One Million Star Spangled Banner Challenge

Still feeling a little depressed about yesterday?  Haven’t quite got your American spirit back?  Well, here ya go:

All part of Madison Rising One Million Star Spangled Challenge in response to Bill Press expressing disdain for our national anthem.  I only just found out about this band and I have to say that they seem a very talented group of young men and I wish them all the success in the world.

12 thoughts on “One Million Star Spangled Banner Challenge

  1. bagni June 29, 2012 / 1:01 pm

    did a quick driveby today…..figured there’d be some exploding heads here ::))
    but nice video post
    and yes we are in agreement on this…..hard working and proud to be an american
    have a great 4th…..

    • Mark Noonan June 29, 2012 / 5:15 pm

      People of faith never have exploding heads. Christ is my King and I don’t rely on any black robed Justice, President or legislator to take care of me and mine.

  2. Retired Spook June 30, 2012 / 9:52 am

    “The Star Spangled Banner is stupid and embarrassing.”
    – Bill Press, Current TV

    This expresses how people like Bill Press feel about this country in general. I’m constantly baffled as to why we pay any attention to them at all.

    This is the first rendition of the Star Spangled Banner that deviated from the original lyrics and melody that I can honestly say I liked.

    • Amazona June 30, 2012 / 10:22 am

      Spook, I agree. Whenever I hear someone try to personalize the anthem I turn off and I actually stopped this video at that point. But I went back and listened again and found the energy and passion moving—not just an effort to show off, but a genuine emotional connection to the song that did not detract from it, as what I call “gargle music” does.

    • Mark Noonan June 30, 2012 / 2:49 pm

      Maybe is the lingering affection for rock ‘n roll I still have, but I think it quite an uplifting version of our Anthem. Bit of fun, certainly will appeal to younger people…sort of carries the message in to the 21st century.

  3. Amazona June 30, 2012 / 11:35 am

    OT, but….

    Justice Department refuses to prosecute Holder.

    We will all take some time now to process our surprise.

    OK, that didn’t take long, did it?

    And OF COURSE he won’t resign, because he has to keep the office to keep from being prosecuted.

    Holder has the backs of the Black Panthers, refusing to prosecute them for voter intimidation or for putting out a bounty, dead or alive, on an American citizen. Obama has Holder’s back, letting him borrow “executive privilege” to keep from submitting subpoenaed documents. Obama has Holder’s back, keeping him in his position so he can refuse to allow prosecution to go forward. Holder has Obama’s back, refusing to implicate Obama in the F&F debacle, after having his back on the gun control issue by setting up a program where a bunch of civilians could get killed by criminals using guns Holder made available to them, thereby proving the need for more gun control.

    But who’s got the back of the American rule of law? You can spot the back of the American rule of law a mile off—-it’s got a big knife stuck through it.

    • tiredoflibbs June 30, 2012 / 11:52 am

      Didn’t obAMATEUR promise that this would be the most transparent administration in history????? Just like Pelosi’s “most ethical Congress in history”.

      Transparent as in … we knew he was full of BS to begin with.

      Another LIE from this AMATEUR-in-Chief.

      F&F was going to be the “crisis” in Mexico where US purchased guns were getting into the hands of the drug lords. ObAMATEUR and the Mexican President discussed that issue and were going to demand International Gun Control.

      A manufactured crisis by a corrupt party – not the first time.

      • NEOCON1 June 30, 2012 / 12:59 pm

        time to flush the GOP with the dnc it will take a third party to flush these scumballs down the sewer of history.

        But who’s got the back of the American rule of law? You can spot the back of the American rule of law a mile off—-it’s got a big knife stuck through it.

        yeah just ask the WHITE HISPANIC HORHE ZIMMERMAN

  4. Lana July 1, 2012 / 10:16 am

    LOVE IT!!!! I’m going to try and buy a copy. I cry with pride every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner.

  5. Donna July 11, 2012 / 7:29 pm

    That was THE BEST rendition of the Star Spangled Banner I have ever heard!!! That kid’s got a great voice.

  6. alinore54 September 21, 2012 / 5:14 pm

    They’re fantastic!!! This made me cry!! Thank you Madison Rising, and thank God for musicians who get it, who stand up and are proud to be American. This country needs more courageous young people like the musicians of Madison Rising.

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