I Think it is Time We Go to War

The brutal murder of James Foley puts things in very stark relief. This is ISIS and it explains the sort of people who have gone to war with us – they are not just cruel, but glory in their cruelty. There is no act of barbarism they will not commit, and then brag about committing it. These are not people amenable to reason; not people we can negotiate with; not people we can share the world with.  They are enemies of the human race, plain and simple – and the sooner they are dispatched into the hereafter the better it will be for everyone.

If we can’t fight people who do this sort of thing – and this is after they have massacred thousands of foreigners and engaged in all manner of savagery – then we can’t fight anyone. Fight these ISIS barbarians. Kill them. Let them know that there is no safety for them against an aroused United States of America. Bomb them when we can get them in our bomb sites; send in troops when we’ve got a fair prospect of killing a lot of them. Arm anyone we reasonably think will go about the process of killing them for whatever reason they think best. No Geneva Convention. No Gitmo. No trials in the United States.  Just fight them and kill them until they are destroyed.

Sure, it won’t solve the whole problem. It won’t create peace and justice in the Middle East – but wiping out ISIS will do the world a favor, not least the Muslim world…and doing so will provide a useful lesson to those who seek the death of Americans: you can go just one step too far, and then all bets are off and there’s no bag limit.

17 thoughts on “I Think it is Time We Go to War

  1. shawny2011 August 20, 2014 / 5:58 am

    Here, Here! Spoken like a real American. This administration has yet to bring those responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi to justice (or the pits of hell). And no one in it is likely to even comment on this horrendous murder, much less order up the rapid retribution called for when an American is murdered by our enemy anywhere. So there will be more. Obama is arming and aiding this mans murderers so don’t expect the response of any American president we’ve ever had to come from him. We should fully expect it will happen here. Let me know if you should decide to run for public office. .

    • shawny2011 August 20, 2014 / 6:02 am

      This is the second time I’ve posted a comment here in the last two days and when it posted there were at least 2 or 3 lines of text missing. Unfortunately, there’s no edit function to try and fix it.

      • Amazona August 21, 2014 / 11:00 am

        Shawny, I have had the same problem and finally realized that for some reason (operator error, no doubt, in my case) I had inadvertently deleted some text. I caught it happening and then paid more attention, but a flying finger, moving like quicksilver over the keys, can kick the cursor back to the beginning of a line so the next words you type overwrite that line, or highlight text that disappears as soon as you hit another key. I have started to do some of my posts in Word, and then copying and pasting them into the blog.

    • Amazona August 21, 2014 / 11:11 am

      Shawny, our yellow-bellied Complicit Agenda Media will not even refer to the butcherers as craven cowards. They will not refer to the thuggery of masked men afraid to be identified, slaughtering a single man tied up so he can’t respond to their savagery. We cannot describe these vile creatures as cowardly, craven, unmanly, or use any negative term, because that would be, as we were told after 9/11, “insensitive to their culture”.

      Well, let’s take a look at that. Am I insensitive to their culture? You’re damned right I am. I think it is primitive, savage, and the natural home of creatures too weak or spineless to function as real men. I see their treatment of women, their fear and hatred of any religion or culture even remotely different from theirs, their passion for acting out brutality in front of cameras while lacking the courage to show their faces, their embracing of the act of many armed and masked men brutalizing one beaten and unarmed and restrained man, as multiple proofs of basic, inherent, inferiority as human beings, and of the most profound cowardice. Their methods of what they call warfare are beneath any decent or civilized culture. They hide bombs to kill the innocent, from a distance. They hide in schools and hospitals, behind the skirts of women and the cots of children. You want respect for your culture? Then don’t go out of your way to make it the most despicable, vile, craven culture imaginable, and then advertise it.

      And BTW, I also don’t have any use for people who are not part of that culture but who defend it.

  2. Cluster August 20, 2014 / 10:42 am

    Of course I agree with you, but then again I have been an advocate of this since 2001. This is not a new phenomena – anyone remember Daniel Pearl? Speaking of that, why is KSM still alive? Look, these jihadists have been savages for a long, long time (1972 Munich Olympics??) And they will not change their stripes regardless of what level of diplomacy we engage them in. And they will come after us here in the US when they are able – make no mistake about that.

    We have to be more brutal than they are, kill them at every opportunity, and help others kill them as well. It’s either them or us, and by us I mean the rest of the civilized world. Even other Arab states understand this. They are not freedom fighters, they are not even human beings, and if we wimp out on this war, get tired of the battle, or worry about how many innocent people are killed – then we may as well not even engage and just wait for the inevitable to happen.

    If it were up to me, I would behead KSM and send his head back to them on a platter with a note that says – “game on assholes”

    • M. Noonan August 20, 2014 / 12:40 pm

      I think I’m in a bit of a different position because I no longer care too much for what happens – my fellow Christians are already being massacred and forced into exile and anyone remaining in ISIS controlled areas is either an active supporter or a craven coward going along to get along. In either case, I see no reason to not consider ISIS controlled territory a free-fire zone.

    • Cluster August 20, 2014 / 5:20 pm

      It’s time for decent people to dispense with indecent people

    • M. Noonan August 21, 2014 / 12:19 am

      Past time.

    • Amazona August 21, 2014 / 10:54 am

      I don’t imagine this is much of a surprise. Given the hushed-up-by-the-kneepadder-Complicit-Agenda-Media-but-still-slipped-out reports of debris left behind by illegals crossing the border including many hundreds of Korans and prayer rugs, it has been known (but not widely reported) that the purposely porous southern border has been an entry point for enemies of the country for quite a while now. It’s hard to imagine large numbers of Middle Easterners passing through cartel territory without some kind of relationship with the drug cartels which control the border areas, or at the very least a shared interest in harming the United States.

      I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that we not only should but have to declare the Mexican drug cartels as terrorists posing a threat to the nation, and go after them. Yes, I do know that to Dear Leader this would mean a stern Mad Daddy look, with the vague possibility of being arrested and tried in the same way a 7-11 shoplifter would be tried, complete with a government-paid attorney, but I have been advocating targeting cartel sites and taking them out with drones, and if the Mexican government objects to hell with them.

      The appalling specter of the United States cowering in fear as tinpot bullies and thugs threaten us is getting very old. Nations or groups do not have to like the United States, but once they attack us in any way, they have to be taken out. Period.

      • Cluster August 21, 2014 / 11:58 am

        I have been advocating targeting cartel sites and taking them out with drones, and if the Mexican government objects to hell with them.

        100% agree. I know quite a few border guards and their stories are chilling. These cartel members do not deserve due process. They only deserve death.

      • Amazona August 21, 2014 / 2:57 pm

        Rules only apply when everyone plays by the same rules. Once someone throws the rules aside for his side, the other side has to be able to do the same. As far as I am concerned, these groups—militant Islam and the drug cartels—-have said they are not constrained by any normal concept of decency or humanity, which ought to mean that once they have redefined the situation in those terms, there is not only no reason to try to apply rules of restraint and compassion and fair play, there is every reason not to.

        If you are playing paintball, and someone shows up with a machine gun, you are well beyond foolish into suicidal stupidity if you insist on continuing with what was part of the rules when there were rules.

        I think that these two groups have given us the very clear and unambiguous message that they will kill us all if they can or if we get in their way, and at this point we have to be ready and willing to simply do what it takes to wipe them out. We should make it clear that if you are in the vicinity of any of these people you will probably die with them, and then we should do whatever it takes to kill them.

      • M. Noonan August 22, 2014 / 12:07 am

        I’ll modify that sentiment slightly: its not that no rules apply on our part, but that the rules are changed and only if the enemy sues for mercy will any such be shown to him. The basic thrust is exactly correct: those who deny the rules of civilized behavior cannot claim protection of those rules. They are morally the same as pirates – and as such, Congress should enact Letters of Reprisal upon them, empowering US forces – and hired forces, as we see fit – to go in and kill them, with the property of the enemy being divided up amongst the troops or privateers who do the desired work. They are not covered by the Geneva Conventions or any of the civil laws of the United States. They are enemies of the human race and only their abject surrender can spare their lives.

      • Amazona August 22, 2014 / 10:18 am

        I don’t agree with “….property of the enemy being divided up amongst the troops or privateers who do the desired work….” but I do like the Letters of Reprisal approach. It is appropriate, more so than declaring some kind of war, as our enemies do not represent a nation declaring war on it. As was pointed out in a Pentagon briefing I saw a few years ago, war has traditionally been a matter of conquest, whereas this kind of war is really one of perturbation——the enemy merely wants to perturb us—so the only response can be counter-perturbation. (I would consider wanting to eliminate us from the earth as extreme perturbation, still not the same as the old motive of conquest of a nation to take it over as territory.) So your Letters of Reprisal address this kind of attack on us, and provide the appropriate response.

        I just don’t like the idea of having the “..property of the enemy being divided up amongst the troops or privateers who do the desired work” This made sense when dealing with pirates, as the privateers were essentially working on consignment, but today I think that would be a bad idea, as well as official condoning of looting.

        As for surrender—–yes, we do not kill those who surrender. But we do not coddle them, nor do we ever EVER release them. And if there are some of their fellow terrorists who try to induce us to release them, by barbaric acts and threats as we have just seen, then we kill them before going after those still free who committed the acts and made the threats.

      • M. Noonan August 22, 2014 / 1:06 pm

        The use of looting, as it were, is to get other people into the game…for the really dirty work that we don’t want our troops involved in (though if a regiment of Marines liberates a cache of stolen funds, I see no problem with paying them a bonus). When it comes time to get to the nitty-gritty, it’d be better if third parties were involved…and their incentive is the hundreds of millions of dollars ISIS has looted over the past few months.

      • Amazona August 22, 2014 / 8:30 pm

        Knowing the ugly reality of looting, the rape and pillage, I would never be comfortable in promoting it, advocating it, or condoning it. On the contrary, I would prefer to impose the harshest possible penalties for looting, to restrain as much as possible the inevitable acts of rage and retribution, or naked greed, that occur in war, and to offer instead a structured reward system based on reporting and delivery of whatever has been taken from nations supporting groups like A-Q and ISIS, or directly from drug cartels.

        As far as “third parties” I am a little creeped out by that. If we have the courage of our convictions we ought to be able to stand behind, and own, any of our official actions, and to punish unofficial actions (such as Abu Ghraib). We can take out huge numbers of people with drones, if we make it clear that anyone near someone assumed to be a target will be a target himself, and we have the ability to deal with anything we might face. I’d be fine with offering huge bonuses for volunteers and even bigger settlements for the families of those lost in the effort.

        Remember the “Blood for Oil” lie bleated incessantly by the BDS Left? If only. If only we had gotten any of the oil we protected and liberated. If a nation has nationalized an industry and then supports enemies of the United States, we wipe out the players and take the industries. But we take them in an orderly and structured way, not just throwing open the doors to armed troops and telling them they can keep what they take. What a recipe for chaos and carnage! Ever toss a bone into a pack of dogs? I haven’t, because I like dogs and I know that doing so would result in some of them being hurt in the ensuing fight. Even in a herd of horses you can’t just toss out some grain, because someone will get hurt. The idea of doing this with armed people who already killed people to get to the point of fighting over the spoils is pretty scary.

        No. If we, as a nation, believe attacking these groups is justified, then we openly do it, as a nation. We make it clear we will compensate ourselves for the cost of doing so, with the treasure of those we have had to scour from the earth, and we offer to pay those who do the heavy lifting. But we do not hide behind “third parties” and we do not encourage looting of any sort.


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