The Great Divide

I often watch MSNBC and CNN if only to get a sense where liberals are coming from on the current issues of the day, but in between the laughter and disbelief, I realize that we have essentially nothing in common. Nothing. Not too mention the fact that those very same liberals take personal shots at people like me at every opportunity, and like to blame people like me for nearly everything, so even if I did have something in common with them, where is my incentive to work with them?  It is shameful how hypocritical liberals are, and how eager they are to victimize people purely for political gain. Fast and furious is a good example of liberal hypocrisy – here is program that actually resulted in the death of a US Border Guard, yet liberals are shrugging it off as a racist witch hunt. Compare that to the Valerie Plame incident where the culprit Richard Armitage was identified yet liberals still called for the resignation of top officials and the possible impeachment of Bush, and yet this program only resulted in the death of a cocktail party. As far as victimization is concerned, look at nearly every liberal policy and at the root of it, you will find a manufactured victim. The war on women was an entirely contrived issue where liberals were trying to paint women as completely incapable of coping in today’s society without government distributed birth control. Not only does this display a shocking lack of faith in women’s ability, but it also ignores the fact that birth control is already widely distributed and often times for free via planned parenthood and county health clinics. So here again we have liberals willingly ignoring the facts and eagerly creating victims all for some desperate need to appear compassionate, or more likely, in a dishonest attempt to gain power. Either way, it’s un American and should not go unchallenged.

In my opinion, the divide is too great, and liberals are too unhinged to forge any reasonable compromise. Conservatives only option is too defeat them at every opportunity and once again apply common sense coupled with a strong belief in the American people, to the governance of this country.

One thought on “The Great Divide

  1. Rightlane June 28, 2012 / 11:00 am

    You mean beat them at every turn like Obama Care! Thanks for nothing CJ Roberts.

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