Regarding Cookin’ The Books…

In light of the news of the past 24-hours, it perhaps entirely fitting that a TV cook decided to promote Obamacare this past week.

A bit of history as a prelude to this post:
October 30, 2012: Obama can’t get re-elected with an unemployment rate above 8%.

November 4, 2012: 2 days before election–SHAZAMM!!! Books are cooked, unemployment rate at 7.9% (ignoring, of course, those who gave up looking for jobs).

March 30, 2014: Obama woefully in danger of not meeting targeted goal of 7 million subscribers by March 31st. 2014 deadline– another postponement of the deadline would give anti-Obamacare elements endless fodder for Obamacare’s further de-legitimization.

Now, enter March 31, 2014–Zero Hour to deadline: SHAZAM!! Five million people miraculously sign their lives away on the Obamacare website, two million more flood the phone lines.

Does anybody REALLY believe this crap?

First–OK– I’ll give it that yesterday was the deadline–but even if their numbers are true, it doesn’t really portray that people so loved Obamacare that they just couldn’t wait to sign up.
It was either sign up, or get fined. It was coercion, at best.

Second: Obamacare was sold (read: shoved down our throats in the dead of night) as something that was needed because there were, at the time, 30,000,000 uninsured Americans out of a nation of 310,000,000 (9.6%). Which necessarily meant that nine out of ten people were inconvenienced at best and/or lost THEIR coverage at worst so that one out of the ten who weren’t covered in the first place could supposedly get covered.

The last estimates placed over 40,000,000 people who are currently uninsured; with 5-6 million of those uninsured as a DIRECT RESULT of their policies being cancelled under Obamacare. (As a matter of fact, companies offering insurance to males that didn’t cover pregnancy were fined over 2000 percent more per employee than companies who chose not to offer any insurance plan at all–but I digress).

SO– if their numbers are correct (and again–a bit too convenient, if you ask me, to be correct) we haven’t even gotten back to Square One in terms of Obamacare’s stated goals (to insure the 30,000,000 uninsured).

Yet, despite this, despite the perpetually-broken $600 MILLION website paid for with our taxpayer dollars, and most importantly, despite the broken promises made to the American people on so many fronts that you need a scorecard to keep track of them, his royal eminence, wannabe emperor and Grand Poobah of his own reality, Barack Hussein Obama (pbuh) is going to strut to the podium this afternoon and crow to the great unwashed masses that he’s single-handedly saved the nation’s health care system, and there will be more of that where it came from.

And, perhaps most pitiful of all, his dutiful. star-struck, sycophantic stenographer-media sheep, those supposedly charged with being a check and balance against our government, will happily and dutifully re-bleat his maniacal, delusional rantings.

17 thoughts on “Regarding Cookin’ The Books…

  1. tiredoflibbs April 1, 2014 / 8:15 pm

    HHS is not tracking how many of the uninsured signed up for obamacare. So they could be double counting those who had to sign up due to the fact that obamacare cancelled their policies in the first place.

    “That’s not a data point we are really collecting in any sort of systematic way,” says a senior official.

    The propaganda will continue. We have an government department that does not track vital statitics – one that obamacare was supposed to solve – but they did not prepare to count them. Second, we have a press that has no interest into getting into the weeds of the truth. They are equivalent of the Praetorian Guard to protect their emperor.

    The talking points are out and the drones are circling the wagons.,0,3441389,full.story#axzz2xZsvrW7U

    • 02casper April 1, 2014 / 8:44 pm

      “HHS is not tracking how many of the uninsured signed up for obamacare.”

      Luckily a couple of states are.

      • M. Noonan April 1, 2014 / 11:18 pm

        First off, its two States. Secondly, they don’t ask “were you insured until the imposition of ObamaCare resulted in the cancellation of your policy?”. Just asking “are you insured?” doesn’t do a blessed thing to tell us how many of the uninsured as of September 30th, 2013 have actually bought insurance.

        The McKinsey survey and a Rand report indicate that about 27% of all purchases of insurance were previously uninsured. As the Obama Administration has steadfastly refused to release hard data, we have to figure that 27% is probably the high end for uninsured buying insurance. Here’s the kicker: the CBO scored the program based upon the assumption that MOST of the people buying would be previously uninsured.

      • 02casper April 2, 2014 / 7:47 am

        “Just asking “are you insured?” doesn’t do a blessed thing to tell us how many of the uninsured as of September 30th, 2013 have actually bought insurance.”

        According to one of the articles you linked to, it’s about 9.5 million.

        “As the law’s initial enrollment period closes, at least 9.5 million previously uninsured people have gained coverage. Some have done so through marketplaces created by the law, some through other private insurance and others through Medicaid, which has expanded under the law in about half the states.”,0,5472960.story#ixzz2xjEzQWSm

      • M. Noonan April 2, 2014 / 12:58 pm

        ObamaCare, however, isn’t about getting people to sign up for Medicaid – the purpose of the law was to provide affordable, private insurance for people who previously didn’t have insurance. In fact, the very high number of people who have been added to Medicaid is actually quite disastrous – it puts that already financially shaky system under even more stress.

        Here’s the nutshell – the ObamaCare law has hardly insured any of the uninsured and it has done this at a vastly higher cost to the government and to individual purchasers of insurance.


      • Amazona April 2, 2014 / 2:29 pm

        ““Just asking “are you insured?” doesn’t do a blessed thing to tell us how many of the uninsured as of September 30th, 2013 have actually bought insurance.”

        According to one of the articles you linked to, it’s about 9.5 million.”

        Oh, dear, casper is at it again. His absolute lack of comprehension is truly staggering.

        OK, cappy, let’s break it down into the kind of teeny tiny little bits of information you might be able to process, if you take them one at a time and go very very slowly:

        Linda has a health insurance plan.
        Linda’s health insurance plan is canceled.
        Linda had insurance.
        Now Linda does not have insurance.
        Linda goes to an exchange to buy the new insurance made necessary by the meddling of the feds in her old insurance plan.
        They ask Linda “Are you insured?”
        Linda, being honest, says “No”.
        Linda is now entered as an uninsured person finally —–FINALLY —getting insurance thanks to the beneficence of Obamacare.

        The new record shows that a previously uninsured person got insured.
        casper is thrilled, and touts the glories of Obamacare.
        casper does not know if Linda had insurance before she applied for the plan on the exchange.
        casper does not know if Linda liked the plan she had before she had to apply for another plan.
        casper does not know if her old plan was a better plan that the one she has now.
        casper does not know if her old plan cost less than the one she was forced to buy.
        casper does not know if she likes her new plan better.
        casper does not know if Linda is happy with the change forced upon her.

        casper does not care.

        All casper “knows”, and cares about, is what is spoon-fed to him by his minders, what he can find in some link or another, that gives some statistics on how many people who do not have insurance at the very moment of application have signed up for a new plan.

        Because this teeny tiny fragment of massaged data is really all he can understand anyway.
        Worse, given his ideology, it is all he cares about.

  2. 02casper April 1, 2014 / 8:20 pm

    I’m curious Leo. What would be the motive for cookin’ the books? The next election isn’t until Nov. If they are cookin’ the books, the real figures will come out long before then, making things look worse than they are.
    As for the number of people that are still uninsured, that would seem as an incentive to improve the law so as to cover more people, rather than a reason to repel the law.

    • M. Noonan April 1, 2014 / 11:20 pm

      The reason they cook the books is that they expect that the Democrat base and the LIV will just buy it. They are proved correct about the Democrat base in your reaction. Whether or not the LIV will suddenly fall in love with it after Obama was proven to be a malicious liar about ObamaCare remains to be seen.

      • Amazona April 2, 2014 / 1:59 pm

        That’s exactly right, Mark. They took the theory that they could lie right to the faces of their sheeple with no repercussions, they proved it over and over again, and now it is the foundation of their strategy.

        No matter what lies they get caught telling, no matter what crimes they get caught committing, no matter what misconduct they are proved to have done, all they have to do is claim that the Koch Brothers lied so as to make the poor innocent victims (Dems) look bad, and the Loony Left slurps up the slop and begs for more.

      • M. Noonan April 3, 2014 / 12:22 pm

        Of course, a good part of it is still that the MSM has a lot of influence – much less than before, but still enough if they relentlessly shill for a Democrat that plenty of people will still fall for it. The ultimate cure for this is to duplicate Fox News about five more times – but this time with outfits that are either genuinely conservative and/or genuinely libertarian (Fox is really just an MSM outfit which doesn’t always attack conservatism and, in Hannity, actually allows one genuine conservative to have a show – which is enough to get conservatives to love it; imagine what ratings they’d give to a national network which actually advanced conservatism?).

      • Amazona April 3, 2014 / 7:56 pm

        I’d be happy with a network or big cable show that just presented the news, as it is, and is staffed with professional journalists who understand and adhere to the old-style journalistic ethic. If it engaged in real investigative journalism and told the truth, unvarnished, and let the chips fall where they may. Reality will win people to the conservative side, but at this point I think a TV station that “advances” conservatism would be a mistake—-unless it were to define conservatism as the belief in the Constitution as the only way to govern the nation, and then focus on what is and what is not consistent with that belief.

    • Amazona April 2, 2014 / 2:18 pm

      Yeah, says casper, instead of just scraping off the steaming pile of crap that IS Obamacare, written by the SEIU and handed to its bought-and-paid-for minions for immediate passage, voted in by people who never even bothered to read it, and starting over with something clean and decent and transparent that is intended to actually address the problems, we ought to keep slapping sloppy band-aids on every time something oozes out of yet another crack.

      We had a few million people identified as “uninsured”. We didn’t evaluate that data to find out what it really meant. We didn’t bother to find out how many of these people were students insured through their parents, or their schools. We didn’t bother to ask how many could have afforded insurance but chose to spend the money on piercings and tats instead. We didn’t take the time to find out how many of these people really had serious problems that needed to be addressed.

      No, because that kind of probity and seriousness is not compatible with demagoguery, and demagoguery is the name of the game, at least for the Left. So they howled and screeched and carried on like lunatics about these poor, desperate, UNINSURED. Most of us said fine, if there is a problem there, let’s look at that problem there, but as for the rest of us, we have insurance, we like our insurance, and you can leave us alone. Go over there and work with the people who need some help.

      Oh, no, squeal the Left. The only way we can take care of these poor, desperate, unfortunates—-because we have decided the role of the federal government is to take care of everyone, and micromanage every aspect of every perceived problem, as long as that means consolidating power and expanding the government and the Dependent Class—–is to destroy what does work, and cobble together a massive, unworkable, complex plan that really does very very little to address what we claimed was the problem in the first place.

      Right outside my window is a Mercedes. it’s not new, it’s not perfect, but I like it. Is is comfortable, and secure, and gets 28 MPH on the highway, and it meets my needs. But it has a flat tire. Me being me, I’ll fix the tire. But the Lefties would haul it off, along with everything that is in it, crush it, throw it away, and force me to pay more for a beige tin can POS that is slow, noisy, obnoxious and unsafe at any speed—because someone else across town doesn’t have a car at all.

      This, to the caspers, is the progressive way to solve a problem. Don’t understand the problem, don’t analyze the problem, don’t isolate factors of the problem that can be easily solved, don’t focus on the problem itself, but engage in a nation-wide spasm of destruction of what does work, intrusion into the lives of people, imposition of other peoples’ values and ideas, and in general make a total mess of things.

      And, according to him, try desperately to keep it together with the Left’s version of duct tape and baling wire—-unconstitutional assumptions of legislative power by the president, half-assed “fixes” that only create other problems somewhere else, and adding to the chaos and confusion and overall stink.

      Of a program that was never about health care in the first place.

      Way to go, casper.

  3. tiredoflibbs April 2, 2014 / 7:44 am

    “What would be the motive for cookin’ the books?”
    It’s hard to believe everything has to be spelled out for you, which are you being now- deliberately obtuse? voluntarily ignorant? or are you a LIV?

    The One You Have Been Waiting For’s ego won’t allow his “signature piece of legislation” to fail in meeting their self imposed target.

    Remember, this pResident takes blame for nothing while taking credit for everything.

  4. Retired Spook April 2, 2014 / 9:03 am

    Jimmy Fallon has it about right.

    “If you still haven’t enrolled, you might have to pay a penalty called the ‘Individual Shared Responsibility Payment,’ which is 1 percent of your salary,” he continued. “Then Americans said, ‘hey, good thing I don’t have a job.’”

  5. bagni April 2, 2014 / 10:37 am

    hey mark, you’re right the govt is definitely capable of cooking the books….just think of all the cooking that went on to convince everyone that saddam had wmd’s and mushroom clouds ? right?

    • M. Noonan April 2, 2014 / 12:55 pm

      We’ve been over this endlessly – the books weren’t cooked on that. Indeed, some events in Syria are tending to confirm the 2002 intelligence.

    • Amazona April 2, 2014 / 1:55 pm

      But Mark, all the RRL has to fall back on is to blame Bush.

      According to baggi, EVERYONE “cooked the books” on WMD in Iraq, including the UN and every inspector. Now everyone who documented their existence, from the admitted use of them on Kurds to the documented existence of the factories, to the inspection reports to intel from nations with far better sources than we ever had is, according to the bag, guilty of “cooking the books”. And then, the satellite photos of convoys of semis leaving the factories in the dead of night to cross the Syrian border, the testimony of top Iraqi officials on the movement of material to Syria, the traces of WMD left behind in poorly cleaned factories, all of this is just lies, too.

      I just heard, the other day, some loon trying to explain that today’s economy is Bush’s fault. Only bagger could come up with linking him to Obamacare lies.

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