Losing The Hearts And Minds

What use to be the battle cry for all progressives, is ironically becoming the albatross that will ultimately result in their demise. Progressives are losing the hearts and minds of Americans, and of people worldwide, an occurrence of which is rightfully earned. Progressives have never concerned themselves with real outcomes and actual results of their altruistic policies and self-superior attitudes. Instead, they focus purely on intent and blame others for their failures and maliciously malign and attack those who question the results. Their smug indifference to their domestic political opposition and to our foreign allies has caught up with them and sadly, their response is not to objectively critique their approach, but to double down on their stupidity. As a result, the Real Clear Politic Polls are not kind. A full 63% of respondents state that the country is headed in the wrong direction; a clear majority disapprove of Obama’s job performance; and a majority oppose the ACA, which was passed on a pure partisan vote as a result of questionable side deals. Even some progressives are starting to question the tactics of the current regime as evidenced by this article from Maureen Dowd, and this excellent piece from Leon Wieseltier of the New Republic, of which I quote:

“The tiresome futurism of Obama, his dogmatic views about what this ritualistically ballyhooed century will be like and what it will not be like, are only a part of what lowers his vision. The bigger problem is that the president feels inconvenienced by history. It refuses to follow his program for it. It regularly exasperates him and regularly disappoints him. It flows when he wants it to ebb and it ebbs when he wants it flow. Like Mr. Incredible, the president is flummoxed that the world won’t stay saved, or agree to be saved at all. After all, he came to save it. And so the world has only itself to blame if Obama is sick of it and going home.”

Obama entered the office in 2009 naïve and inexperienced, and even after 6 years, he has still yet to learn how to properly wield the power of the office. Compassionate policies are fine, but if they don’t bring positive results, they are empty and eventually lose favor. Obama’s progressive domestic policies have been an unequivocal failure, and his foreign policy is completely incoherent if not altogether absent. Our foreign adversaries take advantage of his confusion and weakness and our allies are left to forge new partnerships.

America has wandered down a very bad 6 year path here, but there is a chance to chart a new course this November. We have to shed ourselves of the vacuous progressive demagogues who are only interested in their misguided ideals and own self superiority complex, and find people who harbor a sense of humility and a passion to bring about broad positive outcomes for the people of our country and for those people who need our leadership worldwide.

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  1. Amazona May 4, 2014 / 11:19 am

    Excellent thread post, Cluster. I quibble only about a couple of phrases; you refer to “altruistic policies” and then to “compassionate policies” and my argument is that these policies are not truly altruistic nor compassionate, at least at the higher levels of the Leftist system which understands that their true, not-altruistic and not-compassionate policies must be disguised as well-meaning, generous, charitable, altruistic and compassionate.

    I do think that most who vote for the hideous political system masquerading as compassionate and altruistic do so because they buy into the hype, which is a true carrot-and-stick approach as on one side it portrays what the Left is promoting as not only compassionate and altruistic but the short cut to the Higher Moral Ground, and on the other side of the scale they have created is the imaginary, evil, greedy, insensitive, racist, fanatical, abusive “Right”.

    To the unthinking, the gullible, the ignorant, there is really no choice. Who would pass up All That Is Good for All That Is Evil? Not your average Dem sheeple.

    • Cluster May 4, 2014 / 11:38 am

      Good point. I should have stated “perceived” altruistic and compassionate, because that is how those policies are sold, and that is how the LIV perceive them to be. However, a quick glance at the results of those policies would clearly obliterate the perception. The problem is, the results are rarely measured and broadcasted, nor are they even a concern.

  2. Amazona May 4, 2014 / 11:35 am

    While it is interesting to see Maureen Dowd start to critique The One We Have All Been Waiting For, she does slip in one of those mandatory snipes that are staples of Leftist “journalism”.

    “I also appreciate the fact that it’s harder for you than it was for J.F.K., W. and all those other pols who had their rich daddies and their rich daddies’ rich friends to buy anything they needed and connect them up and smooth the way for them. That gives them a certain nonchalance in the face of opprobrium and difficulty, a luxury that those who propel themselves to the top on their own don’t have.”

    Well, the “rich daddy” of JFK made his riches illegally, though in typical Leftist fashion this was overlooked by the party after he shared so much of it with them. The “rich daddy” of “W” actually EARNED his money, after starting off with a wife and two toddlers in a tiny apartment, sharing the bathroom down the hall. He may or may not have “smoothed the way” for his son, but at least it was with honest money.

    But to claim that Barack Obama ‘propelled himself to the top on his own’ is not only downright dishonest, it is goofy. Barack Obama had a privileged childhood, going to elite private schools, and as for the “on his own” claim—-PROVE IT.

    There is no record of how this admittedly poor high school student, pestered by his mom for not working hard and getting poor grades, somehow made it into elite universities, or who paid for him to go there. There is no record of stellar academic achievement, or of any academic achievement at all. We have W’s grades—-none for Barry.

    Maureen seems to be saying that Barry hauled himself up the political ladder by his bootstraps, without any high-powered assistance from the rich and powerful. Yet he managed to finally win an election after his opponent’s sealed court documents were revealed, embarrassing him, in a typical Dem October Surprise—–that is not the kind of thing that can be engineered by the poor and powerless. No, Obama had the backing of the powerful, rich and corrupt Chicago political machine behind him all the way.

    He was introduced by the wealthy son of a very rich man——a man rich enough and powerful enough to get this son freed without penalty after he led a violent anti-American terrorist group with the stated intention of destroying the United States government, after he admitted to planting bombs and planning to bomb a police station during shift change so there would be as many fatalities as possible. (Naturally, this admitted domestic terrorist is now a darling of the Left, along with his murderous wife and many other openly anti-American terrorists dedicated to overthrowing the government.)

    He somehow managed to buy an expensive house in an elite neighborhood, as well as the land next to it, with the help of convicted felon Tony Rezko.

    Obama has been chosen, carried, promoted, supported and paid off by very very wealthy people his whole life, and to claim that he lacked the backing of the rich and powerful, and simply “propelled himself to the top” by grit and merit, is so profoundly dishonest on so many levels it could only be written by someone still smitten by the lie that was Obama, even though she may be catching on to the lie that IS Obama.

    No path has ever been smoothed as well as the one Obama took to the White House.

  3. Cluster May 4, 2014 / 12:06 pm

    Just when you thought progressive analysis could not get more ridiculous, off base, and just mind numbingly stupid. Here is Thomas Friedman explaining that our foreign policy problems are largely due to our own reluctance to address global warming:

    Our biggest problem, though, is not Europe or Obama. Our biggest problem is us and our own political paralysis. The world takes America seriously when they see us doing big hard things together — when we lead by example. If we want to do more nation-building abroad, then we have to come together on a plan to do more nation-building at home first — including infrastructure investment, replacing income and corporate taxes with a carbon tax, a major new push for both energy efficiency and properly extracted natural gas, skill-building and immigration reform and gradual long-term fiscal rebalancing. That’s how we build our muscle and weaken Putin’s.

    • Amazona May 4, 2014 / 1:58 pm

      But of course—how could we miss it? The real problem is that not enough people are leaping on the bandwagon of the politically motivated, politically created, bogus issue of AGW. Not enough people are clamoring to throw billions and billions of dollars into the most outrageous, most extravagant, most blatant redistribution-of-wealth scheme to ever come out of a Lefty think tank.

      In other words, in a Friedman-centric world, the REAL problem is that not enough people are as stupid as Friedman.

      Fortunately for us, that is not likely to change. On the contrary, as his stupidity becomes more and more apparent the few who think he’s special will start to jump ship, just as so many Obamunists are doing.

      Remember,this is the guy making about ten times the average NY income to hang out for nine months a year showing people his credentials but doing no work, for a group fretting about “income inequality”.

    • M. Noonan May 4, 2014 / 10:20 pm

      Perfect solution, that – if we just become more liberal, Putin will start to shake in his boots…

      • Cluster May 5, 2014 / 8:03 am

        Of course, because we would be leading the world in a more “moral” way, and soon everyone including Putin will see the wisdom and eventually abandon their tyrannical ways.

        It makes perfect sense.

  4. Amazona May 4, 2014 / 9:23 pm

    Walking to my car after the Rockies game today (crappy game but any day in the ball park is a good day) I saw this chalked on an electrical panel box: “Capitalism is the psychotic belief that some people are more entitled to food and shelter than others”

    How can you deal with this kind of mindset? In the 60s people who believed this formed communes and practiced communism. They learned the hard way that it doesn’t work, but in the meantime they were working to grow their own food, etc. Today these people just whine, and operate under the belief that capitalism somehow “entitles” people to stuff.

    • Cluster May 5, 2014 / 8:00 am

      That is standard issue logic for some progressives. It makes as much sense as saying “trains are the reason why mushrooms grow in the dark”. The two concepts could not be more exclusive.

      Here’s a question to that type of progressive. More people have lost capital in a capitalistic society than have gained it. Should we socialize the losses?

  5. Cluster May 5, 2014 / 3:15 pm

    After watching Obama’s performance at the correspondents dinner, I think he may have just lost more hearts and minds. He’s an asshole. Most Presidents are self deprecating, and funny. Not Obama.

    What a dick.

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