YCMTSU – Open Thread Version

I think it’s time that we just lay out on the table all of the garbage this administration has brought upon this country. The soiled debris of progressivism is getting knee deep, the stench is over whelming, and it’s time for us to itemize the unimaginable incompetence in a way that we can keep an inventory on what is currently rotting, so that we can properly process the new sewage that is surely headed our way over last two and half years.  I will start with:

1. The CFPB – the progressive instituted, feel good, Dudley Do Right government bureaucracy that is now embroiled in typical progressive incompetence and over spending. Reminiscent of the GSA excess’s – remember that? Good thing this administration learned their lesson there.

2. Obamacare – I know it’s kind of hard to keep up on all the refuse that is rotting all over this country, but Obamacare is one big pile of rubbish that continues to infect many peoples lives. Thankfully, a federal judge in Colorado has applied some common American sense and stopped  the Progressive Intolerant Fascist Machine from mandating the availability of abortifacients.

3. Washington Redskins – Evidently there is nothing of real importance facing this country which has allowed Harry Reid to stop all other matters in the Senate, and focus solely on the manufactured issue of a corporations name and his fascist desire to ruin it. Because of this, I will be purchasing a couple of Washington Redskin T Shirts, will wear them regularly, and encourage all of you to do the same. Honestly, I seriously think Harry Reid has lost his mind, but with a progressive, it’s really hard to determine how much brain he started with in the first place.

I encourage all of you to contribute to this list, so as we go in to the 2014 and 2016 elections, we will be sure to have a long detailed list of progressive failures, lies, and corruption which we can use as a club to repeatedly beat them over the head with – preferably until they bleed.

11 thoughts on “YCMTSU – Open Thread Version

  1. Amazona June 22, 2014 / 12:49 pm

    Anyone who wonders if Congress really has just dumped the restrictions on the federal government laid out in the Constitution just has to look at their priorities, such as hearings on whether employees of a non-government entity (baseball players) took allegedly performance-enhancing drugs, and now whether anyone in the whole wide world might be “offended” by a football team’s name.

    Clearly, enumerated duties such as national defense and the implied powers necessary to enact those duties, such as enforced laws to protect our borders, are less exciting than messing about in sports. Going up against this vindictive and powerful administration is dangerous, but posturing about sports affairs while pandering to mobs gets camera time, and has no downside. Congress seems pretty comfortable with restricting various firearm rights for law-abiding citizens, but can’t be bothered with the mess created by an Executive Branch run amok, instructing a government agency to violate lawful legislation to arm vicious criminals. Funny how the offensiveness of having ones’ relatives and friends killed by drug cartels armed by the United States government is so much less offensive than a cartoonish figure on a football helmet.

    The outrage over having an agency of the federal government openly used to promote some political agendas while trying to silence or eliminate political opposition is easily ignored by Congress, but the bleating of professional race pimps about the alleged harm done by a sports logo has them on high alert. We don’t hear a peep from Congress saying “HEY!! WE make the laws! The President does not have the right to simply declare that a government agency (the EPA) can unilaterally decide, without oversight or scientific review or Congressional action, what is and is not a “pollutant” and then just make up any old “solution” they want!” Nah,Congress just rolls over and lets the Prez run the country. Creating a whole new fourth branch of government, that of immensely vast and powerful agencies given full rein to make their own rules? Not anything Congress feels like taking on, that’s for sure.

    Congress doesn’t seem at all concerned about a State Department making a purely political decision, apparently with the knowledge of the President, to roll the dice and leave Americans to be slaughtered, hoping that their illegal involvement in arming our enemies will not be discovered. No biggie. They also don’t seem upset at having their role ignored as the Executive Branch takes over their duties, making laws and changing laws and deciding which laws are effectively repealed by simply refusing to enforce them. They seem pretty comfortable with being nothing but a symbol of a dying Constitution, a token body of token legislators, fat and happy with their salaries and pensions and perks and status, while their actual role becomes nothing but theater.

    • Cluster June 22, 2014 / 2:36 pm

      You can think John Boehner for that. He is a worthless Speaker.

      • Amazona June 23, 2014 / 12:14 pm

        I know Boehner is not a leader, but I would expect to hear something from the individuals in Congress about the usurping of their authority, and after all Boehner is not in the Senate.

      • Cluster June 23, 2014 / 2:36 pm

        But it’s the House that makes law, and it’s the House that has not challenged Obama once on all of the executive unilateral changes to the law re: Obamacare, the Dream Act, the EPA, etc.

  2. Cluster June 22, 2014 / 2:37 pm

    Ted Cruz shows how to interview with the progressive media:

    • Amazona June 23, 2014 / 11:57 am

      This is a fascinating clip, for several reasons. It is the best, most competent and professional handling of a Liberal talking head I have ever seen. I have not seen a lot of Cruz, as I avoid TV “news” as much as possible these days, and I was really impressed. He knows his stuff, and he is articulate and concise.

      The other thing that got my attention is the blatant Liberal bias of Erin Burnett, who doesn’t even pretend to be a journalist and proudly flaunts her advocacy of the Left throughout the entire interview. I noted that the camera often went away from her face, as she was so obviously disconcerted by her inability to gain any traction at all no matter how many talking points she threw at Cruz, and I got the impression she was reading notes sent to her to try to keep her head above water—she’d get behind the curve, look down at her desk, and then come up with a new spin.

      She is very very good, probably the best I have seen, yet she couldn’t even begin to deal with the facts laid out by Cruz.

      • Cluster June 23, 2014 / 2:35 pm

        Erin’s bias was blatant wasn’t it? It sound to me as if she was a member of the administration and not a “reporter”.

      • Amazona June 23, 2014 / 3:06 pm

        Fox has opinion people, like Hannity and O’Reilly, but they are openly and candidly opinion people, self-identified as being advocates for the conservative point of view. I really don’t think the average Lefty knows the difference. Look at all the howling from the Left about Fox, which clearly illustrates their conviction that because Fox has conservative opinion people on, their coverage is all slanted to the Right. They simply do not grasp the difference—or that there IS a difference—between reporting what happens without spin, and offering people a show in which an openly biased person discusses events from his or her own perspective and interviews people with that perspective in mind.

        I looked up Erin Burnett’s bio on CNN and her show is identified as a “news” show, and there is a comment on her passion for “journalism”. I have no objection to her show, but think it should be openly identified as an opinion show, an advocacy for a certain approach to politics. Given Cruz’s excellent handling of her, I actually found her advocacy to be a positive for us, because it showed that not even the most passionate effort to explain away the misdeeds of the Left, such as Hillary’s, can stand up to reason or logic or the truth. She is so good at what she does, her failure to explain away and excuse the incompetence of the Benghazi mess is far more compelling than watching a spittle-flying hack like Ed Schultz just melt down and hurl insults when contradicted.

      • Cluster June 23, 2014 / 4:29 pm

        I have never looked up that bio but am a little surprised to learn that it is billed as a “news” program. There is nothing “news” about it – it is purely a commentary/advocacy program.

        I have always found Cruz to be polite, articulate, and on top of his game. Keep an eye on him.

      • Amazona June 23, 2014 / 4:44 pm

        I have only heard good things about Cruz, and although I prefer the idea of running a governor for president a highly accomplished legislator as smart as he is would be someone to consider.

        I am just afraid that Cruz is going to be nominated before resolving the Natural Born Citizen thing, and that would be a serious mistake. As I have said, I really would not care too much how the issue might be resolved, but I do think it HAS to be resolved, or we will be in the terrible position of being—-quite accurately—–labeled as hypocrites. We have three brilliant men, any of which could easily be president, who were born to parents who were not citizens at the time of their births, and according to compelling evidence this would disqualify them from being considered Natural Born (as opposed to Native Born) Citizens, and not eligible for the presidency. While I tend to agree with the originalist view on this—-that the term was so widely understood at the time the Constitution was written no one saw a need to define it as meaning born to citizens or at least to a father who was a citizen at the time—-my main concern is to have the term officially and finally defined, to eliminate any further conflict about it. And I am willing to give up the three men in question as potential presidents, if that is how a ruling might go, as a matter of principle.

        I have to say, watching Cruz in a give-and-take rather than just giving a speech really made me realize what a force he is.

  3. tiredoflibbs June 24, 2014 / 6:40 pm

    Yep, YCMTSU!
    DC passes Fitness Tax. In the land of the obese, after all what has Micheele O has been preaching to us, proggies in DC will now tax yoga, gyms, dance classes and personal trainers.

    Do they want to keep people fat? The Moochers can’t leaves anything alone!

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