This Is Hilarious, And Sad At The Same Time – Open Thread

“CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — The Treasury Department is resisting General Motors’ push for the government to sell off its stake in the auto maker, The Wall Street Journal reports. Following a $50 billion bailout in 2009, the U.S. taxpayers now own almost 27% of the company. But the newspaper said GM executives are now chafing at that, saying it hurts the company’s reputation and its ability to attract top talent due to pay restrictions.”

So the Obama regime is RESISTING efforts of a private company to be private again. After forcing the resignation of their CEO, capping executive pay, and imposing the build out of their “green car” dreams, which is now out of production, the Obama regime is saying no to selling back it’s shares because of course that would then nullify Obama’s big campaign slogan – “We saved GM”!!


Unbelievable. Sadly though, the unbelievable has become believable in the surreal Obama universe.

Lot’s going on folks. Have at it and be civil.



172 thoughts on “This Is Hilarious, And Sad At The Same Time – Open Thread

  1. neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 4:37 pm

    dEE ann yahooooooo


    and look at your own hillbilly relatives, pretty sure the inbreading continues.

    NOTHING hateful about calling people “hillbillies” & “inbred” is there?
    No sireee
    something I have a feeling you know a LOT about there DEEEEE ANNNNNN YAHOO

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] September 18, 2012 / 5:35 pm

      James I didn’t want to go there but . . .

    • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 5:36 pm

      BuB Buy TROLL

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] September 18, 2012 / 5:40 pm

      And neocon1 doesn’t it make you feel small that the only joy you can get out of a day is seeing a comment by a Liberal erased from a blog? How do you look at yourself in the mirror man?

    • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 5:45 pm


      I have many joys of the day, to see the goat herder get erased is a Hoot,there is a difference ya know “Hack” beep beep.

  2. Cluster September 18, 2012 / 5:31 pm

    What’s inbreading? Is that what you do to chicken fried steak before frying them up?

    • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 5:35 pm



      maybe Chick Fil A

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] September 18, 2012 / 5:38 pm

      The Romney campaign isn’t dead it’s just brain dead and the GOP will pull the plug on the day after the first debate. Obama won’t get more than 365 electoral which was his total against the last guy you idiots swore up until the last hour was going to win big but he will get over 325 by our counting.

    • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 5:49 pm


      well you DO think you are demons, live on some planet X, and some of you were killed in the American civil war…… YOU just have to know how much weight we assign to your ASSessments dont you cabbie?

      pure entertainment, outside of the monkey house at the zoo tossing poop you loons have it.

  3. mitchethekid September 18, 2012 / 5:54 pm

    Sheriff Joe has a posse of experts? Experts at what? Geography? The Wikipedia link was about Manchuria, not birther insanity.

    • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 6:06 pm


      do I have to post a link to Larry Sinclair s book?
      a splendid time was had by all also…..
      see there is a lot of stuff on the net.

    • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 6:09 pm

      seee Bmitch…….two can play

      Yes, Barack Obama really is a Manchurian candidate
      Exclusive: David Kupelian shows how senatoruses envy and guilt to make believers of millions

      • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 6:31 pm

        Awwwwww Geeeeee
        just when lil ferdy thought he was winning….

        NBC/WSJ poll: Obama’s Approval on Foreign Policy Drops (Indie support craters after ME chaos)

        LOL X 1000 🙂

      • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 7:07 pm

        the speaker of the house….

    • Amazona September 19, 2012 / 8:40 pm

      Did Marc Leder try to undermine the US government? Did he set bombs in public buildings and try to kill people? Did he plan to set off bombs in a police station at shift change to try to kill as many American cops as possible? Did his wife actually kill people? Is he or has he ever been identified as a domestic terrorist? Is he or has he ever been on the FBI Ten Most Wanted list? Has he ever admitted to guilt for his crimes? Has he ever preached racial hatred and violence against whites? Has he ever been the leader of an anti-American group?

      Because if he had, then it might matter that Mitt Romney allowed him to host a political event in his house.

      Oh, wait a minute—no, it wouldn’t. That standard was set in 2008, remember?

      Never mind…………..

    • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 6:47 pm


      • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 7:06 pm


        top left of the pic……..classy people there donks……

      • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 7:09 pm

        only the live ones, not dead foreign forkers.

      • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 7:14 pm

        sorry syrup blach….no Ce Gar.

      • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 7:26 pm

        Colorado: Romney 47%, Obama 45% – Latest Numbers

        the ME and our embassy’s are burning and so is the regimes numbers.

      • neocon1 September 18, 2012 / 7:29 pm

        Shame on you Hussein al Ubama

  4. mitchethekid September 18, 2012 / 7:44 pm

    The only credibility Larry Sinclair has is with deranged, half-witted birthers. A comrade in arms is fame whore Orly Taitz who was shouted down (yet again) in the Kansas State House by none other than: I think it’s a good idea to go skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee: Kris Kobach. (Imagine that! Even she is too ridiculous for Kobach to tolerate.)
    WND is operated by another merchant of hate and resentment, James Corsi who; like Taitz, lacks the humiliation gene and makes a living appealing to the lowest mentality in our society.
    Every time you insist on the factuality of this craziness, and it is tolerated by the moderators of this blog, it only reinforces my opinion that not only is this blog not really serious but is perhaps a running performance art gag. Mr. Obama was born in the United States, he is a citizen and he is the president. Period. No amount of delusion,histrionics,hysteria or insistence on your part that the “real” birth certificate is somehow waiting to be exposed is going to change these facts and to engage someone like you, Neo, in attempting to have a conversation based on facts and reason, is an exercise in futility. The very fact that you do not miss an opportunity to verbalize your fundamental hatred of our president by latching onto one of the most debunked and refuted urban myths gives credence to those who hold movement conservatives in such contempt.
    Now to the subject at hand. 65% of those who do not pay any federal INCOME tax reside in red states. 60% of the 47% cited by Romney DO pay other taxes including state, local and payroll taxes. If they are paying PAYROLL taxes that means that they are employed. So by his logic, in demonizing almost one half of our population not only are the elderly, the sick, the poor, etc parasites, but so are those who have jobs.And to add to Romney’s misery, part of the reason these folks pay no federal INCOME tax is because of the Bush tax cuts. Furthermore, payroll taxes are; on average, 15-20%. Which is a higher amount than the tax return (singular) that Romney released. So here we have an actual account of Romney speaking from the heart, and he is accusing those that pay a higher amount than he does, of being the manifestation of the atheist Ayn Rand’s fictional novel ideological nemesis.What is even more devastating to his inability to “connect” is that there is a large group of millionaires who also do not pay any federal INCOME tax, due to deductions. loopholes and highly paid, creative accountants.
    Another glaring difference between (US citizen and now President) Obama and Romney is back in April of ’08, when Obama spoke about those who clung to guns and god, he was trying (and he failed) to get those folks on his side. He was making an appeal to them. Romney, on the other hand, just lumped them all into a stereotype and dismissed them out of hand. He could care less. And his lack of caring and his smug, out of touch attitude is the well spring of the demise of his campaign. He has never explained any of the details of his ideas about the economy and it is he himself who has ventured down this dark road to failure and oblivion. If I had his money, I’d have a yacht the size of an aircraft carrier and I’d sail the world with my lovely wife and family. I wouldn’t attempt to “sale” the United States. Because that is how he has created his wealth. He’s not so much Gordon Gekko as he is Richard Lewis, the character in Pretty Woman. A guy who buys companies,parts them out to the highest bidder and then moves on. Humanity be damned. He thinks that the planet Kolob is real. Just like Neo thinks the President is a Muslim socialist from a region in China who is also from Kenya. And all at the same time! Maybe he is a magician too!

    One more anti-Mormon slur and you are finally gone for good. Last warning. //Moderator

    • Amazona September 19, 2012 / 7:58 pm

      “when Obama spoke about those who clung to guns and god, he was trying (and he failed) to get those folks on his side. He was making an appeal to them. ”

      Complete blithering idiot?

      Stone cold liar?

      All of the above?

      Obama’s speech was at a closed-door fundraiser in San Francisco, where he was sucking up to the arrogant and supercilious elites by ridiculing people in Flyover Country.

      Trying to get them on his side? What a load. They were not there, they would never have been admitted to the sacred halls of the wealthy Left, and he was making fun of them to an enthusiastic and agreeing crowd.

      “An appeal to them”? You really are delusional, or just a liar, though in your case the two have never been mutually exclusive

      He was trying to demean middle America as a hotbed of knuckle-draggers “clinging to God and guns”. It was vicious, nasty, spiteful, and carefully crafted to appeal to his audience of religion-hating gun-hating urban snobs.

      In other words, his people.

      And not even YOU are truly stupid enough to believe anything else. You just lie.

    • Amazona September 19, 2012 / 8:35 pm

      BTW, the so-called “birther” thing (which is completely meaningless as it seems to encompass people who think Obama was born in Kenya, people who think he was born in Hawaii but just wonder why he spent so much time and money hiding his records, people who think he was born in Hawaii but used his other citizenship(s) and wonder what impact that would have on his US citizenship, and people who do not question the place of his birth but would like a definitive ruling on the question of “natural born citizen” which is completely unrelated to place of birth, as well as four people who believe he was beamed down in an egg) started with Dem Super Star Hillary Clinton.

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