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Roger Moore passed away – I always liked him in every movie I saw him in. Seemed a man of great class. But I think my favorite movie of his was The Wild Geese. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It is slightly dated as it’s set in Cold War Africa, but it holds up well, and that situation can easily be replicated in today’s world.

The DNC is having a hard time raising money. Part of this, I think, is just a general disgust with politics…but it also shows that for all the talk of the Resistance leading the way to victory, Democrats are actually in a very weak position.

Jane Sanders figures that the Iranian elections “show how it’s done”. Yep – you just have a body of unelected tyrants decide who can run, and then leave their minions in total control of the media and the voting process and, presto!, you’ll get the result you want.

Paul Ryan has some kind words for the victims of the Manchester massacre…and, naturally, the left just pours on the hatred.

Morrissey says what everyone with a brain is thinking in regards to Manchester – and a lot of people are upset about it because Reasons.

As regards that, last night I had some thoughts on the matter over on Twitter, I guess I could distill it down to this: we have a choice – we can fight, or surrender. Building more police barricades and having soldiers patrols our streets (ie, putting ourselves under military occupation), doesn’t actually do anything: it is just surrender on the installment plan. My view is that we should fight – but I caution all those who wish to fight to remember that it would be a long, nasty and bloody fight. On the other hand, I looked it up last night and found that between 2006 and 2015, about 190,000 people were killed around the world by terrorism. Not all of that is Islamist, terrorism, it should be noted – but I’ll bet the overwhelming majority of it was (and that the overwhelming majority of the dead were Muslims). 190,000 people is, well, the death toll you’d expect from a major war…so, as far as people dying, fighting isn’t going to alter the numbers. Nor, given how terrorists kill people, will the fighting be any more nasty than it is, now. It will, however, be our troops participating…and they may have to take some very stern measures. If your heart doesn’t allow you to contemplate that sort of thing, better to get on with surrender. On thing certain, if you do decide we should fight, don’t do this after the war is over:

Open Thread

The story about Trump giving highly classified information to the Russians is illustrative of all that is freakishly bizarre these days. Now, keep in mind, the story comes via an anonymously-sourced MSM story and has been denied by named witnesses who were in the room. But, still, those who oppose Trump are going with the MSM story. We expect this from our Democrat friends because they are highly partisan and the MSM is, after all, a mere stenographer of the DNC…but supposed Conservatives are going along with the MSM story, as well. This just astonishes me. The MSM lies all the time – by omission and commission – about Republicans of all stripes. Remember, Romney – likely the most morally decent man to seek the Presidency since Calvin Coolidge – was accused of giving people cancer. It isn’t like Trump is getting hit with things that other Republicans would be spared from. True, Trump has many more questionable aspects about his past that Romney…but the treatment of both men is the same. Given the relentless lies the MSM spreads about Republicans, why on Earth would any Republican lend credence to an MSM story absent stand-up-in-court proof that it is true? To be sure, maybe the MSM will, one day, find some proof of some genuine official wrongdoing on the part of Trump…that happens, and it will be our moral duty to condemn Trump. But until there is proof, why play their game? Why help them destroy Trump? I just don’t get it. It’s just stupid – and I can only figure that the Conservatives who are going along with this simply prefer to have ultra-liberal Democrats in power…some so they can make money writing books an articles about said Democrats, others because they are simply cowards who are afraid of our side exercising power.

Anyone thinking that we should do anything which might help the Democrats back into power – pay heed to a warning:

I’m not saying to view the Republicans uncritically. However, I daresay that the IRS harassment of the Tea Parties shall have seemed like hugs and cupcakes compared to the peevish, punitive, discriminatory crap that the Deep State would inflict on Trump voters in general, and red states in particular, given another chance.

So maybe we don’t want to let them have that chance.

White House still coy about whether Trump/Comey tapes exist.

A look at the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist networks.

That Dakota pipeline Trump has pushed through is going to cost Buffett about a billion dollars per year – and that’s a good thing. In case you wonder where the real opposition to Trump comes from, look no further than things like this. Trump is messing with the Ruling Class, and they don’t like it one bit.

We do need a Special Prosecutor.

Senator Toomey wants the police to be able to obtain surplus military equipment. I disagree with this idea. Of course, my whole thing about the police is that we’re doing it wrong…there is a need for some SWAT-like police units, but 99% of policing should be a cop on the beat, keeping the neighborhood safe.

Feeling Miserable Open Thread

Doc says it is allergies, but it sure feels like a flu…anyways, I’m plugged up, watery eyes, running nose, hacking cough…tired and blah. Loaded up with medication and not feeling like doing much. The novel is past 20,000 words and a friend just figured out a great, new twist for it, but I’m in no condition to write seriously. So, off we go with an open thread, here.

Thanks to Harry Reid, Trump has now started the process of packing the courts with Conservative judges. There’s nothing the Democrats can do to even slow it down, much…but, don’t worry liberals, you can still whine about Trump not being legitimate all you want.

Le Pen appears to have done pretty well with the French youth vote – and she got clobbered among the elderly. I’m telling ya, folks, the post-WWII settlement in Europe is breaking down right before our eyes.

The leaders of France, Germany and the United Kingdom collectively have zero children. Trump has five. Demographics is destiny folks – the future belongs to those who are there.

Obama’s proposed Presidential library is really ugly – I mean, seriously, it’s bad. We wonder if this book will be present?

Science is re-settled: we’re in for a mini-ice age, it seems.

A little peak at liberal racism.

Under Obama, the intel community was reading a lot of American mail.

Taxes, Libel and Spending Open Thread

Taxing the Blue States: it’s a thing

Democrats have been saying for years that we need tax increases, and that paying taxes is one of the greatest forms of patriotism. Now it looks like President Trump is going to put their beliefs to the test.

Trump’s new tax plan would hit blue states hardest, by eliminating the federal deductibility of state income and property taxes. That’s going to make it harder for blue states to maintain the high tax rates they’ve traditionally levied…

As attentive readers will have noted, I’ve long dropped off the idea of cutting taxes merely to cut taxes. There are taxes which are bad, and taxes which ain’t so bad…and also taxes which are merely useful for various purposes. I’ve long advocated a “wealth tax” on super-rich individuals who own a great deal in stocks and bonds…part of this is so that the income tax on less wealthy people can be reduced, but the other part is to make these super-rich liberals feel the heat: they’re always calling for income tax hikes they never have to pay because they don’t make income, as such. But I also like this idea of putting pressure on Blue State tax rates…they jack up their rates sky high and offset it by allowing people to deduct it from their federal tax. No more, as far as I’m concerned…you want to soak your people, then pay the full political price for it.

Should we amend our libel laws?

On Sunday, a day after President Trump railed against the press at a rally marking his 100th day in office, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said of amending the Constitution to expand libel law: “I think it’s something that we’ve looked at, and how that gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story.”

It would take an amendment – case law on this is pretty set in stone: you can say what you want about people and unless the target can not only prove it a lie, but prove the person saying it knew it was a lie, then the accuser is off the hook. As for me, I don’t think that the 1st Amendment was intended to provide such iron-clad protection for dishonesty.

There is an argument to be made – and its a strong one – that when someone set out to critique especially a political person, the widest latitude must be given. It is a difficult thing to get into policing political comment. On the other hand, it is so hard to combat outright lies that mostly the are left out there, unchallenged in any meaningful way. And now in the age of social media, even regular folks are coming under the gun of crude fabrications for political purposes. I’ve said before what I’d want in this area: a mere protection of employment for things uttered outside the place of employment. I know this means that a person can run down their employer, but it also – and most crucially – means that a person’s job isn’t at risk if a Twitter mob decides to take exception to a statement. Losing a job is a huge risk for people…and to protect their jobs, people will do just about anything…even knuckle under to political correctness. We need to think on this and discuss it.

The spending bill to carry us through to October 1st is not getting a lot of Conservative approval. Rightly so – it is a bad bill. I only moderately excuse it by noting it is, really, Obama’s last budget. Had their been regular order in 2016, this (or something even worse) is what we would have gotten this year. I’ll forgive this dog of a bill if the FY 2018 budget has at least an ounce of Conservatism in it.

Open Thread

Trump continues to fight the MSM – and keeps beating them. This, among other things, is why I think Trump will be re-elected: his opponents keep reminding his supporters why they supported him.

There is a bit of an arms build up going on in the Korean theater. This is dangerous stuff. But, we can’t simply let North Korea continue to hold the world up for ransom. If a battle does break out, just remember that the ultimate responsibility will lie with the men who decided not to pursue victory in Korea in the 1950’s.

Donald Surber notes how Trump is starting to re-negotiate NAFTA. I had a short discussion over free trade on Twitter with a guy I believe to be a smart, well-informed man of good will…he’s just shocked that anyone can be opposed to “free trade”. My view is that there really is no such thing. All of these trade deals are miles and miles of arcane words which no one reads before they are ratified and which are then left up to un-elected and unaccountable people to decide what they mean. To me, they work to special treatment deals for well-connected players. If we want free trade, then a free trade agreement really need be no more than a couple pages long, and be written in clear language. If its free trade, then it just should say that – trade between the parties is free of tariffs. Beyond that, I note, with great care, that each nation which has risen to economic dominance did so under a Protectionist regime…and only lost such economic dominance after going for free trade. It is just silly, in my view, to allow your own industries to go elsewhere and count the increased stock value of the corporations involved as an increase in national wealth. Wealth is what we make, mine and grow – period; the end. If we don’t make, mine and grow enough then we’re losing. Badly.

Some people are talking very positive of the new replacement for ObamaCare…but plenty of purple State Republicans are wary of it. I think this is yet another stalking horse…perhaps a way to prove to solid Conservatives that there had to be a little “give” in the final deal. We’ll see.

$425 for pre-stained jeans.

Aside: I’ve noticed since Trump won, things have never stopped happening. There is an acceleration of politics, as if we’ve got a guy who wants to do things, rather than just legacy hunt and pose. We’ll see how it works out.

I’m past 15,000 words on the novel. The story is getting rip-roaring.

Novel Writing Open Thread

The new novel is up to 11,000+ words. It is really just flowing out of me. I’m very happy with it. I hope it doesn’t suck! I’ve got lots to do…I suspect it’ll be in the neighborhood of 150,000 words before I’m done, given that I can already see a whole series of adventures for the brave hero and his loyal side-kick to engage in. I also have to do some research for authenticity…a few scenes already forecast are outside my areas of expertise. I’ve only tried my hand at fiction fitfully in the past…this is going to the finish. Hope to have it out in a year.

Lots of post-mortems coming out now about the Hillary Campaign. I’m not sure what to believe about all of them…the Clintons are so relentlessly dishonest and they’ve got so many shills working for them secretly and openly that it is hard to separate fact from fiction…and even something critical of the Clintons might be created just as part of a larger effort in their long-term favor. But a couple things I’ve read stick out: Hillary essentially created a sort of “loyalty checklist” for fellow Democrats, rating them on their loyalty to her, and it is also claimed that she spied on her own troops to see who might have been speaking out of turn. These two things I lend credence to because they are in keeping with the overall Clinton character. And the more I think about it, the more grateful I am for my vote last November.

Rachel Maddow – and I’m not kidding here – linked the anti-government protests in Venezuela to the fact that the Venezuelan government (through a government-run entity) donated money to Trump’s inaugural celebration. Seriously – with there being no food on the table in Venezuela; with Communist hit squads being armed by the government; with political opposition being beaten and sent to jail…Maddow’s take is that a donation to Trump is what set everyone off. Remember this every time a liberal tries to claim they are the smart guys.

TrumpCare II is apparently for real – and there might be a chance it passes, this time.

Trump is the very worst Russian stooge in history – Exxon denied right to drill for oil in Russia.

Governor Dean is unclear on what the 1st Amendment is about. To be fair, he’s pretty unclear about a lot of things.

V the K notes that Democrats suddenly seem totes cool with legislating morality. I’d like to point out, however, that all legislation is an imposition of morality. Its all about just which morality is to be imposed.

Open Thread

I’ve been trying to work up an idea of Conservatism – and it is difficult. Methinks I’ll concentrate for a bit on writing my novel (my first: solo effort…got the inspiration a couple days ago and have about 5,400 words down already. It’s going to be a fairy tale…”fantasy” is the genre it is called these days, but fairy tale is what it really is…and a proper fairy tale. Our fairy tales these days – Star Wars, Harry Potter, eg – are all wrong because the heroes have special powers…in a proper fairy tale, the hero is an ordinary person who battles prideful people who have special powers). I’m still going to ponder Conservatism – what it means; what it is for; how we might get it – but it’s going to be secondary for a bit. I’m finding that working out a story about a hero, his friends and his enemies is far more fun than I ever expected it to be.

Elizabeth Warren is miffed that McConnell won’t talk to her. This might be rude – but, honestly, what on Earth could McConnell have to talk about with her?

Pretty good article on the Secession movement in California – about both the people who want to remove California from the Union as well as those who want to break up California into smaller States. I, as I’ve said for years, back the latter effort. In fact, I’ve come up with a new wrinkle for my Secession idea – the creation of City-States. Think about it – Los Angeles and New York dominate their respective States…what is going on in rural New York and California is buried under millions of votes in Los Angeles and New York City. Essentially, win those cities and you’ve won the State…which is why, de-facto, the Senators from New York and California essentially only represent the interests of Los Angeles and New York City (with a bow to the San Francisco Bay Area in California, as well). I’ thinking that any city that grows to more than 750,000 population should automatically become a City-State…boom!, it’s no longer part of the State it is in, but is off on it’s own…has it’s own Senators and whatever local government they decide (they’d essentially keep their own House members as is). The former State no longer collects taxes there (debt is apportioned based on per-capita debt in the State at the time the City-State is created), the City-State no longer has a say in the State government. It’s designed to ensure that States are never dominated by over-large urban areas.

Nations are taking precautions against a blow up in Korea. This is the fruits of thinking there is a substitute for victory. Had Truman allowed MacArthur to win the Korean War, none of this would be going on. Korea would be a unified, democratic nation and China might not even be communist. If war, then war all the way. If you don’t want to war all the way, then don’t war, at all.

Robert Stacy McCain takes note of Sarah Silverman’s words and actions. I gotta hand it to McCain…he risks his sanity for us on a daily basis by actually trying to understand Progressives.

Don Surber notes how Trump is working on plans to actually reduce the number of people working for government. This cuts at the very heart of Progressive power in the United States. It is similar to what Walker did in Wisconsin. Without the massive power and money of government employees, the left simply lacks the genuine support to contest for power in the United States – outside a few very blue areas in the big cities. If Trump can do this – and you know the bureaucracy will fight back desperately; even harder than they did against Walker – then he will have set the stage for GOP/Conservative victory for a generation. Doesn’t matter if Trump’s intent is mere efficiency (I’ll bet that is his prime motivator); the fact of the matter is that reducing government employees means reducing Progressive power.