What a Mess

Today’s news of the Malaysian Airliner just underscores the frightening fact that radicals, rebels and mal contents are running amuck in the void of world leadership. The “leading from behind” strategy of this president is a glaring failure. It would be nice to see our President get out in front of a crisis for once and take a strong moral stand, and this is the perfect opportunity to call out Putin for aiding and abetting these separatists. This is the opportunity to shame and marginalize Putin in front of the world and timing is important, but where is our President at a time when he should be standing up against aggression? At another fundraiser. In the Hampton’s no less. Palling around with the rich and the elite. It is beyond belief how disengaged and disconnected this President is, and if he doesn’t want the job, which all indications are that he doesn’t, he should do us all a favor and resign.

Hamas is in full attack mode, ISIS is strengthening their hold on Iraq, Libya is a jihadist breeding ground, Iran continues unabated, and terrorists of all stripes are having a field day. On the domestic front, our border is a sieve, our GDP and labor rates are shrinking, and the Democrats biggest concern is that women may have to pay a few extra bucks a month for contraception.

How is this Hope and Change working out for you?

UPDATE: I have a feeling that within the year, another attack similar to 9/11 will occur. Either here, in Western Europe or in Israel. The radicals of all stripes have gained momentum and grown in confidence over the last several years, and I think they are currently positioning themselves to carry out such an attack. Another big one is coming folks, it’s just a matter of when.

2 thoughts on “What a Mess

  1. tiredoflibbs July 18, 2014 / 12:44 pm

    Here’s a recap bozo’s positions:

    “1. A blood thirsty tyrant who gassed his people and attacked his neighbors was the best defense against a blood thirsty jihadist sect who seeks total control.”

    Notice these blood thirsty jihadists (interesting that auto-spell check wants to change it to “sadists”) did not attack while our troops were still there. Only after obame announced that he “ended the war in Iraq” and brought our troops home did they attack. Yet somehow, it is someone’s else fault.

    “2. Hamas is simply a passive innocent people who are denied their homeland.”

    Notice how Hamas repeats their cycle of cowardly attacks every few years. Hamas will rattle their swords and shout “death to Israel” and ignore talks of “diplomacy”. Then when they start running low on rockets, then they are interested in peace talks. Then after a few years when they have replenished their supply of rockets, they repeat the process. And yet, the proggy politicians still thing that diplomacy will solve the problem – while criticizing Israel when they attempt to stop the supply of rockets from getting into the region. Drones like creepy clown will blame Israel.

    “3. Too many Texans are going to Mexico to purchase prescription drugs and escaping the high cost clutches of the FDA. There are no other border problems.”

    Wait, I though obame’s healthcare had solved that problem. Sure the border is secure…. Reid said so. Drones like creepy will believe it.

    “4. The historically low labor participation rate is due to people not having to work anymore because other people will pay for their healthcare.”

    Creepy believes that these people can retire because of obame’s health plan? Really? Obame’s health plan is driving up the cost of medical insurance and medical care and yet he believes that this will not affect these individuals? Creepy assclown still believes that the cost of medical care has nothing to do with government. After all, government is good no matter the quantity or poor quality.

    “And this guy votes! As conservatives we can never underestimate the child like mind of progressives. We see the world completely differently.”

    Simple minded people like creepy, cappy and the rest are the reasons we have obame in a position of power. And like all progressives in a position of power have taken their country down to levels of stagnation where the country just exists if barely.

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