DNC Convention – Day II

Well so far, the Democrats have voted against God, against Israel, but in support of  tax payer funded abortion at any time for any reason. In fact, they even support aborting the child after pregnancy, so the question is for Democrats – at what age is it not ok to kill your child?

Feel free to discuss.

UPDATE, by Mark Noonan:  Well, I guess someone got a call from Flyover Country because the Donk’s decided they had to re-insert God and Jerusalem in to the platform…trouble is, it seems that at least half the assembled Democrats didn’t want to re-insert the language. Hot Air has it all.

These people are pathetic – growing more and more alienated from the American mainstream and yet remaining mostly too cowardly to admit it.

UPDATE II, by Mark Noonan:  I could barely stomach Michelle’s speech last night so I’m going to spare myself the Clinton speech.  At any rate, I can nutshell his speech:

My fellow Americans, please forget what Obama has done the past four years and try to pretend you are re-electing me.  I know I had zero to do with the prosperity you remember from the 90’s, but I so slickly took credit for it in those pre-New Media days that most of you have forgotten that I fought tooth and nail against the policies which made the 90’s work.  So, vote for Barack because he’ll continue what I did – and I don’t mean the womanizing.  Heck, I also don’t mean the taking-credit-for-the-work-of-others, either, because Obama hasn’t the wit to allow Republicans to govern and then grab all the credit.  But Obama will continue….well…humm…he’ll at least continue the lies and the feel-good, poll-tested political bullsh** you all remember so well from me.

God bless you all.


86 thoughts on “DNC Convention – Day II

  1. Jeremiah September 5, 2012 / 6:53 pm

    Another good question along the same lines would be – at what age are you allowed to live? And what criterion are required in order to be granted life?

    • Jeremiah September 5, 2012 / 6:55 pm

      If you are a liberal in favor of abortion, are you the determiner of life and death? When to live and when to die? If so, when did you acquire such status?

    • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 7:28 pm

      Exactly. The self-proclaimed party of tolerance, officially against discrimination, discriminates based upon age.

      And not just regarding jobs, or housing, but on the very right to live.

      They draw a chronological line and then decree that no human on one side of this line has an inherent right to life, but that the life of this person is completely dependent upon the whim of a third party—-a party which, by the way, will benefit by the decision to end that life, a clear conflict of interest.

      But on the other side of that arbitrary line, there is no reason to ever end a life—not in war, and not in the name of justice for committing reprehensible acts against other human beings, including torture and murder.

  2. casper September 5, 2012 / 6:59 pm

    “Well so far, the Democrats have voted against God, against Israel, but in support of abortion at any time for any reason. In fact, they even support aborting the child after pregnancy,”

    Please provide links as to where they did any of these things.

    • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 7:33 pm

      Oh, casper, do give up this silly, infantile game playing. You know as well as we do that the DNC removed the reference to God and to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from its platform. Why do you support this foolish pretense of reasoned and rational discourse?

      And you also know that your beloved Barry voted to continue an attempted abortion beyond the point where a living child was born, and outside the womb, therefore beyond the body of the gestational creature intent upon killing it. He stated that his reasoning was that an effort to save a child once freed from the womb of a female creature intent on destroying it might provide an entry for further restrictions on the ability of such pathologically selfish and immoral females to kill their babies in the future.

      And yes, he LATER claimed that well, he WOULD have voted against killing live babies, but……….

      • casper September 5, 2012 / 7:53 pm

        Not mentioning God in political platform isn’t the same as voting against God. Not mentioning Jerusalem isn’t the same as voting against Israel, especially when this is part of their platform:

        “President Obama and the Democratic Party maintain an unshakable commitment to Israel’s security. A strong and secure Israel is vital to the United States not simply because we share strategic interests, but also because we share common values. For this reason, despite budgetary constraints, the President has worked with Congress to increase security assistance to Israel every single year since taking office, providing nearly $10 billion in the past three years. The administration has also worked to ensure Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region. And we have deepened defense cooperation – including funding the Iron Dome system – to help Israel address its most pressing threats, including the growing danger posed by rockets and missiles emanating from the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. The President’s consistent support for Israel’s right to defend itself and his steadfast opposition to any attempt to delegitimize Israel on the world stage are further evidence of our enduring commitment to Israel’s security. It is precisely because of this commitment that President Obama and the Democratic Party seek peace between Israelis and Palestinians. A just and lasting Israeli-Palestinian accord, producing two states for two peoples, would contribute to regional stability and help sustain Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state.”

        And there is no where in the Democratic platform stating that they support aborting a child after pregnancy.

        Cluster said he Democrats have voted against God, against Israel, but in support of tax payer funded abortion at any time for any reason. They didn’t.

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:17 pm

        cappy, the Dems did not just “not mention” God in their platform, they took a vote to delete a reference to God. Your dishonesty appears to have no boundaries.

        And just because YOU are so uncritical of your beloved Left that you quite willingly look past what they DO and just swallow what they SAY does not mean that everyone is so willfully gullible.

        The Dems support abortion at any time, and think taxpayer money should pay for it. Now I understand that if those exact words are not used you will be incapable of understanding what they said, but as they said that any abortion at any time is what they support, no matter whether or not the “mother” can afford it, it is pretty hard to figure out what they do mean other than having us pay for it.

        Abortion at any stage of pregnancy includes the deceptively named “late term abortion” and this involved manipulating a baby so it is born feet first and then holding the last six inches or so of its head in the birth canal while its brains are sucked out.

        If you want to quibble that that last six inches is a legitimate distinction between being born and not being born, then you will support my opinion of you as a foul and disgusting creature.

        Not just a liar, you understand, but someone who can defend forcibly holding a baby’s head inside its mother, while its body is outside hers, while it is grasping a nurse’s finger in its hand and writhing in agony as a “doctor” penetrates its skill and sucks out its brains.

      • Cluster September 5, 2012 / 8:26 pm

        Anyone who does not support life at conception, is in support of some arbitrary day when the “fetus” does actually become valid in their “opinion”. It could be a Tuesday, or a Friday. Well then the question becomes is it morning or afternoon? What happens if it becomes a life form during lunch and the doctor was busy? What if it’s a holiday?

        Oh the conundrum liberals get themselves in.

        They disgust me.

      • Casper September 5, 2012 / 8:32 pm

        So not mentioning God is voting against him. What a stretch. I guess if you don’t mention God in every post you must be against him. BTW, they now include the word God in their platform, so you should be happy.

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:54 pm

        No, no, no, you silly twit.

        Not mentioning something is not mentioning it.

        Specifically voting to exclude something is specifically voting to exclude it.

        We’ve gone over this a few times, cappy, but you seem to have real difficulty in understanding it. When start off with a plaintive bleat of “So…..” and the you completely and falsely and very stupidly try to restate what was said, it does nothing but add to the body of evidence—-which is, like Chris Christie’s, constantly expanding—-that you are an idiot.

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 9:01 pm

        And I don’t care WHAT they put in their platform—it’s all smoke and mirrors anyway, just bait for the lemmings.

        The only thing that would make me “happy” about a Dem platform would be the statement We have come to realize that our political agenda of constantly expanding the size, scope and power of the central government, of redistribution of wealth, and of collectivism in general, is in fact antithetical to the principles of government set forth and codified into law by our Constitution. We realize that our political model is not only unconstitutional but is and always has been a failure, resulting only in increasing oppression and suppression of economic vitality and personal liberty, and therefore we are abandoning this experiment in social engineering and our goal of having Americans controlled by a ruling elite, and cede the government to those who represent the Constitutional model of American government.

        That would make more than half of the nation very happy, and leave most of the rest mumbling in abject confusion. ?????? Constitution? Collectivism? Huh? I thought the Dems were just about being “fair”. Political system?? Huh?

    • dbschmidt September 6, 2012 / 11:23 am

      Partial transcript:

      Ohden: ​I was aborted, and my body discarded…like I didn’t exist.
      But a nurse heard me crying…and cared enough to save my life.

      There’s something else you may not know…when he was in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama voted to deny basic constitutional protections for babies born alive from a failed abortion. Not once, but four times.


      Watch the whole thing here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwFIEprF_9Y&feature=youtu.be

      BTW, Casper, Lies of omission are still lies. Or possibly yelling “No” and booing from the delegates on the third rounds of votes to get “God” and “Israel” reinserted into their plank.

    • casper September 5, 2012 / 7:19 pm

      So now you are upset because the Democrats changed their positions to those more of your liking. Bummer to be you.

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 7:22 pm



      • casper September 5, 2012 / 7:24 pm

        bummer |ˈbəmər|
        noun informal
        1 (a bummer) a thing that is annoying or disappointing: the party was a real bummer .

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 7:33 pm

        Cool, dude, really, like, you know, cool.

      • Caveat Emptor September 5, 2012 / 7:34 pm

        You call yourself a teacher?

        Your definition is of a slang term; not a proper use of the language.

        The accepted definition of to bummer is to stroll or walk in a leisurely fashion.

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 7:39 pm

        and this Klown is a “teacher”?
        what sign to mannequins, in the Alamo’s basement?

      • casper September 5, 2012 / 7:57 pm

        “Caveat Emptor September 5, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

        You call yourself a teacher?

        Your definition is of a slang term; not a proper use of the language.

        The accepted definition of to bummer is to stroll or walk in a leisurely fashion.”

        I didn’t realize I was teaching a class, or that the grammar police were out tonight. Bummer.

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:07 pm


        No….the MORON police are, and you are arrested!

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:31 pm

        “…I didn’t realize I was teaching a class…”

        That’s OK—I understand that a lot of your students don’t realize you are teaching a class, either.

      • Cluster September 5, 2012 / 8:44 pm

        LOL. Good one

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 7:36 pm


        a heathen supporting the murdering of Jews, babies, and now turning your political back on God.
        is killer tiller still a member of your “church” ? UU?

      • Count d'Haricots September 5, 2012 / 7:43 pm

        A procedural change or taking a position antithetical to our founding principles and in defiance of our acknowledged ally?

        Hmmm … dimocrats; to whom shall they pander? Jews? Muslims? Christians? Atheists? Gays? Blacks?

        It truly sucks to be a dead-ender dimocrat these days.

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:07 pm

        Gee, thanks, casper. If it were not for you, I would not know that the GOP removed all reference to God from its platform, and turned on Israel.

        You are just a fount of this kind of “information”, aren’t you?

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:50 pm

        “dimocrats; to whom shall they pander? Jews? Muslims? Christians? Atheists? Gays? Blacks? ”

        It’s a terrible fix they are in, Ollie. Pander to the Muslims and tick off the Jews, put Jerusalem back into the platform and the Muzzies might get riled. Gays are very important, because of course all gay people think alike, but Muslims and a lot of blacks and Christians are not too thrilled with homosexuality, and Latinos definitely are not. Latinos are traditionally Catholic, so the pro-abortion stance could be touchy. Atheists are easy—just come out against Christians, because they don’t really hate Muslims or Jews. Black Christians who believe in Jesus as savior have to be handled differently than black Christians who believe Jesus was a black man with a message not of redemption and forgiveness but of Get Whitey.

        This is why these groups have to be identified, and then isolated, so each can be addressed individually and can be fed the necessary propaganda.

        Then they can backtrack when the excrement hits the ventilator, and put back some words and try to appease everyone. It really is a fun minuet, except for it being so depressing to see so many sheeple chugging so much Koolaid.

      • Cluster September 5, 2012 / 8:56 pm

        Maybe the Democrats should have four or five conventions. That way they can pander to everyone without enraging the others.

    • Caveat Emptor September 5, 2012 / 7:29 pm

      Were they booing G-d or Jerusalem?

      I listened to the Voice Vote and it didn’t sound close to 75% in favor. Doesn’t sound very democratic to me.

      Karma’s a bitch when you ignore the will of the people you’re pretty much stuck with what the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet has declared.

      QUIET Minions!

  3. Jeremiah September 5, 2012 / 7:22 pm

    Nancy Pelosi: “President Obama has focused on jobs from day one”…

    bahahaha!! Yeah, destroying jobs.

    • Mark Edward Noonan September 5, 2012 / 9:05 pm

      Don’t be too hard on her; she’s been under a lot of pressure ever since that house fell on her sister…

      • Jeremiah September 5, 2012 / 9:34 pm

        ROTFL!!! :))

  4. Cluster September 5, 2012 / 7:38 pm

    Here’s something to think about tonight as we watch the comedy show in Charlotte unfold. Chris Matthews has gotten his panties in a severe twist lately over Romney calling Obama’s ideas of governance” foreign”. Here’s an excerpt from Matthews just this morning:

    You guys play this game over and over again that Obama no matter what he does good for this country is some kind of foreigner, from Africa or Europe. You’re always doing it, you always do it. It’s always some other, he’s some other. Anyway, you guys never – by the way, you want me to read back his speeches to you? That genius you got running for president, all he talks about is this guy’s European.

    Yet, here’s an excerpt from Matthews in 2010:

    Let me put a liberal hat on for a minute. It seems to me that we are trying to match with President Obama the social democracy of Europe. – Chris Matthews March 2010

    Isn’t this fun?

    • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 7:48 pm

      is some kind of foreigner, from Africa or Europe.

      FACT born to a muslim FOREIGN father, he is at least a DUAL CITIZEN.
      FACT adopted by new muslim father, citizen of Indonesia raised a muslim.
      Fact dumped by #2 raised by racist marxist and a #$@%$# mother.
      FACT never stepped foot on American (mainland) soil until he was 18 name? barry soetoro.
      FACT lost law license due to lying on application about name and possibility nationality.
      FACT ILLEGAL usurper.

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:06 pm

        Actually, neo, Lolo did not dump Barry. By all accounts he was trying to be a good father to him, and they had a good relationship, but Stanley Ann got very upset when Lolo turned out to be less of a rabidly radical Leftist than she wanted him to be. She was so enraged by his move toward the Right, of his acceptance of capitalism, that she yanked Barry out of there and sent him off to Hawaii to be “mentored” by a known pederast—an odd choice for the mother of a boy child, until you understand that she spent her entire life looking for dark-skinned men who hated America, and this appeared to be her only criterion for who would be a father figure to young Barry.

        She did an excellent job of turning Barry against his stepfather, as Barry later referred to him in scathing terms as a House N****r and a traitor.

    • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:01 pm

      Didn’t Barry CAMPAIGN in Europe?

      • Cluster September 5, 2012 / 8:09 pm

        That’s right. In fact he gave quite a lecture over there

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:10 pm

        Check your blood pressure neocon, and bring it down a notch

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:15 pm

        Gollllyyyy …….


        such goooood “amerikans”

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:19 pm

        “I forgot they killed and ate dogs together, my bad!”

        Thank you for reminding me why so many think you are an idiot. Your resistance to facts that do not support your fantasies is quite remarkable.

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:20 pm


        HOW can that be?????

        Dem lawmaker pleads guilty to election fraud…
        …admitted manipulating absentee voter ballots

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:30 pm


        fantasies or FACTS?
        an idiot? BFD I have my opinions they have theirs, Im not to calls em as I sees em….

        “With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians,Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for …………

        Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/17/obama-bites-dog/#ixzz25e2lnf5h

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:33 pm

        Im not **AFRAID** to calls em as I sees em….

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 9:44 pm

        You left out the part where they killed the dog(s), and you just ignored the FACTS I presented about Barry’s relationship with his stepfather and why his mother reacted the way she did—a much more significant point that him eating the foods common in his country.

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 9:56 pm


        I know what you were saying, and you were correct

        my sarcasm sometimes eludes people, but I do like to see reactions from the lefties…(.just dont blow my cover) I love to see their eyes bleed and heads explode (metaphorically speaking) when they get some slime back their way….. capice?

  5. Cluster September 5, 2012 / 8:19 pm

    Tonight we hear from Sandra Fluke, who believes that women are incapable of living productive lives without free contraception. Which in normal circles would be considered offensive.

    You’ve come a long way baby!

    • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 8:24 pm

      Ahhh, the Fluke, that elderly little girl with the breathy voice and the belief that all women are just like her—weak, silly, bewildered by facts, dependent on authority figures for even the most personal of needs, clingy, fragile, and really really stupid.

      Oh, and dishonest—let’s not forget that fake hearing, or the unsubstantiated claim of some anonymous “friend” who collapsed into a soggy puddle of confusion and, yes, FEAR, when she finally learned that the school she applied to and then attended for three years was actually a CATHOLIC school! And that she would be expected to pay for something in a store she wanted to take home!

      She’s a liar and an idiot and all in all a perfect spokesperson for the female Left.

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:49 pm

        No fesitvus??

      • freethinker September 6, 2012 / 4:58 pm

        Not a big Sandra Fluke fan, but weak and silly she isn’t. Nor was she dishonest and stupid. She just graduated from George Town Law School. That is not a weak woman nor a stupid woman. Envy and jealousy is not attractive. It has to suck to be you amazona. You are pathetic – every day writing the same old tripe. Get a life – there is more to like than sit at a computer every day and write a dang book. You really do hate women. You really do hate just about everything.

      • neocon1 September 6, 2012 / 5:57 pm


        She just graduated from George Town Law School. ….(.BFD,) That is not a weak woman nor a stupid woman and YOU know this she sat in a class room for 4 years?
        so did 90% of the NBA……….

  6. neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:48 pm

    More donk looooooove and inclusion in their “big tent”

    Anti-Christian Hate Speech Spews From The Palm Beach Dem Chair

    “The Christians just want us to be there to all be slaughtered.”

    “I’m Jewish, I’m not a fan of any other religion than Judaism.”

    “The worst possible allies for the Jewish state are the fundamentalist Christians who want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord.”

  7. Casper September 5, 2012 / 8:52 pm

    IMO, one of the best speeches last night was by Julian Castro. Of course, having a Castro in any office is probably a little unsettling for the members of this blog. No worries, he isn’t related to the one in Cuba. Looks to me like the Democrats have a great bench.

    • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 8:58 pm

      a great bench of commies for you.

      Castro was born in San Antonio on September 16, 1974[2] to Maria “Rosie” Castro and Jessie Guzman.[3] He is the identical twin brother of politician Joaquín Castro.[2]

      His mother was a Chicano political activist who helped establish the Chicano political party La Raza Unida

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 9:01 pm

        GOOD GRIEF………..al Ubama light

        she regards The Alamo as a symbol of bad times and has stated, “I can truly say that I hate that place and everything it stands for.”[5] Castro has said, “My mother is probably the biggest reason that my brother and I are in public service.

        (public “service” my azz

        Growing up, she would take us to a lot of rallies and organizational meetings and other things that are very boring for an 8-, 9-, 10-year-old”.[6] His father, Jessie Guzman, was a community activist in the 1970s and a retired math teacher. Never married,

        another COMMIE public school “teacher”……

      • casper September 5, 2012 / 9:01 pm

        “His mother was a Chicano political activist who helped establish the Chicano political party La Raza Unida”

        Wow, an even better reason to support him. Thanks for the information.

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 9:12 pm


        Castro has credited affirmative action for his admission into Stanford,
        telling The New York Times, “Joaquín and I got into Stanford because of affirmative action. I scored 1210 on my SATs, which was lower than the median……….

      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 9:16 pm

        yup caps kind of guy!!

        Indeed, he, along with his twin, Joaquin, currently running for Congress, learned their politics on their mother’s knee and in the streets of San Antonio.
        Their mother, Rosie helped found a radical, anti-white, socialist Chicano party called La Raza Unida (literally “The Race United”) that sought to create a separate country—Aztlan—in the Southwest.

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 9:23 pm

        From casper: ““His mother was a Chicano political activist who helped establish the Chicano political party La Raza Unida”

        Wow, an even better reason to support him. Thanks for the information”

        So let’s just take a look at what casper finds to be a reason to support someone—his involvement in the founding of La Raza Unida. (emphasis mine)


        From “Aztlan Reconquista”——-

        We have an aging white America. They are dying…they are s******g in their pants with fear! I love it!

        “We’re a new Mestizo nation.”

        We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

        “Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes.”

        Quotes of Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, Founder of La Raza


        From an article on La Raza:

        “Racist Mexican gangs are indiscriminately targeting blacks who aren’t even involved in gang culture, as part of an orchestrated ethnic cleansing program that is forcing black people to flee Los Angeles. The culprit of the carnage is the radical Neo-Nazi liberation theology known as La Raza, which calls for the extermination of all races in America besides Latinos, and is being bankrolled by some of the biggest Globalists in the U.S.

        A story carried on the liberal website Alternet, charts an explosion in brutal murders of blacks by Hispanic street gangs in L.A. Far from being gang on gang violence, the Latinos are targeting innocent blacks in accordance with a concerted ethnic cleansing campaign that seeks to eradicate all blacks from Hispanic neighborhoods.”


        James Cessna

        The Truth About ‘La Raza’ and its “Reconquista” or reconquest, of the Western U.S.

        February 20, 2011

        “MEChA and the La Raza movement teach that Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State make up an area known as “Aztlan” — a fictional ancestral homeland of the Aztecs before Europeans arrived in North America. As such, it belongs to the followers of MEChA. These are all areas America should surrender to “La Raza” once enough immigrants, legal or illegal, enter to claim a majority, as in Los Angeles. The current borders of the United States will simply be extinguished. ”

        One of America’s greatest strengths has always been taking in immigrants from cultures around the world, and assimilating them into our country as Americans. By being citizens of the U.S. we are Americans first, and only, in our national loyalties.

        This is totally opposed by MEChA for the hordes of illegal immigrants pouring across our borders, to whom they say:

        “Chicano is our identity; it defines who we are as people. It rejects the notion that we…should assimilate into the Anglo-American melting pot…Aztlan was the legendary homeland of the Aztecas … It became synonymous with the vast territories of the Southwest, brutally stolen from a Mexican people marginalized and betrayed by the hostile custodians of the Manifest Destiny.” (Statement on University of Oregon MEChA Website, Jan. 3, 2006)

        MEChA isn’t at all shy about their goals, or their views of other races. Their founding principles are contained in these words in “El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan” (The Spiritual Plan for Aztlan):

        “In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal gringo invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny. … Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans. … We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan. For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.”

        That closing two-sentence motto is chilling to everyone who values equal rights for all. It says: “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.


        casper has, in the last day or so, defended Black Liberation Theology and now declared founding of yet another violence-preaching, racist, anti-white hate group to be what he needs to know of a man to support him.

        Boy, when casper comes out of the liberal closet, he barges right out in all his race-war-supporting glory, doesn’t he?

      • casper September 5, 2012 / 9:23 pm

        Please keep telling me more. Knowing that most of what you post is crap, I’m thinking these are a couple of guys I should really be supporting. Thanks for the info.

      • casper September 5, 2012 / 9:26 pm

        Thank for jumping in. It’s nice to know neo’s big sister is on the job. Since you have as much credibility as neo, I’m thinking these guys are better than I originally thought.

      • Cluster September 5, 2012 / 9:32 pm

        I guess the liberal in attendance is incapable of commenting on substance, which should come as no surprise, but is also so full of self loathing that he supports hate groups that advocate against his very existence.

        Now that’s hilarious.

      • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 9:32 pm

        casper, if the quotes offered got your motor racing, then you ought to be sending these guys money when you read this:

        “The final plan for the La Raza movement includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African, and Asian descent out of “Aztlan.”

        As Miguel Perez of Cal State-Northridge’s MEChA chapter has been quoted as saying: “The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled — opposition groups would be quashed because you have to keep power.”

        And as a resident of a Western state, you have to have already known quite a bit about La Raza and the Reconquista, so don’t play the Big-Eyes and pretend that you just don’t believe neo or me. That is crap and you know it. This has been discussed at length for years in Colorado and Wyoming, as well as in national reports.

        You titter about your slurs on my credibility, yet I do not lie, I back up what I say, I answer questions, and in general provide a clear contrast to you and your lies and your weaseling when you get caught lying.

        But it is interesting to see you actually admit to supporting a radical political agenda. Congratulations for finally getting a spine.

      • Mark Edward Noonan September 5, 2012 / 11:11 pm


        In Casper’s defense he might not be aware that “la raza” means “the race” and bears the exact same meaning in Spanish as “aryan nation” means in English.

      • Amazona September 6, 2012 / 9:19 am

        Mark, La Raza has made the news here in Colorado and in Wyoming for the past ten years or so. You may not know this,but most of Wyoming gets its network TV out of Denver, so what is news in Colorado is news in Wyoming, in addition to the one Cheyenne station. When the Rocky Mountain News was still in business, it was sold in Casper, and even though the Denver Post is failing it still might be.

        So no, there is no way that casper could have been unaware of La Raza, or Reconquista (reconquering).

        And when he was given examples of its hate-driven racist and genocidal rhetoric he just doubled down on his support of people BECAUSE their father helped found it.

        He is finally out of the Liberal closet and flaunting his radical beliefs. Oh, he still can’t or won’t explain a coherent political philosophy, other than knee-jerk support for everything he thinks is a radical Leftist cause, but his allegiance is clear.

  8. Cluster September 5, 2012 / 9:20 pm

    Probably the funniest headline of the year:

    MSNBC’s Alex Wagner On DNC Speeches: If Anyone Can ‘Be The Tentpole Here,’ It’s Bill Clinton

    Indeed. I am sure he is looking forward to it.

    • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 9:42 pm


  9. Cluster September 5, 2012 / 9:36 pm

    Casper reminds of the Jews that supported Hitler in the early 30’s thinking that if they supported him, he would surely spare them. You can’t fix stupid.

    • tiredoflibbs September 5, 2012 / 9:45 pm

      cappy is of the “Monkey See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” ilk….

      …unless they are non-Democrats.

      Cappy only sees what he wants to. Case in point… Democrats vote out references to God and Jerusalem in their platform. Cappy asks “when did that happen”. Democrats realizing the negativity it caused held a vote to add them back it. The first vote failed… they held it again… failed… held it a third time and it “passed”. After reinstating the terminology the delegates BOOED! Cappy still asks the same STUPID questions feigning ignorance.

      Again, cappy only sees and hears what he wants to… regardless of the fact that it destroys his integrity and honesty.


      • neocon1 September 5, 2012 / 9:49 pm

        Again, cappy only sees and hears what he wants to… regardless of the fact that it destroys his integrity and honesty.

        yet HE (crappy) states………

        “Since you have as much credibility as neo,”

        Pot (crappy) meet kettle…….LOL
        not only do I provide facts, I provide entertainment, and training for the moderators…. 🙂

      • Cluster September 5, 2012 / 9:56 pm

        training for the moderators…

        Now that’s funny.

  10. Cluster September 5, 2012 / 10:08 pm

    Well Sandra Fluke (and could there be any more appropriate name?) has just equated opposition to enforcing religious institutions to provide abortifacients to “silencing” women.

    They do create their own reality do they not?

    • Amazona September 5, 2012 / 10:45 pm

      Yes, to the flukes/flakes of the Left, not giving someone money is “silencing” her. Not trampling on the religious rights of others is “silencing” her.

      As I have mentioned, an ad running a lot in Colorado informs the sheeple that the Romney/Ryan plan is to have employers DENY ACCESS to HEALTH CARE for women.

      Well, as an employer, I have better things to do than shadow my employees to stop them from seeing doctors.

      This is the most patently stupid comment imaginable, but it must be polling well, because they keep running it.

      As I said, perhaps this is the R/R plan to end unemployment—we will have to hire someone to watch and follow every woman, and intercept efforts to ACCESS HEALTH CARE.

      I can see it all now—doctors disguised as Girl Scouts selling cookies, to slip into homes and provide ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE behind the backs of all those employers.

      Just a question—will Leftist employers go along with this dastardly determination to DENY ACCESS to HEALTH CARE for women?

      And a comment—could there BE a lamer lineup of speakers than the oddities the Dems have had lined up? I see three from Colorado—the robotic Ken Salazar and the nearly incoherent John Hickenlooper (“the Looper”) and Jared Polis, who can at least talk but whose only claim to fame seems to be being a gay Jew who made big bucks in the dot com boom.

  11. Cluster September 5, 2012 / 10:16 pm

    Elizabeth Warren sure does have high cheek bones. Is she Native American?

  12. bardolf September 6, 2012 / 12:46 am

    “Casper reminds of the Jews that supported Hitler in the early 30′s thinking that if they supported him, he would surely spare them. You can’t fix stupid.” – Clueless

    -1 point for Hitler reference (ask the Count)

    -1 point for grammar error (ask Amy)

    -1 point for being older than Spook if you remember the early 30’s

    -1 point for quoting Ron White

    -1 point for Mark and Matt’s character judgement

    • Cluster September 6, 2012 / 8:00 am

      5 points in one post! I’ll take it!

      Watching MSNBC again this morning, what’s their obsession with alcohol? It’s like watching a Frat/Sorority mixer.

      Fact checker will be busy with Clinton’s speech last night, of course that’s if they even bother with Democrats. Funny there was no mention of $4 gas, higher food prices, higher energy prices, and 8.3% unemployment. Do those still adversely effect the middle class? I will say this though, he knows how to command a crowd and his healthy ego is still in check.

    • Amazona September 6, 2012 / 9:51 am

      I see dolf is once again offering his typical insightful political analysis and commentary

      • Count d'Haricots September 6, 2012 / 11:12 am

        Toss in a little inaccurate “gotcha” and viola ~ ‘dolf.

        Mark had first alluded to Hitler in his “Aryan” reference, deleting “me” makes the sentence infinitive subject and rhetorically correct, a state of reminded or remembering isn’t first person narrative if the intent is obviously instructive,the irony of proffering himself as grammar police then forgetting the possessive apostrophe in “Mark” and then misspelling “judgement” proves Ron Whites admonishment regarding stupid.

        Congrats ‘dolf you swept the field.

      • Amazona September 6, 2012 / 11:14 am


        I had an Aunt Viola……..

      • Count d'Haricots September 6, 2012 / 12:00 pm

        A Bugs Bunny reference.

        I’m too clever by half.

      • Amazona September 6, 2012 / 12:05 pm

        I knew there had to be a reference.

        My husband and I used to use a lot of references like that, things that had tickled us and made it into our private vocabulary, but sometimes people didn’t realize it was on purpose.

        I think our favorite might have been a reference to the old rancher who told us that the old ranches were never surveyed, but just laid out according to “leaps and bounds.”

        We managed to chew holes in our cheeks to keep from laughing out loud, and after that it was a private joke when we talked about property lines, etc.

      • Count d'Haricots September 6, 2012 / 1:50 pm

        The wife and I went to a parent/teacher conference a few years back.

        The teacher looked me in the eye, furrowed her brow and said, “I want to make this clear from the Gecko …

        I held it in as long as I could, then choked, excused myself and went to the hallway to burst out laughing.

        What a maroon!

  13. tiredoflibbs September 6, 2012 / 7:57 am

    obAMATEUR/DEM claim: “obAMA created 4.5 million jobs”

    FACT: LIE!

    the figure 4.5 million is only true if you cherry-pick the data and ignore other data that reveal that under this pResident there has been a net LOSS in jobs.


    I can’t believe CNN ran with this fact check. At least someone at CNN , shows integrity and honesty.

    As I have said before, obAMATEUR does not have a positive record on which to run. He is fulfilling his own comment from 4 years ago stating that those with no record have to attack, lie and make stuff up.

    It is interesting that velma made the comment about me not recognizing obAMATEUR’s accomplishments. She provided none and just ran off as usual knowing she could not win the argument.


    It is time for obAMATEUR to go. He has done enough damage.

  14. Amazona September 6, 2012 / 9:46 am

    While the Dems are counting on constant repetition of their few mantras, including “the middle class”, they seem to be hoping that this middle class is not actually thinking about what is being said.

    For one thing, the middle class WORKS. The middle class is not on welfare or food stamps. The middle class needs jobs, and people who actually HAVE jobs know where they come from. They do not come from government and they do not come from people who do not pay taxes. They come from others in the middle class and upper middle class and, yes, the demonized “ ONE PER CENT .

    So the Dems are counting on the middle class being stupid and sheep-like, easily driven in mindless flocks to the voting booth to vote against their own self interest. They are counting on large numbers of these people voting to penalize job creation by sucking up more of the income that job creation generates—and why? To give to people who are not working.

    It can make sense only to hard core collectivists and the mindless lemmings who are so easily gulled by class warfare, resentment and hate.

    I have a brother who worked his way up in a national company, made good money, but saw better ways to do things. So he came to his family and presented an idea, we combined that with some other ideas, and we started our own company. We did this in spite of the many barriers and hurdles put in our way by what are coyly called “regulations” but which are really impediments to the free flow of credit, which is the lifeblood of small business—if I had not been stuck with some real estate I could not move, thanks to the economic bust started by the social engineering experiments of the Left, and been able to use it as collateral, we would not have been able to start this business, which makes me wonder how many other small businesses never got off the ground.

    At some point, someone working for us will decide something we are doing could be done better, and will spin off into his own business. Or while working for us will see another market we don’t see, or don’t want to expand into. It’s the American way.

    And it is spurred by the anticipation of being rewarded for the risk and effort and initiative and sacrifice it takes to get a fledgling business off the ground. Take away that incentive and you throttle new business creation, whatever is not already killed off by anti-business regulations.

    The middle class understands this. The guy supporting his family by working for a small business doesn’t think his boss should be penalized for struggling long enough and working hard enough to grow enough to hire him, and the guy who is on the lookout for the idea that might make HIM a boss doesn’t want to run those risks and work that hard if the government is just going to target him and demonize him and penalize his initiative.

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