Obama’s Approval Rating: Lower Than Nixon’s During Watergate

Am I surprised? Not really, Obama overall has done far worse than Nixon, and frankly, the fact Obama’s approval ratings, as dismal as they might be, are as high as they are, is shocking to me.

The latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, released Nov. 6, shows President Obama’s job approval rating at 42%. The poll shows 51% disapprove of the president’s performance. That is a slight increase from the 39% approval rating in a Gallup poll released earlier this week, but it indicates Americans are growing increasingly concerned with the scandals surrounding President Obama.

The low approval numbers have largely been attributed to the Healthcare.gov fiasco, and President Obama’s insistence on doubling down on unequivocal statements he made to the American people promising they could keep their current health insurance if they liked it when he was selling Obamacare to the nation.


To put the numbers in historical context, compare Obama’s approval rating to that of former-President Richard Nixon. In June of 1972, when the Watergate story first broke, Nixon had an approval rating in the high 50s, and six months later it was even higher, rising to 67% in Jan. of 1973. Nixon denied any knowledge of the scandal, a strategy President Obama has employed each time a new scandal has arisen. Nixon was seen as “above the fray” and blameless by his supporters, much like Obama seems to be now.

Seriously, do any of our liberal readers here truly approve of the job this guy is doing?

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Approval Rating: Lower Than Nixon’s During Watergate

  1. M. Noonan November 13, 2013 / 1:53 pm

    No, they don’t – they are desperately clinging to their victory in Virginia last week as proof that all is well and stunning, Democrat victory is impending for 2014. They fail to see that by outspending the GOP by more than 2 to 1 and using every dirty trick in the book, they still barely scraped out a victory in purple Virginia against a candidate more suitable to bright red Alabama…and if the election had taken place yesterday instead of 8 days ago, they probably would have lost.

    Their problem, though, is that Obama is getting unpopular and untrusted and there is not much Obama can do to reverse the slide. It is, at all events, difficult for a 2nd term President to increase his popularity even if things are going well – but things aren’t going well and there is little to no prospect of any good news coming Obama’s way to goose up his numbers.

    Things will be as they will, but right now the Democrats are heading for a shellacking in 2014.

  2. Retired Spook November 13, 2013 / 7:19 pm

    Seriously, do any of our liberal readers here truly approve of the job this guy is doing?

    Surprisingly, quite a few still do. The battle lines are being drawn like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This is no longer about politics but about conflicting visions for the future of America. I think quite a few Conservatives join me in saying, gloves off, no more Mr. Nice guy. Use the Left’s Alinsky tactics right back at them. We need to pledge yet again, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to see to it that our descendants are not forced to live under the Leftist vision for America.

    • tiredoflibbs November 13, 2013 / 7:44 pm

      The liberal readers, who used to pst here and subsequently been banned for personal attacks after their repetitive BS was debunked, approve of anything he does. They believe he is “the one they have been waiting for”.

      For example, they go so far as defending that obame’s statement, “if you like your insurance you can keep it, period”, was not a lie regardless of the millions who will lose their insurance. Obame’s actions and record are starting to parallel those of Nixon. But while liberals hated Nixon, they love obame.

      • neocon01 November 14, 2013 / 8:56 am

        dont forget millions loved hitler and stalin….this fraud is custom made for racist, stupid, low life, morons and illegal peasants who loved fidel and hugo…….
        lets not forget the GOP put up the biggest RINO losers against the kenyan and seems to be leaning towards the joisey michelan man for another MASSIVE defeat in 2016

    • dbschmidt November 14, 2013 / 10:40 pm


      The really sad part is that in the breakdown of Pres. Obama’s approval rating is that 75% of African-Americans still approve. I call them Blacks because few, if any, have ever been to the “motherland.” And if they have–they should be ashamed of it’s condition.

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