Obama’s Obamacare Mandate Delay

So, let’s momentarily forget the fact Obama’s “fix” for Obamacare is essentially exempting folks from it for a year, I’d like to point out a tweet from Senator Harry Reid:

According to Harry Reid, this move by Obama (the legality of which is questionable) is “working to fix and improve” Obamacare.

Really? Last month, when Republicans offered the exact same proposal as a compromise to end the shutdown, Obama and Reid refused, and chose not to negotiate.

18 thoughts on “Obama’s Obamacare Mandate Delay

  1. Count d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots) November 14, 2013 / 8:54 pm

    So will His nibs pass an edict that when the group plans are cancelled next year we can keep those too?

    Seriously, does he understand that if the insurance companies were to actually follow this royal proclamation then ObamaCare will collapse completely?

    Exit question; What is the most amusing part of this?

    1) Watching Obama beg the Republicans to support what he called “taking hostages” and “Extortion” last month?
    2) Watching Liberalism implode?
    3) Watching the Dimocrats run from this like cockroaches in sunlight?
    4) Watching the MSM implode? or
    5) watching the insurance companies get what they deserve for supporting this Get Rich Quick Government Sponsored Ponzi Scheme?

    :Remember This in 2014 ~ If you Like your Congress You Can Keep it!

    • Mark Moser November 15, 2013 / 4:28 pm

      Yes, to all of them. It’s better than the circus!

      • Mark Moser November 15, 2013 / 4:36 pm

        Of course watching Kristen Powers complaining about her insurance being canceled on FOX News was priceless too! An expensive wakeup call is comming for all liberal supporters of Ocare.

  2. dbschmidt November 14, 2013 / 10:36 pm

    The downside is the law itself. The ACA (ObamaCare) / HillaryCare / Medicare / Medicaid are just a few of the attempts to nationalize healthcare which Liberals and Progressives seek as the cornerstone / keystone to their plan of socialism on the way (under Obama) towards Marxism.

    This “tragedy” is just a test of the waters for when the corporation subsidies for health care are cut next year after the mid-term election. Holy Heath Care costs, Batman—even if it is only insurance when the corporations dump their employees into the “marketplace.” Now, instead of 5 ~ 15 million—we have everyone.

    Enter, never let a crisis go to waste aka. the government to the rescue. The only way to save this now is a single payer system but one that doesn’t sound like Medicare. ShinyCare is enacted so the government can save us all.

    This entire debacle was never about health care and even not so much about health insurance but rather a means that the Federal Government could have a handle on us all “by the short hairs.” The minions will fall in line and they are testing the waters to see how much of a blow-back they expect to receive from those of us that act5ually read & understand the Constitution.

    BTW, I like and agree with “If you like your Congress, you can keep your Congress—2014” I should make up some shirts this weekend.

    • Retired Spook November 14, 2013 / 11:35 pm

      Agreed — that would make a great T-shirt and/or bumper sticker.

  3. M. Noonan November 15, 2013 / 1:41 am

    Who has standing to file a suit in court attempting to nullify all of Obama’s unconstituional exceptions to ObamaCare? Seriously – is it something that a person has to show actual harm? He’s not obeying the law – all exemptions, unless you can find a provision in there allowing him to make them, are null and void…and Obama is commanded by the Constitution to ensure that the laws are diligently enforced…I say we force him to strictly enforce his dog of a law…

    • Count d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots) November 15, 2013 / 1:09 pm

      True dat Mark.

      Standing is an issue if this is going to be challenged in court. The insurance companies would have standing if the Administration were to order them to roll back the compliance as they would have the requsite “damages”.

      As the old saying goes, it doesn’t matter how many people agree to it, you can’t legally rob a bank. simply because Obama says insurance companies can violate the law doesn’t make that a fact; if Aetna and Health-Net were to offer policies that don’t comply (that is if they let me buy a policy that doesn’t include maternity care in case I get pregnant before my seventieth birthday) they (Aetna and Health-Net) would be in violation of the law and could be held criminally accountable. Notice how quickly they all jumped on-board with the “fix”? Wait …

      I still can’t bring myself to feel sorry for the insurance companies.

      This is actually setting up a Constitutional Crises; Congress has the authority to challenge Obama’s “executive orders” that exempt some but not all portions of the law. Congress also has the authority to hold the President in contempt for failing to execute the specifics of the law; the employer mandate delay db mentioned, or the “fix” he proposed yesterday.

      Let’s assume for one fanciful moment that the “fix” is actually implemented;

      1) State Insurance commissions allow companies to sell unlawful policies (California has already said they would), making them compliant in the law-breaking,

      2) Insurance companies would offer everyone the opportunity to buy 2013 policies @ 2012 prices (Yeah, that’ll happen) because they know they can’t lose any money in this deal, because

      3) The government will be forced to subsidize the shortfall in receipts the insurance companies will suffer as a result of reducing premiums on millions of policy-holders (aren’t you glad they started collecting extra taxes 3 years before this law went into effect?)

      4) The subsidies will be predicated on insurance companies raising prices at the first available opportune time; that is when the current policies expire which would be when Phase II kicks in; the employer mandate and the end of the “fix”.

      5) Taxes will have to go up to pay for the Obama “fumble”, but only on the rich who don’t pay “their fair share” anyway, so … it’s all good,

      6) Employers kick spouses and children off their policies and insure only the employees- and raise the prices on the policies – because every 35 year old single man will have to have maternity, abortion and birth control coverage. that is, those businesses that continue to pay more than the “fine” in insurance premiums which would make them … uh … stoopid! (and

      7) The 2014 election is held and dimocrats are so popular as a result of the government which so eloquently and effectively has saved our health care system the dimocrats are elected in an historic landslide election; Obama is declared “The One” for Life, and liberals take over the world – complete with receding oceans and flying cars that run on unicorn farts.

      It could happen.

      • M. Noonan November 15, 2013 / 2:36 pm

        Heck, employers are already kicking spouses off – I was one of the kicked spouses! The Mrs got the notice from her employer that if I stay on the policy given that I can obtain insurance elsewhere, they’d charge an extra $200.00 a month for me, over and above the amount already being deducted. My good luck is that I was able to switch over to my employer coverage…but how many spouses didn’t have that option?

        Obama is clearly trying to dodge the responsibility for his ObamaCare collapse – shifting the blame right now on to the much-hated insurance companies in the first step towards blaming the GOP…because when we don’t do whatever Obama says is necessary to make his “fix” work, then he’ll ensure that the MSM blames us endlessly for all the health insurance problems. I don’t know, however, if this will work – Obama just said too many times in too many places to too many low-info voters that if you like your plan, you can keep it. Period. It was quite a brazen lie – stupid, too; because he could have said it so many other ways to give himself wiggle room (“if you have good health insurance, don’t worry; you can keep it! But if you are being victimized by the evil, wicked, nasty and smelly insurance companies with a sub-standard plan, then ObamaCare will save you!”). It might be, of course, that Obama didn’t know what his own plan would actually do – I’ve read stories that Obama doesn’t take bad news well and so his staff simply refuses to tell him what is going on…and further stories that he’s kinda out there on his own, with Jarret being the only adviser who can talk to him, while his cabinet just wallows around, unconsulted.

        It might not work – Obama’s blame shifting might fail. And if the GOP plays its cards right (I know; but we can at least hope), then 2014 could be an historic Republican victory.

      • Amazona November 17, 2013 / 9:55 am

        ” Congress has the authority to challenge Obama’s “executive orders” that exempt some but not all portions of the law. Congress also has the authority to hold the President in contempt for failing to execute the specifics of the law;….”

        Authority, yes.
        Intelligence, no.
        Backbone, no.

        “But….but….but…..” whimper those who do understand this, “…if we do anything Oprah will tell people we only did it because he’s black!”

        Obama’s skin color is really a suit of armor, protecting him against any effort to deal with his transgressions.

    • Mark Moser November 15, 2013 / 4:39 pm

      I say we impeach him and force Biden to do it instead!

    • dbschmidt November 17, 2013 / 12:31 pm

      The one thing I remember hearing over and over again is that the SCOTUS said that individuals would not be allowed to bring a case against the ACA until they were directly impacted. Not sure if cancellations would count but the fee / tax does. Look for the new year to bring a rash of cases–and I am sure the ACA doesn’t cover this kind of rash.

  4. Amazona November 16, 2013 / 9:50 pm

    “;..simply because Obama says insurance companies can violate the law doesn’t make that a fact; if Aetna and Health-Net were to offer policies that don’t comply (that is if they let me buy a policy that doesn’t include maternity care in case I get pregnant before my seventieth birthday) they (Aetna and Health-Net) would be in violation of the law and could be held criminally accountable. "

    Yet you seldom, if ever, hear any public commentary on this fact. No, what we hear is that Obama can just order the insurance companies to reinstate their policies, and then that they have to deal with state insurance boards, etc.

    Never a word about the fact that these policies are now illegal.

    And we have congresscritters voting to force insurance companies to roll back their cancellations, too dumb to take advantage of the momentum of this moment to point out that the only legal way to even ALLOW them to do so is to repeal the Act.


  5. Count d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots) November 17, 2013 / 3:57 pm

    The bill (Upton) would exempt insurance companies from prosecution under the ACA. It is symbolic and confrontational/non-confrontational because it cannot become law and would not pass the Senate.

    If you’re expecting the house to try another shutdown vote, which is what would happen should the house challenge Obama’s dictum, you’ll be pleasantly disappointed.

    As I said of the”defund”windmill, the Press won’t give an inch and the public hasn’t the stomach for it. There is no percentage in it for Republicans; make the point that it’s illegal and move on. Let Obamacare crash and burn on its own. Symbolic votes to demonstrate dimocrat defections until the Republicans get control is their option.

    Tilting at yet another unwinnable windmill is de riguer for us but we need to focus on winning instead.

    • dbschmidt November 17, 2013 / 6:55 pm

      The problem, IMHO, of letting the ACA “crash & burn” as that the laws and regulations, for the most part, remain to everyone’s detriment. This piss-poor law needs to be pulled out including all of the roots and tentacles into current laws, regulations and requirements. There must be no trace left.

      • Count d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots) November 18, 2013 / 12:32 pm

        Deeb, (that’s shorthand for db),

        I feel ya’ brotha, but the sad reality is that the ACA cannot be fully repealed. The best we can hope for is a series of laws rescinding the offensive parts and legislative fixes to mitigate the rest.

        There isn’t but a few of us that understand that forcing insurance companies to cover “preexisting conditions” is the primary stumbling block in this law; with it politicians get re-elected, without it the ACA crumbles like Nancy Pelosi’s principles.

        To have the government; that is taxpayers, pay the insurance companies premiums for those with preexisting conditions is folly as the whole definition of preexisting is that the condition existed before the individual had health insurance. Ergo, why would anyone purchase health insurance knowing that should the unthinkable occur, the government will pay for your “premium” and the insurance company will pay for your care? Where is the downside to keeping your own money and letting the government take the financial risks??

        This was the point of the 1989 paper from the Heritage Foundation that the libiots keep ignorantly tossing around (they say “Obamacare was based on ‘conservative’ principles; it came from a proposal from the Heritage foundation and was modeled after a program from a Republican governor.”) Heritage made the point 25 years ago that the only way an interventionist government could make health insurance available to the un-insurable is to force everyone to participate in order to mitigate the cost to the insurance companies, which as Heritage pointed out is patently un-Constitutional and an anathema to the American economic model.

        Who is the politician that is willing to say that the government will not guarantee health care insurance coverage to every American that needs it? Much less, where is the Congress that will vote to let the uninsured take all the financial risks and who is the President that will sign such a bill?

      • dbschmidt November 20, 2013 / 7:42 pm

        I fully agree with you Count and I would have to guess I am one of the few who understand the “preexisting” boondoggle; however, these can be classified into two groups. 1) who has been canceled and 2) Those that never held insurance or short-timed it for a defined purpose.

        Right now–the only option is another back-door shoveling of taxpayer money to private insurance companies. In my case, I would spread the risk as a part of doing business akin to if you have a 25% market share–you pick up 25% of category one people and make your actuaries earn their money. Group 2 can bite my shiny metal ass and it will come directly from whatever is left of their hide.

        I have no love of insurance in the first place but sometimes it is an evil necessity. Until I am independently wealthy I carry insurance on a great deal of things.

        I will cut this response short as a driver install has failed quite miserably and I need to tend to that first. No wonder I really do not like WinDoze. Nevertheless, the Driver Install, as well as John Bobbitt’s porn career, both went better than the rollout of ObamaCare.

  6. dbschmidt November 20, 2013 / 8:25 pm

    I am a compassionate person towards those that play by the rules and this being a follow-up to my previous post–I will keep it short. I guess I live in what can be considered a fantasy land ~ you know, one of following the Constitution which would deem ObamaCare, HillaryCare, MediCare and Medicaid not wards of the Federal government but that of the States at best. Same with Social Security but if anyone needs an example of how “well” the Federal government works–look no further than Galveston County, Tx and their opting out of SS and the failure rate (or predicted new costs) of RomneyCare.

    We need to take care of our elderly (learned a great deal when I was in Japan among other places) and those in true need; however, I am not willing to pay for the free-loaders. Currently, after being unemployed for past two plus years of the great economy brought to us by Obama–I have chewed through my retirement and most of all of my savings. Still do not have health care (5+ months out) with my brand new job at 80% of what I made before (I feel lucky) plus incurring costs of the distance I need to travel daily but still paid out-of-pocket for my latest incident medical including the prescription for antibiotics.

    I feel lucky in some respects that I can “afford” it but that is more planning and squirreling away while the freeloaders play. Almost sounds like a story involving a grasshopper. With what little I have–I donate a great deal to causes I believe in and to people I feel are truly in need–mostly direct. Many are worse off than I. What makes me tick in a lot of respects is helping those that are worse off because I can–even if I really can’t.

    The “Prescription” to not only ObamaCare follies, but a great deal of life, is teaching the generations beneath us that gang-banging, knock-out games and the like are not “cool” but rather bring back the humility in people that has been lost. When accepting food stamps was almost a scarlet letter and not a badge of honor. You get the gist.

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