECIAL REPORT. Obama and Emanuel: members of same gay bath house club in Chicago

        By Wayne Madsen

        LOL, neoclown, I know you are desperate to have a hookup with the President but, surely, you could have found a more credible source to quote.

        Here’s another fine example of Madsen’s ‘investigative journalism’.

        “Mossad is a master at false-flag terrorist attacks designed to alter perceptions and punish opponents of Israeli policy. The fingerprints of Israeli intelligence are all over the 9/11 attacks on the United States, the 3/22 train bombings in Madrid, the 7/7 transit bombings in London, and, now, the 7/22 attacks in Norway… While the Israeli-influenced corporate media has droned on and on and on about Islamist terrorism, it is now obvious that the major threat to public safety comes from the State of Israel, a rogue nation that does not hesitate to murder the innocent to achieve its sorid political aims.”

        Your bizarre obsession with the President’s sex life is more than a little strange. Is your wife aware of this weird fascination of yours?

      • neocon1 November 10, 2011 / 7:36 pm


        no c0 just exposing the sexual pathology of the marxist muslim usurper.
        seems Cain flirts and he is destroyed, barry, bwany, larry and slick all take the breathalizer and get a pass.
        must be a Kanadian thang eh c0?

      • neocon1 November 10, 2011 / 7:37 pm


        OH THATS right….you are a FROG !!!!!!
        that splains a lot lucy!!

    • neocon1 November 9, 2011 / 7:43 pm


      barry, larry, and bwany better not visit there.

      • Green Mountain Boy November 9, 2011 / 7:55 pm

        Don’t forget rahmmie boy. As you would say O Vey!!

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