Moral Decay Plus Welfare Equals…

This – from the Daily Mail:

While many families are worrying about how to afford Christmas this year, one jobless single mother has revealed she receives so much in benefits she has £2,000 to spend on designer gifts, clothes and partying.

Mother-of-two Leanna Broderick plans to buy 20 presents for each of her children, including Burberry and Ralph Lauren outfits, iPads and gold jewellery.

The 20-year-old, who has never worked, claims nearly £15,500 a year in state handouts…

Whatever you do, don’t you dare get mad at the girl.  She’s just doing what she’s been told to do.

She was told it was ok to have sex before marriage, then she was told it was ok to be on welfare…and then the welfare system pays her more than entry-level work and, presto, you’ve got a “welfare queen”.  If you get mad at her then you are just being absurd:  this is the system of incentives provided and she has reacted to them in a perfectly reasonable manner.

And, of course, this does happen here in the United States as well – there are millions here who have no incentive to work because welfare benefits, of various types, are either equal to or greater than what can be earned by entry-level work…and even if you have a circumstance where the welfare is slightly less than a 40 hour a week, minimum wage job, not having to go to work beats going to work if its only a matter of 10-15% total income difference.

Yes, of course it is a disgrace – it is better than a lot of welfare situations where mom is a drug addict or some such (at least she does seem to be treating the kids well), but its still a horrid destruction of a human being, and apt to be repeated in the next generation by her daughters who will likely live by their mother’s example…and may not be so lucky on the drug-addiction issue.  We have, in some areas, several generations of people who live like this – who don’t work, never have worked and don’t even know what working is like.  And as liberal policies go their natural course, more and more people are hooked on welfare of one sort of another and yet more and more people develope a disconnect between work and reward.

There is a way to cure this, but it would take some guts and some willingness to genuinely reform the economy.

The guts part of it is this:

Total welfare benefits – from whatever source – for a physically fit person under retirement age must never exceed 80% of the value of a full time, minimum wage job.  They can be up to 100% of a minimum wage job if the welfare recipient is married and both persons have resided at the same address for 365 consecutive days or longer.  No additional benefits may be provided for children born while receiving welfare benefits.  That will take guts because to propose it is to immediately get howls of “racist!” and “hater!” and other such nonsense thrown at you.

The reform the economy part goes like this:

If we are to restrict welfare benefits like that, then we’d better buckets of entry-level jobs for these people to start working at – and that means manufacturing, farming and mining jobs, so we’d better restructure our economy for production rather than consumption and that will require much smaller government, a hard currency and a high cost for personal debt.

Or, we can just keep going as we are until we reach that tipping point where too many hands are in the till and the whole thing collapses.  That is, at most, four or five years from now.  So we’d better choose wisely…


14 thoughts on “Moral Decay Plus Welfare Equals…

  1. GMB December 12, 2012 / 4:14 am

    Guts? Courage, backbone? Better send a dictionary to the repubs. They have no clue what those words mean. Compromise is the order of the day. Compromise that will only benefit the progressives that is.

    Guts you say? In very short supply these days. The downfall is going to be ugly when Thomas and bomber boy can’t get their gub’mint cheese.

  2. Cluster December 12, 2012 / 8:43 am

    Democrats gain, and retain, power from two main constituencies; those on welfare and unions, specifically public unions, which is just another form of public assistance. The linked article below should make everyone scratch their head in disbelief:

    Gov. Walker in WI had the guts to confront this extortion from tax payers, but many more Governors need to find the same courage, and it won’t be easy as evidenced by the childish, violent antics of union members in MI, and their community organizer in chief in the white house.

    • Retired Spook December 12, 2012 / 10:26 am

      it won’t be easy as evidenced by the childish, violent antics of union members in MI, and their community organizer in chief in the white house.

      But the White House condemned the violence in Michigan, right? Oh, wait…

      • Cluster December 12, 2012 / 11:17 am

        I would like to see one of our resident liberals denounce the union violent thuggery as it relates to pro choice in labor. After years of falsely accusing the Tea Party of such antics, they sure are silent when their side actually engages in violence. And mind you, this is all about CHOICE, which liberals usually pride themselves in.

        Any liberal want to step up to the plate on this one?

      • Retired Spook December 12, 2012 / 11:26 am

        Any liberal want to step up to the plate on this one?

        Cluster, in the nearly 9 years I’ve been coming here, I can’t recall any Liberal ever issuing a sincere apology for tactics on their side. I’m talking about true embarrassment for actions or rhetoric by leading Progressive Democrats — just haven’t seen it.

      • Amazona December 12, 2012 / 11:27 am

        From National Review: emphasis mine

        “The New ‘New Tone’ of Our Politics, from Michigan: ‘There Will Be Blood!’

        The massive public tantrum of Wisconsin’s unions didn’t work in that state in 2011, but labor unions are willing to try the same in Michigan.

        Conn Carroll:

        “There will be blood,” State Representative Douglas Geiss threatened from the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives today as the body debated legislation that would make Michigan the nation’s 24th right to work state.

        “I really wish we had not gone here,” Geiss continued. “It is the leadership in this house that has led us here. The same leadership that tried to throw a bomb right on election day, leading to a member switching parties, and came in at the 11th hour with a gotcha bill. For that, I do not see solace, I do not see peace.”

        But wait, there’s more!

        Jimmy Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, said Tuesday he expects Michigan unions and lawmakers to break out into “civil war” after the state’s legislature passed right-to-work bills that would weaken unions’ power.

        “This is just the first round of a battle that’s going to divide this state. We’re going to have a civil war,” Hoffa said on CNN’s “Newsroom.”

        The Republican-controlled state House passed two bills that had already been approved by the GOP-dominated state Senate. Gov. Rick Snyder, also a Republican, is poised to sign the bill, which would allow workers at union-represented employers to forgo paying dues.

        “There will be blood!” “We’re going to have civil war!” Meanwhile, outside the state capitol:

        Tempers flared Tuesday morning here at the state Capitol as police — some on horses — moved into to break up a mob scene as the Republican-controlled House approved a contentious right-to-work bill.

        Thousands of union members and friends of organized labor gathered to show their opposition, at times heated, to the legislation that prohibits unions from forcing unionized employees to pay union dues or join labor groups.

        Gov. Rick Snyder had not yet signed the bill into law, although he has signaled that he would.

        By mid-morning, the Capitol was a scene of chaos as union members and organizers from pro-right-to-work Americans for Prosperity got into a shouting match. Wisconsin Reporter’s Ryan Ekvall, at the scene, said right-to-work opponents grew increasingly agitated over AFP’s signs.

        “There was some pushing and shoving. At one point, I was in the middle of the crowd; it was like a mosh pit where you couldn’t control yourself. You were being moved with the crowd,” Ekvall said.

        He saw two lines of police officers forming, “marching like military,” with four officers mounted on horses. They dispersed the crowd and restored peace to the section of the grounds. Before doing so, union members pulled up the tent stakes, and the tent collapsed with some AFP members inside, according to witnesses at the scene.

        Our Christian Schneider spoke with David Fladeboe of Americans for Prosperity, who was working security outside the tent:

        Fladeboe said the tent, for which AFP-Michigan had received a permit a week earlier, held between 30 and 40 people before protesters began stabbing at its straps with knives. He said that at first, protesters were targeting random straps to avoid being caught — then, finally, they focused on one corner of the tent in an effort to pull it down. Fladeboe said that even once several of the straps were cut, the local police on the scene did little to help the volunteers re-secure them.

        Eventually, protesters were able to snap one of the tent stakes in half and pull it from beneath the tent, causing it to collapse. Fladeboe said that despite reports that the tent had been cleared of people before it went down, there were about a dozen people still trapped inside after it had fully collapsed. “You could see people inside of it trying to get up, and you could see the tent moving,” he said — a problem exacerbated by the fact that protesters began “stomping” on top of the collapsed canvas while volunteers tried to help those trapped inside.

        Before it had collapsed, the tent was held up by two 20-foot poles, which had to have fallen for it to collapse; volunteers were worried that those poles could have landed on someone stuck inside the tent. There also was hot coffee and hot chocolate served inside the tent that could have burned people if tipped over.

        Fladeboe said that once the tent was clear of people, the protesters began pushing and shoving them — it was only then that the police got involved.

        ……………..A sports-feature writer at the Detroit Free Press characterizes the union mob’s reaction to the AFP tent as “taking the bait.” I suppose that’s one way of looking at it; it says something about those union members that all it took to “bait” them into a frothing mass of violence was someone being present and expressing a different opinion than theirs.”

        So union protesters came armed with knives, purposely endangered people by collapsing a heavy tent on them and then “stomped” on the fallen tent while people were trapped inside, and the union reps repeatedly threaten violence—“there will be blood”.

      • dbschmidt December 12, 2012 / 11:54 am

        Over at Town Hall, John Hawkins writes about “5 Myths Liberals Have Created About Themselves”

        Part of #3 on the list is: Liberals are tolerant: In a very real sense, liberals don’t understand tolerance. To them, tolerance is promoting whatever position they happen to hold while excluding all competing views.

        Which include everything from the Public Indoctrination System, Unions, “Choose Life” and many other large issues. Also includes “helping” the poor. They prefer to make them dependent on Government. Government is your “Daddy” now.

      • Retired Spook December 12, 2012 / 12:47 pm


        Great Town Hall article, especially the part about science:

        1) Liberals love science: As Ann Coulter says, “Liberals use the word science exactly as they use the word constitutional. Both words are nothing more or less than a general statement of liberal approval, having nothing to do with either science or the Constitution.” The liberal commitment to science consists entirely of talking about how important science is when they believe they can use it to further the liberal agenda.

  3. Retired Spook December 12, 2012 / 10:36 am

    Or, we can just keep going as we are until we reach that tipping point where too many hands are in the till and the whole thing collapses. That is, at most, four or five years from now. So we’d better choose wisely…

    In the mean time, nothing but sunshine and roses ahead.

    • M. Noonan December 12, 2012 / 9:30 pm


      Saw this over at IMAO:

      Just wanted to let you know – today I received my 2013 Social Security Stimulus Package. It contained two tomato seeds, cornbread mix, two discount coupons to KFC, an “Obama Hope & Change” bumper sticker, a prayer rug, a machine to blow smoke up my ass and a “Blame it on Bush” poster for the front yard. The directions were in Spanish. Yours should arrive soon.

  4. dbschmidt December 12, 2012 / 11:34 am

    Ronald Reagan summed it up when he said “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.” Welfare and the mufti-generational “welfare queens” is just one example that will not end until total collapse.

    Since I don’t have the numbers at hand for this particular issue I can show something similar that parallels this issue– the Social Security Administration, payments to dead people and “the Plan.” The story reported in the Washington Post, from October 7, 2010 contained some interesting findings just released by the Social Security Administration on where some Obama stimulus funds had gone.

    Said the Post:

    “In general, the federal government misspent almost $110 billion in fiscal year 2009 by sending benefits checks to dead people, responding to fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid claims and overpaying government contractors.”

    The Boehner plan, from the “fiscally conservative right” and the most likely to have become law before the 2012 election, now officially scored by CBO as shaving a whole $1 billion off the deficit for all of next year. That is only 1/110 of the money sent in error (and probably never recovered) to dead people in 2009. That is government.

    Since I started with Reagan I will finish with another statement from Ronald Reagan “There are no easy answers’ but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.” Obviously neither side has any courage and total economic collapse will be “our” solution.

    • neocon01 December 12, 2012 / 4:45 pm


      there is nothing childish about marxist revolution and violence. it is a deadly game changing resource used by the left to bring about their form of government.

    • M. Noonan December 12, 2012 / 9:42 pm


      My bet is that at least 30% of federal spending is entirely wasted – and not in the sense of “spent on stupid programs” but in the sense of “even if the program ain’t stupid, its being massively wasted on fraud, duplication and graft”. We could probably cut the SNAP (foodstamps) budget by 50% if we just provided what Catholic Charities and other foods banks need and let them pass it out to all who ask.

      But guts are lacking…we’re afraid to do the right thing these days…

      • neocon01 December 14, 2012 / 10:08 am

        ATF comes to mind… helicopters, ninjas, boats, aircraft, APV’s???

        I mean camon……

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